by Hungry Guy

Tags: Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Heterosexual, Cheating, Water Sports,

Desc: : Don't drink <i>these</i> raindrops!

Foreword: This was my first attempt at writing an explicit erotic story (with BDSM undertones). I realize it must seem rather lame compared to the previous stories that I have posted here recently. I just thought I should include it in the set. D'oh!

Operators of erotic story web sites and other collections, whether free or fee-based, have my permission to post and/or distribute my stories, provided that credit is given to "Hungry Guy" (hungry@stoolmail.zzn.com or hungryguy@literotica.org) as the author. You may not make changes other than fixing typos. Even beware of fixing typos, for I occasionally use local slang and dialects that may be flagged by your spell checker. Thanks.

Two coworkers in the hi-rise offices of Lloyds were chatting by the copier Wednesday afternoon. "Donal, didn't you tell me once that you like to go bungee jumping?"

"Yes. Why?"

Aiofe reached into her purse and pulled out a folded slip of gaudily coloured paper. "I won this in a raffle at the shopping arcade the other day." She handed it to Donal.

"A bungee jump for two at Alton Towers? What are you going to do with it?"

"I don't know. I would like to try it. I asked my husband to go with me, but he said that he'd never jump off a tower with a rope tied to his feet."

"You could probably sell it on eBay."

"But I want to do it! I was thinking that -- maybe -- you could go with me? I'm nervous to go by myself. We could just go after work one night. You'll get a free bungee jump out of it."

"Well, what about your husband?"

"He knows I want to try it. He won't mind."

"Okay. When do you want to go?"

"It doesn't matter to me, Donal. When do you want to go?"

"It doesn't matter to me either. I have nothing to do tonight."

"I don't know about tonight. Let me ring my husband at work and see."

Aiofe walked over to Donal's cube a little later. "Tonight is fine, Donal. It is a good thing I wore slacks today."

"Okay, I'll stop by your cube after work."

"Sure. Oh, it says on the ticket that we have to make an appointment. What's a good time do you think?"

"I think it'll take about an hour to get there after work on the A50/5199. Make it around eighteen thirty."


It was just after 17.00 in the evening, and they just drove out of the parking lot of Ryan Corporation in Donal's little yellow Fiat.

"So, does your husband want to come watch us bungee jump? It's no problem to stop by your place on the way."

"No. He doesn't get home until later. He just said for us not to break our necks!"

"What a nice guy!"

They made good time and arrived at Alton Towers a little after 18.00. They approached the gates and showed their passes to the bungee jump, allowing them to enter the park for free. They passed through the gates to the sound of carnival music and the smell of candy floss.

"Did you make the appointment for eighteen thirty, Aiofe?"


"Okay, we have some time then."

"So where do we go, Donal?"

"See that tower over there, the one with the little room on the top with a diving board sticking out on the side of it?"


"That's where we go. Just follow me."

They reached the base of the tower and watched the bungee jumpers.

"Look Aiofe! There goes somebody! Ohhhhhhh!"

"Wow! Look at the way he's spinning around like a pinwheel!"

"Yeah! I bet it's a strange feeling!"

They watched the jumper bounce around and finally settle down to a mere gentle up and down motion as he hung from the bungee cord by his feet. They watched him bob up and down like a yo-yo for about five minutes.

"Donal, why aren't they bringing him back up now? They've been just letting him bounce up and down for about five minutes since he jumped?"

"I think they have to wait until he stops bouncing before they reel him in or the bungee cord won't have even tension all through it for the next person who uses it."


They watched him until he stopped bouncing. Then ever so slowly, he started to rise toward the top of the tower.

"Why are they reeling him in so slowly, Donal?"

"I don't really know, but I guess it's to keep the tension in the bungee cord even."

As they finally reeled the jumper all the way to the top, they saw a lift rise through the frame of the tower with a person inside it. Aiofe looked at her watch. "It's eighteen twenty, now. What should we do?"

"Let's go up to the booth and ask."

They went up to the booth and Aiofe showed the attendant her ticket. "We have an appointment to jump at eighteen thirty."

"Oh. Okay. You blokes just wait there on that bench by the door to the lift."

The lift came back down, and the jumper walked out. As he walked past Donal and Aiofe, he remarked. "Wow! That was great! You'll love it!"

