Dream Agency

by Charm Brights

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Mult, Consensual, Reluctant, Lesbian, BiSexual, Heterosexual, MaleDom, FemaleDom, Swinging, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, .

Desc: Sex Story: Tarquin and his wife, Kathleen, run a job agency for temporary schoolteachers. Now a position like that should give you lots of opportunities for 'getting to know' people, now shouldn't it? Dream on...

Based on an idea by Daywalker

(c) 2002 Charmbrights Ltd. All rights reserved.

The author has asserted the moral rights under sections 77 and 78 of the Copyright Designs and Patents Act 1988.

'It must be lunch time,' thought Tarquin as the Thursday sun reached the edge of his desk, and his head nodded a little, more from boredom than tiredness.

He put down the telephone and swore under his breath. The Rosebay High School was a difficult place to find anyone willing to teach in. Its reputation was terrible throughout the city as a place where teachers were regularly harassed both by pupils and by their parents.

"Kathleen, the Rosebay needs another supply teacher of English. Got any ideas?" he said.

His wife, Kathleen, looked up from her desk and shuddered.

"God, no. I wouldn't send my worst enemy to work there," she replied, "I'm glad I don't have to visit schools like that any more, but can stay safe in the office here."

She sighed and thought for a moment.

Then she said slowly, "Colin says he is desperate for more work. He's had nothing for a while and his wife's just lost her job when the company went bust. He might do it."

"Better ask him to drop in and we'll break it to him gently."

"And if his wife comes with him you can get an eyeful of her body," came the rejoinder.

"Eyeful? I'd need more like a hundred eyes to appreciate her beautiful curves," Tarquin hit back, "Anyway, what's wrong with looking?"

"And touching, when you think I can't see you," Kathleen said, laughing, "I know you. I bet you were going to suggest that I get the three of you some coffee the moment she gets here, just so you can have her in the office for a few moments longer."

Picking up her own 'phone, Kathleen dialled a number, and then frowned.

"Mine seems to be on the blink again," she said.

"Be my guest," said Tarquin motioning towards the 'phone on his desk.

The telephone was at the opposite end of the desk and so Kathleen had to bend over to reach across the desk to pick up the 'phone. Her big thighs strained against the material of her skirt and as she stretched still further the opulent curves of her of her arse were highlighted by the afternoon sun streaming through the window. Her breasts hung as she leant forwards and clearly were not restrained by anything more than the demure, high-necked blouse she was wearing. Tarquin's cock tightened and lifted as her skirt rose up her leg as she sat on the visitors' chair parting her legs slightly and he had a glimpse of shadowy invitation offered by a stocking top and a paler band of flesh above it on her inner thigh.

He tried thinking of tax returns and other boring things to stop his hard-on developing as any minute he would have to concentrate on another call from a potential customer. It didn't help because his thoughts returned to all the parts of her he would touch, suck, and use later that night in their marital bed. Meanwhile, Kathleen had arranged for Brendan to come to the office just after lunch that afternoon.

"I'll be frank with you," said Tarquin, "It's the Rosebay High School. If you turn it down I'll fully understand."

"I'll take it, no matter what," said Colin.

"You sound desperate," Tarquin remarked, "I hope you'll survive."

He rang the school's headmaster and after briefly outlining Colin's five years of teaching experience, listened for a few seconds.

Then he said, "He's with me now; I'll put him on and you can arrange it direct."

He passed the 'phone over to Colin and he quickly agreed to start the temporary assignment the following morning.

"Good," he said, after putting the 'phone down, "We really do need the money. I am so relieved to get this job; any time I can do anything for you, just let me know. It's been hell since Elizabeth lost her job. Keeping up the payments on the house was based on both of us working. With the children at school, it's difficult for her to find a job that is only part-time so she can be home when they are, and child minders cost so much."

After the paperwork was completed between Kathleen and Colin he was about to leave when Tarquin stopped him in the doorway.

"You sound desperate for income," he said, "We have been thinking of having some extra help in the office. You taking on Rosebay for me deserves a favour in return. Ask your wife to give me a ring."

"Please, no charity," said Colin sounding doubtful.

"No, not that. We really do need someone," Kathleen interjected.

"I'll certainly do that then, and thanks. Elizabeth is a good worker," said Colin, "You won't regret it."

