Wedding Day

by Midsummer

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, NonConsensual, Rape, Heterosexual, BDSM, DomSub, FemaleDom, Spanking, Rough, Humiliation, Sadistic, Torture, Gang Bang, White Female, First, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Exhibitionism, Violent, .

Desc: Sex Story: John and Gloria are an innocent, virginal young couple who spend their wedding day under the supervision, rules and authority of a sadomasochistic club called the Man's Rush. Things soon go from strange to wross. Just what will they put poor Gloria through, and force her husband to watch and endure?

Chapter 1

Gloria and I have loved eachother sense childhood. Puppy love. Of corse we've growmn up togther, and graduated high school. She's growmn into a stunning and respectable woman. We never had sex as Gloria wished to wait untill marriage. I agreed as I loved loved and adored her so deeply. Never did I try to take advantage or encourage sex, as I respected her wish. Mind you, it it hasn't been easy! Watching her grow from an innocent child and blossom into the well-shaped adult woman she had become. Her beautiful legs and body, those firm and perfictly shaped breasts, that gorgeous long blonde hair, her stunning blue eyes and the most beautiful face I have ever known!

When had gone for a walk togther upon this one morning as we had many times before. As usual, men of all ages would gock at her. Never at the face, mind you, but everywhere else! I loved just being with her. Walking hand-in-hand with that beautiful creature gave me a joy as great as sex (or so I believed, being a virgin.) We were both eighteen years old and were lost together in a non-ending moment of ecstacy called true love. We sat upon a picnic bench, shoulder-to-shoulder, lost in eachother in the sweet innocence of open love. She was more than my girlfriend, more than my partner, she meant everything to me. I would have died for her. I would have done anything and evrything to see that fantastic smile that could light up a dark alley. Luckily, she smiled often.

It had been nearly nine months sense I had proposed to her, and two short weeks later we would be husband and wife. It seemed too great to imagine--To finally marry this sweet, innocent lady that I've known sense childhood--to make her my own--and to make love to her for the first time, to give eachother our virginity... It all seemed too amazing to imagine. An exuberant energy carried us along that day, on a day like many others sense we had fallen into love, which seemed more like an endless dream or a moment lost in time than life as it seemed when we were apart. (By now a very rare thing!)

We arrived back in our new home, and were barely inside a few minutes when the doorbell rang. We answered it, still together and lost in the magnetic flow of love. Before us stood a young man dressed in an expensive black tuxedo. He appeared to be slightly younger than we were. "Good afternoon, John and Gloria. I'm here to escort you to the church. "

"What church?" I questioned. "Today?"

"Actually," said the young man as if just remembering, although he didn't seem to care, "Father Markswell has fallen ill. Cancer, I'm affraid. He'll be unable to marry you two weeks from today."

"Oh poor Mr Markswell!" cried Gloria, turning to me with wide-open eyes of concern. "He was such a kind old gentleman, and a friend of my family's for a long time."

"And so," continued the man, rather snottishly but yet acting as though he were extemely polite, "You will now be getting married by Father Ruther. "

"Father Ruther?" Gloria questioned.

"Your unkle," he said to me, "has arranged everything. You're to go today to meet this Father Ruther. I am here to escort you."

"This seems odd," I said. "Why didn't someone call us about the judge falling ill?" I questioned him.

"It's come on rather suddenly. Your unkle will likely discuss it further with you when you arrive, sir. He'll be waiting for you."

I turned to Gloria. We were both suspicious. "All right then," I said.

"Only--" he said, stopping us just before we grabbed our shoes and jackets. "He wishes you to be dressed up as for the wedding. A rehearsal, of sorts. Your unkle has something special planned."

"No doubt," I grinned, squnting my eyes at him with suspicion.

"What's your crazy unkle up to now?" smiled Gloria.

"It's hard to say," I said. "Guess we'll find out." I turned back to the man. "If we have to get all dressed up, in tuxedo and wedding dress, it'll take some time. An hour, at LEAST."

"I'll wait."

"Alight," said Gloria, closing the door. "Odd fellow."

