by E. Z. Riter

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, BDSM, DomSub, MaleDom, Humiliation, Harem, .

Desc: Sex Story: Which is more giving and loving, more submssive and needy, a woman born and bred to be a concubine or a woman who knows it in her heart?

I met Prince Mohammed, first son and heir of a sheik, my junior year when he transferred to The Petroleum Engineering School at The University of Texas. We discovered we both liked hunting, golf, fast cars, a good laugh and women, as well as the oil business. We became best friends.

Attracting women wasn't a problem for me. My family wasn't in the Sheik's class but my grandfather was a hell-for-leather wildcatter and left us rich. Dad added to the pile and I was hoping to expand it yet again when it was my turn. The truth is when you're big rich and good-looking, the women swarm like bees on honey.

Attracting women wasn't a problem for Prince Mohammed either. He had two wives, Nudara and Sara, and a concubine named Hasna. Nudara, first daughter of another sheik, married Mohammed when they were both fourteen in an arrangement to bind the two sheikdoms together. She was smart, sincere, and tough enough to be the primary wife of a future ruler. Sara, the shy and sweet daughter of a wealthy, westernized Arab businessman, became his second wife when he was eighteen and she sixteen. They were polite, intelligent, and demure women, devoted to their shared husband without a hint of jealousy or discord.

Hasna, a gift to Mohammed from his father, was a beautiful woman with an open and ripe sensuality that she mastered in all its nuances. Seeing her made a man want sex in the same way that smelling fresh-baked bread made a man want to eat.

The Prince told me Hasna descended from a line of beautiful women bred and raised to please men. Ten generations ago, a fierce warlord began the process in a mountain enclave. Careful selection of men and women over the years enhanced the breeding process. Hasna was proof of their success.

The Prince and I opted to enroll in the MBA program after we received our Petroleum Engineering degrees. The week before school was out for the summer, an amateurish assassination attempt was made on his life. I responded to the situation and, fortunately, no harm came to the Prince or me. I didn't think I was doing something heroic. In fact, I didn't think at all. I reacted. But the Sheik saw it as heroic and credited me with saving his son's life.

At the Sheik's request, I accompanied Mohammed to the Sheikdom. I met the Sheik in a large, open room he used for meetings. He sat on a large, ornate chair some might call a throne. Prince Mohammed was seated to his left. The Sheik motioned for me to sit in the chair opposite him.

A woman in a white burqat knelt on a small Persian rug beside the Sheik's chair with her head bowed. The burqat is both a head covering with an eye screen that allows its wearer to see but be unseen, and a full costume consisting of the head covering and, in essence, an outer dress. The tail of the head covering falls to cover the breast.

"Michael," the Sheik began. "I can not thank you enough for saving my son's life. I want you to accept a small token of my gratitude." His white teeth shone brightly against his dark face when he motioned to the woman next to him. "Your first concubine. Her name is Kamilah."

I was too shocked to respond. Mohammed said, "I knew he would be speechless. Mike, my friend, she is Hasna's full sister, every bit as beautiful and well-trained."

For me, a westerner and commoner, to be given such a woman was a unique honor. To be given a woman like Hasna was blessing upon blessing. "I am truly thankful, Your Highness. You've honored me beyond imagination." The Sheik heard my hesitation.

"Mohammed said you'd fear accepting because of your government's official policy toward slavery and the ridiculous mores of your culture," the Sheik said. I nodded dumbly as I stared at the tiny white form beside him. "I have a plan to discuss with you when the time is ripe, but now you should enjoy her. Go to his quarters, Kamilah, and prepare for your new master."

Silently, she rose and glided from the room like a ghost, accompanied by the faint tinkling of bells.

We three men sipped tea and talked for another hour or so before the Sheik adjourned us. I went to my quarters, a luxurious room containing a large bed, a desk and chair, sitting area, and an adjoining modern bathroom. On each side of the bed was a Persian rug, a coverlet, and several small pillows for women to sleep on as they waited for their master to call them to his bed.

When I entered my quarters, Kamilah scurried to her knees. The all-encompassing costume trembled as I stood beside her. When I touched her head covering, she gasped and her hands clenched into tiny, glove-covered fists. I removed it to find she wore a hijab, or head scarf, and a veil. I pulled them away, revealing lustrous raven hair.