It was fully ten minutes before the 'phone rang again. This time it was Elizabeth asking about the possible part-time job in the office and offering to come in later the same afternoon for an interview. Elizabeth had visited the office before, with her husband, and Tarquin had felt a quick throb in his brick whenever he had seen her. Now she was coming to visit them and looking for a job which she needed desperately.

The woman opposite was an impressive sight. Somehow she managed to be tall and slim and yet to give an impression of strength without sacrificing an ounce of femininity. Men could think of her simultaneously as a very bed-worthy female and at the same time consider her someone they would not care to make an enemy. Children thought of her as a mother figure in whom they could confide but at the same time instinctively obeyed her. Women also confided in her as they would in a sister, but they sometimes wondered what it would be like to be held and comforted by her.

As he looked up from her CV and glanced across at her, Tarquin was glad there was a desk between them to hide his hard-on, and wondered how he could manipulate this situation to give him a chance to get in her knickers. As he thought this, she crossed her legs and gave him a flash of stocking tops and, he could have sworn, white knickers before smoothing her skirt over her knees.

Tarquin could feel drops of pre-cum oozing from the helmet of his engorged prick and thought, 'Damn. That will stain these light grey flannels. And I'll have to stand up to show her out. Damn. Damn. Damn.'

Just then Kathleen came into his office and said, "Fine, shall we start the interview?" as she took the spare chair on Tarquin's side of the desk.

Reaching across to take Elizabeth's CV from Tarquin, she noticed the spreading stain on his trousers and thought, 'Are you pleased to see her, or is that a leaking banana in your pocket?' and smiled to herself at the misquotation.

After a few desultory questions about her last job, and why her employers went broke, the interview was wrapped up and the job was offered. The rates of pay were agreed but they left the details of exactly what hours would be worked to be agreed on an ad hoc basis as the weeks went on.

Elizabeth stood up and said, "Well, thank you for giving me this chance. I was at my wits' end over money and today you've found both of us work! I really will do anything that you want round here."

Kathleen and Tarquin both wondered how far that offer really went, especially into the realm of non-business activities.

Quickly Kathleen grabbed Tarquin's coat from the rack and said, "We're just leaving as well. And we'll expect you at ten on Monday morning."

She handed Tarquin his coat and he held it in front of him to hide the rapidly spreading evidence of his reaction to Elizabeth. Thankfully, Elizabeth had not noticed, or so he thought.

Shaking Elizabeth's hand he said, "Do let us know as soon as you can if you foresee any problems with the hours of work. I'm sure we'll be able to sort something out."

"Yes, and why not pop in Saturday morning and we can have coffee and a natter about the content of the job?" said Kathleen.

"Yes, I'd like that," said Elizabeth, smiling in a way that made Kathleen think that they might be discussing more than just work.

They shared a lift down to the ground floor and parted with smiles all round. Elizabeth caught and held Kathleen's eye for slightly longer than would be conventional and Kathleen felt a frisson of excitement at the thought that perhaps they were about to make a new 'friend'.

In the car, Kathleen turned to Tarquin and said, "I know we don't usually mix business with pleasure, but I think Elizabeth has real potential, if her husband's willing. They could become another of our pairs of 'friends'. I saw the way she looked at both of us, and you nearly disgraced yourself with this little thing."

She rubbed his cock affectionately through the damp material of his trousers.

"Yes, I thought she looked interested in us as more than just a job," Tarquin replied, "I've been thinking that more and more lately about some of the teachers we send out to schools. Some of them come on to me quite blatantly, and I know a couple of them have a letch for you."

"Well, it could be risky, but there are some of them that I wouldn't mind getting to know better."

"Ha, 'getting to know better' you say. Getting your pussy wrapped round their tongues, or their cocks you mean," snorted Tarquin, "Well as long as I get my share of them they can have a slice of your hair pie."

They were out of the town now and driving along the country lane which led to the village in which they lived. Kathleen turned towards Tarquin and dropped her head into his lap. Unzipping his trousers she soon had his hard, sticky cock in her mouth, sucking it greedily and noisily. The car stopped in a field gateway as it became too dangerous to drive while his wife was fellating him to the point of cumming. Kathleen swallowed all she could of the generous gush released from her husband's balls by her efforts and then licked the remaining rivulets of pearly white fluid from his engorged shaft. When she kissed him he tasted his own spunk as their tongues danced in each other's mouths.

