Emily's Dream

by Charm Brights

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Ma/Ma, Mult, NonConsensual, Reluctant, Coercion, Blackmail, Lesbian, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Incest, Brother, Sister, MaleDom, Group Sex, Orgy, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, School, .

Desc: Incest Sex Story: A young girl goes to New York to escape her father's attentions and gets herself deeper and deeper into the victim's position. First the Prof, then the Principal, then her girlfriend, then her brother, then her boyfriend contribute to her education. Never mind, in the end it all comes right.

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The author has asserted the moral rights under sections 77 and 78 of the Copyright Designs and Patents Act 1988.

It was only after her brother went away to college, two weeks after Emily's eighteenth birthday, that the difficulties started. Her father started to treat her as though she were a young child again, imposing a ten o'clock curfew and forever asking where she was going. The trouble really began when Gary's old car would not start and she had to get the bus home from the drive-in. When she arrived home her father furiously demanded to know where she had been and with whom.

"Pa, I am eighteen years old and I can come and go as I please. Anyway, Gary's car broke down and I had to wait ages for a bus," Emily hurled back at him.

"I don't want to hear excuses and lies," he shouted, "You may be 18, but you still live here and you must obey my rules."

Grabbing her arm he hustled her upstairs and into her bedroom where he threw her down, half on and half off the bed. Emily scarcely knew what was happening as he hauled up her skirt and started to spank her as though she were still a child. She remembered some of the smacks her mother had given her years ago and these hurt just as much. The most embarrassing thing was that she started to cry, as she had those years ago and felt just as helpless.

Then she realised that her father had pulled her knickers down round her ankles and was laying into her bare behind. He hadn't seen her nude since she started to grow body hair and she struggled to pull her skirt down to cover her naked behind, but he continued to spank her until she was reduced to a sobbing heap on the edge of the bed.

Then his hand was smoothing and calming her burning arsecheeks as though to calm her down and he was murmuring something she couldn't hear. She started to struggle again, but he held her down easily and slid his hand into the crack between her thighs and stroked her pussy a little.

She could make out his words now as he said, "Oh so lovely, so like your ma. She liked to be stroked this way."

The movement of his hand was rousing her just as her own hand did and she felt her legs part as though of their own accord. Emily was beginning to pant now and she knew that her pleasure was only seconds away; she shouldn't be letting her pa touch her up like that but, oh, it was so nice.

His hand lifted from her just before she came and she moaned in frustration, moving her own hand to her clitoris to finish herself off. Then the still tender globes of her arse were pulled apart by two hands and there was a blinding pain as something was rudely pushed into her narrow anus. He father's hand reached round to lift her higher so that he could push further into her bowels and his hand held her cunt so that she came immediately. She couldn't tell whether the pain had caused or helped her climax but it was a shattering one such as none she had ever given herself.

"Oh, baby," murmured her father, "Your ma never let me do that, and you remind me so much of her."

She fainted a little and by the time she had recovered her senses he had gone to his own room. Emily lay and thought about how lonely her pa must have been since ma left them and felt a little sorry for him. Then she rolled over to get up and the spanked cheeks protested mightily and her pity was more for herself than for him. She resolved never to be late again, just in case.

For a few weeks she kept to this, and although her father did seem to touch her a little more often, she took good care not to annoy him, or arouse him.

The inevitable happened, this time because a train was late and she missed her connection and didn't get home until after midnight. Pa was waiting with a strange look on his face and Emily just knew what would happen.

"Upstairs and get your knickers off. You're for another spanking my girl, and as many more as it takes for you to learn who's the boss round here," he said.

Only moments later she was being spanked again, but only a few strokes, enough to hurt but not too much. Then the stroking started again Emily opened her legs to let him feel her cunt, which she enjoyed. His entry into her arse was much easier this time and he played with her until she came, even enjoying the odd feeling of being filled by his prick. As she came, he slid his thumb deep into her cunt and that added to her pleasure, though it made her bleed a little. After she came, she realised that he was still hard and had not come himself.

"Oh you're so like your ma," said her father, "You even make the same noises as her when you come. Please can we do this more often? You could sleep in my bed and keep me company?"

