Bachelor Party

by Paula Wilson

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Consensual, Lesbian, Heterosexual, Fiction, Cheating, Orgy, Exhibitionism, .

Desc: Sex Story: A young woman is a few days from her marriage when she meets for the first time her soon to be sister in law and they embark on a weekend long party

This work is copyrighted to the author and the Unfaithful Wife Organisation © 2003. Please don't remove the author information or make any changes to this story. All rights reserved. Thank you for your consideration.

Authors Note: I was asked if I could write a story about a bachelor party. I wasn't sure but after thinking about it more I came up with the idea of a bachelor party that becomes a last fling, after all if the boys can be naughty, why can't the girls? Of course I had to try and add a twist.


The calendar had become a countdown; each day circled was a day nearer to her wedding. The big red blob around the 21st June signified the day, the day she'd cease being plain old Jane Fellows and become Mrs. Robert McCloud. It was now; Jane paused and mentally counted down using some virtual fingers, fifteen days.

Fifteen days.

She rolled over and kissed the half awake Robert on the mouth, slowly he started to kiss her back and then she felt his hand on her belly and her legs began to drift apart.

Fourteen days.

Robert announced that his sister, Tara, was coming to London and that Tara wanted to meet her. Jane grimaced, she'd heard enough from Robert to know that she wouldn't like Tara, but she understood enough about life to realise that in marrying Robert then she was marrying into his family.

She had met his parent's only a few weeks when they'd visited on the announcement of their engagement. Even that had been traumatic and she had cried and cursed Robert that night. He had never said that his father was the clan chief and that he Robert was the heir

Jane had been horrified to discover that the mild mannered man she'd lived with this past twelve months was the heir apparent to a Scottish title and that meant that she would be the clan chief's wife!

"Why didn't you say something?" She snapped as soon as they were alone. She was furious and the passion she usually channelled towards her work and relationships was suddenly pointed in his direction.

"The usual reason." He said defensively.

"Usual? What the fucks usual?" Jane exploded. "What else haven't you told me, another wife? Children? You're an axe murderer?" She was actually shaking with the hurt, the show of distrust that he'd made. If he kept secrets from her now how about after they were married?

"I've found that to say I'm the son of a laird attracts some girls and frightens others. So I started never saying anything and until I met you it had worked. When I should have said it had all gone on so long that I didn't know how?" He replied somewhat pathetically.

"You thought that I was a gold digger?" Jane found herself almost screeching.

"Something like that... not you, girls in general. I wanted you to love me for my sake and not a title." He shrugged and then sat down looking miserable. "I didn't mean it to be a secret, honestly." He looked as pathetic as he sounded, like the dog she'd had as a kid.

"Come to bed, and afterwards I demand to know everything." She offered him her hand which he gratefully accepted.

An hour later Jane understood that not only was she marrying Robert McCloud, but she was almost marrying into the McCloud clan, a real honest to goodness Scottish clan complete with ancestral home and clan tartan.

"Nothing will change until my father passes on the title... I hope not for many years... and then we'll be expected to move to the ancestral pile with its Stone Age plumbing." Robert added after plying Jane with another drink.

Jane said nothing, sipped her drink and just wondered where her life was leading her... and then there was Tara..."

"Tell me about your sister again." She asked, raising herself on her elbow, the quilt fell away and she displayed her nakedness towards him.

"Tara... named after a character in an old TV series; apparently my father had the hots for her... what can I say, she's straight out of a girls private school, very strict and ever so slightly upper crust." Robert glanced at Jane. "I can't think of anything that you have in common, except me."

"What will she expect to do?" Jane asked wearily, love wasn't always easy. Relationships that lasted weeks or months could always use a fuck as an outlet for frustrations, when you went for the long run then you had to have something other than hormones as a pacifier.

"There I don't know. We aren't that close, either I was away at school or she was, or I was off to university and then the city, either way I doubt if I've spent more than a few days with her in years. So, you'll just have to improvise."

Ten days.


