Now That Was a Workout

by Settled Nomad

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Humor, Cheating, Slut Wife, Oral Sex, .

Desc: Sex Story: Another short piece of a womans first cheating endeavor.

An erotic moment by Kenneth Keller

I am not a slut. Let's make that perfectly clear. I don't normally cheat on my husband. Fact is this was the only time, thus far, that I've ever been with another man since I married Steve some ten years ago. I love Steve with all of my heart and just because I had sex with someone else doesn't mean that I love him any less.

So with that being said I will now share with you the encounter that I had a few days ago. Steve and I have been going to the local spa together for the past couple of months. We enjoy helping each other make our bodies become firmer and more muscular. This past Monday was racquetball night for Steve and so I forged on ahead with my normal workout, knowing that it would be a good two hours before Steve would be done. I have a pretty steady routine at the spa. I'm enrolled in the latest craze, boxing aerobics, and after the twenty minute class I do some crunches, some light free weights, and if I have anything left I do a half an hour on the rowing machine. I like to rotate, at the end of my routine, going to either the Jacuzzi or the steam room to help me unwind. To make a long story short, that night, I should have chosen the Jacuzzi. Both are co-ed but that's never been any kind of a problem at this particular spa. The clientele is made up of mostly upperly mobile couples so it is not like those meat market establishments I assure you. We pay a sizeable fee that most of those types of people usually are not in a position to afford which is why we chose this spa in the first place.

At any rate after finishing my time on the rowing machine I showered and went into the steam room. I was alone at first, which is usually the case. After eight in the evening, this being a couple places, most of us have to go home to tend to the children. Steve and I took care of that problem when we first got married- a little snip snip on his part.

Being accustomed to the privacy I unfastened my towel and walked into the steam room. I found the tiled benches and climbed to the second level. I like to use my towel as a pillow as I lie on the bench and absorb the steam. I have no qualms about being nude in the steam room because usually the steam is so thick that you can't even see your own body much less somebody else's.

I began to unwind from my strenuous workout and slowly the tension that is usually rather abundant began to evaporate. I started to do some deep breathing exercises and focused in on my special place, Aruba, when I heard somebody walk into the steam room. Now the room itself is not very big but I do know that the person could have, if he or she was inclined to do so, chosen to sit on the other side of the room. But if they had then I probably wouldn't have had anything juicy to share with you.

So this person sat on the first level of the same bench I was using and started doing some deep breathing exercises of his own, if you know what I mean. At first I shrugged off the unusual rhythm he was making as a sign of a tough workout but after a few seconds, when I heard him moan and make a slippery clamping noise I just had to look down.

The steam was beginning to thin out a little and so I was able to see, just a few inches away from me, a hand moving vigorously up and down upon the largest cock I ever had the privilege to see. I suppose I was staring a but too long but I really couldn't help it. My pussy was getting so wet I was in heat-excuse the pun.

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