By common consent it was an early night for both of them.

"So you want Elizabeth's little thin body and tiny cunt?" Kathleen asked as she climbed into bed beside him, hair and breasts hanging enticingly, "I'd like to see you fuck her cunt and arse good and hard so that she would be a sweating grunting cock-sucking bitch and I want to watch."

Conversations such as this, expressed in the crudest of terms, were a regular part of their love making and turned them both on even more than caresses, if that were possible.

"Right then we will have to plan this. We must seduce her and fuck her deep throat, deep cunt and right to the balls up her arse," he said as he rolled on top of her, "and while I'm drilling for oil she can try a little muff diving."

Kathleen's legs parted and she hooked her feet on to his back as she corrected him, "She can do a fucking lot of muff diving."

"While her old man is fucking your arse."

"OK, leave it to me," said Tarquin's wife as his hardened cock entered her silky tight cunt.

"It'll cost you a twenty to fuck me mister," she added in a tarty voice.

Taking that as his cue, Tarquin fucked her roughly and with no thought for her pleasure, just like a cheap street whore, just the way she liked it, and as she came she shouted, "Elizabeth, my man Tarquin's cock is going to give you the fuck of your life."

Over coffee on the Saturday, Kathleen wondered quite how to broach the subject of sex. She and Tarquin would like to have a threesome with this attractive woman, or a foursome including her husband, but did not want to lose her their reputation as an employing agency. Nor did they want an offended prude shouting round the town that they tried to seduce the people for whom they found jobs.

"Tarquin really admires Colin's bravery in taking that job. He thinks you are quite a couple," remarked Kathleen trying to make the sexual connotation fairly obvious, while she could retreat into blushes and apologies for a mistake if the target was frightened off.

Elizabeth removed all doubt when she said, "Yes, I know. I could see how much he was admiring me on Thursday before he managed to cover it with his coat."

They talked light-heartedly about men's inability to control their cocks, and then about the different ones they had seen, big long ones and short thick ones and how many times men could perform in a night. Kathleen noticed that Elizabeth was enjoying this talk very much and was steering the conversation to the size of Tarquin's cock. Was it big? Was it thick?

"My husband's is this long," Elizabeth said and with a sheepish grin, and took out a Polaroid snap of her man with a very respectable hard-on.

Both women were happy now that they both understood the new relationship, sharing this confidence and smiling at each other in a truly intimate way which told them that both of their pussies were soaking wet.

"But can I see Tarquin's?" Elizabeth asked, "Do you have any pictures?"

"OK, try these," said Kathleen, taking out of her bag a handful of photographs of herself and Tarquin.

"This is the best one to assess its size," said Kathleen, handing over a picture of Tarquin cumming over her face.

His large boner was still sending out a jet of semen that looped on to her face.

"How did you get this?" asked Elizabeth, "Did someone else take it for you?"

"Not that one. We just took it from a videocam on to the computer and then printed it. You should see the whole sequence. Look, here are some more stills from our film."

The photographs showed the couple in various stages of sucking and fucking. One had Kathleen's mouth distended round Tarquin's cock which was clearly half way down her throat. Another shot showed Tarquin cumming all over her tits. The actual fuck shots showed both the missionary and doggy positions. Kathleen had decided it was too early to show Elizabeth the pictures which revealed that there were more people there at the time, and she felt oddly shy while showing Elizabeth the one picture of Tarquin having her anally.

"We are lucky women having two such big cocked fuckers as our men. I love big cocks and for me the more the merrier. Would you let Tarquin fuck me?" Elizabeth asked, "You can fuck my man any time you like. He likes women who are plumper than me; he says they have more to get hold of, but that thinnies react better because the nerve endings are nearer the surface."

They both laughed at this because they knew that shape made little difference to the capacity to enjoy sex. They both believed that the main organ of sexual excitement was the brain, and all the foreplay in the world wouldn't work if the mind was not engaged.

As the women went to leave the office, Kathleen reached tentatively for Elizabeth's hand. That was all it took. In seconds they were locked in a close embrace, kissing as though they had been lovers for years. Tongues lashed in frenzy and nipples were rubbed and pinched through the thin material of their blouses.

Breaking off, Elizabeth said, "I really must fly. We'll meet again soon when we have more time. Now we know what we want we can plan it all."