I had a shower and got into my tuxedo, all fixed up and photo-friendly. Gloria had a shower before, and then spent a half hour getting dressed into her beatiful white gown and having everything just right. She spent a second half hour fixing her hair. We then held hands, dazing at ourselves in our livingroom mirror. We were indeed, as everyone had said, a most handsome couple. "We look like a prince and princess going off to get married in a palace in the clouds," dreamed Gloria.

"Yeah, and knowing my unkle that might be."

We stepped outside and saw awaiting us a long, white limousine. The man got back out of the car and held a door open for us. I got inside first, on the count of Gloria's large wedding dress, and helped her in behind me. In no time we were off. The windows were unusually dark and hard to see through even on the inside! We hugged and kissed and whispered sweet words along the way. We were only partly awair that we had left the valley and were heading into the woods. We traded many back roads untill we came to a long, uphill driveway. It was narrow and used only as an entrance. A series of gates opened one by one to let us through.

The car came to a stop and the driver opened the side door to let us out. Once we were out, he closed the door and returned to the driver's seat, taking the vehicle into a garage-like tunnel further ahead. Several men approached us, acting as security guards but wearing fancy black tuxedos. One spoke, "John and Gloria? Welcome. This way." Gloria and I looked at eachother. Hmm... something didn't seem right. We turned away from the cars and bushes and gates and security men to see a giant mansion, totally secreted into the wood. It had a gothic look to it, having black bricks and odd scultures. Large, black statues of gargoyles, dragons and trolls were about the place as well. As were nice plants, tress and shrubs such as cherry trees red rose bushes. Needless to say, it didn't appear to be a church. With humerous suspicions of my unkle's intentions, we entered the gothic building. Standing on either side of the entrance were two groups of two guards, dressed in tuxedos.

We were led inside and asked to wait in the centre of the main room. The room was very large, and dimly lit. To our left were lines of seats, rising slightly to the back. A large stage sat before. It appeared to be a theatre house of some kind.

"Your unkle wants us to get married HERE?" said Gloria, humoured. "I don't think so. This place gives me the creaps."

"Me too," I agreed.

Men started carrying things in through a side door, in and out of the main room. We carried chairs, belts, leather clothing and strange tool-like objects that I couldn't quite place.

Then before us entered another group of men. Two were older and looked distinguished, dressed in even fancier tuxedos, and the others standing behind them as guards. The two men stepped towards us in a graceful but yet suspicious manner. They were middle-aged and grayed, but looked like kindly men. They avoided eye contact with Gloria at first. "Welcome," spoke one. "My name is Henry, and this is Loyde. We are owners of this establishment. So is your unkle, and there are many more. John, is it?"

"Yes, and this is my bride-to-be, Gloria."

"Charmed," he said. Henry wad more character about him than Loyde, having white hair, gold-rimmed glasses and a black gentleman's cain in the shape of a serpent, no less. He took Gloria's white gloved hand into his, leaned forward and planted a gentle kiss upon her right hand. His hands remained over her's, which made her uncomfortable, and so he removed them. "A lovely girl," he said to me. "You are... most fortunate."

"Where is my crazy unkle?"

"Oh, he's here," grinned Henry. "You'll see him later. But for now, he's left me to do the explaining. You see, you shall both be getting married this afternoon. Right here, in this beautiful gold-trimmed room. Father Ruther is nearly ready, and so your timing is fair."

"I don't think so," said Gloria. "We're getting married in two weeks, amongst our friends and family."

"Affraid not," said Henry. "Today will be the day. We INSIST."

Gloria and I looked at eachother. It felt really wrong, and we both knew it. We wanted to get out of that place. "I don't know what my unkle's up to," I said to them, "But it isn't funny. We're leaving."

We turned to leave but four large guards blocked the doorway with arms crossed. We turned back. "We do insist," spoke Loyde. "You will be thankful and do as we ask."

"I bag your pardon?" said Gloria, laughingly, but she was nervous. "This is OUR wedding. It's not your business."

"Affraid that it is," said Henry. "This is a club. A very SPECIAL club, called the Man's Rush. We select special couples to wed, free of charge. This doesn't happen every day, and so everyone is rather... thrilled about it. You will do as you're told, or pay the price."

