Dinner Party

by Scorpio00155

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Reluctant, Slut Wife, Group Sex, .

Desc: Sex Story: A few friends for dinner and something more.

John, my husband, grinned at me from the other end of the table, to his left sat Gail, to his right was Lynn. Their husbands Ian and Gary sat on either side of me. These were our oldest friends, they had been friends for twenty years and we were as close as could be. I laughed as my husband cracked a joke, the latest of a series of them that had started when our friends had arrived at six and had gone on for the next two hours. Of course the jokes had got dirtier the more we had all drunk, but then that was the way it always was when we got together. That and the outrageous flirting, I loved it, Ian and Gary were still 'hunks' and their wives were still 'babes', so it felt good to have the two of them flirting to the limit with me. We were a group of thirty-something's having a good time.

"Julie," Ian grinned leaning towards me "that dress you are wearing is so tempting."

"I'll second that!" Gary laughed.

"Well you know what they say don't you?" John chuckled.

"What do they say?" Lynn asked with a giggle.

"That you should always give in to temptation." John laughed.

We all laughed as we got stuck into our starters, I looked along the table to my husband, and he grinned and winked at me. Despite his laughing comment about 'temptation' neither of us had strayed in all the fifteen years we'd been together, though the idea of a 'bit of fun' with someone else was a sort of joint fantasy with us. And yes, I have to admit that there were times that I wondered what it would be like to be fucked by Ian or Gary, but I had never acted on those thoughts. As we ate and drank I found my thoughts turning to the idea of having sex with one of our friends, amid the laughter I felt myself getting more than a little turned on by my thoughts.

A little while later John helped me clear away the now empty plates and to serve up the main course.

"What has you turned on my little honeypot?" he grinned as we started back to the dining room. "Been thinking about 'temptation?'"

John called me his 'honeypot' because of the way my pussy flowed with juices when I got aroused; he loved to lap at them.

"Yes," I grinned back looking down at the bulge in his trousers "and I'm sure you've been thinking about it too."

He laughed then raised an eyebrow.

"Would you?" he asked quietly "If the opportunity arose?"

"With Ian or Gary?" I mused, "I don't know. Guess it would depend on how horny I felt at the time."

"Well," John grinned "as long as you tell me about it afterwards I don't mind."

With that he was out the kitchen door leaving me to follow feeling confused, surprised and excited all at the same time.

As I sat down again I looked at my husband, he was talking with Lynn, but he must have seen me looking his way because he gave me a grin and a wink then went back to his conversation. To my left Gary had finished cutting up his meat and was now just using a fork to spear food while his other hand emphasised points, to my right Ian had done the same, but his free hand lay in his lap below the table. The conversation around the table was light and bawdy, Gail laughed loudly then looked at me with a broad grin when John started telling them how he had touched me up in a restaurant.

"Poor Julie nearly jumped out of her chair when I slid my hand up her leg under the table." John was saying. "Mind you, once she realised what I was up to she just opened up and enjoyed it. Didn't you hon."

"Damn right," I laughed back "it was one hell of a turn on."

As John continued with his tale of that exciting evening I felt a light touch on my leg, surprised I glanced down but the tablecloth blocked my view. Turning my head I looked at Ian, the touch was on his side, his hand was still out of view, as I looked at him he smiled, and the hand touching my leg gave a little squeeze. At first I was surprised, but then I felt the glow of excitement I had already been feeling grow and thought to myself 'what the hell', so I smiled back at Ian and turned my attention back to John. By now John had reached the point where I was nearing a climax in the restaurant and he described my squirming and lip biting at the time in graphic detail. Listening to John and feeling Ian's hand now stroking my leg over my dress I felt even more excited, I suppose I was also a little drunk, but not enough that I did not know what was happening. Obviously since I had made no objections to his touches Ian had decided to go a little further.

"Didn't anyone notice?" Ian asked John as he concluded his story.

"You'd think they would have." John grinned, "Maybe they did and decided to just enjoy the show."

As my husband replied Ian's hand slid down to the side of my leg, the dress I had on was one that John had picked out for me, low in the bust and, although coming to my knees, had slits almost to hip level on either side. In the time it takes to draw a breath Ian's hand had slid down the material of the dress, then slipped through the slit on his side to come to rest on my stockinged knee. His hand gently squeezed my knee then started to stroke upwards in little circles, when I looked at him Ian gave me a grin and I grinned back at him. Around us the conversation and the meal continued, we even contributed to the chatter, but I became increasingly aware of the slow rise of Ian's hand up my thigh and increasingly thrilled by his touch.

The thrill I was feeling shot to a new high when I felt another hand slip through the other slit and start to stroke my thigh firmly. Eyebrows raised in surprise I looked at Gary, he gave me a wink without breaking the flow of his conversation. I could not believe that this was happening; my best and oldest male friends were touching me up under the table while my husband sat at the other end of the table to them. Looking towards John I saw him flirting with Lynn and Gail, his eyes flickered my way and he smiled before going back to his flirting. Beside me Ian leant towards me and almost whispered a comment about my husband's flirting, a comment I totally missed.

"Having fun?" Ian whispered leaning a little closer to me.

"So far." I replied with a smile.

"You'd have even more fun," Gary said softly on the other side of me "if you let yourself open up."

There was no mistaking the hint Gary was giving me; he wanted me to open my legs so that he and Ian could get to more of me. A little uncertainly I let my legs slide apart a little and was immediately rewarded by their hands sliding onto my inner thighs then moving upwards. With gentle pressure Gary and Ian had me open my legs wider until I was sat there with my legs spread wide and their hands approaching my pussy.

"You three are quiet." John suddenly commented.

Guiltily I went to close my legs, but neither Ian or Gary were about to let me do that, firmly they pulled my legs open again and continued stroking me while Gary answered my husband.

