Nurse Your Drinks

by Hungry Guy

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, NonConsensual, Heterosexual, Science Fiction, Sadistic, Torture, Oral Sex, Size, Violent, .

Desc: Sex Story: Power to the (little) people!

Foreword: This is a work of fiction. None of the people in this story are real. None of these events ever happened. This story is nothing more than words that came from my imagination. Any similarity to any real people, places, or events is purely coincidental.

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Kevin and Jill had just finished hurriedly packing their suitcases. The hover-cab was waiting outside the balcony of their condo on the 230th floor of fifth avenue and 59th street. Their condo overlooked Central Park, but they had to lean over the railing and look straight down to see it. They opened a foil pouch of Oak trees and shook them into their terrarium containing a herd of miniature elephants, each about the size of a large rat. They turned the fish bowl containing their miniature blue whale toward the window and ran out to the balcony. They opened the gate and stepped aboard the hover-cab, "To JFK, please. We're late for our flight already."

The cabby grunted in the manner of cabbies down the ages and launched the cab into traffic.

He had no name. He was just one of about fifty men and women living in a 50-gallon terrarium tank on a shelf behind the bar. They had no clothing, and the bottom of the tank was covered with a 1-inch layer of fine sand.

Another guy just yelled out, "Hey, I got that piece of broken glass in the back of the tank loose!"

He walked over to the 2 inch hole in the back of the terrarium tank. The guy who worked the piece of glass loose crawled through the hole first, then waved at the others to follow. "C'mon, guys!"

He crawled through the hole next and onto the counter on which the terrarium rested. They walked as a group to the edge of the table.

"How are we going to get down? It's over two feet down to the floor!"

Another guy shouted out, "Hey! I found a spool of thread over here! Maybe we can climb down! C'mon you guys, help me carry it over to the edge!"

Several of the guys walked over and they all grunted and lifted the spool. A couple of girls had just crawled through the hole and giggled as they watched the guys attempt their daring escape. Huffing and puffing, three guys carried the spool of thread to the edge and set it down on end so it wouldn't roll off the table.

One of them climbed on top of the stool and started pulling at the thread. He walked around the rim of the spool, unwinding the thread, feeding it to the others who lowered it slowly to the floor.

After much effort, they unwound enough thread to reach the floor.

"So who's brave?" one of them asked the group.

One of them walked up and grabbed the thread and started climbing down, hand over hand.

He held his breath watching his brave comrade make the long climb down to freedom.

The other finally reached the floor two feet below. He started walking to the door when someone spotted the bar's cat come sniffing.

They all started shouting from the top of the counter, "Hey! Run! Run! It's the cat! Run!"

The other began a sudden sprint, but the cat was too fast. In a moment, it was all over for the guy making his escape. The cat then came over and sat under their vantage point below the counter, staring up at them and licking its jowls.

He turned and started walking back to the terrarium, saying to the others, "Personally, I'd rather be eaten by a pretty girl than that damn cat!"

Traffic was light, and the cab arrived at JFK in plenty of time to catch their flight. And when they checked their luggage, the clerk told them that the flight was delayed due to official NASA activities in low earth orbit.

"Let's go to the bar and have a drink while we wait for our flight," suggested Kevin.

The couple walked hand-in-hand across the mezzanine to the bar and entered. Upon taking a table, a waitress approached them and took their drink orders.

Kevin said, "I'll have a beer -- a Guinness Stout -- with a blonde."

Jill said, "I'll have a white wine -- and uhm -- I'm feeling daring -- with a black man."

"Thank you," the waitress said and hurried back to the bar to pour their drinks.

"Eeek!" Jill suddenly yelped out and looked down.

Kevin looked down and laughed. He reached down and petted the cat rubbing against Jill's foot.

Jill smiled sheepishly and also reached down to pet the bar's feline mascot.

The waitress returned then with their drinks on a platter. "That'll be twenty please."

Kevin paid the waitress and she set their drinks down.

"I wonder how long our flight will be delayed," Jill said.

