Seduction by Story

by Scorpio00155

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Mult, Reluctant, Slut Wife, MaleDom, Humiliation, Gang Bang, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, .

Desc: Sex Story: Brian could only watch in excited amazement as his wife accepted a challenge to re-enact the details of a story the smooth Jim had found on the Internet

It was eleven at night and the Christmas party of our friends Ruth and Alan was in full swing with everyone having a great time. My wife Brenda, never a great drinker at the best of times, was well gone after three hours of partying and I knew she would suffer for it the next day, but what the hell. Sipping my drink I looked around the room eyeing up the women and comparing them to my gorgeous wife, I may be biased, but there was no comparison, Brenda was the most attractive women in the room. Brenda caught my eye as my gaze passed her way and grinned, grinning back I walked over to the group she was with, Len, an old friend of our and our host's, Jane, Len's wife, our hostess Ruth and Jim who I knew, but not well.

As I approached I took stock of my wife's beauty, she had shoulder length fine blonde hair that shone even in the low light in the room; my eyes moved down to her face, her ice blue eyes sparkled as she laughed at something that was said, her pert nose sat above lush, ripe lips that just begged to be kissed. Letting my eyes rove down over her shoulders, which were all but bare, the only covering being the thin straps of her black evening dress. My eyes paused at her bust, for those who like statistics Brenda is 5 foot 6 inches tall and a shapely 36-24-36 and her breasts were more than a generous handful, even for my large hands. Sighing I let my eyes slide down over her body admiring the cling of her dress to her shapely figure and the swell of her hips, my only lament was that the dress hid most of Brenda's legs, but I had the memory of their slender shapeliness. Despite being married to her for over eight years I still felt a surge of arousal just looking at my wife and at 34 I thought she had never looked better.

"Brian," my wife's soft lilting voice greeted me as I joined the group, "you just have to see what Jim found on the Net."

Jim grinned as he held out some sheets of paper, raising an eyebrow I took the pages and glanced at them, then read then more closely. I'm not sure why Jim had brought the printout, but it was a story he'd picked up somewhere on the Internet called 'Brenda's Choice' by someone calling themselves Wordsworth. The story was about a guy and his wife at a party who get involved in an adult party game, the wife ends up as the subject of 'Ten Minutes of Heaven', which basically meant a man tried to get her to so excited within ten minutes that she says 'fuck me'. If she does say this has to do whatever the man wants for an hour. Though I only skipped over the story I was both amused and a little turned on by the concept.

"Interesting," I commented with a grin as I handed the pages back to Jim, "but a little far fetched."

"That's what I said." Brenda laughed.

"You have to admit though," Ruth laughed, "the character names are an amazing coincidence."

"A big coincidence." Jim laughed.

On that note Jim went off to circulate around the room while the rest of us chatted and joked, the story quickly forgotten in the exchanges of banter and ribald comments. From time to time I saw Jim showing off his story out of the corner of my eye, but didn't pay him much attention. I guess it was about half an hour later that Jim rejoined our group wearing a huge grin and for a few minutes just stood listening to our chat with his grin growing broader.

"Why the huge grin, Jim?" Ruth eventually asked.

"Oh, nothing really," Jim replied, "just a comment someone made."

I sensed that he was waiting to have the rest of it dragged out of him, but I was not going to give him the satisfaction of asking. Though it seemed my wife was intrigued and asked him about the comment.

"Well since you asked," he said with his grin turning to a full blown laugh, "a couple of guys said they thought that the woman in the story wouldn't have lasted the ten minutes in real life."

Inwardly I groaned, Brenda was always one for a verbal challenge, but especially so when she had been drinking, it was a foregone conclusion that she would take up the gauntlet Jim had laid down.

"Rubbish," Brenda laughed "if anything the woman would last longer, especially if she was resisting the urges."

"You think?" Jim grinned back. "I'm not so sure myself."

Ruth looked at me and rolled her eyes as Jim and Brenda got into an animated, but friendly discussion centred on whether or not a fictional female would have lasted less than or longer than ten minutes. People noticing the conversation and its topic came over to join us, some just to listen, but one or two of the men made comments more or less agreeing with Jim's point of view. Of course this only made Brenda dig her heels in even more to defend her position.

