Wendy, the Bored Wife

by Greendog

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Cheating, Interracial, Black Male, White Female, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, .

Desc: Sex Story: A young wife is left alone while her husband goes fishing. She learns what black cock taste like, and what an old cock can do.

Wendy and Judy were sitting at a table on a Friday night at a local bar enjoying some Hors d'oeuvre.

It was happy hour at the bar, and hot and cold Hors d'oeuvre were being served. Most of the patrons were from the local businesses that would stop in for a drink before heading home for the weekend. It was Wendy's first time at the bar. She normally would rush home to cook dinner for her husband but this morning he left for a weekend fishing trip and wouldn't be back till late Sunday. When Judy, a co-worker asked her to join her for a drink after work, she agreed. Why not? There wasn't any reason to rush home to an empty apartment.

Wendy just turned twenty three, married for two years to the man she had dated since high school. This was the first time that they were going to be separated for any length of time. Even though she realized that three days was not a long time to be away from her husband.

The two young women were drinking their second drink and talking about things, woman things, dress styles, dating, anything but work. This was the start of the weekend, and neither woman wanted to talk about work. Judy was a very good looking woman, thought Wendy. She would be about my age. Both women had blond hair, but Wendy was a little taller with a fuller bust.

Wendy was a full 36 C-cup, weighed about 115 and usually wore her hair at neck length.

This morning as she dressed for work, she put on a pair of sexy bikini panties and a see through bra. Not the usually under garments that she usually wore to work. She had told her husband that it was ok with her to go fishing with his buddies, but she was really upset. She didn't want to be alone for the weekend. All day while she sat at her desk typing or filing, she thought about why she wore the sexy undergarments and the mini dress. Wendy was sure that she was not dressed correctly for work and had noticed that she was getting many stares from her male co-workers, and the males at the bar.

The girls saw the waitress place a new tray of Hors d'oeuvre on a table for the patrons to help themselves to. They got up from the table to get a plate of the food. Upon returning they found two young men at the table waiting for them.

"Hi, there aren't any other tables available so we're asking to share this table with you two while we eat?" Asked one of the men.

The two men were well dressed in business suits and both were quite good looking. Before Wendy had a chance to say anything, Judy answered that it would be ok but the guys would be responsible for the next round of drinks. The two men agreed to the demand and introduced themselves as Steve and Todd. Steve sat next to Judy, and the two of them jumped right into a conversation leaving Wendy with Todd. Later Wendy found out that Judy had seen Steve at the club before and flirted with him hoping that he would hit on her. Wendy felt a little uneasy because first of all she was married, and second, Todd although quite handsome, was black.

After a few minutes of a discussion, Wendy started to feel more at ease. Todd, she discovered was a nice man. Both he and Steve worked at an insurance company near the same building that she and Judy worked in. The discussion started about the noise in the bar, then the food served at the bar, and finally to modern day music. The men bought the next round, and then Judy decided that it wasn't fair for them to have to buy that round of drinks so she promised that she would buy the next round.

Wendy did not intend to stay as long as she did. One drink, then she was going home, was the original plan. She thought she would stay in the bar for an hour and would be home by seven that night. The next time she looked at her watch it was after nine and another round of drinks was just purchased. She must have had five drinks already and was feeling quite tipsy. Besides the Hors d'oeuvre earlier they hadn't eaten since lunch.

Without objections the men ordered each of them at the table a steak, potatoes and salad, and 'drinks' had turned to dinner. A nice bottle of red wine was ordered with dinner and after the table was cleared another round of drinks. Wendy was bombed. She realized that she had drunk too much and so did Judy. When the band started playing at ten, Todd asked her to dance. It was a fast dance and Wendy thought it would give her a chance to sober up a bit. One dance lead to another and then a dance with Steve, and another round of drinks was waiting at the table when that dance ended.

It had to be near midnight when she was lead to the dance floor by Todd. It was a slow dance.

He took her into his strong arms and held her close. Her chest was pressed against his and she knew he could feel her tits and hard nipples pressing against him. She felt his arms sliding down her waist and resting on the rim of her ass. He pulled her into him and she felt his erection. She didn't try to pull away, but instead she pressed against him. She was dancing with her eyes closed and for a second she imagined she was dancing with her husband. After that dance she was lead to the dance floor again, this time by Steve, while Todd danced with Judy. Steve also pulled her body up against him and she again responded by pressing herself to his body.

