Revealing Afternoon with Donna

by In2thisshit

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Desc: Sex Story: Can you guess who Donna's lover is?

His cock was so thick that my cunt was stretched to the point of tearing. I could feel every vein along its rigid rubbery surface as it tore deep into my womanhood. My juices eased the assault on my cunt somewhat but his powerful strokes where relentless and he fucked deep into my very being. He held my hips in his powerful grip as his cock bore deeper and deeper into me. His cock was so very big. It was longer and thicker than any cock that ever split my pussy lips previously. It was definitely larger than my husband's cock. His staying power was incredible. He fucked me for twenty minutes straight without let up. I thought that I would pass out as I reached levels of ecstasy that I never before experienced. I felt his cock beginning to swell and I knew he was close to his orgasm. He managed to push more of his hot meat into my wet cunt even though I didn't think I could take anymore of his hard flesh. The head of his cock poked at the entrance to my womb and my insides became alive with a mixture of pleasure and pain. He managed to wedge the head of his cock against my cervix and was straining to push it into my womb. I could not imagine taking anymore cock into my body but I pushed back against his every thrust. I felt my cunt lips spreading to accept the immense girth at the base of his swollen cock. It was so very wide and I feared that my pussy would forever damaged but still I push back. My lust was at a point that I did not care if my twat was torn to shreds. I wanted and needed every inch of his hard cock. I felt my cunt lips swallow his swollen member and knew I had all of him inside me.

Now with ever thrust his hard flesh teased my G-spot, my clitoris and every inch of my sensitive pussy. Our lubricating juices are dripping down my thighs in rivulets. I know that my carpet will be forever marked by our lovemaking. It will stand witness to my infidelity. But I could care less. This was the best sex of my life. I was completely his now and forever. I will willingly give my body to him any time and any place. Shit, how can I ever explain how good the orgasms were? No one will believe me lest of all my husband.

I had given myself over to the debauchery willingly and I wanted more. In my sex crazed lust, my mind screamed for me to taste my lover's juice. I quickly wiped my hand across the hot flesh of my inner thigh and brought the essence of our coupling to my mouth. His scent filled my nostrils and burned a memory into my brain. I lapped at the pungent juice that clung to my fingers like a starving person would when offered a life saving drink of water. The taste fired my lust and another orgasm raced thru my body. I screamed his name and my body is shook uncontrollably. God I love it when he makes me cum.

I could hear the sounds of our fucking echoing off the walls of my home. I did not care if anyone watched as we fucked there on my living room floor. My cunt was so full of cock that every movement caused an obscene sound to squish from my cunt hole. It reminded me of the sound a plumber's helper creates as it plunges in and out of a toilet bowl. The thought disgusted me but the feeling inside my hot cunt made it disappear.

His fucking cock made me grunt with pleasure and when I came I would lose control and squirt my girl-juice all over his hairy balls. I promised myself that I would lick his nasty balls clean when he was finished with me. His balls and his cock would be thoroughly cleaned and spit shined by my loving tongue. After all no one had ever made me feel that good, not my ex-husband nor any of my boyfriends before him. This cock was magic!

My lover fucked me hard and deep with an animal fury that I have never experienced. I will never be able to refuse him sex. One look into his dark eyes and I'll strip my body naked and I will drop to my hands and knees to offer him my pussy. Once he smells my hot cunt I know that it won't be long and that magical tongue will get me hot and ready. My cunt will blossom's open ready for his hard cock. I know that I always cum when he fucks me... ALWAYS!

I knew that we were reaching the end. His pounding cock was making short more powerful strokes and his cock was completely swollen. I was near exhaustion and could not take much more. My head was spinning and I fought for breath. I felt like I might pass out if he didn't cum soon. My body was raked with yet another orgasm when his cock began vibrating deep inside my cunt. He was very close to his release. His grip on my hips tightened. He was so very close now. That is when he slammed his cock into me and held himself very still. I loved feeling that first squirt as he ejaculated his hot seed into my body. Oh, fuck my body reacted to the hot jiz filling me. I came with him!

He was done. His cock still pumped his hot fluids into me with every heartbeat but he was done. He collapsed onto my back and rested his weary body. I bore his weight lovingly until his wonderful cock shriveled. I waited for him to pull his flaccid appendage from me. It popped free of my ravaged twat with a wet plop! His sticky cum drained from my distended cunt hole. I collapsed to the floor and rolled onto my back, legs splayed open. My lover crawled between my thighs and used his devilish tongue to lick our fluids from my abused but sated fuck hole. His hole! Damn I love it when his rough tongue pushes into my still quivering cunt. It makes me want to fuck him all over again. But that would wait!

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