Gloria turned to me, half humoured, half frightened. We held hands tightly. "You know my unkle." I consoled her. "He plays all sorts of practical jokes on people. This is just his latest. There's nothing to fear, I promise." I then turned to Henry and Loyde. "That's enough. It's been fun, now it's OVER. We're leaving." We turned to leave a second time but the guards remained still but edgy like a threatening wall. We turned back again.

Henry smiled. "Relax. You too need to take a deep breath, and think things over. A free wedding! On the house." He stepped up to us, placing his hands tightly on our shoulders. Gloria squirmmed and so he removed his hand from her shoulder, but kept his right hard on my right shoulder. "John and Gloria, you've no choise. This is no joke. You will obey the House Rules. Do so, and nobody gets hurt. Otherwise, well, you might never leave this place." His forceful hand removed itself from my shoulder.

Gloria barried her face into my chestand cried frightfully. I held my arms around her. "It's just a practical joke," I consoled her. "I'm going to KILL Unkle James when I get my hands on him!"

At that, Henry made a slight jesture with is right hand. Guards suddenly took us from behind, removing us from eachother. I heard her smuthered screams and cries. I tried hard to break free but was unable to budge an inch. Those men had me like a vice, and so I gave up trying to struggle. "Perhaps," sighed Loyde, "A demonstration is in order."

"Perhaps you're right, Loyde," said Henry. I was unable to see him as I was turned away, but he no doubt signalled again as I was suddenly let go. I turned to Gloria, who was held and gagged. Something caught my eyes and I turned sharply to my right. A very large man approached me, nearly seven foot and with a strong build, rippling muscles seen under the black fabric of his tuxedo. "Meet Bane. Bane is an example of bio-engeneering. You see, we do more here than just party around. Bane could snap your spine like a twig. He could out-run an olympic racer. He can lift a car over his head. Impressive? He's killed men for sport, and wouldn't think twice about killing you if I so ordered it." He sigalled. Bane picked up a large golden statue of a mermaid, and smashed it loudly into the iron-plated flour. The head spun off. He then threw the body aside. "Are we clear?"

I turned to them in discust.

"If you do as we say no harm will come to you or your beautiful bride. "Do you understand me, or is a further demonstration required?"

"No," I said. "It isn't. Don't harm her."

At Henry's nod, the men lessoned their grip on her, and one removed his hand from her mouth. "no screaming, now," laughed Loyde. "No one will hear you anyway."

"Cheer up," grinned Henry. "This is your wedding day! A day for celebration! I promise you both, this will be a day that you'll NEVER forget."

With that, Henry and Loyde left as the guards remained. Gloria turned to, surpressing her fear although I felt it in her innocent eyes. She wouldn't show fear--she wouldn't give them the sadisfaction. The whole time it had seemed like a strange dream. A bad dream.

Entered then a religious figure in a black and bright red gown, followed by four men in silver gowmns chanting some gobbledy-gook from textbooks, quietly.

"Father Ruther, no doubt," I said.

"No," he replied. "I am the Informer. It is my responsability to inform you of the basic rules and principles of this day. You will learn your place, young man, and will be silent unless spoken to. If you both do as you are told and do not resist your commanders, than you will both be free to leave at the wedding's end as husband and wife. If, however, you are rude or disobedient, you will BOTH be horse-whipped and/or executed, depending upon how serious your offence." Gloria and I both fell into a dead silence then. "This is your Wedding, by House Rules.

"The position of the Bride is to be proven first Noble under the eyes of the High Spirits, and then Worthy to become a wife. Her only duty is to do as instructed. This begins with the Purification, which is the Cleansing through purity of all sins commited. Then follows the Initiation, which is a series of "tests' which will prove you are worthy wife by simply experiencing them as a Bride. Any violation of this one duty will result in punnishment for you and your Groom."

He then turned to me. "The one duty of the Groom is to watch and endure all that she endures. If you ever remove your eyes from her sight during the Wedding, you both shall be severely punnished." To us both he continued, "After this, you will bw wed husband and wife, abd will be cheered on your way. This is YOUR day. A day of love, a day of celebration. I this understood?" Silence. "I repeat, is this understood?"

"Yes," we said.

