The Beautiful Thing About Glory Holes

by 69gypsy

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Ma, First, Oral Sex, .

Desc: Sex Story: A young man first experience with Glory Holes

My first experience with a glory hole was just to days after my 18th birthday at an adult magazine store in Dallas where grew up. I had always wanted to go in and check at the magazines but up until I was 18 they wouldn't let me in. Trust me I tried.

Just think an entire building fill with naked girl. That how stupid I was about the world I was about to walk into.

I start off Saturday morning with a 20-dollar bill in my pocket think that it would buy me more then enough porno to last me for weeks.

So when I got into the store I was surprised at all that it contained, mags, videos, clothing like I had never seen before, toys for both men and women, then I noticed the Arcade sign. Not thinking that it would any different then the arcade at the Mall I started to walk in when a man behind a little counter stopped me 'How many kid' he asked.

Not understanding I replied 'One?'

Listen kid it's a 2 dollar minim to enter' he snapped back

So I fished out the 20 and he gave me back 8 gold tokens with naked ladies on them and 18 one dollars.

'The booth also take dollars' he said back to me as he went back to looking at an unseen magazine.

'Thanks a lot mister' I shot back not liking his attitude while looking at the wad of ones in my hand. Did he really think I was going to spend all my money in the arcade, I came here to buy some mags all I wanted to do was play some video. I had to calm down before I went off in my pants.

Yes that is how little I knew before I walk through the heavy curtain that separated the different world that I was about to walk into.

'What the fuck.' I mumbled as I walked in to a room full of doors.

'No, want to suck.' came a very girlish voice from the corner.

My head snapped to look at a very femine older man. 'Excuse me' I said in a louder then usual voice. More out of shock than anger.

'Nothing, I'm sorry' he whispered as he scurried away and opened a door and disappeared from site.

'You scared the shit out of him.' came another voice from behind me in the dark.

Spinning around I found my self-looking at a late 20's black man smoking a cigar.

'Relax.' he said holding his hands up palm out. 'These guys aren't use to being talked to in a commanding voice. Head nod and small hand signal is how most of them communicate. In here any way.' bring the cigar to his mouth and taking a draw.

'What s this place' I asked 'Where are the video games?'

'First time in an Arcade?' he quizzed me.

'Hell no, I've been to quite a few. I responded, looking over my shoulder to see a man close a door and scurry to the exit, sweat was dripping off of his face.

'Like this one?' he asked

'Well no not in a magazine store. Just at the mall' I replied back becoming a little unsure of myself at this point.

'At the Mall, shit where you from?' as he walks close and got a better look at me 'how old are you kid'

'Turned 18 two days ago.' straighten my shoulders and started reaching for my wallet to show him my I.D.

'Stop, don't ever show who you are to anyone in here. That's rule one. Rule two don't let anyone now how much money you're carrying. Is this the first time you've been here?'

'Yes. What is this place?'

'Here I'll give you the nickel tour. See the light above the doors, that means someone is inside. So let look in the one right here.' he opened a door that the light wasn't on and it happened to be next to the door that the mousy little man had run into. It was small with a TV set into the wall showing a few seconds of a porno with no sound then flashing to a different then flashing again to yet another scene. My mouth dropped open in awe. Patting me on the back and pushing me in 'Have fun. Ohh Rule three always lock the door until your ready to leave, or let someone in.' chuckling to himself as he walked away.

I was in shock. Looking around the small room I first noticed the coin slot below the TV and dropped in a token and the next thing that happened shocked me. It was a close up off a cock sliding in and out of a very wet pussy. with a small section of the screen saying CH.1 60.

Wow this was cool. Then to the right of the coin slot were some button that had lit up after I had dropped in the coin. When I hit the up arrow the screen changed to a man sucking a large black cock but this time the small letters read CH. 25 45.

'UGG gross I hit the down arrow and went back to CH. 1 39 wait a sec the last sets of numbers were going down, why. Then I hit the down button again after a few seconds CH. 2 29 and two women licking each other filled the screen. I had to watch this when all of a sudden the small letters started flashing CH.2 5 CH.2 5

CH.2 4 CH.2 4 CH.2 3 CH.2 3 CH.2 2 CH.2 2 CH.2 1 CH.2 1 then the screen went back to when I first come in. 'What the fuck' I said to myself. Then I put in another quarter a figure out that for a quarter I got 60 seconds of video.

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