Not a Jealous Guy

by JAX

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Consensual, Drunk/Drugged, Heterosexual, Slut Wife, Gang Bang, Group Sex, Voyeurism, .

Desc: Sex Story: I believe a pleasure shared is a pleasure doubled

I've never been a jealous guy, as a kid I shared my toys with the others, a pleasure shared is a pleasure doubled I was taught. My brother Ken was the same and although he was two years older than me, we shared lots of things together. I remember lossing my cherry at the ripe old age of fifteen, it was with his then girlfriend. I remember she wasn't that keen at the start, but she really got into it just as soon as Ken got between her legs and started to lick her out. It was a lesson I never forgot, treat them right, make her feel good and she'll do anything you want.

It was also my brother who broke in our younger sister when she reached fourteen, she had a nice set of tits on her by then. Just as soon as he started to feed her his length on a regular basis, he allowed me fuck rights too. Unfortunately our sister Beth wasn't the prettiest girl about, but she did make up for it by being handy and with a reasonable body on her too. It was a lot better to bang into her than to using our own hands.

I first met my wife Pat while going out with her older sister Susan; Pat was scrawny in comparison to her buxom sister. But although I was fucking Susan quite regularly at this point, she flatly refused to allow any of my friends or my brother between her legs. This I felt was a character flaw on her part and just as soon as I got bored with her she got dumped.

I found out much later that Susan had told Pat everything and how disgusting she felt about it all. As it turned out Pat was totally different from her older sister and in fact she felt quite excited by her sister's tales of my perversions. It wasn't for some five years later that I bumped into her again, at first I didn't recognise her for she had changed totally. Firstly her body had filled out but not busty like her sister. She was still slim with killer legs and bum, her bust was small about A/B I suppose, but as she doesn't own a bra, I just don't know.

After she had introduced herself to me and we had chatted about her family and mine for some minutes. I learned that Susan had married a teacher and now had two kids. Anyway we agreed to meet up again and we swapped phone numbers. I didn't get around to ringing her before she rang me. We met the following night and we had a few beers and we seemed to get on well. We parked up on the way home and we kissed.

"Is it true you wanted Susan to do it, you know with other guys?" she asked, "because that's what she says you wanted."

"Did she now," I said.

"Yeah, she said you wanted to invite your bother over one night and then both of you were to take turns with her," she said her voice sounding breathless.

"And did she say we did?" I asked.

"No way, she was totally disgusted by it all," she said, "thought you were a pervert."

"She might of thought I was a pervert," I chuckled, "but she still kept coming back for more."

"Are you telling me she did take both of you on?" she asked.

"Hey, even if she did, and I not saying she did, but even if she did, I couldn't discuss it with you," I said.

"Go on, you can tell me," she pushed.

"Pat my love," I said, "you would be the last person I would tell, her being your sister."

"I bet the silly bitch turned you down," she sighed, "your brother quite fit, I've met him once."

"Have you now," I said, "and I suppose you would jump at the chance to take us both on then."

"Well I would," she smiled, "but just at the moment I'm still a virgin."

"Well that's something I can help you out with little lady," I said with a big smile.

"We'll see," she said with an even bigger smile on her pretty face.

I unbuttoned her blouse to find her naked tits underneath.

"I like that," I said, "no bra."

"I don't own one," she giggled.

"Oh I like that even more," I said.

As it happened I didn't pop her cherry for a number of weeks but in the end I did. Soon after that we became engaged and later married. I can still see the look on her sister's face when we announced it to the family. One of these days I must get her so rat arsed that Ken and I can take her somewhere and do her properly. Even after two kids her body looks pretty good, even more buxom than I remembered.

We honeymooned in a quiet beach resort and spent most of the days in bed, fucking like rabbits, only appearing when hunger pangs surfaced. It wasn't until we were safely home and settled into our married life that bringing Ken into the picture was mentioned again. I can't remember who brought it up, but one night in bed we were talking about Susan and the stories she told about me.

"So are you going to invite your brother over for a drink then?" she asked.

"Yeah soon," I said looking her directly in the eye, "just as soon as you want."

"Well don't wait for me to say," she giggled, "I can take all the cocks you can supply."

"Don't bet on it," I laughed in return, "there's an army barracks down the road don't forget."

"God don't" she shivered, "all those randy army blokes lining up for me."

"Well one day perhaps, if you've been good," I said, "but to start with I'll invite Ken over for a drink at the weekend."

"Ok, sounds great," she smiled, "will he bring a girlfriend or something or will I have you both all to myself."

"Don't know," I mused, "might be nice if he brought someone then at least I might get my leg over too."

"God all this talk of lots of cocks has got me hot," she smiled seductively, "any chance of a bit now?"

"Sure, get your kit off," I said.

"Always the romantic," she chuckled, and her hands became busy with her nightie.

Ken brought Diane with him, a busty blonde with an IQ less than her bust measurement well in centimetres anyway.

"I'm fucking her body, not her brains," chuckled Ken, thankfully out of her hearing. "God you should see her tits, and if we're lucky, later on you just might."

The wine flowed steadily all evening with all of us the worst for wear.

"Come on guys," slurred Pat, "let's play a game."

"Yeah great," shouted Ken, "what do you fancy love?" he addressed Diane.

She just shugged her shoulders bring all eyes to her jiggling bust.

"Well we could play strip poker or strip monopoly or truth or dare," I offered.

"Oh I've played strip poker before," Diane piped in with a big grin, "I wasn't very good though."

"Who did you play with?" asked Pat.

"I played with my brother once or twice," she confessed, "but I was always loosing."

"You played strip poker with your brother?" said Pat.

"Yeah, but it was all right," she said brightly, "he invited a couple of his mates to play too."

"Ok let's get on shall we," I said.

The thoughts of Diane playing strip poker with three guys, one of which was her brother made all of our minds boggle a bit.

"Does it matter," interrupted Diane, "that I'm only wearing three thing."

"No that's fine," said Ken patting her arm.

The game got under way and in truth Diane didn't have a clue as to the value of any of her hands, despite all that she won the first two. More drinks were poured and everybody started to lose clothes. Pat was the first to expose some thing, for she still doesn't own a bra.

"Nice tits," commented Ken.

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