"Good, then we'll begin."

I was escorted to my seat, the middle seat in the centre row, the guards sitting beside me. In from a back room, hundreds of people entered, filling the five hundred or so seats. Gloria, escorted by her guards, was taken up on the stage. The guards then left, each standing by one of the two erterances. People were talking and laughing as they entered, all wearing black tuxedos. The regious figures also sat down, as did Henry and Loyde who re-entered with the other dozen or so owners. Poor Gloria stood upon the stage as its lights grew brighter. She kept looking about the place for me, but was unable to see me or anyone clearly. She kept looking nervously, holding in her fear and trying to look calm. But I senesed the worry in her heart, and her need to find me in the audiance. The guards kept the enterances guarded. She had nowhere to run.

After a time, the house lights went completely out. All fell silent. Strange horns and and flutes sounded a mystical music as onto the stage arrived Father Ruther, in a white robe trimmed with gold. He signalled as three female servents came onto the stage. They wore red dresses and were but teenagers, appearing as victoms of abuse and yet keeping a graceful poise. My heart went to Gloria. What was going to happen? My heart was biting bullets, and yet there was nothing I could do! There she stood in her beatiful wedding gown, her hair all done up with golden laces, standing like a modest princess, casually looking about for her prince. But beside her, the devil had arrived!

He raised his right hand, and all fell perfictly silent now without a throat cleared or sneeze sounded. "Behold--the bride," he announced, "a beautiful bride, who must be purified! What is your name, my child?"

"Gloria," she said. The acoustics were amazing, as although she spoke quietly she was well heard. Indeed every breath she made spread over the crowd like a silken sheet.

"Do you love your husband, Gloria?"

"Yes," she said, nearly crying bu she held it in.

"You will address me as Father, understood?" His voice was both spiritual and yet intimidating.

"Yes, Father."

"Good. Your age, my child?"

"Eighteen, father", she said, nearly forgetting due to her inner nervousness.

"Have you ever had sex?"

"No, Father."

"Have you ever had an orgasm?"

"No, Father."

"Have you ever fondled yourself?"

Gloria was silent, but an inner fear forced an answer. ""yes," she spoke, very quietly.

"Speak up and more clearly," he ordered her. "Have you ever fondled yourself in a sexual manner?"

"Yes, Father."

"A minor offence. And so you shall be Cleansed in the Holy Water!"

Out came eight strong, brute men, topless men bringing a large golden-trimmed bath tub, filled with soapy water, steam uprising from it. It was placed upon the stage, beside Gloria. "Let it be noted for the Bride," spoke Father Ruther, "that it is a sin for a Bride, during the ceremony of marraige, to ever cover, conceal or avoid her privates from being seen in any way, as long as it is reasonable. Understood?"

"Yes, Father."

"Very well."

With that, the three servents began undressing my dear Gloria. My heart sank. Oh no! For long I had awaited to see her lush figure in the nude, but not like this, in front of all these gocking perverts! A horrible sin it was, but as fully enraged as it made me, there was nothing I could do about it!

Gloria stood while the serents did evrything. First, her long gloves were removed, one at a time, slowly and delecutely. The removal of the bride's clothes seemed to hold a religious significance to the club. Second, her tall boats were removed. Then all of the braces in her hair were taken out, which had taken Gloria so long to put on right. Her hair was then spread open like a wave, strands falling loosely over her shoulders. Her gown was then removed, and placed in a neat pile on the stage floor with everything else. She remained now standing there, still facing the audiance, wearing only her underclothes. Her arms were bare, as bare as her beautiful legs, thighs and feet. Now slowly, very slowly, the girls unfastened her braw. Gradually, it was removed. I saw Gloria take a big swallow as it was removed. It was held out, and taken to the pile, leaving her topless. Those remarkable breats--like satin, the nipples perfict, pink and delecute. My heart sank in fear and passion. Her panties were then removed. She slowly lifted one leg after the next as they were slid off her. Her pussy hair had been well-trimmed and styled.

