Dorothy and the Wizard of Poz

by Midsummer

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Teenagers, Consensual, First, Bestiality, .

Desc: Sex Story: A quick re-telling of an old classic, with a naughty twist!

Dorothy turned 13. She was in her room writing poetry, expressing confused feelings as she often had done. Her parents had gone into town. There came a strong gust of wind, and Dorothy looked out her bedroom window. A giant tornado was heading strait for the house! Little Dorothy jumped onto her bed and hid her head under her pillow, as her house was lifted up from its foundation, and was whisked away for many miles, and then beyond physical distance. It then landed, the tornado was gone. Dorothy was greatful to be alive. But where was she? She ran out the front door and found herself on a strange land with grassy hills and little houses around which walked little people, shorter than Dorothy. Her dog Toto ran out with her. Dorothy said to him, "I don't think we're in Kansas anymore."

"Indeed not!" shouted one of the little people, wearing a tall, rouned red hat and brown clothes. "You're obviously not from around here, young girl. You look too odd."

"You look a little odd yourself," said Dorothy, innocently. Toto kept at her legs, afraid of the little people who gathered around her. "Where AM I?" she asked them.

"Why, you're in the land of Poz," replied the man.

"Poz?" repeated Dorothy. It didn't sound right. "How do I get back to Kansas?"

"Kansas?" came the man. "Never heard of it." All the little people shock their heads in agreeance with him. "If you've come from a place so far away, the only way you'll likey find your way back is by asking the Wizard of Poz."

"The Wizard of Poz?" said Dorothy. "How do I find him?"

"Go to Emerald City," replied one of the little women. "You'll find him there."

"Emerald City," repeated Dorothy in awe. "Which way do I go?"

"The ONLY way," replied the man, pointing a glowing path reaching across the land behind her. "Just follow the Yellow Brick Road!"

Just then, a woman began screaming, as then a bunch of them followed. Dorothy turned back to the house to see what all the fuss was about. "The Wicked Witch of the West!" yelled one woman. Dorothy could see a witch's legs sticking out from under the house. "She'll KILL you, once she gets out of there!"

"The Shoes of Passion!" cried the little man, pointing to the bright, sparkling red shoes upon the witch's feet. "They're magical and should help you on your way. But beware--they cast a terrible spell upon any who wears them! No man can she resist she who wears those shoes!" Dorothy laughed, caring not for men at all. "It'll be alright," she said, slipping off her shoes and slipping on the Shoes of Passion! At that, Dorothy felt dusy, and lustful. Her whole body ached and yearnned to be touched and violated. Indeed they were powerful! Dorothy did what she could to resist these new urges, said thanks to the little people, and started down the Yellow Brick Road with Toto. "My, Toto, you would not BELIEVE the effect of these shoes! I feel... wild! Hungry, only not for food. I'm more confused than ever!"

Down the road, she came acrost a Scarecrow calling for her help. Dorothy helped him down from his ropes, and he danced about a free man! "Where are you going?" he asked her.

"To Emerald City to see the Wizard of Poz."

"Then I'll come with you," said the Scarecow, "For I lack a penis and only the Wizard of Poz can give me one!"

They continued down the path until they came to a rusty tin man, who bagged Dorothy to oil up his body so that he could move again. Afterward, he thanked her and asked where they were going.

"To Emerald City," said Dorothy. "To see the Wizard of Poz."

"Then I'll come with you," said the Tin Woodsman, "For I lack passion, and only the Wizard of Poz can give it to me!"

They continued down the road until they came to a Cowardly Lion, who after finding out where they were going bagged to come along as he lacked bravery, and therefor was too afraid to have sex. They went together all the way to Emerald City, arriving in the castle where the Wizard lived. When they arrived out he came, short and middle-aged with a small beard. He heard all their problems, starting with Dorothy's, and they anxiously awaited his reply. "I'll do all that you ask, under but ONE price."

"What?" asked Dorothy, very excited at the thought of returning home.

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