Wild Sister

by JAX

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Desc: Incest Sex Story: when i was young i admired my older sister

When I was growing up and still at school, my older sister Tasha was a bit of a wild thing, often grounded by my parents for her outrageous behaviour; coming in late, drunk and such. Her boyfriends were also very wild, causing my parents many nightmares. It was a happy day all round, when she got married to what seemed like a nice guy and she moved out. It didn't last, thank God no kids, and after the split up she bought her own flat to live in. Being much younger than her, I always thought of her as cool, what with her late nights and weird boyfriends, but now I'm older, I can understand how my parents must have felt.

I was home from university with a brand new BSc after my name and was looking for a job. I was sleeping in my sister's room, it was bigger than my old one. One day, I was hanging up some clothes in her built in wardrobe when I noticed one of the floorboards was loose. On further inspection I found a couple of thick envelopes containing photographs. I sat down on the bed and slowly looked through them. The first couple were typical holiday snaps showing my sister on some sunny beach somewhere; she was topless. I guess she must have been about eighteen or so at the time, I can remember her going away with her then current boyfriend, much to my parent's disgust. I studied the picture for she cut a very sexy figure, she was slim with killer legs and a good size bust. The next few pictures were similar, but then I was totally blew me away with the next. It was taken indoors using flash and it showed Tasha on her knees with her boyfriend's cock in her mouth.

I studied the picture for some time, and then suddenly it hit me, if she was posing with her boyfriend, who was taking the picture. The next picture solved the puzzle for me, for it showed her with her mouth around the cock of a different guy. Now I remember, she had gone on this holiday with another couple, her friend Vicky and her boyfriend. For confirmation, the next few pictures showed Vicky doing the same thing. I remember Vicky, I had a many wet dreams about her, with her big bust; she was definitely one of my sister's sexier friends. Now for the first time, there she was, her tits bare for me to look at. I put the pile of pictures down, trying to catch my breath, for in truth I was aroused by what I was seeing; my cock was painfully hard in my trousers.

After I had regained my breath, I picked up the pile again and looked at the next picture, it showed a couple making out, a guy between a girl's legs, the cameraship was so bad however, that you couldn't tell who was who. Things improved in the next few snaps for I could clearly see Tasha's face. In the next series it was Vicky turn to get fucked by her boyfriend. Then they appeared to swap partners for the final few frames. No wonder Tasha had hidden these holiday snaps and she had obviously forgotten about them when she moved out. It made me wonder where Vicky was these days and what she was doing, for I would like to meet up with her again. The one person who might know was Tasha herself, so a couple of days later I called around to visit my sexy sister. Now many years later, her slim figure had filled out, but not in a bad way. A few added inches to her tits and hips had only made her shapelier.

"Hi brother," she greeted me with a hug, "come in, come in," she invited me into her lounge. I have never been to her flat before so I looked around with interest.

"Nice place," I said.

"Yeah, not bad," she smiled her reply.

Over a cup of tea I mentioned the pictures I had found under the floorboards.

"Oh yes, show me," she said, her eyes wide with excitement.

"Oh my, look at me then," she said, "I must have been twenty pounds lighter."

She studied her topless shots for a long time, much to my impatience.

"Do you know I was barely a 'B' cup in those days," she giggled, "now I'm a 'D'," and to emphasised her comments she cupped her bust.

"Oh no, I had forgotten," she squealed, "how embarrassing, letting my young brother see me like that."

She was now looking at the blowjob pictures.

"Oh my what a holiday that was," she smiled at the memory, "me and Vicky swapped back and forth all holiday."

"Where's Vicky now?" I asked, trying to sound innocent.

"She moved up north, I've got her address somewhere," she replied, continuing to look through the pile of pictures.

"How about another cuppa?" she asked when she had been through the lot.

"Yeah sure," I said.

"My Ex would have loved to have seen these," she commented, "you should see some of the pictures he took of me, makes this lot look tame."

"Oh," I said.

My cock already hard suddenly became harder.

"You must show me some time," I said.

"Oh no I couldn't," she said, "I'll be so embarrassed."

"Did you get to keep them when you split?" I asked, still trying to sound innocent.

"Oh yeah," she said, "there was no way I would let that bastard keep them," she said with some venom. "Knowing him, they would be all over the internet by now."

We said our goodbyes and I went home, my dreams about Vicky dashed, but still I had copies of her pictures on my computer. I had scanned all the pictures, using the original negatives, before I gave them back to Tasha.

A few months later, my job hunting was not going well, when Tasha popped in to visit Mum and Dad.

"Oh I'm glad you're here brother," she said, "I want to ask you a favour."

"Oh yes," I said.

"Yes could you flat sit for a couple of weeks?" she asked, I'm going away on holiday with a girlfriend from work."

"Sure sis," I said.

My first thought were those naughty pictures she had mentioned. The weeks passed slowly until at last I dropped her off at the airport, with a promise to pick her up when she returned. When I at last reached her flat, I searched it from end to end, without any success and I was beginning to think she didn't keep them there at all; then I remembered her last hiding place. Sure enough in the bottom of the wardrobe under a false floor was a cardboard shoe box. I sat down on her bed just staring at the box in my hand, I was almost afraid to open it. I took a deep breath and lifted the lid. The first picture was a large, good quality black and white print of younger and very naked Tasha, quite tastefully posed. The date on the back was almost five years ago. I removed picture after picture, each one getting a little ruder, until the last in the sequence showed Tasha with her legs wide open.

The next lot were in colour and started where the last lot left off. The first picture showed Tasha using a vibrator on herself, the look on her face was full of lust, frozen all those years ago by the flash. I worked my way through the pile, then things started to change, no more Tasha on her own, but now there was her husband with her in the picture. He obviously had a preference for blowjobs and tit fucks.

I put the box down and put the kettle on and made coffee, for in truth all these sexual images were getting to me. At last I had calmed down and I picked up the box again, the very next picture showed Tasha in a cock sandwich, taking it from each end and neither guy was her husband. The picture quality was superb, almost of professional standard, it looked like Tasha's ex had a good camera with some training too. The rest were all similar showing Tasha with multiple partners, usually two, but in one session she was entertaining four. Wow what a sister I had, I wouldn't mind having a go at her myself. I took all the negatives home and over the next two nights I scanned them into my computer.

When I tried to replace the box at the bottom of the wardrobe, I found there was an obstruction, I put my hand in and found a video tape hidden at the back. Back in the lounge, with a shaky hand I slid the video into the machine and pressed play. There was Tasha in all her glory stripping off to her ex's instructions and then playing with herself with various toys. The screen went blank and then it started again with Tasha naked on her knees and her ex walking towards her; his cock is soon deep down her throat. It obvious to me, that no one was operating the video camera in these shots. In the next session, I could tell that someone definitely was, for the camera follows the action and even zooms in for close ups. I recognised some of the guys of course from the stills, but I knew the best is yet to come, yes there is my sister naked on the floor surrounded by four guys taking turns to push their cocks in her mouth and between her legs. I borrowed a mate's video recorder and made a copy. I replaced the copy under the floorboards and kept the original for myself.

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