Emily's Dream

by Charm Brights

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Ma/Ma, Mult, NonConsensual, Reluctant, Coercion, Blackmail, Lesbian, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Incest, Brother, Sister, MaleDom, Group Sex, Orgy, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, School, .

Desc: Incest Sex Story: A young girl goes to New York to escape her father's attentions and gets herself deeper and deeper into the victim's position. First the Prof, then the Principal, then her girlfriend, then her brother, then her boyfriend contribute to her education. Never mind, in the end it all comes right.

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It was only after her brother went away to college, two weeks after Emily's eighteenth birthday, that the difficulties started. Her father started to treat her as though she were a young child again, imposing a ten o'clock curfew and forever asking where she was going. The trouble really began when Gary's old car would not start and she had to get the bus home from the drive-in. When she arrived home her father furiously demanded to know where she had been and with whom.

"Pa, I am eighteen years old and I can come and go as I please. Anyway, Gary's car broke down and I had to wait ages for a bus," Emily hurled back at him.

"I don't want to hear excuses and lies," he shouted, "You may be 18, but you still live here and you must obey my rules."

Grabbing her arm he hustled her upstairs and into her bedroom where he threw her down, half on and half off the bed. Emily scarcely knew what was happening as he hauled up her skirt and started to spank her as though she were still a child. She remembered some of the smacks her mother had given her years ago and these hurt just as much. The most embarrassing thing was that she started to cry, as she had those years ago and felt just as helpless.

Then she realised that her father had pulled her knickers down round her ankles and was laying into her bare behind. He hadn't seen her nude since she started to grow body hair and she struggled to pull her skirt down to cover her naked behind, but he continued to spank her until she was reduced to a sobbing heap on the edge of the bed.

Then his hand was smoothing and calming her burning arsecheeks as though to calm her down and he was murmuring something she couldn't hear. She started to struggle again, but he held her down easily and slid his hand into the crack between her thighs and stroked her pussy a little.

She could make out his words now as he said, "Oh so lovely, so like your ma. She liked to be stroked this way."

The movement of his hand was rousing her just as her own hand did and she felt her legs part as though of their own accord. Emily was beginning to pant now and she knew that her pleasure was only seconds away; she shouldn't be letting her pa touch her up like that but, oh, it was so nice.

His hand lifted from her just before she came and she moaned in frustration, moving her own hand to her clitoris to finish herself off. Then the still tender globes of her arse were pulled apart by two hands and there was a blinding pain as something was rudely pushed into her narrow anus. He father's hand reached round to lift her higher so that he could push further into her bowels and his hand held her cunt so that she came immediately. She couldn't tell whether the pain had caused or helped her climax but it was a shattering one such as none she had ever given herself.

"Oh, baby," murmured her father, "Your ma never let me do that, and you remind me so much of her."

She fainted a little and by the time she had recovered her senses he had gone to his own room. Emily lay and thought about how lonely her pa must have been since ma left them and felt a little sorry for him. Then she rolled over to get up and the spanked cheeks protested mightily and her pity was more for herself than for him. She resolved never to be late again, just in case.

For a few weeks she kept to this, and although her father did seem to touch her a little more often, she took good care not to annoy him, or arouse him.

The inevitable happened, this time because a train was late and she missed her connection and didn't get home until after midnight. Pa was waiting with a strange look on his face and Emily just knew what would happen.

"Upstairs and get your knickers off. You're for another spanking my girl, and as many more as it takes for you to learn who's the boss round here," he said.

Only moments later she was being spanked again, but only a few strokes, enough to hurt but not too much. Then the stroking started again Emily opened her legs to let him feel her cunt, which she enjoyed. His entry into her arse was much easier this time and he played with her until she came, even enjoying the odd feeling of being filled by his prick. As she came, he slid his thumb deep into her cunt and that added to her pleasure, though it made her bleed a little. After she came, she realised that he was still hard and had not come himself.

"Oh you're so like your ma," said her father, "You even make the same noises as her when you come. Please can we do this more often? You could sleep in my bed and keep me company?"