"Who knows," Kevin answered, as he took a sip of his beer. Then he held the beer up and looked at the 5-inch tall woman swimming in it -- a cute blonde, just as he ordered. She glared back at Kevin angrily. He raised the glass to his lips and took another sip, sucking the girl into his mouth. He swished and swirled her around a little before spitting her back into his brew.

Jill took a sip of her wine and peered at the 6-inch tall black guy swimming in it. Jill giggled and said to Kevin, "I can't really tell without a magnifying glass, but I think he's well hung."

"Jill," Kevin replied, "I don't want to hear things like that. I should be hung well enough for you!" They both laughed.

She took another sip of wine and plucked the guy out of her glass with her fingers and pushed him up to her mouth -- pressing on his ass with her finger holding him up to her lips. She sucked a few times then paused, "It feels like I'm giving head to a gnat!"

Kevin just sighed.

Jill resumed sucking and, a moment later, the guy started quivering and moaning. Jill continued sucking for a moment until he calmed down. "I think he came, but I can hardly tell," Jill said sounding frustrated.

Once again, Jill pressed his ass into her mouth. This time, he let out scream as Jill bit down. She then removed him from her mouth, revealing a bloody ulcer where his dick was. He was grabbing at his balls and screaming so loud that Jill dropped him back into her glass. But that only increased the intensity of his cries.

Kevin took another sip of his beer, once again sucking the girl into his mouth. As he was swishing her around inside his mouth, Jill said, "Kiss me, love."

Kevin leaned over and kissed his wife. As they kissed, he passed the girl into Jill's mouth, then Jill passed her back into his. Then they held the girl between their mouths sucking on her together. Kevin swished his tongue between her legs, tasting her tiny pussy while Jill sucked her head and swirled her hair with her tongue.

At that moment, their flight was announced, "Attention please: Starship Warren to Alpha Centauri is now boarding at gate twenty three. Attention please..."

Kevin sucked the girl into his mouth and swallowed her. He then swallowed down the last gulp of his beer.

Jill picked up her wine, only to find the black guy floating face down in her drink. "Oh well," she said as she lifted the glass to her mouth and swallowed him along with the last of her wine. They grabbed each others' hands and headed off to catch their flight.

Yesterday's escape attempt was a bust -- poor guy, he thought, what a horrible way to die. Also, a handler noticed the hole in the terrarium that evening and replaced the glass panel.

He sat on the sandy bottom of the crowded terrarium. A girl -- a pretty redhead -- came over to him and kneeled next to him. She looked at him with sad eyes and put her arm around him. He wiped a tear from his eye and kissed her as she fell over pulling him on top of her. The crowd stood back and gave them room while they fucked each other.

Interstellar customs was always a hassle, and Ken was exhausted from the long red-eye flight from Sirius. So the first thing he did after getting his luggage off the carousel was to head for the bar for a drink.

He sat at the bar and ordered a Bud Ultralight with a redhead. The barkeep said, "You lucked out, dude! That was our last redhead."

He drank the brew down, occasionally sucking on the girl. Upon finishing the beer, he plucked her out of the glass, and put her in his pant pocket while, hopefully, no one was watching. He left a buck on the bar as a tip and got up to leave the bar, but as he approached the door, the bouncer pointed to his pocket and said, "Whoa, pal! Can't leave 'till you finish your drink."

Ken pulled the girl out of his pocket and put her in his mouth. He winced at her tiny yet piercing scream.

"Go ahead!" the bouncer urged, "swallow!"

Kevin swallowed and said, "Ahhhh," for the bouncer.

"Hey pal," the bouncer said, "They're not really human, you know. They have no minds. They're really no smarter than insects. Hell, insects are probably smarter."

"Yeah, I know," Ken answered.

Satisfied that Kevin had finished his drink, the bouncer waved him past.

Kevin lugged his luggage to the monorail station and took the train back to Penn Station and transferred to a NJ Transit monorail down the Northeast Corridor and home to Piscataway.

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