Oh Daddy!

by Scorpio00155

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, NonConsensual, Rape, Incest, Father, Daughter, .

Desc: Incest Sex Story: Virginia and her father were close, but events made them closer still.

I suppose my life was fairly good, at eighteen I had a good job, which at that time was a miracle, enough money to keep me in fashion clothes wise, parents who loved me, and boys fawning over me. Having boys and men humming around me like bees was something I liked, not that I always gave them what they wanted, I wasn't that easy you know, but it was flattering to be in such demand. It was cheap too as I never went Dutch, if a man wanted to go out with me he paid for it, sometimes he got a return on his investment, sometimes he didn't, just like the stock market there was always a risk and I knew that I had something they wanted and used it to full advantage, mine of course.

As for my home life I had no complaints there, neither of my parents were overbearing, they were proud of my achievements and always encouraged me in whatever I did. Mum was a social animal, between her clubs and events we rarely saw her in the evenings, but it kept her happy and didn't give her much time to pry into my sexual activities. Her one wish was that I would find a 'nice' man and settle down, but it was not one of my priorities in life so the less time she had to raise the matter the better I liked it. I was actually closer to my father than my mother, at fifty he was still an active and, according to the girls I worked with, an attractive man, naturally I had never looked at him this way. My father had taken early retirement after a fortuitous win on the pools and spent his time either at golf, gardening or in DIY projects; when he wasn't involved in any of these he'd be curled up with a book. Very early on I had found that it was easier to talk to my father about my problems than to my mother, especially when I became aware of sex, mum would 'um' and 'ah' about the subject whereas dad would give a straight answer if he could, I soon found myself confiding my secrets in him and though he tutted at some of the things I did he always did it with a grin. Maybe we were closer than most fathers and daughters, I don't know, but if I had a problem I at least knew who I could turn to for a sympathetic ear.

One evening I went out with a dishy guy from the office, mum had gone off to one of her clubs before I went out and dad was reading in the living room when I left. The early part of the evening went quite well, the guy took me to a posh restaurant and I had just about decided to let him have me as a reward when the idiot went and blew it. Right there at the table he slipped a hand under the table and tried to get his hand under my skirt, dishy he may have been, but I was not having that, not in public and not without a little preliminary courting first. What had started out as a pleasant evening ended with me slapping him round the face and storming out of the restaurant, the worst part was that I was feeling randy and had actually been looking forward to letting him take me back to his place for some fun. When I got home dad was still in the living room, he looked up as I entered, smiled, frowned then laid his book to one side.

"Want to talk about it Virginia?" he asked.

"Is it that obvious?" I sighed.

"Only to your old Da'." He grinned.

So I sat down and told him about what had happened, he laughed then patted my knee.

"I suppose he was so used to women swooning over him that it never occurred to him that one would say no." Dad laughed.

"If he'd played his cards right," I grinned, "he would have got what he wanted anyway, I'd just made up my mind when he went and spoilt it."

"What a silly boy," dad grinned, "but I can't really blame him you know, you are too pretty for your own good my love, the temptation gets too much sometimes, after all that's all we men are good for isn't it."

"Oh dad," I laughed, "you do have one or two other uses."

After talking with my father I felt a hell of a lot better though no less randy, the prospect of playing with my vibrator did not please me, but it was too late to find another decent date so it looked as though I was left with little choice. It was just after nine and I knew that my mother would be out until one in the morning or even later so at least I could let myself go, I hated having to hold back my cries so that my mother wouldn't hear them, dad just laughed when he heard the noise coming from my room and ribbed me about it later on. With a sigh I got to my feet and headed towards the living room door.

"BZZZZ." Dad laughed.

Poking my tongue out at him I went off to my room, it took me only a few minutes to get undressed, it took longer to decide which of my vibrators to use, but in the end I settled for a ten incher and lay back on my bed to enjoy myself as best I could. It really wasn't my night, I'd played with my large tits, fingered my pussy and was getting a good high from the vibrator when the damned thing died on me, with a little whimper of frustration I grabbed one of the others out of my cupboard only to find that the batteries were dead. Needing to get off I flopped on the bed and dug my fingers into my burning pussy, with fast, almost desperate strokes I tried to make myself climax, but it just wasn't happening, even tweaking my clit did no good and I felt tears of frustration running down my cheeks as I frigged myself desperately.