"Look at your new master, Kamilah," I said quietly.

Her head jerked upward and I stared into the magnificent face of a sensual woman. Wide, bright green eyes shone at me from round eyeholes beneath heavy, black, slightly-arched eyebrows. Nose straight from the bridge. High cheekbones. Straight jawline. Full lips. Her skin tone wasn't the olive of an Italian or the dark-brown of an Arab. It was a lighter brown, with no hint of black or green hues. More a light pecan color.

She studied me as I studied her. Her eyes softened. She smiled, showing straight, bright-white teeth, and a dimple on the left side of her mouth.

"Stand," I commanded, and she sprang to her feet. "Remove your gloves." She didn't understand so I assisted her. Her small hands trembled in mine. I removed the outer dress. She wore an abaya, or dress, under it. She trembled with anticipation as I removed the abaya and her underclothes.

About five feet tall with hair reaching her knees, she was a living doll, an hourglass with large, ripe breasts and a prominent rump that demanded a man's attention. Her full, dull black bush lay below the Venus mound pooch of her belly. Her only adornment was a silver chain with eight small, silver bells around her left ankle, like the one Hasna wore.

"Turn," I said, and she didn't respond. I made a circle motion with my hand. She turned on tiptoes. "You are beautiful, Kamilah," I said honestly.

I didn't expect a reply because I thought she didn't speak English, but she said, "I no understand."

"You please me."

"I happy please master," she said with a soft sultriness.

"Undress me," I said.

As I watched her face so alive with sexual promise and felt her trembling fingers as they grazed my skin, I wondered how she was trained. What did they do with her to make her so eager to please a man? How did they teach her to make each nuance so erotic? Most women learn modesty and propriety. Maybe Kamilah was untrained woman, raw and visceral, alive and sensual, as God made Eve before she met the snake.

She removed my boots. I stood to let her remove my trousers. When she tugged down my jockeys, my erect cock popped in her face. Eyes wide, she stared at it before turning red and slowly pulling my briefs down my legs without taking her eyes off it. She knelt with her knees together and her hands folded primly in her lap.

"Why do you keep staring at my penis?"

"I no understand."

"Looking at this," I said, making my cock bounce up and down.

"Cock. Master say 'looking at cock.' I not see live. Only dead."


"Not man. Toy. Not big like you."

"Are you a virgin?"

"I no understand 'virgin.'"

"Has a man put his cock in you between your legs?"

"In my pussy?" she asked horrified. "No. I no have man." She was indignant that I should think such a thing, but her sexuality flared like oxygenated coals and the heat covered me in waves.

"Do you want a man?" I asked.

She blushed in mahogany hues and smiled shyly with her head down-turned. Those brilliant green eyes never left mine and her slightly arched back offered her breasts to me.

"I want please my master."

I extended my arms. She smiled widely as she rose. When I cupped her breasts and felt her hard nipples, she moaned. I slipped my hand between her legs. Her plumped, oozing pussy and her whimper when my finger grazed her slit testified to her readiness.

I pointed to the bed. She crawled on it and pulled her hair forward to rest over her left shoulder like a bride adjusting the train on her wedding dress. With elbows on the bed and hands against the wall, she spread her knees wide to offer herself dog-style. No doubt we would fuck that way one day, and the tiny winking bud of her anus between the rounds of her asscheeks would receive my attention, but not tonight. I rolled her on her back. She brought her legs up and held them open with her hands behind her knees.

I watched her face as I rubbed my cockhead up and down her slit, lathering it with her copious juice. She looked frightened for an instant before unrestrained sensuality burst forth like sunshine. I nudged my cock against her opening, pushed her legs up, and pulled her hands down by her head with my fingers around her wrists.

I was in no hurry to fully penetrate this rare prize as she became accustomed to the first man in her. Her face told me she couldn't believe what was happening to her or the sensations she felt. She twitched and moved as her muscles accommodated me. I fought my desire to hurry, slowly building the tempo toward an excruciating crescendo. She began to sweat. Her face signaled her surrender to her passions and muted groans heralded her approaching climax.

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