Wedding Day

by Midsummer

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, NonConsensual, Rape, Heterosexual, BDSM, DomSub, FemaleDom, Spanking, Rough, Humiliation, Sadistic, Torture, Gang Bang, White Female, First, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Exhibitionism, Violent, .

Desc: Sex Story: John and Gloria are an innocent, virginal young couple who spend their wedding day under the supervision, rules and authority of a sadomasochistic club called the Man's Rush. Things soon go from strange to wross. Just what will they put poor Gloria through, and force her husband to watch and endure?

Chapter 1

Gloria and I have loved eachother sense childhood. Puppy love. Of corse we've growmn up togther, and graduated high school. She's growmn into a stunning and respectable woman. We never had sex as Gloria wished to wait untill marriage. I agreed as I loved loved and adored her so deeply. Never did I try to take advantage or encourage sex, as I respected her wish. Mind you, it it hasn't been easy! Watching her grow from an innocent child and blossom into the well-shaped adult woman she had become. Her beautiful legs and body, those firm and perfictly shaped breasts, that gorgeous long blonde hair, her stunning blue eyes and the most beautiful face I have ever known!

When had gone for a walk togther upon this one morning as we had many times before. As usual, men of all ages would gock at her. Never at the face, mind you, but everywhere else! I loved just being with her. Walking hand-in-hand with that beautiful creature gave me a joy as great as sex (or so I believed, being a virgin.) We were both eighteen years old and were lost together in a non-ending moment of ecstacy called true love. We sat upon a picnic bench, shoulder-to-shoulder, lost in eachother in the sweet innocence of open love. She was more than my girlfriend, more than my partner, she meant everything to me. I would have died for her. I would have done anything and evrything to see that fantastic smile that could light up a dark alley. Luckily, she smiled often.

It had been nearly nine months sense I had proposed to her, and two short weeks later we would be husband and wife. It seemed too great to imagine--To finally marry this sweet, innocent lady that I've known sense childhood--to make her my own--and to make love to her for the first time, to give eachother our virginity... It all seemed too amazing to imagine. An exuberant energy carried us along that day, on a day like many others sense we had fallen into love, which seemed more like an endless dream or a moment lost in time than life as it seemed when we were apart. (By now a very rare thing!)

We arrived back in our new home, and were barely inside a few minutes when the doorbell rang. We answered it, still together and lost in the magnetic flow of love. Before us stood a young man dressed in an expensive black tuxedo. He appeared to be slightly younger than we were. "Good afternoon, John and Gloria. I'm here to escort you to the church. "

"What church?" I questioned. "Today?"

"Actually," said the young man as if just remembering, although he didn't seem to care, "Father Markswell has fallen ill. Cancer, I'm affraid. He'll be unable to marry you two weeks from today."

"Oh poor Mr Markswell!" cried Gloria, turning to me with wide-open eyes of concern. "He was such a kind old gentleman, and a friend of my family's for a long time."

"And so," continued the man, rather snottishly but yet acting as though he were extemely polite, "You will now be getting married by Father Ruther. "

"Father Ruther?" Gloria questioned.

"Your unkle," he said to me, "has arranged everything. You're to go today to meet this Father Ruther. I am here to escort you."

"This seems odd," I said. "Why didn't someone call us about the judge falling ill?" I questioned him.

"It's come on rather suddenly. Your unkle will likely discuss it further with you when you arrive, sir. He'll be waiting for you."

I turned to Gloria. We were both suspicious. "All right then," I said.

"Only--" he said, stopping us just before we grabbed our shoes and jackets. "He wishes you to be dressed up as for the wedding. A rehearsal, of sorts. Your unkle has something special planned."

"No doubt," I grinned, squnting my eyes at him with suspicion.

"What's your crazy unkle up to now?" smiled Gloria.

"It's hard to say," I said. "Guess we'll find out." I turned back to the man. "If we have to get all dressed up, in tuxedo and wedding dress, it'll take some time. An hour, at LEAST."

"I'll wait."

"Alight," said Gloria, closing the door. "Odd fellow."

I had a shower and got into my tuxedo, all fixed up and photo-friendly. Gloria had a shower before, and then spent a half hour getting dressed into her beatiful white gown and having everything just right. She spent a second half hour fixing her hair. We then held hands, dazing at ourselves in our livingroom mirror. We were indeed, as everyone had said, a most handsome couple. "We look like a prince and princess going off to get married in a palace in the clouds," dreamed Gloria.

