Bright Leather and Glossy Lips

by Midsummer

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Consensual, NonConsensual, Lesbian, Heterosexual, FemaleDom, Gang Bang, Group Sex, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, .

Desc: Sex Story: An artistic young woman relives a wild party as she tells her story to a horny bartender.

Sarah sat upon her bed wearing a half mask over the left side of her face--white and grotesque with a satanic red eye and sharp teeth--a long blonde wig, a sparkling green skirt with blouse, knee-high black leather boots with high heels, elbow-long white gloves and bright red lipstick. She layed upon the bright red leather sofa seat with her legs spread wide, revealing the nudity between her thighs. She chewed purple bubble gum and reaked of perfume. She looked gorgeous!

I layed upon the black leather sofa, dressed only in tight black simulation leather pants, drinking a bottle of scotch on the fine early morning, or what scotch was left. I admired myself in the mirror, my hair long and messy, light brown hair, my eyes blue like Sarah's, my face and body attractive enough to be a successful gay. Any woman I WANT, I thought to myself. An exaggeration? I didn't care, lost in liquer and drifting memories of lust, new passions growing upon me, awakening my flesh and heart with a refreshing sensualism. "You know," I said. "There's a problem here. I've got a mansion and ten million from my dead Pop... and I haven't the goggiest to know what to do with it!" I laughed for a long time before realizing Sarah wasn't into it. "What's up, Babe, didn't you enjoy our inheritance party? YO SARAH!" I said, throughing a beer can at her.

"Fine," said Sarah, turning to see her pretty self in the mirror. She was stunning. I admired her beauty as much as she did, but she seemed less pleased with our current agreement to see other people. NO GUILT SEX, we called it. We even screwed eachothers best friends the night before! A wild night it was, wild and crazy! Sarah had the time of her life, although now looking rather confused. Crazy bitch, GOD I loved her!

I was cleaning the bar counter one Sunday morning. It was 6:07AM and I had only two customers, chatting in a dark corner. A young woman came in with long blonde hair, sparkling green clothes with a yellow jacket and a red purse. She wore tall black boots, long white gloves and a schizophrenic nightmare of a mask, covering the left side of her face. She wore a large cowgirl hat and expensive deep red shades. She sat upon a bar stool, facing my way but not at me. Her lips were bright red. "Can I help yah, miss?" I said, exaggerating my Italian accent in the off chance she had a thing for aging, fat, bald men.

"Ah, yeah," she said, turning to me at last. "I'll have a martini, shaken, on the rocks."

"You got it," I said. When I gave her the drink she thanked me, putting in a fancy pink bendy straw from her purse and sipping it. Odd chick, but one hell of a looker. "If you don't mind me saying so, miss, that's one unusual outfit you got there."

"Oh, thanks," she said. "It runs in the family. My whole family's crazy. Plus we had a killer party last night. I wanted to try something different. What a wild night that was. My boyfriend, the ASS, staged a wild ride. He invited strippers, hookers, body painters, art scene scumbags and even fucking HELL'S ANGLES, jesus! He didn't say a thing about what all he had planned, it just happened."

"Really?" I said, pooring a glass of orange juice for myself. This might be an interesting story, I thought. "So what happened exactly?"

The artsy lady took out a long, thin cigar and began smoking it. By the smell I figured it was marijuana, but I didn't say anything. She removed her shades, revealing beautiful blues eyes like marble, her eyeshadow being a bright green with sparkling bits of silver. Pretty impressive. Her eyes looked upon me, intense and stunning--a dealy combination. I gave a hard swallow, leaned forward, and got an ear full:

"It all began two days ago," she explained. "My boyfriend Tom wanted to throw a housewarming party for his father's mansion, which was his now. They never got along, you see. His father died of cancer, same as his mother. They were somewhat... old when thet had Tom. Anyway, we were both happy and all about our new wealth and mansion. Tom organized the party as I spent the day with my girlfriends, Tina and Clara. Both hot girls, YOU'D like them. Tom and I agreed to see other people, HIS idea. I love the Prick, and didn't want to lose him so I was like, okay. You know? Tina and I were fucking eachother while Clara got ready for the party, on the afternoon of the party, of course. Clara didn't swing that way, and so with an embarrassing look, she pretened not to care that we were having sex. But I caught her looking at us from the mirror."

"Wait, wait," I said. "How were you fucking her?"

"Oh," she said, trying to remember through her fuzzied mind. "I was on top. I wore a red leather outfit with a skirt, and that was all. I had her skirt up and her panties off as she sat in Clara's Parents' sofa seat. I had my legs into her's and we rubbed our pussies together, as lesbians do, keeping our slits opned and pressed together in this sexual, lush poise for a long time. It was gentle but VERY sensual, the kind of sensual only WOMAN can express. Tina reached over and placed Clara's straw hat on my head, this one, and we laughed. During this the phone rang. "I'll get it,' I said, picking up while I continued to fuck Tina. "Hello?' I said.

""Yeah,' came the not so sober voice of boyfriend. "The party's on at five. Be here by four-thirty, 'kay, bitch?' "Sure, Prick. Love yeah," I said and hung up. I invited them to come, and they agreed--"

"How old are they?" I asked.

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