"No, Pa," she whispered, "Please, no, it's not right."

His thumb was slowly withdrawn from her love-nest and he spread her lips a little as he ran it up and down the crack. Involuntarily she moaned with the pleasure of it.

"Your ma liked that too," he said as his cock slipped from her arse and slid down the crack towards her cunt. Just in time she panicked and bucked high in the air, turned and stopped him taking her virginity there and then.

"Pa you're sick," she screamed hysterically, "I'm not ma and you can't fuck me. I'll tell the cops if you even try to do this again."

He broke down and cried and said he was sorry and that it would never happen again, but she didn't believe him. After she had pushed him out on the landing, she locked her bedroom door and didn't open it again until she saw him drive away to work the next morning.

Collecting a few clothes together and all the money she could find in the house, she caught the first Greyhound out of town, which happened to be going to New York.

After three days in a seedy little hotel she had a stroke of luck when she saw a want ad which said that a company needed help urgently in the office. Telephoning from just across the street, she was told that an immediate start was possible if she was available, so in she went to meet Ms.Bush for an interview.

Anne Bush was quite frightening, in an odd sort of way. Though only a little taller than Emily, she was very heavily built and was dressed in a tweed jacket and skirt with a man's necktie holding a starched white blouse collar together. When Emily was honest with her and said that she had left home because she did not want to live there alone with her father, Anne seemed very understanding and didn't press for details. It was quickly agreed that Emily could start a probationary four weeks at once and she was introduced to Jessica, who was a short plump girl with long black hair and a tan that she certainly hadn't acquired in the streets of New York.

It turned out the company junior, Karen, had quit that morning and the boss, Anne, said she would not be taken back, "Even if she comes begging."

Jessica was told to explain things to Emily and the girls spent an hour going through the duties Emily would have and the other people she would meet.

"You have to watch out for Anne, though," warned Jessica, "She can be a bit - a bit - well look out for her."

Emily didn't in the least understand what Jessica meant, but didn't like to ask.

"Why did Karen quit?" asked Emily.

"Oh, that was Anne," came the mysterious reply, "I said you would have to watch out for her."

When it came to a question of finding somewhere to live, it turned out that Jessica was also looking, and the two of them could easily afford a small apartment to share. Within the week they had moved in and were going through the difficult few days of adjusting to sharing with a stranger.

Emily really liked Jessica and didn't always understand her own feeling of jealousy when Jessica talked to other friends on the telephone, or went off to visit some old friend. When Jessica came back from one such outing rather late in the evening, Emily was sitting waiting for her and leapt to her feet as Jessica walked in.

Hugging Jessica to her, Emily said, "I was so worried about you. I thought you had got lost or been attacked or something."

Gently disengaging from Emily's clutching, Jessica said, "You don't need to worry, you know. I do live here, and I will always come home to you."

In a small apartment, people are often closer than they might usually be and it was not really surprising that one morning, Emily rose a little late and headed for the bathroom just as Jessica was coming out covered only by a small towel. Jessica made no attempt to hide her breasts and Emily felt an odd twinge of desire as she saw her friend nearly naked. Rushing in to the bathroom, Emily sat down on the seat shaking and wondering why the sight of another girl could be so exciting.

At work, Anne, the boss, called Emily into her office after the probationary four weeks and said, "You seem to be getting on well here, Emily. Would you like to stay permanently?"

"Oh, yes please; it's great here," answered Emily enthusiastically.

"Well you may or may not know, but this company offers its staff part-time college training at the company's expense," Anne continued, "The only condition is that you must get a minimum of "B" grades on the course. To make that ruling enforceable, we would have to fire you if you fail."

"Can I think about that?" asked Emily after a moment.

"Of course, but let me know in the next few days please," Anne replied kindly.

Coming round her desk she put a friendly arm over Emily's shoulder and said, "I always like to think I am more of a friend to my staff than a boss."

As they parted, Emily was sure it was an accident that Anne's hand trailed over Emily's breast.

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