"I hope so." Said Aiofe.

They watched the next jumper go from nearly underneath.

"Wow, Donal! Look at his... no, her... hair flying around!"

They watched the jumper go through the same motions as before, taking all the time as before to stop bouncing and get reeled back in.

The attendant called over to them. "Get in the lift and go on up now!"

The steel cage lift slowly rose up to the top of the bungee tower as the sounds of the amusement park below faded to near silence. When it reached the top, the attendant opened the accordion door and ushered them out, "Come on, you're next." The previous jumper entered the lift and it took her back down.

Donal and Aiofe stepped past coils of pungent rubbery smelling bungee cords.

"Are you sure you still want to do this, Aiofe?"

"Yes, I'm sure."

The attendant walked over to a balance scale, like those found in doctor's offices. "You have to be weighed. Step up on the scale please."

Donal looked at Aiofe. "Do you want to go first, or me?"

The attendant glanced at their ticket. "This ticket is for two people going together in one jump. You're both going first!"

Donal swallowed hard. "I thought a jump for two meant two jumps; first one, then the other?"

"Yeah. Me too." Said Aiofe.

The attendant snickered. "You have to pay for two jumps if you want to do that. Are you going or not?"

Donal looked at Aiofe, "You go, Aiofe. I'll wait for you up here."

"Don't be silly, Donal." To the attendant she said, "Yes, we're going."

"Then stand on the scale please!"

Donal stood on the scale. The attendant looked at Aiofe. "You too!"

Aiofe lifted her eyebrows, "How are we both to stand on that scale?"

"That's the rules. Management doesn't trust us to know how to add! So you gotta be weighed together."

Donal turned sideways on the scale and held his arms out. Aiofe set one foot on the scale and gingerly put her arms around Donal. She stepped completely onto the scale. They held each other tightly as they tried to keep their balance.

The attendant began sliding the weights across the balance beam of the scale. "Stand still please. That's one hundred sixty two kilograms. You can step down now." Donal and Aiofe almost tripped over each other stepping off the scale.

The attendant removed a pair of body harnesses hanging from the wall. He helped Donal put on his, and bolted the buckles closed with what looked like a small socket wrench. He did the same for Aiofe.

"Now lie down please," he said while looking at Donal and pointing to a narrow padded bench, "on your back."

Donal sat in the bench and lied down. The attendant reached under the bench and removed a pair of padded shackles. He clamped one around each of Donal's ankles and locked them with that same wrench.

"Now you," he said looking at Aiofe.

Donal began to sit up. "You stay there."

Aiofe looked at the attendant with a puzzled expression on her face. "Now me, what?"

"Lie down on the bench on top of your boyfriend."

"Lie down? On top of him!"

"Yeah. Facing 'im, like the missionary position."


"Because I have to put your shackles on and connect your harnesses together. And the tension won't be right if you're standing!"

Aiofe slowly approached the bench and hesitated. She glanced at Donal who looked back at her with a shy smile. She glanced at the attendant who was almost imperceptibly nodding his head to some carnival music off in the distance. She slowly raised one leg onto the bench over Donal; then lifted the other one up on the bench straddling him. They stared at each other as she lied down on him.

The attendant connected another pair of shackles to Aiofe's ankles. "Now lift your middle up while I connect your harnesses together at the waist. Yeah. Good."

The attendant walked over to one of the coils of bungee cord, dragged it over to the bench, and connected it to all four of their shackles "Now stand. Here, let me help. Walk over here. Slowly. Stop there!"

Donal and Aiofe looked down and gasped in unison.

"Now listen! Whenever you're ready. Take a deep breath. No, don't hold onto each other. Just lean out together and let yourselves fall away from the platform."

Donal took a breath. "You ready, Aiofe?"

"Yes, I'm ready. I hope."


The world spun madly around. It was a blur of the ground, the tower, hair, the sky, arms, and the ground again but much closer. Boing!

"AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!" Their faces were immersed in a cloud of each other's hair as their bodies, arms, and legs repeatedly knocked into each other. They both reached out to try and fan the hair out of their faces but both their flailing arms were utterly useless. The tower, the sky, the ground, and each other, continued to whirl past at dizzying speeds. Boing!

"AAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!" Aiofe instinctively grabbed onto the hair on the back of Donal's head. "Le'go! Aiofe!! Le'go!!" Boing!

"AAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!" Aiofe threw her arms around Donal's neck grabbing her elbows, and holding their bodies together as they bounced. Boing!

Donal then wrapped his arms around Aiofe's waist clenching his wrists in his hands, as their faces, now pressed together, rubbed against each other's.

Everything was no longer whirling around like an inside-out tornado. They released their grip on each other and let their arms dangle down over their heads as they hung upside down by their feet. The ground below them slowly wavered close then far, then close again, then far again.

"Well, Aiofe, was that fun, or was that fun?"

"I don't know yet. I'll tell you when the world stops spinning."

"Yeah, I'm getting lightheaded too. I hope they start reeling us up soon."

"Yeah, and my arms are getting tired."

"Mine too."

Aiofe lifted her arms and wrapped them around Donal's waist, hooking her thumbs through his belt loops. Donal did the same with Aiofe.

"Can you make out anything on the horizon, Aiofe?"

"No, everything looks so weird upside down. Can we bend ourselves to look right side up?"


"Ungh! Grab the bungee cord."

"Urrp! I can't reach it, Aiofe. I need to lean forward."


"Sorry! I can't lean forward unless you lean backward."

"Wait! Donal! Stop! We're making the bungee cord pull our feet from side to side. It's making me dizzy again."

"Okay, never mind the view."

"Look at all those people down there. Do you think anyone could recognize us?"

"I don't think so. We're too high! Why?"

"I think my husband might not understand if he were to find out that I was hanging here like this with you."

"I thought you said your husband wouldn't mind?"

"Not bound together, body and legs, like this! I wonder how much longer it's going to take them to bring us back up. It looks like there's some rain clouds building up."

"Yes, but they're still a bit away, and the ground looks dry all around."

"Let's hope they stay away until we're back on the ground."

"Uh-oh, what's that?" Donal inserted his hand between them where their bellies were pressed together, then twisted to look up at the sky between their feet. "Yeah, you're right, it's starting to rain!" Donal held his hand up to his face as water dripped from his fingers. He placed two of his fingers in his mouth and pulled them out sucking on them.

"No! Donal! Don't!"

Donal looked at Aiofe with surprise. "Huh? What?"

"Donal! Spit it out! Spit it out!"

Donal looked at Aiofe with a confused expression, licked his lips, and swallowed.

"What? Why? Ugh! Yuck!! Tastes like something went rancid! And salty too! That was sure strange!"

"Oh Donal! I'm sorry! That wasn't rain. That was -- me. I'm sorry, Donal!"

"What do you mean 'That was you? Ohhh..."

"I'm sorry, Donal! I told you to spit it out! Oh, Donal, I couldn't help it. I'm really sorry!"

"It's okay Aiofe. I think I'll live."

"Uh, Donal. just so you don't worry, I don't have AIDS or anything. I --just.get yeast infection once in a while, but I don't think that'll do anything to you. I'm so embarrassed. I should have told you. I'm sorry, Donal!"

"Please, Aiofe, stop saying you're sorry. Really, it's kind of -- thrilling. knowing there's something inside my body that came out of your body!"

"Donal! Don't talk like that!"


"Because you're not my husband, that's why!"

"Well, maybe I'm not, but what happened, happened. We just did something -- well -- erotic. And it makes me feel -- connected to you in an intimate sort of way now."


"Yes, really!"

"Well, actually, Donal, it does feel kind of strange knowing that another person drank -- something that was made by my body."

"It makes you feel good, doesn't it? Admit it! It turns you on!"

"Yeah, it does -- kind of. I think I understand now how my husband feels when he wants me to."

"When he wants you to what?"

"You know..."

"Oh... and you don't..."

"I -- Donal! I don't think I should be talking about my husband's and my love life with you!"

"Oh, alright. But Aiofe. I'm going to do something."


"I'm going to do it just once, and if you don't like it, you don't have to say anything, and I'll forget I ever did it."

"What? What are you going to do?"

Donal reached down and held Aiofe's face as he looked intently into her eyes. He closed his eyes, and pressed his lips firmly to hers, and then held the snog for several seconds. She didn't respond, but she didn't resist either.

Still holding her face, he looked her in the eyes.

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