by muffinlove1802

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Interracial, Black Female, White Male, Oral Sex, Squirting, .

Desc: Sex Story: Chunky little Alexa, finally gets the guy of her dreams, Hugh and has a wild night at the office.

He was the most beautiful thing Alexa had ever seen. He was tall, olive complected, and had gorgeous eyes... blue, green, and some brown, all mixed to create something new and incredible. They were the kind that changed with what he wore. Today, he had on his periwinkle blue shirt and a matching blue and black tie. His eyes reflected that color exactly.

"God, what I wouldn't do to have that boy", Alexa thought. "He's everything that I've never had... and probably never will."

"Alexa? Alexa? ALEXA!" Hugh screamed.

"S-sorry. I was in la-la land."

"Yeah, I could tell. Hey, I need to ask you a favor", Alexa's heart-raced. "I need you to stay late with me a few nights and help me finish this stupid report for Mr. Tiniggle. I know it isn't quite work related... I mean, it's for my Texas State and Local Politics class. I heard you volunteer with the Democratic Party so I figured I'd ask you. Hey, I don't even understand half the crap he asked for and I know you're pretty damn smart. Can you do that for me?" Hugh's eyes sparkled as he smiled down at Alexa.

" Of course! Anything for you, Hugh." Alexa winked. Hugh winked back, and turned to walk away. Alexa could not have been happier. Hugh, that beautiful creature had just spoken to her... her! Alexa, the chubby 18 year-old, black girl. She was shocked. What interested could he have in her? He could have any girl in the office, why Alexa?

In all honesty, Alexa was very cute. She was 5'6", weighed about 180lbs, with dark brown micro-braids down to her shoulders with auburn highlights. She had brown eyes and beautiful full lips. Alexa was the kind of girl who could brighten the room with her smile. Her breasts... now those were a marvel of their own. She wore a 40 DD bra, at the tender age of 16. When Alexa gained weight, it went straight to her mammories. They weren't perky, but they were big and that was enough for most guys. Sometimes she hated them because of the negative attention they attracted, but when she got with a guy, she loved them because he loved them too.

The rest of the day ran pretty smoothly. Alexa met some friends for lunch and told them about Hugh's offer to work late. The girls were ecstatic for her. They thought that this might finally be it- Alexa would finally have a boyfriend.

"C'mon guys. You know how hot he is. He just wants my help with some stuff. He recognizes that I understand the material, and that's it. At most, he'll be my friend."

"Whatever. He wants in them panties!" said Minora. "You know he thinks you're hot."

"I'm too fat to be hot. Cute maybe, pretty-sometimes, but never hot."

"Whatever." her friends said in unison.

After work, Alexa stayed in her office. She fiddled with the computer, organized her work space, and then it dawned on her; What the hell do I look like right now?! Alexa dug through her purse to pull out her compact. She looked fine. She never wore much make-up, but when she did it was pretty classy. Today, she had done her smoky eye. Dark eye make to bring the focus to her face. As she reapplied her lip gloss to make them shiny and pink again, Hugh walked in.

"Gettin' all done up for me, huh?" He smiled.

"You know it babe."

"Come on. Let's go to my office, I've got all the papers and books and stuff in there." Hugh extended a hand to help Alexa out of her seat, and she gladly obliged him. He lifted her up with one swift jerk.

"My, my you sure are strong!" She said in her cheesiest southern accent. "And such a gentlemen."

He smiled and laughed. "I see that Texan is finally comin' out you. I knew it was in there some where."

She followed Hugh down the corridor and to the elevator. He pushed the button. A few seconds later there was a ding, and the doors slid open. "After you, madam." he bowed graciously.

"Why thank you, kind sir." she responded. He followed her in and hit the button to the 29th floor-ten floors up. They made eye contact. Alexa looked away quickly. They smiled and her face got hot. "I'm sweating" she thought. "Oh no! I must look disgusting. I better say something before he thinks I'm some sort of weirdo, hyper-perspiring freak."

"Man, it's gettin' hot in here." she said softly.

"So take off all your clothes." Hugh replied. Alexa turned quickly. She had a "what-did-you-just-say" look on her face. "Just joking... just jokes. Don't sue me for sexual harassment, now."

Alexa smiled. "No, no... it wasn't that... you just caught me off guard. That kinda threw me off there." Alexa's gears were turning. Just the thought of Hugh propositioning her was a turn-on.

The door to the elevator opened and once again, Hugh bowed to allow her to get out first. She did and once again he followed her... kind of closely.

"So tell me Alexa, how old are you?"


"Ooh, a young one?"

"Yeah, I suppose so. But I'm certainly not like the other 18 year-olds runnin' around here."

"Oh, why is that?"

"I'm a lot more mature. I've been through a lot more, done more things, seen more places. Unlike some of these folks here, I've got dreams and aspirations."

"Good. You don't wanna be a lifer here at the company, do you?" Hugh smiled. Alexa shook her head rapidly. The both stepped quickly into a large corner office Alexa looked puzzled. "Yeah, I know it isn't mine. It's the one down the hall, but this office is better equipped for what were gonna do." He was right. There was a high quality color printer, a huge new computer, and every kind of neat-o office do-hickey one could want. A great cherry wood desk was there as well, with three large chairs-the largest positioned behind the desk and the other two in front. "So... tell me some more about yourself, Alexa." Alexa told Hugh just about everything about herself that she could think of (she quickly established she was single... actually, those were the first words out of her mouth). It ranged from the sad to the hilarious, from the completely random to the well thought.

