Fiona's Video

by JAX

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Blackmail, Drunk/Drugged, Gang Bang, Interracial, Black Male, White Female, Voyeurism, .

Desc: Sex Story: Was it just a drunken party story or had our host really videoed my ex girlfriend in a gangbang?

I was at a party with my current girlfriend when I heard a name across the noisy room. You know how it is, you can hear your name whispered amongst all the noise, this name had the same effect on me; it was the name of an old love of my life, perhaps the only love of my life. I wondered over to the small group to listen to the story. It appeared that our host had been at a party where late in the evening, he had videoed a young lady being gang banged.

As well as her name her description matched that of my ex love, a tall, well-built redhead. At first I just thought it was one of those party stories fuelled by too much wine, but was there a way of finding out.

a, was he telling the truth, and
b, was it the same girl I had known all those years ago.

After his story had finished, I left the small group to think it over. The only way to prove it one way or the other was to view the video, so far so good I thought. Well I was in the guy's house if the video existed he would keep it here, but where, somewhere safe and secure. I started to search the house, trying to look innocent, asking where the loo was, that sort of thing. Looking upstairs I found a small office at the back of the house; I shut the door and set about searching. After a few minutes the only place left I hadn't looked was a locked draw in the desk. Out came my trusty penknife and as carefully as possible I popped it open.

Eureka! Inside was a shelf full of videos luckily for me they were all labelled. I ran my finger along the titles until I found one that said 'Fiona's Gang Bang'. I pulled out the tape and put it in my pocket, then as an after thought I pulled out a second tape, labelled 'Holidays 1997' and swapped the boxes over, hopefully this would muddy the waters a bit if he went looking for the tape. I left the house to hide the tape in my car. Then back to the party until my partner was ready to go home. The memory of my lost love raised me to new heights of passion that night, for I replayed, in my mind, all those sessions long ago.

I had to wait for two days before I could retrieve the video from my car, my girlfriend was out for her weekly keep fit night with two of her friends. I pushed the cassette into the slot with a shaking hand. The first thing I found out that it was my EX who was the subject of the video. The first half-hour or so was just the party in general but it clearly showed her as one of the guests.

The screen went blank then came on again, now obviously later in the evening for I could see that most of the guests had already left. After panning the room the camera stopped on the seemingly drunk Fiona dancing slowly all by herself in the middle of the room. The light was not good but the camera must have been a good one and seemed to handle it ok. After a few minutes she was joined by a large coloured guy who gyrated slowly in time with her movements. She showed no reaction to his arrival, which surprised me a little. I remember that she was not exactly a racist but generally she didn't like black men and would never date one. This first coloured guy was shortly joined by a second, sandwiching her between them.

As I watch I could clearly see the guy behind her pull her dress zip all the way down, then he reached in and undid her bra clip. I couldn't believe my eyes she didn't react at all to this, just swayed, eyes closed, in time with the music. The guys encouraged by her non-reaction carried on stripping her. Next the dress was pulled down off her shoulders, bringing her loose bra with it; they fell like a puddle at her feet. Her exposed tits were as magnificent as I remembered, round and full, with no hint of sag at all. Next her knickers were rolled down over her thighs until they too were around her ankles. Somehow they got her feet un-entangled from her clothes, which were then thrown out of shot. The cameraman now zoomed in and panned over her perfect body, starting at her feet, moving up her body to her face.

Now as they danced, the two guy's hands roamed over her body, cupping her big round tits, tweaking her nipples and pushing their hands between her thighs. After awhile, they gently lowered her to the carpet and spread her legs wide. The first guy knelt between her open legs, unzipping his fly to releasing his hard cock; he leaned forward to try and feed it into her pussy. At first it wouldn't get it in, so he withdrew and spat onto his hands and then coated his hard cock with his spittle. Now lubricated his cock pushed into her until he was fully inserted.

Over the low music I could just about hear a low moan escape from her lips, each time he thrust into her. I could see that her eyes were tightly closed, but her mouth was open. His tempo increased until he froze and I could guess he was coming inside her. After a short pause, he pulled out and stood up. His mate then replaced him between her spread legs and thrust into her hard and fast.

Within ten minutes the girl had been stripped and fucked by two, I suspect, total strangers, it was incredible. Had I missed something, I re-wound the tape to the start and pressed the play button again. This time I watch the first part more closely and I noticed that Fiona was smoking, that must be it, for the girl I knew didn't smoke at all. Then it hit me, the guy she left me for was into drugs in a big way, especially smoking pot; she must have picked up the habit from him. So she wasn't in a drunken stupor but a drug induced one.

I watch in amazement as again she was stripped and fucked by the two coloured guys; I let the video carried on playing. When the second guy had finished, he stood up, zipped him self up and then he and his mate departed the scene. She just lay there, her thighs wide open and her arms above her head. The cameraman taking advantage of this panned over her prone figure for a few minutes, then to my surprise a new figure knelt between her thighs and fed his hard cock into her. Over the next twenty minutes or so I watched four different guys approached her and take their turn. The picture on the screen wobbled alarmingly for the cameraman handed his camera to someone else, and then he appeared in front of the camera; I recognised him immediately as my recent party host.

The tape continued to run, just showing her prone figure lying naked on the floor. The cameraman had reclaimed his equipment just in time to see a new player enter the picture. This time it was a thirty something woman who knelt between Fiona open thighs. She ran her hands over Fiona's naked body, but being quite rough with her, pulling her nipples and squeezing her tits hard. Then much to my surprise she slaps her twice hard across the face. The sound of flesh on flesh made me jump. As I watched, I saw Fiona eyes open wide with fright and I could just about make out some of the words the woman was saying to her over the music; words like 'Pretty Slut' and 'Fuck bitch'. She then pushed two fingers into Fiona's sloppy pussy and started to finger fuck her hard. Each time Fiona tried to stop her she got a fresh slap across her face and twice across her tits.

After awhile the woman must of got off for she got up and left with a laugh calling her a 'slut' again. Fiona then curled up into a foetal position and remained like that for a while. The cameraman carried on taping the scene but I could hear him calling out to somebody off camera to come over. Shortly after two new guys appeared, firstly they pulled her body out straight and then parted her legs, one guy unzipped his fly and pushed his hard cock straight into her while the second guy knelt near her head and roughly mauled her tits. Just then the tape came to an end and started to rewind.

Wow, I thought this was the shy girl I used to known not so long ago. Before my girlfriend returned I brought the spare video recorder from the bedroom and made a copy. I kept the original for myself and I planned to return the copy covertly at my first opportunity.

After I had seen the video, I couldn't get Fiona out of my mind. The question now was what was I going to do about it? I knew that if I confronted her with the tape I could probably get to fuck her again. Is that what I wanted; yes of course it was, I had to admit it even to myself, it was what I wanted to do more than anything else in the world; but could I stoop that low. My second problem was that I didn't know where she was living now.

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