She was then turned around, allowing the audiance to gock at her amazing shapes and curves, and that perfict ass. She slowly got into the tub, as led by the servents, her buttocks facing us as each leg was lifted and placed itself into the water. She was then turned to face us again, and slid down into the hot water. She fringed a little, moving down inch by inch as it was so hot, untill her ass sat domn and her breasts were covered by suds. The girls reached into the tub and braught out large yellow sponges, and began gently beathing her as she parially bathed herself. It was done in a fashion somewhere between erotic and religious. This continued for a long time, at least an hour, untill the water was surely cold. Father Ruther, who had kept his place on stage the whole while overlooking Gloria, signalled. The three servents helped Gloria stand. She was led out of the tub, partially covered in suds, as the eight men returned and took away the bath tub. The girls each took a large, soft towel from a rack at the back of the stage--one being black, one white and one light purple--as slowly and carefully they dried Gloria head to toe. A forth servent appereared on stage with a blow-drier. Once her hair was dry, that servent left. Every nook and cranny was by no doubt cleaner and drier at this point than it had ever been.

Very slowly, her clothes were put back on. Oddly, her gloves were put back on first. Second, her high shoes. Afterwards, her underclothes, and then the gown. Two male assistants came on stage to clear up all the braces, leaving the stage with them. Gloria stood facing the audiance as she had in the begining, only with her hair losse about her shoulders.

"And now," spoke Father Ruther with a electric rush of excitment, "It's time for the INITIATION!" At that, the audiance bellowed a loud, thunderous, chaotic roar which had come out so energetically on a moment's whim that both Gloria and myself were shaken by it. This lasted for about two minutes, untill the Father raised his hand, and all fell into a dead silence as before. "For those of you who are new," he said. "I am Father Ruther. I have been doing this for thirty years now, and I've always loved every minute of it. To see yet another beautiful, young, virgin bride it is my priviledge to wed to another lucky young man... well it makes me feel young again. I hope that you all follow every moment of this special tradition carefully. This is a special time in a young girl's life and one which will, for her, never come again. Behold and observe all."

The three servents stepped back. "The First Phase," he announced, now talking more to Gloria again. "The Test of Purity. The relieving of her innocence as a sacred part of marriage. Begin!" Then entered four old men. They wore dark clothing, and looked very ugly. They appeared to have been homeless, or they were old perverts gathered from some incest community. There filthy old men gathered aroung my dear Gloria, who now showed agreat fear in her eyes, which only encouraged these sickly old men. They began grabbing at her, and Gloria's instincts were to resist.

"Might I REMIND the Bride," spoke up Father Ruther, "of the payments mentioned to you earlier for DISOBEDIENCE?"

With that, Gloria subsided. She resisted them in part out of instinct with sudden, jerking movements, but her resistance was minor. The four ugly old men felt her with a very crude nature. Their dirty hands seem to stab at her innocent, clean skin without mercy. They felt and grabbed over her bust, and soon their arms were reaching and grabbing up the skirts of her dress, onto her lower privates which made her sigh or gasp multiple times in their roughness of fondeling her. It wasn't untill they were but going under her dress themselves that Father Ruther signalled and four guards came on stage, dragging the horny old men away, their crotches stuck out from hard members.

Gloria stood sobbing in a hurtful silence, then wiping her tears with her white gloves and sucking it in. She still refused to give them any such sadisfaction as to she her hurting.

"And now, Phase Two." spoke the Father. "The Test of Heart. She must prove she has heart by kissing a man of whom she knows nothing with the same tender effection she would give her Groom." On the stage came an older man, well dressed. It was Loyde. He walked before her and stared at her with those crocodile eyes, restraing all his violent urges. Gloria walked over to him, placed her arms upon his shoulders, tilted her head and kissed him sweetly upon the lips. "Well done," said Father Ruther, and Loyde left the stage.

"The Third Phase. The Test of Innocence: the deflowering of the bride."

My heart skipped. It could not be! I was to be the one! The ONLY one! This was just a bad dream, surely. An elaborate hoax, perhaps. It couldn't be. I began to stand, but I was foced back down into my seat. It was hopeless! There was absolutely nothing that I could do but watch and bare it all!