"We were just watching a master at work." Gary laughed as his hand slid onto the wet gusset of my panties.

"Most educational" Ian grinned as his hand joined Gary's on my panties "watching you flirt with our wives. Mind you, my Gail might take you up on some of those offers you're making."

"John'll be in trouble then," Gary laughed, "because Lynn might do the same too."

"Mmmm, lucky old me." John laughed.

"Well." Lynn laughed and thrust out her boobs "I might just get you to put your money, or something, where your mouth is."

"I like the idea of the 'or something'." John retorted with a mock leer.

"Oh-ho, think you could handle both of us then sweetie?" Gail laughed.

Throughout all this Gary and Ian had been stroking at my pussy through my now sodden panties, it was such a weird situation, one that my husband and I had fantasised about, but had not expected to become a reality. There was no discounting the reality of what was happening though; their stroking was pushing me towards a climax. When one of them slid his hand into my panties to run his fingers along my bare slit I felt a minor orgasm wash through me.

"Did you say something Julie?" John's voice drifted through my pleasure.

"Um, just" I replied struggling to keep my breathing and voice even "commenting on how warm it is."

"It certainly is a quite hot here." Gary grinned.

I knew he was not referring to the room temperature; his fingers had pushed into my pussy and were moving in and out of me slowly. At the same time Ian's fingers were rubbing on my clit and I squirmed in my seat while trying to keep my upper body motionless. As pleasure ran through me I wondered that my John, Gail and Lynn couldn't tell what was going on just by the scent of my juices filling the air, they certainly filled my nostrils. Yet all three of them chatted on and flirted seemingly unaware of what was happening under the table. Then I had to bite back a gasp as I felt both hands move from my pussy to take hold of the waistband of my panties, as though they had practised the movement Ian and Gary tugged my panties down until they could draw them no further. Ian leant over and whispered 'raise up' and as though in a dream I leant my elbows on the table and using their support raised my bottom. My bottom had barely left the seat when I felt my panties pulled down to my thighs, as I let myself settle in the chair again Gary and Ian finished the task of removing my panties. I felt the wisp of material slide down my legs to my ankles and I pulled my feet from them then spread my legs open again.

Now their hands had free rein to touch my pussy without any hindrance, I bit back a groan as they both pushed a finger into my pussy and started to finger fuck me. Biting my lower lip I looked towards my husband, he seemed oblivious to what was going on, as were Lynn and Gail, the whole situation was turning me on so much that I thought I would burst with pleasure. When another orgasm washed over me I couldn't help but wriggle in my seat, I felt my boobs heaving with my excited breathing and a low groan escaped my throat. Yet the others didn't seem to notice and I felt both relieved and surprised at this. The next moment both hands had left my body, trying to still my breathing I looked at Gary and Ian in turn, they were grinning at me and I felt a little let down that they had stopped.

"Time for the dessert I think." John suddenly said.

"Oh yes," I replied guiltily "I'll just clear the table."

"We'll give you a hand." Gary offered with a nod to Ian.

"Yes," Ian grinned "which will let John get down to some real flirting while we are gone."

"Alright!" John drawled "I'm all for that. Take your time."

"We will." Gary laughed as he rose to his feet to start collecting up the plates.

Ian rose and held out a hand to me, as though in a dream I took his hand, stood and let him lead me out to the kitchen. The kitchen door had barely swing closed behind us when I felt myself being turned to face Ian, he smiled down at me then his face seemed to zoom in on mine. An instant later he was kissing me hungrily, his lips hard and demanding on mine, his tongue thrusting into my mouth to play with mine. Groaning into his mouth I let myself melt against him, at this sign of submission Ian's hands rose to my neck, I felt them moving then the halter of my dress went limp. With a swift tug he bared my boobs and began to play with them, his fingers digging into my pliant flesh then teasing my already hard nipples. Dimly I could hear the sound of laughter and conversation through the door behind me, then Ian turned me away from the door, his lips still locked to mine, his hands still playing with my tits, I felt him moving me across the kitchen.

The next thing I felt was the kitchen table pressing against my bum, Ian parted our lips then pressed me down onto the table so that my legs dangled limply. Leaning over me he took one of my nipples in his mouth and as he suckled on it his hands slid down my body to the hem of my dress. The material slithered up my legs as Ian pushed it up to my waist, then his hands were moving again. One of his hands pressed at my inner thighs and I opened my legs, without pause he stepped between my open legs and I felt something hard, yet warm and soft pressing at my pussy. Then it was sinking into me and I groaned as Ian speared me with his cock, for one brief minute he lay still with his cock buried to the hilt in my pussy. The next minute he was fucking me with hard strokes that jerked my body on the table, releasing my nipple he stood up to give more power to his thrusts and I gurgled with pleasure as he drove towards another climax. When his hands moved back to my tits it was the last straw, in a burst of ecstasy a climax hit me, low cries forced their way past the fist I had jammed in my mouth as my body jerked and bucked beneath Ian's pounding cock. Ian seemed to fuck me for ages, but it could only have been a few minutes, but those minutes were aeons of bliss. Wave after orgasmic wave of pleasure ebbed and flowed over my quivering body as his pace became ever faster, then I felt his body start to tremble and I knew that he was about to have his own climax.

Suddenly my pussy was empty, Ian had stepped back and I looked up at him with bliss-glazed eyes in puzzlement. He did not leave me puzzled for long; with firm hands he guided me off the table and into a kneeling position in front of him. I had no doubt what it was he wanted and I leant forward to take his cock into my mouth without hesitation. I heard him groan with pleasure as my lips closed around his shaft, as I pressed down further on his erection I felt his hands go to my head to pull me even tighter to him.

"God that feels good!" Ian groaned as I swallowed his flesh.

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