Coming Full Circle

by Anonymous

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, TransGender, Fiction, Science Fiction, Time Travel, Incest, Grand Parent, Oral Sex, Pregnancy, Size, School, .

Desc: Incest Sex Story: An X-rated Sci-fi trip through the looking glass!

As I lay in my bed, recalling these recent past events, I determined to write this all down before I woke up and found out I was dreaming.

In my family, there has existed for some time now a terribly messed up gene that causes one in every eighty of our line to be born with the wrong sexual organs, such as a penis, despite having ovaries, or a clit and vagina despite producing sperm.

With such problems, and the inherent hormones that steer sexual identity, any of us today could have a sex change and that would be that; but a century ago, this would have been impossible, the afflicted living a life of yearning for another of the same sex and not knowing exactly why.

When the college I was at silently looked for a candidate to attempt time travel, I submitted my resumÈ and my reasons for wishing to be their guinea pig. I won out over dozens of others.

With no promise of being able to return to the present, this was no simple undertaking, but I got my affairs in order and decided to go through with everything.

I never mentioned my family 'curse' to anyone at school, but my secret agenda was to meet and comfort my great great great grandmother who, according to family writings, somehow managed to have a baby despite having no ovaries or eggs!

My affliction was the opposite: I had a penis, but it was connected inside me to egg producing ovaries. My ball sac was empty!

I guess I would be a lesbian since I like women, and since I'm unable to impregnate any of them, I concentrate fully on making love to them the way they want me to - tenderly.

With family history firmly imbedded in my mind, I allowed myself to travel back to 1869 for the Golden Spike ceremony, since the college chose that event for two reasons: (1) It is right here near Salt Lake City and (2) this college has been in existence in one form or another since 1850, and had a sight selected that was still extant.

I had convinced the college to tap some local numistmatists for about $200 in coin of the time, no easy undertaking since today these coins are worth many thousands. I promised to return with all the coins or ones of better value.

Clad in tweeds of the period, and armed with only a penlite flashlight, I felt the room fade away. Then, I appeared in mid air, falling some 18-20 inches onto a floor. (We had correctly accounted for building settlement and elevated me three feet off the floor so I wouldn't materialize inside solid matter.)

Apparently, things going 'bump' in the night were easily dismissed, but when I was ready to sneak out, I felt guilty about leaving the door unlatched, so I slept on the floor until dawn.

But everyone gets up at that time, so I was discovered.

Fortunately, my cover story was that I had only just arrived and must have been waylayed, then staggered in here.

Since I had visible means of support and none of the owner's property on my person, the family treated me like one of their own, a fine Mormon trait.

Over breakfast, for which they refused my offer of recompense, I told them I was looking for a relative of mine.

Upon hearing the name - Melody Sharp - the owner looked at me aghast and said, "You're related to HER?"

"You know her"? I asked innocently.

The man's wife interjected, "She's that railroad slu..." only to be interrupted by her spouse.

"She entertains railroad workers, and especially on paydays?" he said.

I nodded knowingly about their drift, but I acted disappointed. Fact is, it made total sense to me that she was sexually active. How else was she going to have a baby?

As I finally parted company, they hoped I would be able to steer Melody to the light, as they put it.

It was still quite a few miles out to Promontory, and I was able to gain my way onto the Union Pacific's private meeting train via my New York press credentials, a wise precaution we took.

Sure enough, at end of track in those times, there was gambling and women, and Melody was the deluxe whore used by railroad excutives.

As part of their hospitality, they even bought me a roll in the hay with my progenitor! I knew I would be alone with Melody long enough to convince her I was from the future. I had no intent to dip my wick into my own ggg-grandma, especially after seeing pictures of my grandparents. But then again, when I laid eyes on Melody, I couldn't help getting a boner! She was positively gorgeous to behold - green eyes, blond hair, and headlights that transfixed mortal men. The pelvis, I gad to guess about because of all that underwear they wore in those times.

Acting quickly, I whispered to Melody that I was here from the future to observe the joining of the rails at Promontory Point, and that I was also her great great great grandson.

She smiled and said to me, "There's no need to bullshit me, kiddo. This is already paid for. C'mon, lets get you out of those things."

At that exact moment, my penis in full strain to get out of my pants and my knowledge that I couldn't impregnate, made me pliable as I let Melody strip me naked.

I didn't envision Melody as a relative. She was just this incredibly beautiful, hot to trot sex machine that pushed all my buttons.

Reverting to form, I performed orally upon her and got her good and ready. Then, I slowly inserted my fairly thick tallywhacker inside her, but with some difficulty.

Suddenly, in just a few seconds, Melody spasmed and I could feel a familiar wetness lubricating our union.

For a moment, I thought that maybe I had had a premature ejaculation, but the cream was Melody's!

Confirming that, she smiled and said, "I'll bet you never had a woman who could do THAT!"

We were now plugging away like a train on schedule, my hips on automatic, when I finally realized that Melody creamed through her urethra because she was who she was, but that still didn't explain how her sperm could produce a child.

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