Improvise. Easier said from done, but now Tara was in the lift with Robert and a moment later she'd be here, in the apartment she shared with Robert. Jane found the need to visit the bathroom again and when she returned to the lounge they were there and she cringed because the sound of the toilet refilling was plain to hear.

Standing next to Robert the family resemblance was clear. The same chestnut brown hair, Tara 's looked like a mismanaged mane, the same thin pale features accentuating the mouth, even the same quirky smile. They could have been cloned rather than just brother and sister.

"Jane, this is my sister Tara, Tara this is your soon to be sister in law, Jane." Robert moved easily between the two women as if he'd done this a thousand times before.

"Jane, I have heard so much about you, it was about time that we met." She offered Jane a limp hand in greeting. She looked about thirty, give or take a year.

"Nice to meet you." Jane said just touching the proffered hand. She resisted the temptation to curtsey. She was surprised by Tara 's accent, Roberts still contained a soft Scottish brogue, but Tara had an almost transatlantic lilt to hers. It was almost smoky and very seductive.

"Whilst we were driving over Tara said that she'd booked a meal, just for the two of you." Robert continued.

"Italian, you do eat Italian I hope?" Tara added.

Jane looked helplessly from one to the other. She had hoped that Robert would have hung around and not left her with this complete stranger but he was acquiescing to her sister's demands without the slightest obvious resistance. He gave Jane a chaste kiss on the cheek and departed without another word. She had wanted more; after all she wouldn't see him again until Monday. She had two days and three nights to entertain Tara and she was dreading every second.

It had been arranged this way, whilst Tara was in London then Robert would first visit his parents and then go to Dublin with some old friends, an extended drinking binge masquerading as a bachelor party. Robert had urged Jane to have the same but she had few real friends and frankly shuddered at what might happen to her on a bachelor night out, so she had settled for a meal with her friends and now this enforced weekend with his family.

Tara crossed to the window and watched until Robert had driven away. "He's such a dear, but we can't talk girl to girl with him around... can we? Now I would love a shower and a place to change, then we can talk." From her holdall she produced a bottle of Italian Chianti wine. "Just let it breathe for a few minutes, figured if we're eating Italian then we might as well drink Italian."

Either Robert's description of her sister was false or Tara was putting on an act, what ever Jane couldn't find anything to dislike. She opened the wine whilst Tara showered and washed her hair, to emerge wearing Roberts's dressing gown, her hair a tangled mass.

"Is this apartment yours?" She asked accepting the wine glass.

"Ours." Jane answered defensively. "We'll stay here until we start a family."

Tara smiled and silently toasted Jane before saying. "Aunt Tara sounds funny."

"I'm not pregnant!" Jane blurted out.

"I wasn't suggesting that you were! Please Jane, we are all but family and the nearest I'll ever get to a real sister; I never meant to offend you. This is as difficult for me as it is for you." She sat down at the dinner table. "Now unless you take hours to change we have about half an hour to finish this wine and then get ready."

Over the course of the next thirty minutes Jane discovered that Tara was married to Duncan (very Scottish sounding) and they had two children, Alistair was six and Fiona was four (again very Scottish sounding thought Jane.). "Married at twenty two and a mother by my next birthday." She laughed and Jane mentally worked out that Tara was about thirty, which meant she was Roberts's elder sister.

They changed for the restaurant, Jane couldn't help but notice that two children or not Tara still had her figure and she was dressing in a very un-motherly way. Panties, black and sheer, hold up stockings (again black and sheer), a matching and yes, a black brassiere which pushed up her boobs. Finally she slid into a midnight blue dress that seemed to flow as she walked. Tara looked as if she'd dressed to pull and Jane felt very dowdy in comparison.

Still she rallied to the challenge and decided to wear Roberts favourite underwear, as white and sheer as Tara's was black and sheer, body coloured stockings and her favourite red and black dress. It had been chosen by Robert and was Jane's best and most expensive. Still she couldn't help but feel that she looked like the poor relation and perhaps she was. Jane had no idea where the wealth in the family was, with Robert's father or Tara 's husband.

