My Sister Wants a Divorce

by JAX

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Heterosexual, Incest, Brother, Sister, .

Desc: Incest Sex Story: On my doorstep was my buxom sister; having left her pervert of a husband she had come to stay with me

I had a few by the time the front door bell rang. "Shit," I said out loud. When I opened the door, there stood my older married sister Joan.

"Hi sis," I slurred, then I noticed her suitcase, "staying are we?"

"If that's all right?" she said and walked past me into my flat. Leaving me to carry her suitcase in. "I've left him the bastard," she said, "this time he's gone too far."

"Oh," I said, "ok you take the bed and I'll sleep on the sofa."

"No, no, the bed big enough for both of us," she said, surveying my double bed from the doorway.

"Oh," I said again, the drink had stopped my higher brain functions.

"Any chance of one of those," she nodded to the Vodka bottle.

"Sure sis," I said and poured her a big slug.

I had a quick shower and pulled on some clean underwear and slipped into my big bed. I lay there staring at the ceiling thinking about my sister. She was the first sexual girl in my life; we were on holiday somewhere when she appeared in a small two piece swimming costume. I've never seen so much naked flesh before and it was on my very own sister. Of course all the other lads were stared at her too. Thinking back I tried to work out when this was and how old I must have been. I was probably thirteen or fourteen, so that would make Joan fifteen or sixteen. Even at that age she was a very well build girl. Today, some ten years later, she as still trim true, but she has added a few pounds here and there, but still very fancible.

"Sorry I took so long, but I was enjoying the shower," she said and she slipped under the covers, but not before I was treated to a glimpse of her long naked legs under what seemed to be a man's pyjama top.

"Do you want to talk about it?" I asked.

"No not right now," she said and turned over.

"Ok, good night then," I said to her back and I too turned over and went to sleep.

I awoke with a big hard on, as per usual, and Joan had turned over in her sleep and was nestling up against me; her right hand on my bare stomach, bare inches from my hard cock.

"Oh shit," I muttered to myself and tried without any result to lose my hard on. Then to make matters worse, Joan stirred slightly and her hand was now firmly holding my cock. I kept my eyes shut tight and pretended to be asleep. She moved again and her large tits rubbed my arm, I could feel their warmth through her top, and then her hand started to rub me. I wanted to yell out or move, but I could do neither, I just had to lie there and endured.

"Mmm, good morning brother, opps sorry about that," she said as she realised what she was holding. She got out of bed and stretched which didn't help my hard cock any.

"I'll make some tea," she said and disappeared into the kitchen.

I quickly dressed and joined her.

"Sleep well?" I asked.

I was just making conversation and trying not to look at her partially exposed tits, her PJ top had one too many buttons undone.

"Yes thanks fine, you?" she replied.

"Fine," I replied, "That's until I awoke."

"Oh yeah, sorry about that," she chuckled, it was mesmerising watching her tits wobble as she laughed, "been sleeping too long with fellers, anyway you've got nothing to be ashamed off."

"Who said anything about being ashamed," I smiled.

"Yeah," she giggled again, those bloody buttonholes where definitely too big for their buttons, the strain she was putting them under when she giggled had just popped another one. Oh my God, will you look at them beauties bursting out of her top.

"I'd better get dressed," she said, getting up and walking over to me and kissed me on the top of my head, her nearly naked tits just scant inches in front of my eyes.

She re-emerged in minutes dressed in a T-shirt and jeans, immediately I could see that she wasn't wearing a bra.

"I'll do some housework for you today, if you don't mind," she announced and set about clearing up my mess.

Mind, of course I didn't mind, the place was a mess and I had been planning to clear it up for weeks.

By late afternoon the place was spotless and the washing machine on doing my dirty clothes.

"There we go, I think that deserves a drink," she said.

"Sure sis," I said, and quickly found a new Vodka bottle and poured her a stiff one.

After she had gulped her drink down, she headed for the bathroom and I heard the shower going. I didn't see her for about an hour and then she sat down next to me on the sofa, this time dressed in a clean T-shirt. I assume she was wearing knickers underneath but that was all.

"God that feels better," she said, pulling her naked legs under herself. "It's good to relax away from that small dick husband of mine. By now she was on her third large Vodka and I could tell it was having an effect.

"Do you know what that bastard wanted me to do," she said her words slightly slurred.

"No," I said.

"He only wanted me to spread my legs for all his mates, the bastard," she said with venom.

"Oh," I said.

"Not that some of his mates weren't shagable," she giggled and I watched her braless tits wobble again causing me to become hard. "One or two were definitely ok, but I wasn't going to shag them for him."

By now the Vodka bottle was half-empty, with her drinking most of it.

"Yeah I like to choose my own bed partners," she said her words slurring badly now. "I think I drunk too much, please put me to bed."

"Sure sis," I said, she was a big girl and not that light, so it took some effort to carry her back to bed.

"Please stay and give me a cuddle," she slurred.

"Sure sis," I said and got in beside her. She turned her back on me and I put my arms around her.

"Mmm, that feels nice," she giggled and wiggled her backside onto my hard cock.

"Stop it sis," I said a little embarrassed.

"You wouldn't make me fuck all your mates now would you?" she muttered.

"Of course not, I'll keep you all to myself," I said.

"Yeah I bet," she sighed.

Soon after that she was snoring.

"Sorry about yesterday," she said, I was eating my toast for breakfast when she entered the kitchen.

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