My Name Is Mud

by juanwildone

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Swinging, Exhibitionism, .

Desc: Sex Story: It's fine to meet the neighbors.<br> Better still to fuck 'em.<br> Just watch your step<br> and don't slip up<br> you just might end up loving 'em.<br> [OK this is why I'm not a poet and I know it]

It was a whole week before we formally met Jennifer and her husband Dave. We were invited to a neighborhood beer and bar-b-q party. We met a number of neighbors, in addition to Dave and Jennifer, and had a great time. At one point Dave pulled me aside to thank us for spicing up his love life.

Evidently, Jennifer was pretty turned on by seeing Lynne and I fucking. When Lynne and I had stood to introduce ourselves, Jennifer had run from the house saying, "she had to go and 'fuck her husband, I mean go find my husband'." Lynne and I had gotten a good laugh out of the situation and hoped that her husband got a good fuck. Turns out he had.

Even though Dave and Jen were about our age, they had already been married for about 4 years, no kids yet. We started socializing with them on a pretty regular basis primarily due to the fact that they had a pool and loved to cook and entertain. We found out early on that Dave and Jen were high school sweethearts and had never had sex with other people. This was something that Lynne and I could scarcely comprehend. Never the less, we all got on quite well. However, soon an early summer heat wave changed the dynamic between us.

Lynne has always been completely comfortable with her body, not to mention a bit of an exhibitionist. Jen was clearly more guarded (hell she was a borderline prude) and was very careful about exposing too much of her skin around other people. Yet as the summer heat increased, Lynne was able to talk Jen into sunbathing topless at the pool when Dave and I weren't around.

Jen didn't even tell Dave she was going topless until he mentioned that he liked her tanned boobs. He told me later that she got all embarrassed at first, but was now going topless for Dave when it was just the two of them at home. Dave was very grateful for that too.

The four of us were enjoying a late Saturday afternoon when Lynne "accidentally" splashed some ice water on Jen's back while she was sunbathing with her top untied. When she sprang up in shock, I saw her lightly tanned breasts and her puffy pink nipples. Her top was untied because Dave had applied some lotion earlier. Being a guy, I popped some instant wood at the sight of her fine tits. Dave was inside and missed the show. Jen was embarrassed as she quickly covered her breasts with her top. I reminded her that she had seen me completely naked with cum dripping down my chest. This was the first time since "the incident" that I had said anything about it to her. I was surprised to she her eyes get glassy and her objections die quietly. I seized the opportunity and pressed my case.

Dave was just walking into earshot when I said, "You know Jen, a little flash of your nipples is nothing compared to what you saw at our house. I think you really owe us much more of a look if truth be told."

Dave was quick on the uptake. "He has a point Jen. You told me you saw them completely naked while they were fucking on the floor!"

"Dave!" Jen was blushing bright red, but her eyes told a different story. The memory of that afternoon must still really turn her on. She looked to Lynne for some kind of support. She didn't get what she wanted.

"Did you tell Dave we were fucking Jen?" Lynne could be so non-menacingly direct. "Actually Dave, I was rubbing my pussy along his cock. There wasn't a lot of penetration involved, well not right then. But now that I think of it, Jen must have had quite a view. I mean she was as close to me as you are now. We were so turned on by having had someone watching us that Jeff fucked me all night long."

Lynne waved her hand in front of her face. "Jennifer, with all of your talking about sex, I'm getting really hot. Would you guys be offended if we took off our tops?"

Jen started to object but with Dave and I completely comfortable with the idea of the girls topless, she was out numbered. Lynne was topless almost before her words were out of her mouth. It took Jen about fifteen minutes to finally drop her top. She quickly positioned her long hair over her breasts, well - you have to start somewhere. Hoping to put her at ease, I asked Dave if he would show me their new stereo set up. When we came back out about 20 minutes later, the girls were frolicking in the pool. Dave and I dove in and joined them.

Amazingly enough it was Jen who suggested we play couples version of 'king of the pool.' But it was good old Lynne who suggested that the girls mount the shoulders of each other's man. Jen probably figured I wouldn't see her tits that way. Poor girl, she simply didn't now how devious horny guys could be especially when her husband is in on the fix.