If Tara thought that she said nothing. "On last thing, this night is on the McCloud family, so before we go any further, the only thing you need in your handbag is condoms and spare knickers."

Jane wasn't sure how much of that was just for fun, she was starting to have a strange feeling about the evening. Tara was beginning to act like somebody let off the lead.

The restaurant was small and when Jane saw the prices, she also knew that it was expensive. She and Robert preferred more public and modern places. Tara took control, ordering more wine and suggesting the order and range of the meals. Jane just smiled and let her. It was Tara 's money and her show, Jane resolved that she simply go with the flow.

"Does he give you satisfaction?" A slightly tipsy Tara asked suddenly.

"Pardon?" Jane wasn't quite sure if she'd heard Tara correctly.

"Does he fuck well, my brother, how do you rate him against your other boyfriends?"

"I... err... that's a rather personal question actually." It was the kind of question that Jane had never thought of, what kind of sister asked how well her brother performed in bed, still Jane managed to rally and reply.

Tara sniffed and looked around the half deserted restaurant before whispering conspiratorially. "Trade you, secret for secret. I'll start and tell you one and then you tell me one back... deal?"

"I don't know... I mean what sort of secrets?" Jane asked warily. She'd matched Tara glass for glass and was just as drunk.

"How old you were when you first did it... I was seventeen, how about you?"

"The same." Jane conceded. She felt as if Tara was railroading her, but she still answered. It was hardly the most intimate of secrets.

And so it started, the trading of private information, first orgasm, first oral sex, favourite position, weirdest moment... then Tara asked. "How many lovers... I had five before I married..."

"Beat you!" Said a now more than tipsy Jane. "Eight, including your brother." She grinned wildly. This was titillating and with her inhibitions loosened by the alcohol Jane was just beginning to feel what she called frisky.

"Five before I married and nine since." Tara finished as if Jane had never spoken. "And before tonights out I'd like to get into double figures."

Jane tried hard to work out if Tara was joking or not, but when Tara said no more and just stared intently at her Jane decided that Tara was most probably telling the truth. "Are you serious?" She finally whispered.

"About the numbers or tonight?"

"Both I guess."

"Well I most certainly remember how many men had screwed me; it isn't something that you forget, unless you fuck with football teams." She grinned, revealing a perfect set of white teeth. "And as for tonight, if I have the opportunity and you'll learn that a McCloud never misses an opportunity." The smile was evil or lecherous. Jane didn't know which.

"Robert isn't like that." She hissed, suddenly furious at Tara 's implication might include Robert.

"No." Tara thought for a second or two. "You are probably right, he was called the monk at school, his very best friend told me one day... when we were in bed together." The sparkle in Tara 's was almost dazzling. "Roberts probably the only honest one amongst us." She stopped talking to drain her drink. "Come on, I need to get laid."

They cruised, Jane remembered doing this before she'd met Robert and it was strange how easily she slipped back into the pattern of drink, flirt, drink, dance, flirt some more. Tara was more brazen and Jane watched as more than one man had an easy tour of Tara 's buttocks and waist. She seldom put up any resistance.

They ended up in an all night club, neither was quite drunk, but they did have company. The typical bar lizard, they'd hit on the two women as they'd left the last bar and had escorted / lead them onto their current destination. There Jane watched as Tara and her partner, Jane thought that his name was Tim or Tom, exchanged tonsils whilst he was trying to guess the weight of her tits.

She was distracted by the return of her partner, who she just about remembered called himself Shaun. It wasn't that Shaun was ugly or deformed; Jane already had her perfect partner... and then Shaun slid his arm around her and Jane felt herself being pulled towards him, before she had formed the negative word he was kissing her.

It was a shock being kissed by another man! Robert was her man body and soul. She sensed a hand stroking her back, hesitating when it encountered the outline of her brazier. She was being touched by another man! Shaun kissed her again, this time trying to force his tongue between her lips. A hand was on her neck, literally holding her in place.

She found the strength to push away. She was breathing hard and was confused. What was happening, why was she here with a total stranger. She glanced towards Tara who quite obviously didn't have her inhibitions.

