Over Sarah

by Charm Brights

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Reluctant, Coercion, Blackmail, Heterosexual, MaleDom, Rough, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, .

Desc: Sex Story: Sarah's boss wanted her body, but he was afraid he might lose her if he made a pass at her. Then Wendy came along, so Sarah was blackmailed into sex with Simon, and some customers, and then sacked at the end of the month.

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Chapter One Overture

The moment Wendy moved in to Simon's bedroom she started nagging him to give her a job. He really didn't want her in his office as well as in his house. Ever since his wife left him he had been shagging Wendy, but he didn't love her; he knew that now. He had started to bed her out of sheer depression and frustration, and in a weak moment had let her stay first one night, then two, then a week and now she had given up her own place and moved everything in to Simon's house.

In an effort to dissuade her from coming to work for him, he said one night, "Look. You're great in bed, but what else could you do for me if you did work in my office?"

"I could make coffee, and tidy up, and keep my Little John happy," she wheedled, stroking 'Little John' through his trousers.

"I've already got a coffee machine. You can't even keep this place tidy, let alone an office as well," came the brusque retort.

Then he had a brilliant idea to stop her little plans. And if it upset her so much that she flounced out, well, there were plenty more where she came from.

"Look, the only job you could do for me would be to keep customers happy," he offered, "That means smooching the unhappy ones; and smooching them really really successfully."

"You mean fucking them, don't you?" she asked.

"If that's what it takes," he answered.

"Ten quid an hour and a fifty quid bonus for each fuck and you're on," came the unexpected reply, "And I'll live here with you and you can have as much as you want of me."

"That will mean getting rid of Sarah, and you'll have to do her job for me for your ten quid an hour."

"Done. When do I start? Sooner the better; you know, I want all the cocks I can get."

Simon was appalled that his idea for getting rid of her had back-fired.

Weakly he said, "Today's Wednesday, the first of next month is Friday and I have to give her a month's notice. You can start on Monday the first of the month after."

On his way to work he wondered how to get the best out of this deal. Certainly Wendy was an enthusiastic fuck, who knew how to give a man a good time. She could work wonders with some of his customers; far more so than that piss-artist salesman. Then there was Sarah. He had had a yen to get his hands on those knockers for ages, but hadn't wanted to risk losing her. Now she was going anyway, he would try his luck. So, no notice letter tomorrow, just a pass at her. If she walked out, so what. If she let him grope her, he would push it as far as he could in the next month, then sack her.

'First the sack, then the sack,' he thought, giggling to himself as he drove along.

Late that afternoon he called Sarah in and asked her if she would mind being prepared to work late the next night to finish a presentation he needed for Monday, or she could come in Saturday morning if she preferred. He was pleased when she indicated that working late Friday would be better for her. Late home from the office would be easier to explain to Wendy than going to work on Saturday.

Chapter Two Overtime

Friday came and work proceeded as slowly as Simon could manage. He wanted plenty of time alone to make his play for Sarah. As she went about her duties he watched her and mused on the differences between her and Wendy. Sarah was in her late forties and was a steady reliable worker. She was sensibly dressed in a white blouse which had buttons almost up to her neck, and a navy mid-thigh length skirt. However she dressed there was no hiding those lovely tits, 40 if they were an inch, and C cup, Simon guessed. The waist wasn't slim, but the hips flared beautifully offering succulent arse cheeks just begging to be handled. Her long dark brown hair framed a face that was, well, nice; not beautiful, not even pretty, but certainly not ugly. He had a shrewd idea she didn't get as much sex at home as she would like.

The thought of home and sex brought him back to Wendy. How different she was, quick, nervy almost, blonde (out of one of the dozens of bottles she had filled his bathroom with), ten or more years younger than Sarah, six inches shorter, half Sarah's weight, and sexy as hell. There were problems with her size the few times he had been on top; she had vanished under his chest, since he was a full foot and half taller than her and when his prick was buried in her in the missionary position, the top of her head did not reach anywhere near up to his chin. So the abiding memory was of Wendy riding his ten inch pole, sapphire blue eyes shining with excitement, vocal as she came, shaven mound poised at the top of her upstroke and ramming down over his prick, taking it all into her small belly. She said it felt as though it might burst out of her throat as he filled her, but he said he hadn't got such a big prick; ten inches was just in proportion for a 6'5" eighteen stone man.