"No, Pa," she whispered, "Please, no, it's not right."

His thumb was slowly withdrawn from her love-nest and he spread her lips a little as he ran it up and down the crack. Involuntarily she moaned with the pleasure of it.

"Your ma liked that too," he said as his cock slipped from her arse and slid down the crack towards her cunt. Just in time she panicked and bucked high in the air, turned and stopped him taking her virginity there and then.

"Pa you're sick," she screamed hysterically, "I'm not ma and you can't fuck me. I'll tell the cops if you even try to do this again."

He broke down and cried and said he was sorry and that it would never happen again, but she didn't believe him. After she had pushed him out on the landing, she locked her bedroom door and didn't open it again until she saw him drive away to work the next morning.

Collecting a few clothes together and all the money she could find in the house, she caught the first Greyhound out of town, which happened to be going to New York.

After three days in a seedy little hotel she had a stroke of luck when she saw a want ad which said that a company needed help urgently in the office. Telephoning from just across the street, she was told that an immediate start was possible if she was available, so in she went to meet Ms.Bush for an interview.

Anne Bush was quite frightening, in an odd sort of way. Though only a little taller than Emily, she was very heavily built and was dressed in a tweed jacket and skirt with a man's necktie holding a starched white blouse collar together. When Emily was honest with her and said that she had left home because she did not want to live there alone with her father, Anne seemed very understanding and didn't press for details. It was quickly agreed that Emily could start a probationary four weeks at once and she was introduced to Jessica, who was a short plump girl with long black hair and a tan that she certainly hadn't acquired in the streets of New York.

It turned out the company junior, Karen, had quit that morning and the boss, Anne, said she would not be taken back, "Even if she comes begging."

Jessica was told to explain things to Emily and the girls spent an hour going through the duties Emily would have and the other people she would meet.

"You have to watch out for Anne, though," warned Jessica, "She can be a bit - a bit - well look out for her."

Emily didn't in the least understand what Jessica meant, but didn't like to ask.

"Why did Karen quit?" asked Emily.

"Oh, that was Anne," came the mysterious reply, "I said you would have to watch out for her."

When it came to a question of finding somewhere to live, it turned out that Jessica was also looking, and the two of them could easily afford a small apartment to share. Within the week they had moved in and were going through the difficult few days of adjusting to sharing with a stranger.

Emily really liked Jessica and didn't always understand her own feeling of jealousy when Jessica talked to other friends on the telephone, or went off to visit some old friend. When Jessica came back from one such outing rather late in the evening, Emily was sitting waiting for her and leapt to her feet as Jessica walked in.

Hugging Jessica to her, Emily said, "I was so worried about you. I thought you had got lost or been attacked or something."

Gently disengaging from Emily's clutching, Jessica said, "You don't need to worry, you know. I do live here, and I will always come home to you."

In a small apartment, people are often closer than they might usually be and it was not really surprising that one morning, Emily rose a little late and headed for the bathroom just as Jessica was coming out covered only by a small towel. Jessica made no attempt to hide her breasts and Emily felt an odd twinge of desire as she saw her friend nearly naked. Rushing in to the bathroom, Emily sat down on the seat shaking and wondering why the sight of another girl could be so exciting.

At work, Anne, the boss, called Emily into her office after the probationary four weeks and said, "You seem to be getting on well here, Emily. Would you like to stay permanently?"

"Oh, yes please; it's great here," answered Emily enthusiastically.

"Well you may or may not know, but this company offers its staff part-time college training at the company's expense," Anne continued, "The only condition is that you must get a minimum of "B" grades on the course. To make that ruling enforceable, we would have to fire you if you fail."

"Can I think about that?" asked Emily after a moment.

"Of course, but let me know in the next few days please," Anne replied kindly.

Coming round her desk she put a friendly arm over Emily's shoulder and said, "I always like to think I am more of a friend to my staff than a boss."

As they parted, Emily was sure it was an accident that Anne's hand trailed over Emily's breast.