Shaun still had his hand on her wrist. "What's wrong?" He asked, not angrily. He was as confused as Jane was but for different reasons. He obviously thought that Jane was available.

"I need the bathroom." Jane found herself saying. She grabbed Tara 's wrist and squeezed hard until he woman noticed the pain above the pleasure.

It was Tara 's turn to look and confused and she did look angry. "What's wrong?"

Jane just tugged and tugged until a reluctant Tara left the embrace of her partner and followed / was hauled into the ladies toilets. Thankfully the room appeared deserted.

"What's wrong?" Tara demanded to know. Unconsciously she rubbed the wrist that Jane had squeezed so hard.

"Why are we here? Jane gasped, she felt giddy and short of breath.

"Have a drink, a snog, maybe something more, what else is there?" Tara saw her reflection in the mirror and flicked at her hair. "I thought that you understood?" She looked quizzically towards the other woman.

"You're talking about having sex with them, aren't you?" Jane answered.

"Of course, though if I have a preference I'll have what's his name and you can have the other... I need a pee." So saying Tara vanished into the nearest cubicle and soon Jane heard the explosion of her urine into the toilet. The toilet flushed and Tara returned, washing her hands as she inspected her reflection.

"I can't do this." Jane said almost too quickly. "I marry your brother in less than two weeks." She almost implored. "Let's just clear off, leave them."

Tara looked at her in a state of almost total confusion. "I don't understand? You knew all this before we came out, this isn't just for me, when you marry Robert you'll be the next Lady McCloud, and do you think you'll be able to even fart without someone hearing it? Jesus Jane, you have no idea what a tiny, claustrophobic world you'll be entering! You have to seize chances like this, honestly, take every chance you get, whilst you can."

Jane realised that Tara was, in her way, being honest and that Tara genuinely believed everything that she was saying.

"Let's just have a bit of fun? As long as we are together then we're safe. If I want more, then we'll cross that bridge when it appears... okay?" Tara continued.

"Okay." Said a less than convinced Jane.

Once they'd emerged from the toilet Tara had returned to her snogging with her partner and Jane had been left with a less than confident Shaun. They'd just talked mostly but much to Jane's surprise when Shaun had tentatively kissed her on the cheek then Jane had turned to face him and they had kissed, like kids unsure of what to do, but they'd kissed.

An hour later they landed in a plush Mayfair apartment. Shaun said that it was a company property that he was using whilst he was this side of the pond. Jane needed that explaining as she hadn't thought of Shaun as being American. It turned out that he was one of those English who earned his living in the corporate world of New York.

Now they were in this extravagantly opulent apartment and Jane knew where this was leading and much to her surprise and consternation she wasn't running away. She still felt nothing towards Shaun, not like she felt towards Robert. This was on older, pre Robert Jane that had resurfaced, the college tease, the office lover.

The lounge was huge, big enough to have taken Jane's and Roberts's entire apartment with something to spare. There was a huge cinema size television, enormous settee's, thick carpets, a sound system that would have graced a rock concert. It was... was... Jane sort for the word... decadent, self indulgent, corrupting. It was the place where a rich man brought his Mistress.

From somewhere Tim found a bottle of champagne and popped it. They cheered and filling their glasses toasted each other. As the bubbles trickled down her throat Jane began to think that maybe once more, before her marriage... Jane's musing were interrupted by the room lights being dimmed. She looked up to once more see Tara folding into Tim's arms. At least she had no doubts, Tara knew why she was here, and Tara understood the rules of the game. Jane who had lived in London all her life was feeling like the country hick.

"Penny for your thoughts?" Shaun's quiet voice interrupted her again.

"What? Oh, I was wondering why I'd let myself be talked into being here?" Jane said and then silently cursed herself. She was the country hick.

Shaun just chuckled. "I knew you weren't as keen as your friend, just my luck to pick the wrong one... sorry, that wasn't meant to be insulting, it's just that..."

