Bachelor Party

by Paula Wilson

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Consensual, Lesbian, Heterosexual, Fiction, Cheating, Orgy, Exhibitionism, .

Desc: Sex Story: A young woman is a few days from her marriage when she meets for the first time her soon to be sister in law and they embark on a weekend long party

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Authors Note: I was asked if I could write a story about a bachelor party. I wasn't sure but after thinking about it more I came up with the idea of a bachelor party that becomes a last fling, after all if the boys can be naughty, why can't the girls? Of course I had to try and add a twist.


The calendar had become a countdown; each day circled was a day nearer to her wedding. The big red blob around the 21st June signified the day, the day she'd cease being plain old Jane Fellows and become Mrs. Robert McCloud. It was now; Jane paused and mentally counted down using some virtual fingers, fifteen days.

Fifteen days.

She rolled over and kissed the half awake Robert on the mouth, slowly he started to kiss her back and then she felt his hand on her belly and her legs began to drift apart.

Fourteen days.

Robert announced that his sister, Tara, was coming to London and that Tara wanted to meet her. Jane grimaced, she'd heard enough from Robert to know that she wouldn't like Tara, but she understood enough about life to realise that in marrying Robert then she was marrying into his family.

She had met his parent's only a few weeks when they'd visited on the announcement of their engagement. Even that had been traumatic and she had cried and cursed Robert that night. He had never said that his father was the clan chief and that he Robert was the heir

Jane had been horrified to discover that the mild mannered man she'd lived with this past twelve months was the heir apparent to a Scottish title and that meant that she would be the clan chief's wife!

"Why didn't you say something?" She snapped as soon as they were alone. She was furious and the passion she usually channelled towards her work and relationships was suddenly pointed in his direction.

"The usual reason." He said defensively.

"Usual? What the fucks usual?" Jane exploded. "What else haven't you told me, another wife? Children? You're an axe murderer?" She was actually shaking with the hurt, the show of distrust that he'd made. If he kept secrets from her now how about after they were married?

"I've found that to say I'm the son of a laird attracts some girls and frightens others. So I started never saying anything and until I met you it had worked. When I should have said it had all gone on so long that I didn't know how?" He replied somewhat pathetically.

"You thought that I was a gold digger?" Jane found herself almost screeching.

"Something like that... not you, girls in general. I wanted you to love me for my sake and not a title." He shrugged and then sat down looking miserable. "I didn't mean it to be a secret, honestly." He looked as pathetic as he sounded, like the dog she'd had as a kid.

"Come to bed, and afterwards I demand to know everything." She offered him her hand which he gratefully accepted.

An hour later Jane understood that not only was she marrying Robert McCloud, but she was almost marrying into the McCloud clan, a real honest to goodness Scottish clan complete with ancestral home and clan tartan.

"Nothing will change until my father passes on the title... I hope not for many years... and then we'll be expected to move to the ancestral pile with its Stone Age plumbing." Robert added after plying Jane with another drink.

Jane said nothing, sipped her drink and just wondered where her life was leading her... and then there was Tara..."

"Tell me about your sister again." She asked, raising herself on her elbow, the quilt fell away and she displayed her nakedness towards him.

"Tara... named after a character in an old TV series; apparently my father had the hots for her... what can I say, she's straight out of a girls private school, very strict and ever so slightly upper crust." Robert glanced at Jane. "I can't think of anything that you have in common, except me."

"What will she expect to do?" Jane asked wearily, love wasn't always easy. Relationships that lasted weeks or months could always use a fuck as an outlet for frustrations, when you went for the long run then you had to have something other than hormones as a pacifier.

"There I don't know. We aren't that close, either I was away at school or she was, or I was off to university and then the city, either way I doubt if I've spent more than a few days with her in years. So, you'll just have to improvise."

Ten days.


Improvise. Easier said from done, but now Tara was in the lift with Robert and a moment later she'd be here, in the apartment she shared with Robert. Jane found the need to visit the bathroom again and when she returned to the lounge they were there and she cringed because the sound of the toilet refilling was plain to hear.