Emily discussed Anne's offer with Jessica and her advice was to accept, but again she warned Emily to, "Watch out for Anne."

It was one of those silly things, the way you often meet people. Emily was rushing to class at college and turned a corner just as Joshua turned the same corner rushing in the opposite direction. Of course, they ended up in a tangle on the floor. Of course, Joshua offered her a coffee to make up for it, after class.

Emily felt she could really talk to Joshua and he, in his turn, felt his feelings for her constricted by his tight jeans.

As they were leaving the coffee shop, Joshua tentatively suggested a date at the movies and Emily temporised by saying, "Coffee, same place same time next week."

Thinking about it afterwards, she was sure she wanted to go on a date with him, but was very scared of how she felt about him. She was still a virgin and intended to stay that way, but Joshua had seemed so sympathetic that she was afraid she might let him talk her out of her knickers

They went to a drive-in movie and it was nice cuddling. Joshua thought afterwards that she probably had the nicest breasts he had ever stroked, but he couldn't be sure until she let his hand inside her sweater. The kissing was good though.

After a few dates, Emily had relaxed enough to let Joshua play with her nipples and even, once, kiss them. The excited messages that ran between the nipple Joshua was nibbling and the rest of her body was almost too much for her and she resolved not to let him do that again.

After some weeks Joshua started asking her out less and made it amply clear to Emily that he wanted more than just kissing and stroking her tits. Emily, for her part, was torn between her resolve to stay a virgin, her fear of the arousal men seemed to invoke whenever they touched her, and her body's keenness on more touching, especially from Joshua.

The class with Joe Blair, on computer systems for office workers, was the most difficult for her. Her grades fell steadily as it was obvious to him and to Emily that this was not a subject which suited her.

Anne was not at all understanding about it. She made it quite clear to Emily that she had meant what she said when the company offer to sponsor a course was agreed. Emily had to get her overall average up to B or she would be fired.

The next time Emily had a class with Joe she waited at the end until all the others had gone and then approached him, a little frightened of what his reaction might be.

"Mr. Blair," she started, "Mr. Blair, I know I'm not very good at this, but is there any way I could get better grades? I mean, extra classes or anything? My boss will sack me if I can't get an average B over all the classes, and here I'm only getting D on your course."

Joe looked at her for a moment, then a nasty sickly smile appeared on his face.

"Well you could call me Joe for a start, that's more friendly," he said, "As for extra classes, I'd like that. Just you and I, so we could concentrate on each other better you mean?"

"Oh, that would be kind of you," answered Emily, "but what would that cost?"

"My dear girl, whatever we did together would not involve money. I would suggest what I want and you would do it. Then your grade would depend on how good it was."

"Oh, you didn't mean extra computing classes?" asked a puzzled Emily, "What sort of things?"

"Well you could start by kissing me now, then we'll have a look at your tits, then you can suck my cock. If you want an A+ I'd want absolutely everything and you don't strike me as the type," came a reply which frightened Emily thoroughly.

She stared at Joe, seeing him clearly for the first time. This nondescript little man whom nobody would remember or notice in a crowd wanted her to kiss him and undress and suck his what?

She opened her mouth, but all that came out was, "I - I - I -"

Moving to where she stood, Joe pulled her head to his and gently kissed her lips. As the kiss lengthened his lips parted slightly and his tongue brushed along her lips. Reluctantly she let them open a little and his tongue thrust its way into her mouth scouring her teeth in a most unpleasant way. The garlic sausage he had eaten for lunch didn't make the experience any more pleasant.

"There, that wasn't so bad, was it?" he asked rhetorically, "That's only a C though. You are supposed to kiss me back. Shall we try that again?"

Suiting his actions to his words, he kissed her again and she did her best to respond. It wasn't that she didn't know what to do, she had been playing kissing games and dating for ages; the problem was she didn't actually like him and she had never kissed anyone she didn't like before.

She broke off the kiss as his hand cupped one of her breasts and began to bounce it gently up and down in a most disturbing way. Occasionally she had let a boy feel her breasts, but it always got her hot and bothered and she didn't know what might happen if she let it go on for a longer time.