"Tara and she's my sister in law or will be in a few weeks." even as she spoke Jane was cursing herself.

"Tara... so is she getting hitched or you?" Shaun probed, his interest had immediately risen several notches.

Jane didn't even answer; she just felt the blood rush to her face. It was all the answer that Shaun needed, the smile hardened and the look of a predator spread across his face.

"Come here." He caught her fingers, not her hand, just her fingers and slowly drew her towards him, his hold was sp weak that she could have just shaken her wrist and been free of him, but Jane offered no resistance and just as Tara had done with Tim, so Jane found herself in Shaun's arms and offering her mouth to his.

They stood for a while, just kissing; Shaun's hands never started the exploration of her body but just held her, keeping her close but no so close that she could feel his erect penis press against her.

He kissed well and Jane was just content to allow this to happen. She still was feeling no real passion or frenzy, there was a nice feeling growing that warm glow she felt when Robert held her, but not the rush she had when Robert really held her, when his passion seemed to feed hers.

Shaun was nice, tall, fit looking, smartly dressed, he smelt right, masculine and clean. Jane could have no complaints about him. An earlier Jane would have had no qualms about going to bed with him. She felt the edge of a settee against the back of her legs and slowly they collapsed onto it, Shaun was half ways across her body, his chest pressed against her's and one leg just across her's. It was a sprawl, an untidy heap of limbs.

She felt a hand slide across her rib cage towards her breasts; there was just the merest moment of panic as Jane suppressed the urge to grab his wrist, but she was an adult, she knew the rules well enough. If she didn't want anything to happen then why was she snogging this stranger and allowing him too gradually explore her body. The hand passed from her rib cage and began to stroke, gently, her bosom. She wriggled slightly and the hand became bolder, the gentle stroke grew in its intensity.

They were still kissing and Jane wasn't any more the passive partner. She couldn't say when that had happened, but it had. She had her arms around his shoulders as well.

From somewhere across the room she heard a low growl that was almost animal in its intensity and in the corner of her eye Jane could see the other couple. Tim already had his hand up Tara 's dress and her legs were lewdly spread wide.

This was something that Jane didn't want to happen to her, not being groped and then screwed in front of Tara. It made her realise that she was already thinking about where she would allow Shaun to screw her.

As yet she hadn't touched him but now he began to steer her hand towards his groin and that first encounter. She was reluctant but then she'd never been in a rush to take hold of a man's dick, she just wasn't that desperate, not that she was frigid, by no means frigid. She just hadn't ever been really turned on by feeling a man's dick. It was a given that any man trying to seduce her would have an erection, so the only two questions were how big was it and how long could he last? She'd never felt enough or experienced enough to be an expert in either.

At last Shaun guided her hand to his groin and she felt that familiar hard shape which seemed to jump and press against her. As always the more she touched then the more excited and pressing Shaun became. He was big, not stonking, ginormous big, but big enough and finally Jane started to feel that swelling between her legs as she began to lubricate.

She was ssoooo glad about that as she'd began to wonder whether she would be wet enough to receive him, now she knew that she would and so Jane relaxed some more, given his dick some friendly tugs. The affect was remarkable and Shaun's free hand was immediately trying to get beneath the hem of her dress.

She could have stopped him, all the advantages were her's, and once a man's dick was touched they ceased to think and just reacted. She could control him with a touch, a promise, even a smile. Instead she allowed his hand beneath her hem, feeling its wondering approach to her cunt.

He'd feel her stockings and until he reached the soft and warm spread of her flesh, then triggered by the realisation that she was wearing stockings, then he'd become more urgent still.

Across the room Tara 's grunts were becoming rhythmic and Jane knew that Tim was well into finger fucking her.

"Slow down." She managed to whisper. "I'm going no where." There, that was an admission.

Across the room there came the low keening cry that to Jane meant that Tara had reached an orgasm. Lazily Jane looked across, Tim was kneeling between Tara 's legs, his trousers loose and his buttocks bouncing as he approached his own climax. He's actually fucking her whilst we're still in the room Jane thought and the depravity of it started the most disgusting of thoughts.