The image of Wendy's mound all pink and smooth made him wonder about Sarah's. She had luxurious long brown hair on her head and he hoped she had an equally luxurious growth hiding her cunt, and that he would soon get to part that bush looking for the pink crevices hidden away within it.

After the last of the staff had gone home leaving Simon alone with Sarah, he watched as she went over to the photocopier. Moving up beside her, he put his arm over her shoulders and gave her a friendly hug.

"Thanks for staying," he said, "It's a big help."

Then his hand slipped down off her shoulder and under her armpit to cup the side of her breast. She twitched away from him and turned towards him.

"No, please, Simon. Not that. Please," she said, but she didn't move away as he tipped her head gently back and kissed her on the lips.

"Does anyone ever tell you how attractive you are?" he asked.

She blushed and shook her head. He kissed her again, gently pushing the tip of his tongue at her mouth. Her lips parted slightly and their tongues touched. Her hands crept up his back and held him as the kiss became more heated. One of Simon's hands ran up and down her backbone and she wriggled slightly at the sensation. His other hand came up and cupped her breast firmly. She didn't draw away but continued with the kiss, opening her mouth a little more. He started to slip her blouse out of the waistband of her shirt and ran a hand up her bare back, caressing the shoulder-blade in a way that made her squirm with pleasure and had her nipples hardening. She had to decide now to stop him, or to let him go much further, she knew that.

Lying, even to herself, she broke the kiss and said, "I don't want to. We shouldn't Simon. Please stop."

By way of reply Simon started to unbutton her blouse and, encountering no resistance, slipped it off her shoulders, revealing a white lace brassi're embroidered with tiny pink flowers. As he kissed her again he unclipped it at the back and one hand was soon luxuriating on her ample breast, rolling the nipple until it grew even bigger and harder.

"No," she said, "No. There's work to do."

She pushed him away and started to do the photocopying, still bare to the waist. Picking up her brassi're and blouse, Simon walked back towards his office.

As he went into it he said over his shoulder, "Please bring the copies in here when they are done, Sarah."

Sitting in his office he could see her working; the light from the photocopier made crazy patterns on her tits, which looked perfect from here. He set the video-recorder going in one corner of his office. It was there primarily for burglar protection so it was both silent and near invisible, but he had had a good one fitted so that he could record important meetings.

Some minutes later Sarah came into his office, a little nervously, and put the copies on his desk. She stood looking at him, then she moved round the desk.

"I must go in a few minutes," she warned, "But..."

He looked at her.

"Nothing below the waist," she whispered, and sat on his knee.

They kissed for a while and he fondled her breasts. Then as he sucked on one roused brown nipple his hand wandered below her skirt and up on to the upper thigh.

"No," she murmured, but made no effort to stop it.

Simon slipped the knickers down off the bulge of her belly and stroked the thatch he found there. Her legs started to open automatically, but she snapped them shut again. He transferred his mouth to the other nipple and sucked hard, almost biting. Her legs opened wide and he cupped her whole cunt in his hand. His middle finger slid smoothly into her very damp slit and he moved it over the cunt portal and up to her clitoris, which was erect and very wet. She moaned with pleasure and then recovered herself. She pushed his hands away and stood up. Quickly she grabbed her brassi're and bent over the desk to put it on.

"That's a lovely view," said Simon, "You really are a very attractive woman. I can't believe you aren't having to fight men off all the time."

"Not even my hu..." she broke off.

After putting on her blouse she said, "Good night, Simon. I'll see you on Monday, and please forget all about... this. We shouldn't have done it and it must never happen again."

'Got you,' thought Simon and he wisely let her go without so much as trying for another kiss.

Chapter Three Overrule

Monday evening at going home time, Sarah slipped into Simon's office and said, "About Friday. It can't happen again. If you try again I'll tell Herb, my husband."

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