"That's better," Joe encouraged, "shall we move on to the more interesting parts?"

He locked the classroom door, which Emily thought pointless because the walls were mostly glass and anyone passing could look in. Then he drew her in to the small preparation room off the classroom, which had only one window, and that obscured by a large comms rack.

Unbuttoning the front of her blouse, Joe remarked, "That's better. Now we can't be seen and nobody can come in. Let's see these beautiful little tits of yours."

Unresisting, Emily let him lift the front of her bra to her neck and felt the cool air on her exposed breasts make the nipples harden. When Joe sucked on one of her nipples, Emily felt her knees start to give way as intensely pleasant waves of sensation flooded from the nipple through her entire body.

Fortunately for Emily's virginity, Joe didn't realise quite how much having her nipples sucked for the first time was affecting Emily. If he had moved to the other one for a few moments he could have had her there on the floor for the asking. He assumed she just wanted to get the session over, like the other girls he had sold better grades in return for blow jobs.

"Okay, okay," he said irritably, "I know."

He pushed her down to a kneeling position and opened the zip on his jeans. A small hard sausage shaped object came out of his underpants and he pushed it at Emily's face. Emily had never seen a man's penis before and didn't know how she was supposed to start sucking it. Tentatively she touched the end of it with her tongue and was rewarded with a tiny drop of slightly bitter salty liquid. Deciding that it didn't taste too awful she opened her mouth and took the whole thing in.

Joe grabbed her head and started to fuck her mouth vigorously, but within a very few seconds she was choking on some stickier thicker version of the same salty liquid. The cock in her mouth immediately grew much smaller.

"Swallow it, you bitch," snarled Joe, "If you spit it out you get an E."

Emily dutifully swallowed, thinking that if that's all it took then decent grades were easier in this subject than in computing. Seconds later, as they put their clothing to rights, Joe seemed keen to hustle her out and was obviously in no mood to talk.

Next day she was pleased to see on the board that she had an A for computing.

The following week the routine was even quicker. At the end of the class it was into the preparation room, on her knees, open mouth, swallow, up, and out in less than two minutes.

As she looked at her A the following day she felt happy until she overheard one of the other girls say, "I hear Blair's got himself and other tart who'll come across for better grades."

Then it hit her, she was whoring just as surely as if she was on the street corner charging a few pennies for the same favours.

Back at the apartment Emily was sitting thinking about what she had done and sobbing quietly when Jessica came in that evening.

"Oh, Emily, what's the matter honey?" she asked, sitting beside her and putting one arm round her shoulders.

"It - it's - he - oh," Emily was incoherent and just lay her head on Jessica's shoulder and let the tears come in floods.

Jessica sat for a while, holding her friend close for comfort and stroking her back gently.

"Now calm down and tell Jessica all about it," she urged.

Emily looked up at her and asked, "Am I really a bad person, Jessica? Do you think I am?"

Jessica leant forward and kissed Emily on the end of her nose, "Of course not, but even good people make mistakes. Now, tell me about it."

Then, to Emily's surprise, Jessica kissed her again, on the lips this time.

"Well, I've been getting bad grades from one of my Profs and I asked him how I could improve them and he said - he said - oh," Emily broke down again.

"He said, let me have some sex and you'll get 'A'," Jessica finished it off for her, "You poor baby, and you let him, because Anne will fire you if you don't."

Emily nodded and found herself being kissed again.

"What did he do?" asked Jessica, settling Emily comfortably in her arms with one hand just resting lightly on the side of Emily's breast.

"He made me suck him," Emily sobbed.

"Did you hate it, or was it sort of cute?" her friend probed.

"I didn't like it at first, but now I don't mind. It tastes sort of salty but it doesn't take long. It's just that the other girls are talking about me," admitted Emily.

"Oh, you poor thing," Jessica sympathised and drew Emily closer still.

The cuddling was very comforting, thought Emily, and kissing Jessica wasn't like kissing a man, even if her hands were wandering a little. Curious herself what it would feel like, Emily placed a tentative hand on Jessica's breast and enjoyed the shape of it and her friend moving gently under her hand.