She settled back into the plushness of the settee and then pushed insistently on his shoulder until he received the message and started to slide down her body. She wouldn't let Shaun fuck her, not just yet, but she'd show Tara just how cool she could be. Shaun could go down on her first, then and only if he'd satisfied her, she'd let him fuck her and Tara could watch.

Just the thought made her wet, not just moist enough, but sopping wet.

As Shaun reached his place at her feet Jane drew her right leg up onto the settee and drew back her dress, she wanted to see his head between her legs; this mild domination was her favourite fantasy and one that Robert had always played along with.

"It doesn't bite." She laughed as she saw him hesitate.

He dipped his head and she felt his breath against her thighs and then a delicate or hesitant kiss. She drew in her breath in expectation, the familiar tightening of the chest and that slight pounding in her head arrived, those signals of her heightening pleasure.

She slid forwards just an inch or enough but enough to push herself into his face, so that his next kiss was against the thin fabric of her panties; let him smell me she thought. She felt the kiss, again gentle but she now guessed hesitant, Shaun wasn't into licking pussies? She smiled to herself, well he'd learn, this was almost her most favourite act or position. She loved it when Robert went down on her and if Shaun expected to shag her then he'd have to play by her rules.

Jane looked across to where Tara and Tim lay, she hadn't realised until now how similar were their names, they were now back kissing and touching, just recovering from their sex and obviously anticipating more. Jane felt the kiss and carried on smiling, then to help him she raised herself just enough, which was just enough if he got the message, take my panties off. She even wiggled a little and was rewarded by Shaun's fingers catching the legs of her panties and pulling.

Jane lifted herself higher and couldn't resist looking over to where Tara was now watching. The two women smiled towards each other and a secret was exchanged, from this moment forwards they were more that sisters in law, they were conspirators, fellow travellers, part of a unique sect only two persons strong. It brought another flood, another wave of her personal, sexual excretions, this'll ruin the settee she thought and wanted to laugh. She was now bare arsed on a very expensive piece of furniture and her pussy was behaving like a leaky tap.

She pulled Shaun's face into her pussy and felt the first darting invasion of her privacy by his tongue. It was her turn to growl, her turn to shudder, she kept her fingers just wrapped in the mass of his hair, he couldn't pull away without her approval.

He started to lap and she knew that this wasn't his party piece, still she'd manage, all it needed was a few words of encourage and advise, what she liked and how and for how long. She steered his face until his tongue found her clitoris, now that was better. Now she could stop wondering if she would climax and wonder when and how hard.

"Use your tongue more." She whispered and by the look on Tara 's face, Jane knew that her whispered orders were carrying across the room. It just served to add something more into the decadent mood she was beginning to feel. "That's right, now suck... not to hard... now your tongue again... now suck some more... yeah... yeah... keep doing that..."

She lay back, resting her head against the soft pillows of the settee. This was good, not quite the best as that had to include Robert, but still pretty good, very self-indulgent...

"Ahhhhh!" She cried out, the first tremors of her orgasm started... "Ahhhhh!" It was like wave, every decreasing waves with less time between each one, the nearer she was to her climax and then the shorter the period between each convulsion, finally there was no gap, the waves were continuous. Jane threw back her head and screamed; she was coming and hard, very hard.

The orgasm seemed to last for ever, she knew that it could only have lasted a few seconds, but the effected seemed to last forever, she shuddered and quivered, rubbing herself into his face. Slowly she came down from her high, becoming more and more conscious of her surroundings, the orgasm wasn't quite spent, but the gushing intensity was over, now it was like the ebbing of the tide.

It was a frustration that men never realised how long her climaxes lasted, theirs was short and sharp and they assumed that her's was the same. It was now that she wanted to be held, gently stroked, not in her intimate places, just held and stroked, but Shaun hadn't reached his moment and the settee wasn't the place for such intimacy.

"I need to... to..." He stumbled over the words.

"I hope that you were a boy scout." Jane breathed.