When they returned to the table, Judy and Todd were standing waiting for them to finish their dance. Judy said, "We are going to my apartment for desert," and the four of them left the bar.

Wendy was helped into the back seat of a car, by Todd. As the car pull away Steve, lit what looked like a rumpled cigarette. Once the smoke reached the back of the car Wendy knew it was pot. She had tried pot while in high school and recognized the smell. The joint was passed to Judy and then back to Todd then finally to Wendy. Although she was not a smoker, she took the joint and sucked in the smoke.

After a short drive they arrived at Judy's apartment. Beer was distributed to each of them and dancing resumed. Wendy was held tightly by Todd while dancing when she saw Steve leading Judy into a bedroom. The door was quickly closed and they continued their dancing. After a very short time Wendy could hear Judy's moans coming from the bedroom. Todd took her by the hand and lead her into another bedroom.

Wendy, high on both the booze and the pot decided that she would allow Todd's kisses but being a married woman she couldn't allow this to progress any further than just kisses. It was the first time she had ever been held like this by a black man or any man other than her husband. She had no hesitation in kissing Todd for he was handsome, and it felt good to be held by a man.

His kisses left her lips and strayed to her neck as her turned her so that her back was to him. She felt his kisses on her neck and his hands gently cupping and squeezing her breast. She looked down and saw his back hands contrasting with her light pink sweater. His hands slipped under her sweater and released her tits from her bra. The young wife felt his hands quickly find her nipples and roll them in his fingers. Wendy moaned as she tried to speak, to tell him to stop.

Todd again turned her around, this time to face him, pulled her to him, and kissed her. She felt his tongue entering her mouth and she greedily sucked it in. She felt his hand sliding between her skirt and into her panties. His finger pressed at the mouth of her pussy, and then slipped in. It felt so good, she couldn't resist. His finger moved in and out of her cunt and she was about to cum when he withdrew it from her.

He broke the kiss and lifted her sweater off her. Wendy knew she shouldn't allow this man to undress her, but the booze and the pot had softened her resistance. Her skirt followed quickly and she watched Todd remove his shirt and pants. Todd's arms were felt on her shoulders as he pressed downward toward the floor. She fell to her knees and found herself facing Todd's penis that was still enclosed in his underpants.

Todd said. " Take my shorts off and take it out."

Wendy knew that he meant his cock when he said 'it', he wanted her to take his cock out. She was excited, she could hardly wait to see the cock that was tenting his shorts. Reaching out the blond wife removed his shorts, pulling them down his legs till they lay on the floor by his feet. He stepped out of them, then reached out and put both of his hands on the back of her head, pulling her toward his cock.

Wendy knew that very soon she was going to taste her first black cock. She has often kissed her husbands cock and once sucked it for him till shot his cream all over her. Wendy didn't enjoy sucking her husband's cock that time but she was willing to try sucking Todd's black cock.

While holding her head, he rubbed the tip of his cock across her lips until she opened her mouth to accept his shaft. But instead of inserting it into her mouth he pulled back and instructed her to kiss it. Wendy kissed the tip then started at the bottom of the shaft near his balls, kissing and licking. For the next minute or so she kissed and licked every part of his magnificent black cock.

"My balls," he said, "Suck my balls."

Wendy took her hand and cupped his balls in it then lowered her mouth to the sack and kissed it.

She gently sucked his balls into her mouth while she stroked his shaft.

"Enough, suck my cock, you bitch" demanded Todd.

Wendy removed his balls from her mouth and returned to his cock. She placed the head into her mouth and sucked on it. Todd applied pressure to the back of her head until more than just the head of his cock was in her mouth. She felt the hands pushing on her head and his cock slipped further into her mouth than her husbands had ever been. She could feel his cock pressing against the entrance of her throat. She thought he would release her head now. But he didn't. He kept pushing and she felt her throat stretching to accept the intrusion. He pressed and pressed until his entire cock was buried in her throat.

She could hear him moaning "Oh! That's good, suck it, make me cum"

Wendy was having a hard time breathing with this cock deep in her throat and was becoming concerned. Then she felt him withdrawing his cock slowly, until just the head was in her mouth.

He pushed on her head until she felt his cock entering her throat again, only this time there was a lot less resistance. For the second time she felt her nose pressed up against his stomach. He withdrew his cock again only this time as it was being pulled out she closed her lips tightly on the shaft and sucked on it.