Onto the stage then walked, with a great surprise to both Gloria and myself, Unkle James! He stood there, tall with his graying hair and small beard, looking sorry and apologetic and yet over-come with desire. Gloria's eyes became wild with rage upon meeting his, but remembering the warnings she subsided. "I apologise, my dear," he said to her. "You see, for so long I have watched you and my dear nephew John together--both in such love, together. I envied you both, immensely. Frankly, I love you, my dear. I know that you are to be his, and so be it, but you don't know how long my heart has lusted for you. I know you are both in love." He then knelt down upon one knee. "But my dear, your sweet virginity, THAT you must not refuse me! I won't couldn't allow you to! Will you give it to me?"

Under her breath she said, "It's not like I have a choise."

"However it must be," said my unkle, his expression revieling both great admeration and a deep, vengeful greed of karnal desire, a wild lust that had been growing and growing and growing in him for some time. He stood before her, placing his hands upon her cheeks, leaning forward. He kissed her upon the lips, long but gently. He then kissed her gloves, and with trembeling hands as if from a mad fever, he knelt down before her, lifting up her skirts, kissing her right shin. "It is only permissablethat I deflower you WITHOUT removing your clothes. A shame, but those are House Rules." He placed his hands on her waste, lowering her to the floor of the stage. He unbottoned his pants, as she turned away. "My dear," said Unkle James, "It's also a sin to reject your lover." And so, reluctant, she looked at his penis as he released it. It six inches long, fully erect and bouncing about anxiously. Her eyes fell upon it both in sadness and in curiosity, having never seen one in the flesh. She layed upon her back, her legs open before the audiance. My unkle's trembeling hands felt up her smooth legs, grabbing her panties, and then slowly drawing them back down, over her shoes. He then lifted them up to his nose, a smile growing upon his face as he smelled them.

The panties were tossed aside. His hands reached up her legs more slowly this time, beginning at her toes in her strapped shoes, feeling up the long boots to the flesh of her legs, feeling carefully over her knees and to her thighs. Even more slowly now, his hands squeezed and felt along her fleshy thighs to the vagina. He felt felt over her vagina, upon and around it, feeling her pssy all over with his back parially to us, her legs open to either side of him. Unable to see his hands because of his back, we could guess, as Gloria sighed out reluctantly from time to time as he used his hands to stimulate her vagina. This went on and on and on--it was unbarable--as her sighs turned louder and all the more reluctant. "No," she sighed with a bitter expression, as she knew she was about to subside to his desires. "No... No..." But she couldn't help it, it was clear, as gradually her legs spread further and further apart and a smile began to grow upon her face. Her feet began to lift into the air. Her arms began to pulse, reaching out with her fingers spread far apart. Her mouth began to open as her smile grew. After a time of silence she let out a louder "NO!" as if trying to force herself out of a terrible dream, but that was immediately followed by a great smile, as my unkle's shaky but yet skillful hands continues to work her. Her hands began feeling over her body, over her dress and over her bust, and then layed her arms out, hands upwards like doves.

"Ooh..." she began to moan. "Oh... Oh... Ooo--oohh..." Her head moved from side to side, a smile rising upon her face, then forcibly removed, and then back again and bigger than before. My unkle then began masterbating himself, as if he hadn't the patiance now to deflower her, but stopped himslf still. He then began rubbing her thighs foribly, and moved his head in. He began performing cunninlingus on her! Her smile grew wilder, and her moans more frequent. "Yes," she chanted at last. "Yes." Her hands fell to his head, feeling his hair and then his cheeks as he started moving about between her legs passionately like a great lover. Moment after moment, her passion grew and grew.

I was lost between ecited and heart-broken, both happy for her joy and enraged that it was by another man's heart. I questioned my own abilities. Could I have been such a great lover for her?

After a time, he stopped, removing his head from her pussy and proceeding to her lips. She impressed him with passion, arms and legs rapped around his body. He impressed her all the more, licking her ears, nose holes, mouth and tongue. He then placed his penis in her hands, and she petted it gently. He sighed in pleasure as she did, their sighs and moans now as one. She began masterbating him.

My unkle, twice our age, had aroused my darling girl! My innocent angle! But the wrost was yet to come.

