by Mat Twassel

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Desc: Sex Story: "An orgasm is "like winning all the Nintendo games at once." Those words are spoken by an 18-year old girl to an 11-year-old boy while both of them are watching from seclusion as two couples make it on the nearby beach

I was on the dunes playing soldier and there was at least an hour before Grammy expected me home for dinner so I crawled up to my lookout spot which is in kind of a notch in the highest dune where the point curls around before heading back to the main part of the beach. There's hardly ever anyone out there because it's a long walk from the main beach, and when the tide is up part of it gets cut off so you can't get there even if you want to unless you want to do some swimming, and I really didn't expect to see anyone today because the tide was up and because it looked like a storm was coming in off the ocean. The breeze was really whipping. I kept my head tucked low and slithered up to my special spot overlooking the last of the beach. Sometimes you can see a big ship way out. Sometime there's tippy little sailboats close in.

I was really surprised to see the people, four of them, two men and two women, but they weren't grouped that way. One man and one woman were standing just on the edge of the surf, letting it rock over their ankles, and the other man and the other woman were sitting just under me, maybe about twenty feet down. They were watching the people out on the edge hugging and kissing. I ducked down just to make sure no one would see me, but none of them were looking anywhere near my direction, and anyways the wind was blowing pretty strong off the water, some waves were starting to chop, so it was a cinch they weren't going to hear me or smell me. I'm just kidding about the smell. I wouldn't have smelled any different from the beach because I'd been swimming all day, and anyways my Grammy says eleven year old boys don't really smell, which I think is true.

After awhile I peeked up and saw that the woman out near the water was getting hugged harder by the big guy. He had his hands on her breasts which were pretty big, but she seemed like she liked it, like she was pushing her breasts and her body against him, kind of swaying into him as the water splashed them and the wind whipped all around.

Then I heard the woman below me whisper to the man lying next to her that it looked like rain, and I wondered if she knew how true that was, how hard and how quick the rain might come, and I wondered if they knew that in another hour the tide would be all the way up and they'd be cut off from the main beach. I was thinking maybe I ought to tell them this, otherwise they could be stuck half the night out here, and it can get pretty cold, and they definitely didn't have much clothes, just skimpy swim suits as far as I could see, but then the man below me slid the strap of the woman's suit down until her breast was completely bare, so I didn't think it was the right time to tell them anything about being cut off what with the woman's breast being bare and all and besides, this was the first real-life bare breast I'd ever seen, and besides now the man was touching it, squeezing the nipple, which the woman seemed to like a real lot. And then she said something, I'm not sure if I caught all of it with the wind, the words just seem to burn past me, but I thought she said "Do you want to come in my cunt, do you want to come in my hungry ass," and I thought "oh oh" and even though I wanted to look at her breast, the way her nipple was all plump from the man's fingers, I had to look away, and that was even worse, because I happened to look out at the guy and the girl out on the shore, and the guy had his pants down and his wee-wee stick was sticking straight out really big and stiff. I know I shouldn't call it a wee-wee stick, I should call it a penis, but it was too big and strange for that, it was more like a club of driftwood, his big balls like the knob end of a big branch, polished smooth from years and years at sea, and now the woman, kneeling in front of him, was touching him down there with her long fingers, and then she bent towards him and put her mouth around him, around the end of his penis, just at the end of it, while she kept touching him or tickling him, his balls, and it seemed his penis grew even bigger, I wouldn't have thought one could get that big, and the woman seemed to want more and more of it in her mouth.

My own wee-wee stick started feeling kind of tingly and it had stiffened up and I had to touch it. I'd been doing this sometimes lately and it felt good. I slid my shorts to the side at little so I could get at it better, but I felt a little guilty so I ducked down more. Now I couldn't see the man and woman below me--I didn't really know what was happening down there, but I could hear the whisperings and the moanings, or maybe it was just the wind, and then the couple on the shore dipped down so I couldn't see them either, and the rain started, not hard but a kind of a firm rain, and it felt pretty good on the back of my neck--and where my hand was was feeling pretty good too. I had a strange thought--that I wanted to feel the rain coming down on my wee-wee stick with it hard that way, so I rolled over on my back, and oh God! there she was, standing right there watching me, the most beautiful girl I'd ever seen, looking right at my little penis sticking out of my fist, looking at me with a big grin and happy eyes, and I was about to get up, but she put her hand up, meaning don't move, and then she put her finger to her lips, meaning be quiet, and I couldn't move, I couldn't do anything.

The girl must have been a couple of years younger than the people on the beach, maybe she was 16 or 18 or something--she definitely wasn't a kid--her little breasts looked so beautiful bulging from her little blue bikini--I didn't know which was worse, looking at them or her grinning eyes, and I thought maybe I should just shut my eyes and die, but I didn't, and the girl knelt down in the sand right next to me and whispered "Whatcha doin?" and then she grinned real big.

"Nuttin," I said.

And then she nodded her chin over the dunes where the other people were and said "What are they doing?" She said it real sweet and soft, and for just a moment I thought maybe she didn't know, but then I saw from her smile that she did know and she was just teasing me.

"They're hugging and kissing and stuff," I said.

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