"Wow, Alexa. You're a mighty interesting girl. I didn't know your last name was Arlington. You related to Claire and Buddy?" Alexa shook her head. "Didn't think so. They're white." There was a pause. "Let's get to work."

They worked, and worked and worked some more. Finally, Alexa suggested they take a dinner break. Hugh agreed. They went out and got some gyros and totally chowed down. They had fun conversation and at around eleven, they headed back to the office. At one o'clock, the report was finished.

"Gosh, I'm sorry Alexa. I didn't mean to keep you out this late."

Alexa yawned. "It's okay. Anything to help a co-worker." There was a pause.

"Alexa, can I ask you a question? A pretty personal question?"

Alexa raised an eyebrow. "Sure... I guess."

"Well, you don't have to answer it, but... I was wondering. Are you a virgin? I mean, you're so sweet and young... so innocent..."

Alexa was taken aback. "I knew I was out of line... I'm sorry Alexa. Let me walk you to your car and-"

"No, no it's okay. I'll answer you." She paused briefly. "No Hugh, I'm not a virgin."

"Really?" Hugh was intrigued.

"And I'm not as innocent as I look."

"Please, tell me more."

"Well, what do you want to know?"

"Well, you know. What you like, what you're into. Do you like girls?"

"I like to look at girls sometimes, but I've never been with one."

"Hmm. Okay." Another brief pause. " Um Alexa, I need to tell you something." Hugh got up from behind the desk and walked around to where she sat. He squatted down to be eye level with her. "I am totally enamored with you. I think you're beautiful." Alexa's eyes got wide. "I love everything about your body, and from the amount of time I've spent with you tonight, I love everything about your personality."

"Well Hugh, I didn't know... I mean, I'm flattered. You like me? Well, that's a new one."

"How so sweetheart?" he took her by the hand.

"No one I've liked has ever liked me back..."said Alexa, making Hugh smile. She smiled too, looking away bashfully.

"God, I love it when you do that." Hugh could contain his urges no longer. He moved in close to her. She looked into his eyes and he smiled."Let me kiss you." he whispered. Alexa closed her eyes, and Hugh gently pressed his lips against hers. They held themselves there, marveling at the softness of one another's lips. Hugh tongue slowly slid out of his mouth and touched her bottom lip. She parted them, and allowed him full access to explore her mouth. He did, gently roaming about, softly caressing her smooth legs and the tops of her thighs.

Hugh pulled his mouth away from Alexa's, making her crave his lips. "Get on the desk." he whispered. Alexa stood and did as he demanded. She sat on the desk and spread her legs, to allow Hugh to stand between them. They began to kiss again only this time it was more intense. Their tongues flicked and licked each other. Alexa gently nibbled Hugh's bottom lip. His hands glided smoothly over her black, long sleeve button down shirt as they traveled all over her body. He stroked her back, down her sides, and up again across her front. Hugh gently took a breast in each hand began massaging. This caused Alexa to lean back, and break away from their kiss, leaving a thin strand of saliva connecting them. Hugh pecked her on the lips to get rid of it and then they smiled. He continued to massage her breasts, feeling her hardening nipples through her shirt and bra. Hugh stopped and looked at Alexa. Her face had changed. Her breathing had gotten heavier. She had a look of pure lust, exhilaration, and love in her eyes. He began to unbutton her shirt, revealing sheer and lacy black bra. "Very nice" he whispered. He kissed her lips softly again. Hugh then squeezed Alexa's breasts causing her to moan softly. "You like that?" he asked. All Alexa could do was nod. Hugh pulled the cups of Alexa's bra down, releasing her massive tits, each one gently flopping out onto her tummy. Alexa looked away, then blushed. She was embarrassed. "They're beautiful." Hugh said. He bent down a little to take Alexa's left nipple into his mouth. He sucked in gently, making it get harder, more erect. His other hand played with right nipple, not wanting it to feel neglected. Alexa moaned softly. She was in ecstacy. He was so perfect, this felt so good. How could she not be in heaven? Hugh then switched, taking her right nipple into his mouth, while twisting and pulling the left. His penis was fully erect.

Hugh knelt down in front of Alexa. He could smell her. She was musky, and he loved it. "Spread your legs for me sweetie." She did as told. Hugh lifted up her khaki skirt and saw her cute little black lace panties. From the lighting, he could clearly see her wetness. She was glistening. He put his mouth on Alexa's clit. It wasn't hard to find. She had a large clit that was obviously hard, even through her panties. He sucked it through the material, tasting her juices. They were salty, a little bit sweet. She was delicious. Hugh took the index finger of his right hand and slid her panties off to the side. There it was in front of him- the tender, young pussy he had imagined so many late nights, only better. Alexa was completely shaved. "You know how I like it, huh sweetheart?" Alexa looked down at Hugh and smiled. Hugh licked Alexa's outer lips, getting a hearty helping of her free flowing juice. He inserted his tongue into her and wiggled it around a bit, feeling Alexa squirm, trying to get away from him. He grabbed her by the hips and pulled he tight pussy into his face, smothering him. She couldn't control herself any more. Alexa began bucking her hips, grinding her sweet puss into Hugh's face. Her clit was on his nose, and he had reached up to put a hand on her breast. Her moaning grew loader, her breathing more shallow, and her bucking was now ferocious. "Oooooooooooooooo god, I'm gonna cum! Aaaaaaah, Hugh!" Alexa screamed. She grabbed a handful of his hair and held on tight. Her cunt exploded all over Hugh's face, covering him in her sticky, clear cum.

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