He moved back between her legs, forcing his crotch out with his hips to make his penis as full erect and as glossy-nosed as possible. Once it was ready, like a knife, he moved over her, her legs wide around him. His arms supported him about her sides. Under her skirts, his throbbing penis pushed against her cherry. Gloria cried and sighed with joy, passion, ecstasy and wonder and her cherry gradually became became broken in, and passionately, my unkle began working his way into her virgin vagina--into that cherry hole for the first time! He savored every second as if each were an eternity in itself, working his way into her further, up to the hilt. He held is body strong witha hard thrust into her's, as she embraced him in pleasure and pain. He then pulled it out and put it back in to the hilt.

My cock was hard and swollen under my pants. It was dark. Surely no one would see. I placed my left hand on my crotch, grasping the aching penis under the material. The urge to flip it out was so great! And yet I couldn't, as it would seem like betrayl to my sweet--to take pleasure in her pain. And yet it was a pain that she now seemed to enjoy.

He began humping her, testing for her reaction. He was careful for her, in his own way, but his thrusts were unreasonably violent in nature. He thrusted it against her again and again as both sighed in pleasure, her lips reaching up and met by his. He fucked her more and more passionately now, each time nearly drawing his way out of her vagina, and then thrusting it back into her body to the hilt which such a force as if he couldn't get in deed enough. This went on and on, untill a wild passion began to uplift over them like a comet. He began pounding her as she embraced it all. "Oh," she let with the stabbing humps. "God," he sighed in lust. "My darling girl. My nephew's Bride. Oh god. My darling. Little. Girl. Oh. God." His thrusts became more violent as he moved over her now in a domonating fashion, fucking her as if he were stabbing her to death. They both sighed as he pounded her again and again, the rush charging, and building, and building.

"Oh here it comes!" he cried in ecstasy, as for a moment he came to stop, rising up in a timeless moment of utter joy, then pounding into her several more hard times as the last seconds of wild passion expressed themselves. He fell into her, it seemed, in body and soul then. His body gave her the occasional hump, much meaker than before. When all this had been released it seemed his mind became clear, and a great guilt came upon him. He glanced at her loving stare, and removed himself coldly from her. He zipped up his pants and left the stage with an anxious look of regret.

The servents helped Gloria back to her feet, slipping her panties back on and then stepping away again.

"The Forth Phase!" announced Father Ruther, his crotch quite bulky. "Now that the bride is a virgin no more, she must pay for the loss. The Test of Sin!" On the stage came five large men dressed in black leather outfits with spikes and chains, their muscular arms and chests being bare. They braught with them a long red bench seat, the leader of the five removing his mighty belt. Duzzied in desire, Gloria obeyed without question. She was layed face-down upon the strange bench. An odd thing it was, leaving both her feet upon the floor. Her arms layed upon the arm rests. It looked very comfortable. After seeing it was a ferfict fit, she was removed. The four men removed all her clothing, and not slowly or theatrically. She remained naked again. She was layed back down, face-forward, legs to either side of it. The design left her buttocks held out from the rest of her body. The four men crept down. Two garbbed her feet, two her hands, holding her down. The fith picked up her long hair and pushed it over her face.

With the mighty black leather belt, a long and wide belt, he held stilll in a frightening poise for a time, staring with a bitterness at that gorgeous, bare behind that was so well positioned. He then folded up the belt carefully, holding it in an authoritive manner in his right hand, then it was thrown over his left shoulder, and was lifted briefly into the air, shooting it down like a lightening bolt hard down upon that gentle bum with a raging CRACK!

Chapter 2

Gloria's head jerked and she let out a terrible scream of agony one second afterward. She began crying and bagging under her breath to be spared. A second CRACK came ripping down upon that delicate ass, reddening it like blood. She shreaked in horrible pain, tears dripping to the floor. "Just KILL me!" she bagged them in a mad fit of desperation. "Please kill me!" A third CRACK shut her up. A forth one erupted, and a fith, and a sixth, and a seventh. She remained crying and bagging under her breath, and screaming only once more--and that was silenced by a powerful ninth following the eigth. She bagged in tears, not in screams, as the crewel beating continued. My heart gasped, my penis falling placid, as each wicked crash of leather ravished her delecate flesh. A thirteenth, a fourteenth, a fifteenth... it went untill the twentieth slap, and then the man put his belt back on.