When Elizabeth rang Kathleen one evening in the week they arranged to meet at Kathleen's house after work on the Thursday. The conversation was full of promise and double entendres with both women clearly expecting at least a good session of in bed together, if not more. Kathleen had other ideas, however, and worked out the details with Tarquin in advance. He would be there when Elizabeth arrived, but he would be alone. Kathleen would ring to say that she had been delayed and would not return home for about an hour after Elizabeth's arrival.

"That will give you ample time to demonstrate your abilities to Elizabeth," said his wife.

When Elizabeth rang the doorbell at Kathleen's house she was impressed by the beautiful garden, large house and, once inside, the tasteful dÈcor and furniture. It was Tarquin who answered the door, wearing a dressing gown.

"Oh, hello," he said, "Is there a problem with Colin at Rosebay?"

"No, no," she replied, "Didn't Kathleen say? She suggested we meet here for a chat this evening."

"She's not back from the office yet, but do come in. She will be back any minute. Go on into the sitting-room," he indicated the door on the right.

As Elizabeth preceded him into the sitting-room, Tarquin reached over on to the hall stand and pressed one button on his mobile 'phone. That sent the pre-arranged text message to Kathleen to indicate that Elizabeth was there with him. For a few minutes Tarquin and Elizabeth chatted about the problems Colin was finding at Rosebay school, neither of them making the slightest improper comment or move. Tarquin was waiting for Kathleen to ring and Elizabeth was waiting for her to arrive. Then the 'phone rang and Tarquin answered it.

"Oh dear," he said after listening for a moment, "She's here already. Would you like to speak to her?"

Again he listened for a moment and then passed the 'phone to Elizabeth.

"Hello?" she said.

"Hello. It's Kathleen. Look I'm terribly sorry but I'll be at least another hour before I get there. Something's come up at the office. Do make that idle husband of mine give you some tea, or anything else you fancy."

"Right; I'll do that. I know just what you mean," was the unequivocal reply, "See you in three-quarters of an hour or so then."

She handed the 'phone back to Tarquin. In the office Kathleen understood perfectly. She was to walk in on Elizabeth and Tarquin while they were fucking. Tarquin decided that he had better move very gently if he was to succeed in getting this lovely woman into his bed. Although Kathleen had told him all about their chat, that might well have been bravado. He sometimes boasted about his sexual exploits and proclivities to his mates, but the truth was sometimes stretched a long way on those occasions.

"Why was your husband so keen to take on the work?" he asked, "Rosebay is the pits and he only works part time. Was it urgent?"

"Yes. My job vanished when Randall and Hopkirk, the big builders, went bust," standing up she continued, "we needed the money."

Naturally Tarquin stood up also and was very pleasantly surprised when Elizabeth too the two steps it needed to close the gap between them.

"I wanted to say thank you for helping us out," she breathed, "so here goes."

With that she kissed him full on the lips. When he reacted by returning the kiss her tongue snaked out and played on his lips. Opening his mouth he joined enthusiastically in the age old dance of the two tongues. After a few moments she broke off the kiss and lowered her lips to the top of his chest where it showed through the neck of the dressing gown. Kissing her way downwards, she untied the belt and left a trail of excited spots straight down his chest, past his navel and on down. Tarquin stood transfixed; this was better than his wildest dreams. No effort on his part whatever and she was about to give him a blow-job.

She dropped to her knees with a grace and agility which surprised him for such a tall woman. Taking his cock in her hand she started to kiss and feather the tip of his foreskin with her tongue. Then she slid the skin back and laved the helmet. Tarquin thought his prick had never been so proud in all its life, mostly because of the unexpected pleasure of having an attractive woman whom he hardly knew, fully dressed, kneeling before him performing this most submissive of acts. He slipped his dressing gown off and stood there completely naked as she proved her abilities as a cock-sucker.

Just as Tarquin thought he would soon be offering her a compulsory drink if she didn't watch it, she stood up and said, "Is there somewhere more comfortable we could go? I do want to thank you thoroughly."