"Yeah, and knowing my unkle that might be."

We stepped outside and saw awaiting us a long, white limousine. The man got back out of the car and held a door open for us. I got inside first, on the count of Gloria's large wedding dress, and helped her in behind me. In no time we were off. The windows were unusually dark and hard to see through even on the inside! We hugged and kissed and whispered sweet words along the way. We were only partly awair that we had left the valley and were heading into the woods. We traded many back roads untill we came to a long, uphill driveway. It was narrow and used only as an entrance. A series of gates opened one by one to let us through.

The car came to a stop and the driver opened the side door to let us out. Once we were out, he closed the door and returned to the driver's seat, taking the vehicle into a garage-like tunnel further ahead. Several men approached us, acting as security guards but wearing fancy black tuxedos. One spoke, "John and Gloria? Welcome. This way." Gloria and I looked at eachother. Hmm... something didn't seem right. We turned away from the cars and bushes and gates and security men to see a giant mansion, totally secreted into the wood. It had a gothic look to it, having black bricks and odd scultures. Large, black statues of gargoyles, dragons and trolls were about the place as well. As were nice plants, tress and shrubs such as cherry trees red rose bushes. Needless to say, it didn't appear to be a church. With humerous suspicions of my unkle's intentions, we entered the gothic building. Standing on either side of the entrance were two groups of two guards, dressed in tuxedos.

We were led inside and asked to wait in the centre of the main room. The room was very large, and dimly lit. To our left were lines of seats, rising slightly to the back. A large stage sat before. It appeared to be a theatre house of some kind.

"Your unkle wants us to get married HERE?" said Gloria, humoured. "I don't think so. This place gives me the creaps."

"Me too," I agreed.

Men started carrying things in through a side door, in and out of the main room. We carried chairs, belts, leather clothing and strange tool-like objects that I couldn't quite place.

Then before us entered another group of men. Two were older and looked distinguished, dressed in even fancier tuxedos, and the others standing behind them as guards. The two men stepped towards us in a graceful but yet suspicious manner. They were middle-aged and grayed, but looked like kindly men. They avoided eye contact with Gloria at first. "Welcome," spoke one. "My name is Henry, and this is Loyde. We are owners of this establishment. So is your unkle, and there are many more. John, is it?"

"Yes, and this is my bride-to-be, Gloria."

"Charmed," he said. Henry wad more character about him than Loyde, having white hair, gold-rimmed glasses and a black gentleman's cain in the shape of a serpent, no less. He took Gloria's white gloved hand into his, leaned forward and planted a gentle kiss upon her right hand. His hands remained over her's, which made her uncomfortable, and so he removed them. "A lovely girl," he said to me. "You are... most fortunate."

"Where is my crazy unkle?"

"Oh, he's here," grinned Henry. "You'll see him later. But for now, he's left me to do the explaining. You see, you shall both be getting married this afternoon. Right here, in this beautiful gold-trimmed room. Father Ruther is nearly ready, and so your timing is fair."

"I don't think so," said Gloria. "We're getting married in two weeks, amongst our friends and family."

"Affraid not," said Henry. "Today will be the day. We INSIST."

Gloria and I looked at eachother. It felt really wrong, and we both knew it. We wanted to get out of that place. "I don't know what my unkle's up to," I said to them, "But it isn't funny. We're leaving."

We turned to leave but four large guards blocked the doorway with arms crossed. We turned back. "We do insist," spoke Loyde. "You will be thankful and do as we ask."

"I bag your pardon?" said Gloria, laughingly, but she was nervous. "This is OUR wedding. It's not your business."

"Affraid that it is," said Henry. "This is a club. A very SPECIAL club, called the Man's Rush. We select special couples to wed, free of charge. This doesn't happen every day, and so everyone is rather... thrilled about it. You will do as you're told, or pay the price."

Gloria turned to me, half humoured, half frightened. We held hands tightly. "You know my unkle." I consoled her. "He plays all sorts of practical jokes on people. This is just his latest. There's nothing to fear, I promise." I then turned to Henry and Loyde. "That's enough. It's been fun, now it's OVER. We're leaving." We turned to leave a second time but the guards remained still but edgy like a threatening wall. We turned back again.

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