They broke apart, a little breathless at what had happened, neither of them sure enough to continue, Emily afraid to go into the unknown and Jessica afraid of frightening Emily off.

Unbeknownst to both Emily and Joe, the girl who had previously been servicing Joe was more than a little upset that she had been discarded. She complained to the Principal, Mr. Eriksen, and told him exactly what had happened and what was happening now. Looking at the back grade sheets, it was clear that she was telling the truth and Mr. Eriksen was not about to allow that sort of thing in his college, at least not if he wasn't getting any.

As Emily was on her knees sucking Joe the next week, there was a sudden rush of air into the room as the door was pulled open violently. She turned and saw a distinguished looking man of about sixty with white hair, and spectacles looking very angry. She had no idea who he was until Joe stammered, "M-Mr. Eriksen."

"Dress, both of you and be in my office in two minutes," ordered the Principal.

They stood side by side in front of the desk like two school children caught misbehaving while the Principal looked them up and down.

"I suppose you realise that what you were doing was totally unacceptable?" he asked, "And that both of you will have to leave immediately?"

They both looked very sheepish and nodded. Emily began to cry quietly.

"Oh, go and wait outside Emily," snapped the Principal, "I'll deal with you when you've stopped snivelling."

Emily went out into the Principal's secretary's office and sat miserably on a chair there.

'That's the end of my job and I've no money saved. I'll have to go back to Pa and he'll make me sleep with him,' she thought, 'unless I can find another job quickly. All the men only seem to want sex, Pa, Joe, Joshua, everybody. Why can't they let me choose who I want to have? I like the things I've tried so far but I want to choose to whom I give head, or my arse, or anything.'

Joe Blair came out of the Principal's office and went through the outer office without so much as a glance at Emily. Then she heard the Mr. Eriksen's voice call, "Come!"

With much trepidation, Emily went back into the study. Mr. Eriksen was standing beside the desk and looked her up and down as though he was thinking of buying a horse.

"You have a choice, Emily," he said quietly, "you and Mr. Blair can both leave tonight, or you can accept my personal punishment and both of you can stay."

"What would the punishment be?" asked Emily, though she guessed it would be a spanking and more, just like Pa wanted.

"If I let you stay you will stop seeing Mr. Blair out of classes," he replied, "you will see me once a week here and I will have you for an hour for anything I choose. If you don't accept that you can leave now. If you do accept then take off all your clothes."

Emily thought for a moment and then asked, "Does Joe know about this?"

"No, he doesn't," admitted the Principal, "He thinks he is on a final warning and that you are to be put on something similar."

"Two conditions," said Emily, hoping wildly that there was actually a way of keeping her job, "I am a virgin and you don't change that, and I need B grades from now on."

Mr. Eriksen looked at Emily with a new respect, then asked, "Can I fuck your arse?"

The harsh language shook her but she put on a brave face and whispered, "I suppose so."

"It's a deal," said Mr. Eriksen with a note of triumph in his voice, "Shall we begin?"

Emily slowly took off her blouse and bra, exposing her small breasts and again feeling the nipples harden at the thought of being touched. As she unhooked her skirt Mr. Eriksen reached out and cupped first one and then the other breast.

"They're small, too small for my tastes," was his insensitive comment and Emily almost ran from the room in humiliation but forced herself to continue to strip.

When she was naked Mr. Eriksen led her over to the desk and laid her face down on it with her legs hanging over the end.

"Open wide," he said and her legs moved apart almost of their own volition.

Emily was already close to coming in anticipation of the arse fuck she now rather wanted. A hand ran roughly over her buttocks and into the crack between them. Then something cold landed on the rosebud of her arse and she was grateful that he was putting Vaseline on to lubricate her. A finger pushed some Vaseline inside her arsehole and the rosebud eased a little to let it in. Two fingers followed and then three.

"You've done this before, haven't you?" asked Mr. Eriksen.

Emily nodded and murmured, "Yes, but only twice."

"With one of the boys here, or with Joe?" he probed.

"No," Emily shook her head, "Not with anyone in New York."

"Good, now here I come."

