Field Trip

by Hungry Guy

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Sex Story: He is the best seat on the bus!

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Foreword: This is one of my first erotic stories. Alas, as much as I wish it had, this never happened. This is a work of fiction. None of the people in this story are real. None of these events ever happened. This story is nothing more than words that came from my imagination. Any similarity to any real people, places, or events is purely coincidental.

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A lot of times, you read about how long after a guy meets a girl before he has sex with her. Well, I think I take the world's record because I had sex with my girlfriend before I even met her! Let me explain...

It was back in high school. We were going on a senior trip from Edison, New Jersey to Washington DC -- about a five hour trip. I was the first on the bus so I thought I'd catch some Z's on the way down. I went all the way to the back of the bus and stretched out on the back seat that stretched the whole width of the bus.

I grabbed the prize seat and stretched out. Other kids started filling up the rest of the bus. A few moments later, these three girls came up to the back seat too. I've seen them around school, but I didn't know any of them. I don't remember EXACTLY how it went, but it was something like this. They looked down at me and one of them said, "We want to sit back here too."

I answered, "Dibs!"

"You get up, or we'll sit on you!"

"I dare you!"

They did! One sat on my chest, one sat on my lap, and the other sat on my knees.

I suppose you want to know what these girls looked like and how they were dressed and everything. Well, these were pretty normal high school girls, all in all, pretty decent looking. I don't remember how exactly what each girl was wearing, but tight jeans, tank tops, and halter tops were fairly common that year.

They started talking and giggling. I was about to ask them if there were going to sit on me the whole way, but then another girl came back to sit with them. She was a black girl wearing a short denim skirt and a black halter top with a bare midriff. She was decent looking too; tall and with her hair all in braids. She sat on my legs too, after the one girl moved closer to my feet.

A moment later, two more girls came to join them. I knew one as Donna from one of my classes, but I didn't know the other. The two girls on my chest slid up together so that one girl's thigh was pressed against my chin and the other sat on my stomach while the others slid down my legs. Donna then sat on my lap. The other girl tried to squeeze in and one of the girls sitting said something like, "No more room."

She answered, "There's room if Diane and Carol move down a little more."

The girl sitting on my chest, I guess she must have been Diane, looked down at me for a second, and I licked my lips with my tongue. She gave me back an evil grin and she then slid her butt up over my head. I quickly turned my head sideways before she pressed her butt down on me. The others slid up on my chest where she was just sitting and then the last girl sat on my stomach. I immediately got a hard-on, and I could feel it poking whoever was sitting on me there!

The sensation was incredible. I was pinned down under the weight of six girls sitting on me packed in along the whole length of my body. Now, I couldn't hear what was going on. My one war was pressed into the seat, my other ear was being sat on by about 100 lbs. worth of -- I think -- Diane, and all I could see facing forward was the back of her jean clad legs. I could feel their bodies vibrate whenever they talked or giggled, but it was hard to make out what they were saying.

After several minutes, It was starting to become uncomfortable. I couldn't move, and it took all my strength to breathe in against the weight on my chest.

I figured they were all going to get up and let me out after a few minutes of sitting on me. I didn't want to be the one to wimp out, so I didn't say anything. But after several minutes when the bus started to move, I realized they weren't going to get off me!

The sensations were intense. I'm sure most of you know what it feels like to sit in the back seat of a school bus - the kind where the back few seats hang back over the rear wheel. Every time we went over a bump or something, the girls bounced hard onto me.

It was thrilling, but it was also agonizing. It was, like, a major effort to breathe, my stomach was starting to hurt, and I was having cramps from the constant hard-on.

And then I started to smell Diane's "feminine" odor. This only made my hard-on even bigger! I knew the girl sitting on it could feel it too because I heard her giggle every time she squirmed around on it. A couple of times, I almost came in my pants.

The trip lasted several hours and I was pinned under them the whole way! It was really outrageous, but I was also really beat when we finally got there. The side of my head was sore from being sat on. I was totally exhausted from struggling to breathe. My stomach was in cramps. My dick hurt from the constant hard-on. And my neck hurt from being twisted to the side the whole time. My hair was a mess too - all sweaty and matted, and I could swear I could sometimes smell Diane's pussy odor in my hair from time to time during the day.

In Washington, we all saw a bunch of boring museums and stuff. They treated us to lunch at this Steak and Ale place. We saw more boring museums. And then it was time to head back.

Again, I was one of the first to get back on the bus. I didn't expect to enjoy the ride back as much as I enjoyed the ride down, but when I started walking down the aisle, three of the girls were already sitting in the back seat and they waved me back to them. They said, "we saved your seat for you," as they gave me this sexy look.

I wasn't too keen on doing it again on the way back, but I couldn't be a nerd and say "no thank you," so I said, "sure." They stood as I sat down on the seat and I lay down as I had before. They sat back down on my stomach and lap. A moment later, two more returned -- Diane and the black girl.

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