"OH DAMN!" I cursed pulling my fingers from my pussy, "DAMN, DAMN, DAMN!"

There was a knock at my bedroom door followed by my father's voice asking if I was all right, throwing a robe around myself I called out to him to enter. My pussy felt as though it was on fire as my father stepped into the room, he noted the vibrator I had thrown aside lying near the door and stooped to pick it up. He was wearing a dressing gown and it flapped open a little to reveal his cock hanging between his legs for a moment.

"The modern marvel not doing the job?" he asked laying the thing on my dressing table and adjusting his gown.

"The bloody things broken and the damned batteries have died in all the others!" I said in frustration, "Fuck it!"

"Come on Ginnie," dad said soothingly, "calm down."

"I wish I bloody could." I retorted.

"Listen," dad smiled, "I've just run a bath, you hop into it and relax, I think you need it more than I do."

"Its not a flaming bath I need." I muttered.

Dad must have heard me because he grinned, I squirmed a little on the bed to try and ease the heat of my pussy, my robe flapped apart without me realising it and my father drew in a sharp breath. Oblivious to the fact that I was displaying my body to him I saw him lick his lips then turn his eyes away from me, thinking I had offended him in some way I stood up which made my robe flap around me, but I didn't notice it.

"Dad," I said quietly as I touched his shoulder, "are you all right?"

He turned his head and nodded, his eyes were unusually wide and his breathing seemed a little fast to me, through the burning of my pussy I was concerned that he was coming down with something. His eyes turned away from me again and I heard him take a shuddering breath then sigh.

"Go and have that bath love." He said in a voice that sounded unsteady.

I turned to do as he asked knowing full well that I'd not get any relaxation from anything until I had at least one orgasm, it was then that I noticed that my robe was hanging open and it dawned on me why my father had suddenly started acting so strangely. A sudden thrill of excitement ran through me that brought me near to a climax, it shocked me to think that I could get turned on at the thought that my father had been able to see my naked body, it was an even bigger shock to realise that he had been turned on by what he'd seen. The next moment a pair of hands came under my arms and cupped my tits, I gasped and froze as my father pulled the material of the robe to one side and began to play with my nipples, a moment later he turned me towards the bed and leant me over it. His breathing was harsh in my ear as he tugged my robe up over my back, then his hands were back on my tits and something hard yet soft was pushing at my burning pussy, my pent up orgasm ripped through me as his cock surged into me in one motion, I cried out and shook in his grasp.

"Oh daddy," I gasped in a weak voice, "no!"

Whether he heard me or not didn't seem to make any difference, like a man possessed he began to fuck me with heavy thrusts that literally drove me wild, all thoughts of who was doing me went out of my head as he drove me to another orgasm. I must have been crying out to him to stop, I'm sure I was, but all I was really aware of was the pleasure I was getting from his long hard prick as it slid in and out of my pussy. Explosions of ecstasy hit me like a solid blow, my knees buckled under me, but my father's strong hands at my tits and his cock in my pussy stopped me from falling to the floor. Then I heard him groan and felt him push hard into me, his cock digging deep into my body as a hot glow spread inside me, it was his seed filling me with its heat and I cried out from the sheer bliss it was giving to me; my body shaking uncontrollably against him as he leant over my back making deep sounds in his throat. A few moments later he pulled his prick from my pussy and lowered me down to the bed, twisting my head around I looked up at him, tears of sheer pleasure were streaming down my cheeks, but my father must have thought the tears were for another reason and it snapped him back to himself. His face went deathly pale as he stared down at me, I knew that he could see his juices starting to leak from my pussy as he took a step away from where I lay trembling in post orgasmic bliss.

"Oh Jesus... what have I done!" dad gasped.

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