His entry was a surprise to Emily only because his prick was evidently much smaller than Pa's and didn't hurt at all. Like Pa, he reached round and fiddled with her clit until she came, but his prick seemed to be getting smaller and softer than before.

Moving away from her, Mr. Eriksen sat down in his chair, looking faintly ridiculous with his trousers round his ankles.

"Now you can make me come with that expert mouth of yours. I haven't had a grade A blow job for some years."

The intended pun was lost on Emily, who dragged herself across to him and fell on her knees. It seemed like hours of sucking and licking and stroking before Mr. Eriksen's tiny prick pulsed gently and a small amount of fluid was released into her mouth.

"Thank you, my dear," said Mr. Eriksen as though she had given him no more than a cup of tea, "Same time next week please and your grades will be attended to. As to your virginity, I don't think I could get it hard enough to take that, as you may have noticed. If you could fatten those tits up a little, I might enjoy playing with them."

Jessica again found an utterly dejected Emily sitting in the apartment when she came home, and she quickly elicited the whole story.

Taking a deep breath and deciding to risk all, Jessica said, "What you need is a nice safe sex session with lots of orgasms. Let me take you to places where all is pleasure."

"What do you mean?" asked Emily, excitement rising as she guessed what was coming.

By way of reply, Jessica drew Emily into the bedroom and gently undressed her and somehow managing to lose her own clothes in the process. Moving very slowly, Jessica first kissed Emily, then aroused her breasts and only then spread her legs and worked in truly expert fashion on the sensitive coral pink lips below.

Emily felt safe with another woman who, she knew, would not try to hold her down and push a big angry 'thing' into her. Her body reacted to the ministrations with exquisite pleasure and she didn't quite know where one orgasm ended and the next one started.

After she had recovered her senses, Emily asked, "You've done this before, haven't you?"

"Yes, my love," said Jessica, "I've always preferred other women. It started because they don't get you pregnant, but I quickly discovered that another woman understands your needs and where to touch much better than any boy. This was your first time, wasn't it?"

"Yes," Emily admitted, "but I want to try to give you the same pleasure. Will you teach me, please?"

"Of course, my love."

Then Jessica added, "Has Anne tried anything at work?"

Emily, remembering the 'accidental' touch on her breast said, "No. Not really. She just put her arm round me once."

"And her hand just brushed your tit, I suppose," added Jessica, "That's how she started with me. I accepted her advances and we lived together for a few weeks. Then Karen started at work and I was thrown out. That's why I was looking for an apartment when you arrived."

"But Karen had left?" asked a puzzled Emily.

"Anne wanted Karen and made several passes at her, although Karen told her not to. Then Anne tried to kiss Karen and she walked out. I thought she would hit on you, but it seems Karen's got a lawyer who is asking for compensation for harassment, so Anne's keeping a low profile at the moment."

Emily suddenly blushed deep red. Then she said, very quietly, "Can I taste you, please?"

Jessica looked at her and said, "As often as you like, my love. We can sleep in my bed all night every night if you want."

"Oh. Yes, please!" enthused Emily.

In an attempt to patch things up with him, and as an antidote to the distasteful sessions with the elderly Mr. Eriksen, Emily invited Joshua round to the apartment when she thought Jessica would be there. That way they could all spend an evening together and yet she would be safe.

Emily dressed sensibly in a blouse and wrap-round kilt, as she arranged to cook dinner for all three of them, but at the last minute Jessica removed the knife and fork and place-mat from the table, put them away and announced she was going out. Before Emily could gather her thoughts, Jessica had waltzed out and Joshua was ringing the doorbell.

During dinner, all was well, and Joshua was very complimentary about her cooking.

'So he should be,' thought Emily, 'I did it for Pa for long enough.'

After dinner they settled down on the settee and started kissing and cuddling. As she expected, her blouse was unbuttoned and slipped off, quickly followed by her brassi're. That worried her a little, as Joshua had never been allowed to strip her to the waist before.