"Prepared, are you prepared?" She tried to smile but in truth if he wasn't then she'd had her fun, then that would be cruel. She could always give him a hand job as she didn't enjoy having a man's dick in her mouth.


"Show me." She still had her legs wide and was unconsciously just touching herself, egging him on with her brazenness. She was feeling so horny and was beginning to realise that she hadn't had her fun, that she wanted more, much more. Still wasn't fool, enough to believe a man without the evidence, only Robert would be allowed to penetrate her without wearing protection and only then after they were married.

He pulled the foil wrapped condom from his wallet. "Satisfied?"

She almost asked for the date on the foil but then resisted the tease. "Not satisfied, that's your job." She gave him what she hoped was a smouldering look.

"Here?" Shaun glanced about the room, Tim and Tara were too engrossed with each other to really pay any attention to what Jane and Shaun did, still...

"The bedroom?" Jane suggested and then "Just how many are there?"

"Bedrooms, two." Shaun rose unsteadily to his feet, even in the half light his erection was very obvious and Jane couldn't resist stroking it again. "Haaa!" He jerked his head back.

"Help me. " Jane extended her hand and Shaun helped her to her feet. She slipped into his embrace and they kissed, she tasted herself on his lips and it was a sign of her hunger that it didn't disturb her. Shaun's hands began to grip her buttocks and he shamelessly pressed his erection against her. "Don't waste it." She whispered, in her heels Jane was only a couple of inches below Shaun.

"This way." Shaun took her by the hand, they passed silently by Tara and her partner, she was practically out of her dress, her white breasts spilling from her brassier. The two women exchanged glances before Jane padded after Shaun.

"Can I turn the light on?" He asked.

"Why?" She asked.

"I want to see you." He said candidly.

"Low then." Jane conceded. She had never been one to fuck with the lights on, that was to crude.

In the subdued glow of a single side light the bedroom looked as large and as decadent as the lounge. At least there wasn't a mirror on the ceiling, but in every other way it spoke of wealth and power. The bed was huge, one of those oversized beds in which a person would feel lost, even two would rattle around and then Jane realised that the bed was intended for more than two, that the bedroom, like the lounge was designed to accommodate an orgy.

"We won't be joined later, will we?" It wasn't a question, it was a statement.

"No, of course not." Shaun looked surprised at the idea, but that might have been just for show. Jane guessed that he'd have soon as fucked her in the lounge as in this bedroom. Shaun and Tim were a double act; they hunted as a pair and screwed as a pair.

Jane had always found this moment difficult, did she just dive on the bed or behave more restrained and quietly undress. It was her best frock and that decided her. She looked around for a hanger and having found one, casually undressed whilst Shaun just stared, his eyes hungry with desire.

She was already minus her pants and now unclipped her brassier whilst Shaun had just sat on the bed to watch, absently he was touching himself.

"Before you undress you could go and find my panties." Jane suggested.

"What... right..."

Jane laughed softly. "I'm not going anywhere."

As soon as Shaun was out of the room Jane slipped beneath the sheets, they were pure cotton, expensive and fresh. A moment later Shaun reappeared, his mouth open ready to say something but then he saw her spread out beneath the sheets and stopped.

"I said that I wasn't going anywhere." Jane laughed again and then watched as Shaun undressed. He had a good body; it wasn't a bodybuilder's body, but trim enough to say that he looked after himself. When he was down to his shorts he stopped and looked at her.

"Should I get into bed now?"

"Not until they are history." Jane pointed at his shorts. "You ogled me so it's only fair if I do the same."

"Okay." Shaun dropped his shorts and instantly his erect cock sprang to attention. He showed no embarrassment in his nakedness. "Well?"

"What should I say, give you a size comparison." Jane started to laugh, this is fun, natural and not as sleazy as she had imagined it might have become.

Shaun climbed onto the bed, his dick swinging. Jane couldn't resist taking hold. It was hot and hard, she could feel the blood pounding through it and she could almost believe that she could feel his pulse.

"Good enough?" He said.