Standing next to Robert the family resemblance was clear. The same chestnut brown hair, Tara 's looked like a mismanaged mane, the same thin pale features accentuating the mouth, even the same quirky smile. They could have been cloned rather than just brother and sister.

"Jane, this is my sister Tara, Tara this is your soon to be sister in law, Jane." Robert moved easily between the two women as if he'd done this a thousand times before.

"Jane, I have heard so much about you, it was about time that we met." She offered Jane a limp hand in greeting. She looked about thirty, give or take a year.

"Nice to meet you." Jane said just touching the proffered hand. She resisted the temptation to curtsey. She was surprised by Tara 's accent, Roberts still contained a soft Scottish brogue, but Tara had an almost transatlantic lilt to hers. It was almost smoky and very seductive.

"Whilst we were driving over Tara said that she'd booked a meal, just for the two of you." Robert continued.

"Italian, you do eat Italian I hope?" Tara added.

Jane looked helplessly from one to the other. She had hoped that Robert would have hung around and not left her with this complete stranger but he was acquiescing to her sister's demands without the slightest obvious resistance. He gave Jane a chaste kiss on the cheek and departed without another word. She had wanted more; after all she wouldn't see him again until Monday. She had two days and three nights to entertain Tara and she was dreading every second.

It had been arranged this way, whilst Tara was in London then Robert would first visit his parents and then go to Dublin with some old friends, an extended drinking binge masquerading as a bachelor party. Robert had urged Jane to have the same but she had few real friends and frankly shuddered at what might happen to her on a bachelor night out, so she had settled for a meal with her friends and now this enforced weekend with his family.

Tara crossed to the window and watched until Robert had driven away. "He's such a dear, but we can't talk girl to girl with him around... can we? Now I would love a shower and a place to change, then we can talk." From her holdall she produced a bottle of Italian Chianti wine. "Just let it breathe for a few minutes, figured if we're eating Italian then we might as well drink Italian."

Either Robert's description of her sister was false or Tara was putting on an act, what ever Jane couldn't find anything to dislike. She opened the wine whilst Tara showered and washed her hair, to emerge wearing Roberts's dressing gown, her hair a tangled mass.

"Is this apartment yours?" She asked accepting the wine glass.

"Ours." Jane answered defensively. "We'll stay here until we start a family."

Tara smiled and silently toasted Jane before saying. "Aunt Tara sounds funny."

"I'm not pregnant!" Jane blurted out.

"I wasn't suggesting that you were! Please Jane, we are all but family and the nearest I'll ever get to a real sister; I never meant to offend you. This is as difficult for me as it is for you." She sat down at the dinner table. "Now unless you take hours to change we have about half an hour to finish this wine and then get ready."

Over the course of the next thirty minutes Jane discovered that Tara was married to Duncan (very Scottish sounding) and they had two children, Alistair was six and Fiona was four (again very Scottish sounding thought Jane.). "Married at twenty two and a mother by my next birthday." She laughed and Jane mentally worked out that Tara was about thirty, which meant she was Roberts's elder sister.

They changed for the restaurant, Jane couldn't help but notice that two children or not Tara still had her figure and she was dressing in a very un-motherly way. Panties, black and sheer, hold up stockings (again black and sheer), a matching and yes, a black brassiere which pushed up her boobs. Finally she slid into a midnight blue dress that seemed to flow as she walked. Tara looked as if she'd dressed to pull and Jane felt very dowdy in comparison.

Still she rallied to the challenge and decided to wear Roberts favourite underwear, as white and sheer as Tara's was black and sheer, body coloured stockings and her favourite red and black dress. It had been chosen by Robert and was Jane's best and most expensive. Still she couldn't help but feel that she looked like the poor relation and perhaps she was. Jane had no idea where the wealth in the family was, with Robert's father or Tara 's husband.

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