Kissing and suckling and nuzzling her breasts, Joshua really felt he was getting on well and Emily's breathing was heavier now. She was feeling very mellowed by the dinner and the glass of wine with it, and the things Joshua was doing to her breasts were very pleasant indeed.

Somehow her kilt became unfastened and Joshua was stroking her bare legs. Emily thought that was nice and made no move to stop him. Dreamily she enjoyed his attentions, - even the gentle pressure on her pussy through her knickers, - even the fingers sliding on to her neatly trimmed pussy hair through the leg of her knickers.

She realised with a sudden awakening what was going on and how far Joshua had managed to get when he murmured, "Lift your hips a little darling, and we'll slip these off."

Leaping up from the settee wearing only her knickers, she screamed "Joshua, how could you. You know I don't do that."

Grabbing her skirt and blouse, she put them on and slammed out of the apartment leaving Joshua looking very forlorn and feeling very frustrated as he eyed her brassi're on the floor beside the settee. He decided to wait until Emily came back and to make one last try to patch things up. In the mean time he might as well finish the bottle of wine.

When the door opened he leapt to his feet and started forward to try to talk Emily round, but it was Jessica who came in.

"Where's Emily?" she asked.

"Gone off in a temper," answered Joshua, "because I came on a bit heavy."

"How heavy?" inquired Jessica.

"Oh, I wanted to play with her. She lets me have her tits sometimes, but no more than that. I had her stripped to the waist and her skirt off, and thought I was getting somewhere when she upped and flounced out," Joshua complained.

Jessica reached out and patted his hand, "I don't know why anyone would do that to a nice guy like you."

Then she leaned over and kissed him full on the mouth. Joshua held back for a few seconds, but, 'Hell,' he thought, 'A man doesn't often get an offer like that.'

Still kissing he drew her into her bedroom and kicked the door shut. Feverishly they pulled each other's clothes off and fell on the bed. Jessica's heels were drumming in the middle of his back and Joshua was pumping away inside her in seconds. She came and came, as she knew she would, and he came too, soon after her third. Almost at once they rolled apart and looked at each other sheepishly.

"How did that happen?" asked Joshua.

"Dunno," said Jessica, "but promise you won't tell Emily? Please?"

Joshua had been trying to work out how to make Jessica promise the same thing.

"I won't if you don't," he promised.

"It's a deal, lover," said Jessica, "But I want seconds one day soon."

They were sitting in the tiny kitchenette drinking coffee when Emily came back, still angry with Joshua, and even more angry with herself for letting him go so far.

"Are you still here?" she demanded when she saw him, and then slammed into the bedroom shutting the door behind her.

"You'd better go," said Jessica, "I'll calm her down and call you tomorrow."

After Joshua had left, sneaking a kiss from Jessica in the hallway, Emily came out of the bedroom and collapsed into Jessica's arms crying.

"There, there," she said, "Calm down and tell Auntie Jessica all about it."

"Come to bed now," urged Emily, "I need you making me come now. He got me all worked up."

In the bedroom, the girls were soon sixty-nining and all Emily's anger was forgotten in the surge of ecstasy she felt as Jessica sucked hard on her clitoris with one thumb buried in Emily's cunt and a finger up her arsehole. It was only afterwards that Emily realised that the unusual taste in Jessica's cunt was fresh jism. A thought crossed her mind that perhaps it was Joshua's and she remembered how closely they had been sitting in the kitchenette when she came back.

'No,' she thought, 'It must be some other bloke. Jessica wouldn't do that to me, even though I'm sure Joshua would. But I sure know the taste of jism when I eat it.'

Emily had an unexpected telephone call from her brother, Bart, who asked if they could meet in New York, because he needed to talk to her. Emily readily agreed and said she would cook him a meal if he came to see her late one afternoon, and they agreed on the following Saturday. After she put the telephone down, Emily wondered what had sparked Bart's call; then she decided that because he was in New York on business, he probably just wanted to see her.

Emily became more and more apprehensive as the visit approached. As Bart arrived at abut four o'clock she wondered again why he had suddenly chosen to visit her and was a little worried that Pa might be ill or something.

"Pa's not getting any younger and he's lonely," was Bart's answer to her query, "Couldn't you see your way to going back home to live?"