"Hope so, like they say, you can't tell until..."Jane doesn't finish the sentence. She felt high, exhilarated and very horny.

"Then stop teasing me."

"You'll have to wear something." Jane grinned as she just gently wanked him. She knew that he wouldn't come that easily, but couldn't explain how she knew.

"Of course." He pointed towards the bedside cabinet. "Unless you're a fuck monster then there's plenty in the top drawer... why don't you look and see..."

The profanity shocked her; Shaun hadn't used crudity during her seduction and he didn't need to now. Jane looked over to the bedside cabinet. She had two ways of moving, one would show Shaun everything she had got, the other will make her look like a school teacher. This wasn't a time for false modesty and so she stretched over, letting go of his dick and then pushing out her arse towards him.

She started to count; it took to eight before she felt his hand on her buttocks.

She opened the drawer and found his collection, there were enough condoms for an orgy of orgies and they came in all shapes, colours and flavours. She felt his finger brush across her anus and stopped her examination of the drawer contents.

"Not there." She says with a soft determination, finger fucking her arse was a privilege that you earned. To date only Robert and one other had qualified.

He took the hint and his hand travelled the few inches to her pussy. Jane sighed and smiled to herself as his fingers slid into her wet pussy. He started to slowly finger fuck her and Jane dug a condom from the general pile and tossed it in his direction.

The finger fucking stopped, she felt movement behind her but didn't look back as she knew what was happening and that was enough for her pussy to flood with expectation. She felt a hand on her hips and knew that he is right behind her and now poised to enter her. She wriggled her arse, presenting herself to him. A moment later he was inside her and she cried out as his prick pushed over her entrance.

The cock seemed to fill her to the brim. She knew that wasn't the case. Shaun wasn't the biggest man that she had ever been with, but the illusion was enough. They start to screw, Jane lowered her head and raised her buttocks a little, his penetration became all the more intense and she started to softly moan to herself.

They moved around the bed, disengaging and re-engaging as they do, finally Jane was lying on her back as they reached an almost mutual orgasm. He buried himself as deep as he could go and as he started to come then so did she. It isn't the greatest or longest in her life, but she was happy and snuggled up to Shaun.

"That was nice." Jane whispered, her body was glowing from the effect of two orgasms in a matter of minutes.

"Just nice?" Shaun chuckled. He rubbed the lose hair off her face and kissed her on the mouth. "Are you really getting married soon?"

The question made Jane wince. She wished that she hadn't said anything and now wondered just how much of Shaun's attention was simply the fact that he'd just screwed a woman the week before her wedding.

"A week on Sunday." She admitted. "Now change the subject... are you married?" Jane reckoned that the best form of defence was attack. If he wanted to pry into her circumstances then she'd do the same in reverse.

"Ouch... and no, not any more, I'm divorced... would it matter if I was?"

Jane wondered whether to believe him or not, but then it didn't really matter. If it had then she'd have asked before he'd taken her knickers off and not after she had been to bed with him.

"Only if there was a chance of an angry wife turning up at the church." Jane rolled onto her side and snuggled back into what Robert called the spoon position. She was suddenly tired and needed to sleep.

Saturday Morning

The next morning or more properly later the same day, they screwed again. Shaun was a thoughtful and considerate lover who took his time on the foreplay; so that Jane was almost ready to come by the time he did enter her.

She drifted off to sleep only to be woken again, this time by Tara.

"Time to move." Tara said, pulling the sheets off Jane's naked body. "They left an hour ago, come on Jane, you can sleep at home."

Jane dressed and they caught a cab to her flat. She felt shattered and went straight to bed and was joined a few minutes later by Tara, they slept without touching.

Later, after a few hours sleep and a meal Jane felt almost revived. She hadn't spoken of the nights events and wondered if Tara would, she should have known that she would.

"Was it worth it?" Tara asked.


"Going to bed with Shaun, was he worth the effort?"

"Yeah, I suppose so." Jane reluctantly agreed. "How was yours?" It was one of those duty questions, one you had to ask, even of you weren't interested in the answer.

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