The guards let her go.

Nearly stumbling to the floor, the servants helped her off the bench. Her bum was bright red. Her fingers trembled back to touch it time and again. She sat upon her knees, her bum towards us, crying in the arms of the servants. On came a group of women in white, bringing water and medicle supplies. She was given pills while the women covered her bum over with lots of white ointment cream. It was rubbed and rubbed on her, even between the crack, which seemed more for show.

"This ointment will heal the wound," announced Father Ruther, "in minutes, which would otherwise take MONTHS to heal. The drugs will help her remain fully aware of everything that's happening."

This continued for about ten minutes, untill she stood up, the ointment removed--and like magic--her ass appeared as delicate and as unspoiled as before! She felt her ass with astonishment. "Gloria?" spoke the Father. "How does it feel?"

She stood then, turned side-to. "It's nice, just like before," she said, wiping away her tears. She could hardly believe it. "The pain is completely gone... I don't even feel numb! It actually feels more tender than before, Father."

"Phase Five!" he suddenly announced. "The Test of Strength. You have yet ways to be 'deflowered', my dear, and those begin now."

The female servants stepped back and the four men in leather led her back to the odd cot. Reluctantly, she got back upon it, face down, ass up, as before. Her hands and feet were again held down. The mighty man who had belted her remained still, looking upon her ass now in a new light: one of lust. He undid his belt, the sound of which gave Gloria tremmers, and dropped it to the floor. He pulled his tight, thin leather pants down, and removed them without removing his little boots. He then removed his silken underwear, revealing a seven-inch penis, strong and eager. He stood back, forcing it out at his hips the way my uncle had done, as it became as hard and as shiny as could be.

On stage came two naked black female servants, with a yellow bottle of pinkish jelly. They rubbed this jell all over his penis, leaving a large gab of it at the knob. He then stepped toward Gloria, grabbing her bum cheeks with such a roughness that she let out a sudden "Oh!" The design of the seat allowed him to move right up to her ass. He grabbed her bum cheeks even harder now, holding them out. The black women placed their skilled hands to his penis, and helped it to the opening of the anus. He thrusted against it. "ow!" Gloria let out, her body tightening. She had nowhere to squirm. He thrusted her again, this time not relenting. The black women stood back. He pushed it severely and shamelessly into her, breaking through layer after layer of skin! Pushing that glistening cock into her anus bit by forcing bit, as she sobbed and began to repeat,"Ow! Ow! Ow!"

I couldn't take it anymore! I quickly unfastened my belt, my pants buckle and zipper, allowing my six-inch penis full room to bounce back and forth! I smiled and took it all as pleasure now, laying back in my chair with my penis reaching outward.

He forced himself in her with a sudden thrust, and then relented. He thrusted again, and then relented. "Oh god!" gasped Gloria, gasping again and again in sudden spasms of acute pain. This time, with his body in a pwerful poise, his muscles tightened like mad, he forced his long penis up her anus inch by painful inch untill it broke, and he flew in to the hilt! "Oh god!" gasped Gloria, wanting to kick her feet in a sudden ecstatic pleasure, but unable to do so. She began to smile. He then removed himself from her. The black women cleaned off his penis, and then jelled him up again for the big part.

He grabbed her bum cheeks again, which made her give a sudden sharp gasp of air. He pushed his penis back up her anus, all the way to the hilt, every inch of the seven. He then began pounding her. "Oh yes!" she cried. "Yes! Oh! Yes!" The yeses in joy and the ohs in pain, she cried for both reasons. He pounded and pounded her sweet fanny, his penis moving in and out as his waste slapped against her ass. He was very skilled, as impressive was his anal fucking, keeping it up for a long time without stop or slowing down. Slap! Slap! Slap! "Yes--oh! Oh--yes!" it continued. on and on and on.

Unable to bare it, my right hand found itself pumping my penis, sliding the skin up and down the shaft. I wanted to explode all over the stage and room! But I knew I couldn't, for the only thing that kept the horrible, painful helplessness of my dear bride being raped at bay was taking pleasure in it! I couldn't come, not until the end!

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