Emily collapsed on the sofa and cried like a baby. Bart sat beside her and put an arm round her asking, "What's wrong, Em? Tel your brother all about it."

"You don't know why I left?" Emily asked.

"No," said Bart.

She started to babble about what her father had done and tried to do and what he wanted from her and Bart put his arms round her and held her as she cried all the misery of her first anal rape away.

"So, stay here," said Bart, "That's OK. Pa has no right to ask that."

"It's no better here," she sobbed, "I'm sleeping with Jessica, my flatmate, and I had to do blow jobs for my Prof to get grades and we got caught and now I let the Principal have my arse so he doesn't throw me out of college, and Joshua, my boyfriend, wants to fuck me and I think he is fucking Jessica and - and -"

Her voice tailed off as she realised he had a hard-on and was holding her just like any other boy would. It was nice really, because Bart was her brother and wouldn't hurt her or anything.

"Well, why not move in with Joshua and get rid of all the other problems at one go?" asked Bart reasonably enough, while trying to will his hard-on to go away.

"Because I'm a virgin," wailed Emily, "and I want to choose who gets my cherry."

Bart looked at her and suddenly knew he had to have her. He really had to be the cherry picker here.

He kissed her on the lips in a brotherly fashion and said, "Sis, you can do whatever you want. You're lovely and true and honest and nobody should make you do anything you don't want."

She pushed against him slightly as he kissed her again, but he stroked her back gently and then cupped one breast. She pushed him away harder.

"Stop, Bart, you're my brother," she objected.

"So I understand you better than anyone, Sis," he answered, still stroking a breast and noticing that she was unconsciously pushing it into his hand a little.

She liked it all right and if he played his cards carefully, who knew what might happen. Pulling her back close to him he fingered the nipple he could feel through her brassi're and when he kissed her again she opened her mouth and they kissed deeply. Meanwhile his hands were working and when she came up for breath it was to realise that her bra and sweater were round her neck and Bart was doing the most delightful things to her tits. The thrills were darting round her body and into her cunt. If he carried on like this she would soon be coming.

"Aren't they too small?" she asked shyly.

"I love them, Sis. Just a perfect mouthful each."

She sighed and Bart took the hint and started to suckle on one nipple. Evidently that was the right thing to do for his hand met no resistance as it slid under her skirt up her thigh and on to her knickers. Her legs parted and he could feel that her knickers were sopping wet.

'He's my brother,' screamed part of Emily's mind. 'So what?' asked her body.

Finally the pleasure of the suckling and the hand rubbing her knickers was too much for her to control and Emily dropped one hand to Bart's crotch and stroked his prick through the cloth. It took only a few seconds to free his cock and the hand was back on her knickers almost before she noticed it had gone. Emily stroked and rubbed this prick, quite a bit bigger than the Prof's, and it throbbed and twitched in reply. That did it, Bart wanted her and she wanted him. No more play for Emily, she would do it.

"I'll have to take my knickers off if you want to have me," she whispered, "Shall I take them off?"

Bart couldn't believe his ears and took a big chance, "In the bedroom would be nicer."

Emily stood up, looking like a sex-mad man's dream with her bare breasts bouncing a little as she dropped her skirt and walked into the bedroom where she also stepped out of her knickers and turned to face him, stark naked and any man's picture of perfection. For a brother who had wanked many times with her image in his mind, this was IT. Bart lost no time in following her and with one long kiss he lifted her on to the bed. No longer able to slow down or care about her, he spread her knees either side of his and rammed his prick up her cunt. A few quick strokes and she felt her vagina flood with his jism.

"Oh, that is nice," she encouraged him, "Fill me up, it is you I want in me, nobody else."

Soon he was hard again and they fucked more slowly. Emily wondered why it hadn't been painful the first time, but then remembered the blood after Pa had stuck his thumb up her.

When she thought Bart was getting close to coming again, she whispered in his ear, "Would you like to come in my arse this time?"

Bart was incredulous, "Would you let me?"

"Oh, yes. For you I will do anything you want, but I like it that way."

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