"Yes, that's the way to suck cock" Todd said. He pushed his cock back into her for the third time and when he withdrew it she again tightened her lips and sucked. She felt him remove his hands from her head as she, without his help, was pushing his cock back into her throat. He stood there with his arms at his side watching her as she bobbed her head up and down on his black rod.

She continued to suck his cock, taking it in its full length and then sucking it as it retreated, until she heard him say, "Oh shit, here I cum, suck it, suck it!" His arms again went to her head and held her in place as his body jerked and shot his cum deep into her throat. Wave after wave of seaman was injected into her.

She accepted his seamen gladly. She almost reached a climax as he was shooting his load into her. Her pussy was soaked. She could feel the moistness leaking and running down the insides of her thigh. She tried to keep his cock in her mouth but he removed it and instructed her to lick it clean. He told her to remove all of his cum from his cock with her tongue and lips. Wendy licked the shaft clean and started again to suck his balls into her mouth when he stopped her. "No, now it's your turn." He said.

He positioned her on the bed, and while standing next to the bed he bent his body so that he could lick and kiss her chest. Todd fondled her breast with his hands and used his tongue on her nipples, kissing her every inch of her tits. Wendy heard him say, "I want to eat you now. I'm going to enjoy you squirming beneath me as I put my tongue in your pussy." He started kissing her stomach, then working down toward her cunt. He mounted the bed and placed himself between her legs. She spread her legs apart in anticipation of what was to come. She thought about the times she had tried to get her husband to go down on her, but he always refused.

Todd was now kissing the insides of her thigh, working up to her cunt. Just as he approached her golden twat he stopped. She heard him ask "Do you want me to lick your pussy, or do you want me to stop?" She couldn't answer, although more than anything, she wanted this man to continue. She wanted him to eat her. "Tell me," he said "Shall I continue, do you want me to eat you?" He said this as he flicked his tongue lightly across the lips of her cunt.

"Oh yes, please eat me, suck me and eat me, please." Wendy softly cried out as she lifted her ass from the bed, trying to pushing her cunt into his face. She felt his lips and tongue on the lips of her cunt. His tongue forced its way into her vaginal tunnel sending waves of pleasure through her. He licked and sucked and then found her clitoris. His nibbled on her clit until she shouted,

"I'm coming, don't stop, oh, its so good." She came more than once as he kept working his tongue in her. He continued to pleasure her with his tongue and lips until she came again and again.

Finally he raised himself from her crotch, climbing up the bed until he was on top of her. She felt his lips kissing hers and his tongue gently prying her mouth open. Wendy opened her mouth to allow his tongue access and for the first time she tasted her own cum. He had positioned himself so that his cock was at the entrance to her cunt. He put just the tip of his cock into her and returned to kissing her lips.

No other cock but her husbands had ever been into her pussy and now she was about to have another mans cock enter her. In a brief moment she thought about the implications of cheating on her husband and she also realized that there would be a good possibility of getting pregnant from this stranger. The baby would be black and that would be hard to explain to her husband and friends.

"Please put on protection. I don't want to become pregnant." She said.

Todd didn't answer her, he just kept stroking the tip of his cock in and out of her cunt. She felt herself becoming turned on again. Wendy knew that she wanted this cock, no, she had to have this cock all the way in her.

"Please, use protection and fuck me." She said.

"No, I want to eject my sperm deep into your pussy. I want you to want my cock to cum in you."

Was his reply... He continued to slowly stroke just the tip of his cock in and out of her pussy.

Wendy couldn't take it anymore, she reached her arms around to the cheeks of his ass and pulled him into her. At the same time she raised her ass off of the bed matching his strokes and cried out

"Fuck me, Please Fuck me!"

He pushed his whole cock into her and she almost screamed in joy. It was bigger and fatter than her husbands and it reached deeper than his ever could. Almost immediately she started to cum and with each stroke of his magnificent black cock she matched with her body bouncing on the bed. She lost count on how many times she came, and didn't know how long he fucked her.

Then she felt his body stiffen and he rammed his tool deep into her and held it there and injected his cum into her. That's when she experienced the greatest climax of her life. Starting from deep within it spread to every part of her body and lasted longer than any climax ever had before.

When she awoke sometime later, her first thought was how great the evening had been. Then she felt guilt for committing adultery. She swore that this would never happen again and she was glad that Todd was actually a stranger. She wouldn't have any problems avoiding him in the future.

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