"Well," Jim eventually said, "there's only one way to prove the point, that's to put your money where your mouth is Brenda."

Needless to say every male in the room immediately got his drift as did a number of the women, but Brenda looked puzzled.

"What do you mean?" she asked.

"I mean that the only way to settle this" Jim spoke softly "would be to put the situation to the test for real."

"You mean..." Brenda gaped.

"I mean I take the role of the guy and you take the role of the woman." Jim spoke into the sudden silence in the room. "Same rules, same penalty as in the story so the incentives are the same to encourage you to hold out or for me break you down. Of course you could always admit I'm right and wimp out."

I cursed under my breath as Jim threw out the last comment, at the same time I began to wonder if Jim hadn't been setting Brenda up for this situation, everyone knew how doggedly she defended a point of view. What he was proposing was an area Brenda and I had discussed during sex, but had never considered it as a reality and I quietly wished for Brenda to tell him where to stick his suggestion, though I did feel a bit of excitement at the idea. Brenda frowned and looked at me; one look in her pensive eyes told me that she had drunk more than enough to take up the challenge.

"Brian?" she said softly.

"Hey," Jim objected, "it's not up to him; you're the one so adamant the woman could hold out longer not Brian."

I gave Jim a glare and my wife a shrug to indicate that it was her decision; around us everyone seemed to be holding their breath in anticipation of Brenda's answer. My wife thought for a few moments then I saw her shoulders straighten and knew what her answer was going to be.

"Okay," Brenda spoke firmly, "you're on."

"You understand what I mean?" Jim said pulling the story sheets out of his pocket. "I get to have my way with you for ten minutes." Here he read form the paper in his hand. "I can touch or kiss you, but I can only use my mouth and hands. If I can get you to say, 'Fuck me,' before the ten minutes is up, then you must do anything I tell you for the next hour."

"Yes, yes, I understand." Brenda responded.

Jim grinned almost triumphantly and moved across the room to the couch, the couple that were already there quickly got up to give him room. Sitting himself in the centre of the couch Jim looked up at my wife with a raised eyebrow as though challenging her to back down.

"Okay, who has a stop watch or timer?" Jim asked as Brenda crossed the room to join him.

As Brenda sat beside him one of the men produced a watch with a count-down timer on it, Jim had the man set it for ten minutes then appointed Ruth as the time-keeper.

"One thing," Jim said as Ruth took the watch, "you don't start the time going until after I start."

"Okay." Ruth replied.

"And no distractions," Jim added, "the watch has an end of time alarm so no need to count out the time."

"Now just a minute," Brenda objected "you were the one that wanted to do this as it was done in the story, so Ruth should count down the minutes like they did in the story."

"Not feeling so confident?" Jim smirked. "Don't you think you can resist without the interruptions?"

"Of course I can." Brenda replied sharply. "Oh what the hell, do it your way."

"Mind you," Jim said slowly, "I should get a bit of a head start seeing as the characters in the story were already turned on by having been playing a sex game, I mean fairs fair, I'll be starting from stone cold."

I couldn't believe the guys gall, not that I could blame him for trying for every advantage, but he had been the one that had been so adamant about doing things exactly as per the story. Around me there were mutters of accent to his comment, it seemed most, if not all those watching agreed that Jim should get a 'warm up' period. Brenda looked around nervously then her eyes came to rest on me, all I could do was shrug.

"How long a head start?" Brenda asked turning to look at Jim.

"I thought ten minutes." Jim grinned, obviously sensing he was about to gain another concession.

"Sod off," Brenda said firmly, "that doubles the total time. Two minutes."

"Hmmm," Jim frowned, "hardly a head start. Seven minutes might work; after all you haven't been excited by playing a game have you."

"Maybe not," my wife responded, "but it's still too long. Four minutes."

"Four?" Jim sighed. "Well make it five and we have a deal."

"Oh alright, five minutes but," Brenda agreed, "no touching under clothing, on top only."

"You're on." Jim laughed. "We'll have a drink first then get at it. Ruth change the stopwatch to fifteen minutes and yell out when the first five are up, okay."

"Okay Jim." Ruth replied as she fiddled with the stopwatch in her hand.

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