You see, Dave had contacted me not too long after the incident to thank us for the best sex since their honeymoon. In fact, Dave and I had many conversations about sex, and women, and the effort to keep the two elements (sex and women) together. While he loved Jen with all his heart, he was concerned that their lack of sex partners was an impediment in their marriage. As time went by, it was clear that Dave desperately wanted Jen to loosen up sexually with him. I decided to help him out - so here were playing battle of the boobs in the backyard!

During the pool battle Dave and I kept bumping the girls together then falling over. It didn't take long for Jen to drop her self-consciousness about being topless. I must admit to having copped a number of feels when she fell off a couple of times. When we all got out, she squeegeed her hair back and walked effortlessly around the pool with her breasts bare. Dave was quick to re-supply us all with cool drinks and soon we were all laughing. When I got a chance I gave Dave a surreptitious thumbs up.

He reached over for a tube of sunscreen and squeezed it into his hand. He leaned toward his wife and applied some lotion to her nose. "Safety first... we can't allow any of this soft skin to burn." He then applied lotion to her cheeks, neck and shoulders. As Jen relaxed into the ministrations of her husband, I got up to use the bathroom. When I returned, Dave was rubbing lotion onto Jen's breasts slowly and sexily. Her eyes were closed, and I was careful to make no sound. I found out later that Lynne had to do a little persuading to get Jen to relax and let Dave apply the lotion completely and properly.

Dave was rubbing Jen's breasts to the point that her nipples were clearly erect. Dave kept rubbing her tits with one hand as the other began to apply lotion to her abdomen, hips and thighs. Lynne and I watched as Jen slowly let her legs spread apart in response to the gentle pressure of her husband's hands. Her wet bikini bottom revealed a prominent camel-toe, and her breathing was deep and slow. I noticed that Dave brushed the crotch of her bikini as he moved from thigh to thigh and back again. Jen was clearly getting aroused.

"I hope you save some lotion for me. I don't want to burn either." Lynne said it so softly the first time she had to repeat it slightly louder for Dave and Jen to hear her.

Dave didn't miss a beat. "Should I take care of our guest honey?" When Jen answered with a dreamy "of course" Dave turned to Lynne and started with her nose. He was applying lotion to Lynne's shoulders when Jen realized that she wasn't being touched. She turned her head and looked at Dave and Lynne first, then at me. I had my dark glasses on, and she could not see that my eyes were open just enough to see everything. I guess she thought I was asleep.

As Dave's lotion covered hand descended to my Lynne's breast, Jen sat up. "What are you doing?" she whispered.

"What you told me too." Dave whispered back. Lynne 'ssshhed' them both and told Jen to let Dave finish his work. Jen watched transfixed as her husband languidly worked the lotion into my Lynne's soft beasts. Every so often Jen would look in my direction, but I remained motionless.

When Dave began to lotion Lynne's thighs I heard her tell Jen 'make sure he gets all the exposed skin otherwise I'll get a bad sunburn.' Damn if Jen didn't point out places Dave had missed until his hand was pressing against Lynne's fabric covered pussy. Lynne sealed the deal as simple as could be.

"I hate tan lines. Jen do you mind?" Jen shook her head no without having the slightest idea what Lynne was really asking, I knew though. To the sound of Dave and Jen's collective inhalation, Lynne hooked her thumbs into her bikini bottoms and whisked them down to her ankles and off before they could react.

She seductively wiped her palm across Dave's as she held his hand inches above her bared cunt. "I better apply this. Why don't you do Jen?"

Dave turned to his wife, gently pushed her back in to the chaise, took hold of her bottoms and pulled. Jen lifted her hips and seemed absolutely stunned to find herself completely naked with another couple present. Her pussy was covered in soft wisps of sparse blonde hair. Her cunt lips were clearly visible and appeared to be quite swollen. The light breeze carried her scent to me. Damn.

Dave rubbed his wife's newly exposed skin. Soon his index finger was pushing down between her swollen lips. To my and no doubt Dave's collective amazement, she wasn't stopping him. Dave was clearly and uncomfortably erect but didn't dare stop to adjust himself for fear of breaking the spell.

Dave was unaware of the movement behind him until out of the corner of his eye he saw Lynne straddle the chaise I appeared to be asleep on. "You guys are way over dressed." Dave watched as Lynne unsnapped my trunks and slowly pulled them off. My erection popped up and swung lazily as Lynne worked the trunks down my legs. When Dave looked at his wife he found her eyes locked on my erection. Damn.

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