Escorting her up the wide staircase and into the master bedroom, Tarquin took the opportunity of running his hand up and down her back. There was definitely no brassi're under her blouse, and no discernible knicker line under her skirt. Her back was firm and smooth and her arse was just as resilient and tight as it looked. At the top of the stairs was a cheval mirror and the sight of this very respectable looking office worker, fully dressed, walking beside himself, stark naked, nearly made Tarquin come on the spot. In the bedroom, Elizabeth stood and looked at him for a moment, almost studying him, and then her glance dropped to his iron-hard rod.

"Mmmm," she said, "I like to be undressed slowly and carefully, then we'll go back to where we left off. I really do want to thank you properly."

Tarquin found it difficult to do as she wished. The temptation to tear her clothes off was enormous, but he concentrated and unfastened every one of the buttons on her blouse before slipping it off her shoulders to reveal her slim breasts scarcely concealed by the top of her slip, through which the dark brown areolae could clearly be discerned, surrounding the hardening nipples. He laid the blouse carefully on a convenient chair. The skirt proved to be fastened at the side with a clip and zip arrangement which he opened with no difficulty. She co-operated in stepping out of it and it joined her blouse on the chair. Turning back he saw her there clad only in her thin slip through which the pale hair could scarcely be discerned while the cunt-lips showed pink and glistening. As Tarquin moved towards her a small movement of her hand stopped him. Crossing her arms in that elegant gesture which men adore but find geometrically incomprehensible, she drew the slip smoothly over her head and dropped it with the other two items of clothing. Kicking off her shoes she knelt before him and took his penis back into her mouth, working on it with a devotion that soon had Tarquin on the point of ejaculation once more.

From her position on her knees, Elizabeth looked up into his face and said, "I love your cock. You big cocked bastard, fuck me, fuck me."

Lifting her up, no mean feat even with a slim woman such as her but the sex drive gives men extra strength at such times, and dropping her on her back on the bed, he swung her legs high in the air and with no further preliminaries rammed his rock-hard weapon deep into the recesses of her womb. The thrill she felt as it hit bottom elicited a scream of joy.

"Yes, YES, YES!" she yelled.

Before he had time to come she pushed him out of her cunt and flipped herself over on to all fours.

"Doggie me!" she ordered and Tarquin was not slow to obey, pumping into her as fast as he dared, while still holding back from reaching a climax himself.

Elizabeth was on her hands and knees on the bed with her breasts hanging down and swaying from side to side as the slap, slap, slap of Tarquin's loins on her arse echoed round the room. Over thirty minutes of power fucking had turned them into two sweat soaked animals with no inhibitions left. Her cunt lips were swollen with arousal and the wetness had spread to her thatch, darkening the blonde forest to a brown tangle.

Tarquin pulled out to avoid losing control again, but as Elizabeth started to turn to give him a licking Tarquin touched her pink tight arsehole with his cock-head.

"Oh please," she said, "fuck me up the arse."

Tarquin's cum and Elizabeth's own love juices had already greased his pole quite sufficiently for him to work the head in as she shuddered and shook with the pressure on the tight ring. Her narrow arsehole closed right behind the purple helmet as Tarquin watched it disappear into her rectum. Then he began the slow but inevitable shafting that pushed all nine inches in. Elizabeth was beside herself and made little incoherent noises of pleasure.

As Elizabeth reached her umpteenth orgasm, she had long ago lost count, her internal muscles quivered and clenched on Tarquin's cock finally triggering a magnificent climax, so that they were both well out of control and totally unaware of their surroundings for several minutes. When they had gathered their wits about them again, they realised that Kathleen was also in the bedroom and was applauding quietly.

"That was splendid to hear and watch," she said, "I came home at just the right time, but I doubt if I can get anything for myself. That cock looks like a shrivelled chip and I doubt it will be able to lift its head for about a week."

"Don't worry, I'll show you a thing or two, and you can lick your husband's cum out of my arse if you want," offered Elizabeth as she moved over to Kathleen, "Here, let me help you out of those clothes. Well even a big girl needs a helping hand doesn't she?"

Taking her cue correctly, Kathleen entered into the spirit of the rÙle playing by saying, "Yes, mummy. I can't get out of these difficult buttons and things on my own."

She stood quite still as the slimmer woman unbuttoned, unhooked and untied everything she could find, removing the clothes slowly and fondly, but making no move whatever to touch even bare skin, let alone offer sexual caresses. When she had finished undressing her friend they stood side by side and Tarquin, who had watched all this from on the bed, contemplated the two dissimilar bodies before him.

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