The Imp's Revenge


Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mind Control, Magic, Fiction, Science Fiction, Humor, MaleDom, Humiliation, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, .

Desc: Sex Story: A ladies' fitness club owner earns the wrath of a small, magical, horny imp.

Margaret Hull owned 'A Girl's Ups and Downs'
Where rich ladies could keep off the pounds
It had a fine gym
And a pool to lap swim
But she was discontent with the grounds.

"That tree is so old, gnarled and craggy"
"It's making the landscape look shaggy"
"I don't want it around"
"Go on, cut it down!"
Said the fitness club owner called Maggie.

So the workmen began their attacks
Assaulting with saw and with axe
"Timber" they cried
And the ugly tree died
Having suffered a few dozen whacks.

But the tree was the home of an imp
Like the tree, he was gnarled and gimp
But this wee little man
Who called himself Bran
In the magicks was hardly a wimp.

When he saw his poor home, how he cursed
He was filled with a terrible thirst
'twas vengeance he craved
With a cackle depraved
He set about doing his worst.

He hobbled on up to the club
To return, with interest, their snub
Since the patrons were lasses
With firm, well-toned asses
He also had hopes for a rub.

The receptionist, whose name was Joan,
Said "This club is for women alone."
But Bran took his watch
And turned it a notch
And the lady stood still as a stone.

"Well, well now, my wild Irish Rose,"
"You're wearin' far, far too much clothes"
"But that I'll amend"
"For old Bran is yer friend!"
And he stripped her to bra, slip, and hoes.

Then grabbing a hold of her thighs
With a strength quite belied by his size
He hefted the girl
And gave her a twirl
Before taking her out 'neath blue skies.

He found her a place on the grass
Where walkers and joggers might pass
Then with creative bending
Miss Joan was up-ending
So to all she presented her ass.

Now Bran's magicks exceeded chronology
He could also bend people's psychology
He pinched Joan's behind
Then slipped into her mind
With nary a word of apology.

"You'll stay here until you've been spanked"
"And made sure that your spanker's well thanked"
"If a lady should choose"
"You must eat out her cooze"
"If a gentleman, suck on his crank!"

From Bran's pocket his watch he exhumed
(For 'twas there that he kept it entombed.)
At his fingers' insist
The knob gave a twist
And life all around him resumed.

"Good God!" came Miss Joan's startled prayer
Suddenly out in her underwear
Though she did not approve
She found she couldn't move
Save to wiggle her fine derierre.

"Please help me," the poor lady cried.
"I can't move! I know for I've tried!"
"And why I don't know"
"But I must remain so"
"Until someone has flogged my backside!"

"Please, little man, I implore!"
"Will you thoroughly slam my back door?"
"If you will set me free"
"Oh, how grateful I'll be!"
"I'll suck you off just like a whore!"

Joan desperately wanted her spanking
And was just as enthused for the thanking
But Bran thought that soon
He would find better poon
On this hope his sperm he was banking.

"I see that you're ready to straddle"
"But it's time for 'ol Bran to skeedaddle!"
So off went the imp
With his slow, pronounced limp
Leaving Joan still in need of a paddle.

He hobbled on back to the gym
In search of both vengeance and trim
And trim did abound
With just ladies around
The only man in there was him.

The aerobics class bounced and cavorted
The yoga class nicely contorted
And while some were nice
Still old Bran thought twice
On his 'To Do' list went all these assorted

To a room he was guided by fate
Filled with Nautilus, dumbbells and weight
There he was rewarded
For patience afforded
A woman of the first estate.

Jill Ennis was there all alone
On a machine she used to keep toned
The machine was effective
By any objective
And soon Bran was sprouting a bone.

Her hooters were principle cause
And how Bran did envy her bras
But to covet's a crime
For a Master of Time
So his watch caused the lady to pause.

Her tank top he soon was disgardin'
Her melons then free for regardin'
He gave them a grope
They were fine beyond hope
And how Bran continued to harden.

"You're rack is a marvelous sight"
"So I'll give you this bit of insight:"
"With your sumptuous bust"
"You'll find that your lust"
"Is inversely related to height"

"Tall makes your libido cramp,"
"But with short men your panties get damp"
"With a man three foot three"
"Say, for instance, like me"
"You're a nymphomaniacal tramp!"

Jill gasped as time started again
And her hands went to chest to defend
But she soon changed her mind
When she looked up to find
Our diminutive, magical friend

"I seem to have misplaced my top"
And so saying, she let her hands drop
No mere insinuation
But a clear invitation
If a feel he desired to cop.

"That you're topless," he said, "I'm aware"
"For you have a most notable pair"
"Don't fret for your tank"
"That it's absent I thank"
"For your titties are best displayed bare."

"I'm so glad that you like them," she said
And placed her hands behind her head.
"But why just admire,"
She said with desire
"Come on, handsome, touch them instead!"

Old Bran then did just as she asked
'Twas no undesirable task
Though he'd felt them before
He enjoyed this much more
As the girl in his attentions basked

Her lust was aroused and she knew it,
Unaware of Bran's power to skew it,
Jill wasn't shy
She looked him in the eye
And said "Come on, baby, let's do it!"

She grabbed the bar over her head
Bran unwrapped her pussy so red
And then, to her shock
He unveiled his cock:
Nine inches with big purple head.

That it was not proportioned Bran knew
He was quite well equipped for a screw
But more to Jill's luck
He knew how to fuck
And this he proceeded to do.

Cock met cunt without any frustration
Jill was gushing in anticipation
Let there be no doubt
He fucked her brains out
And here began neural oblation:

He slipped his legs under her thighs
Unperturbed by their difference in size
Hands clasped at her back
He pumped like a jack
Eliciting ecstatic cries

His head was right there at her nipple
And on it he started to tipple
Minutes into his plumb
She started to come
Not bad for an ancient, dwarfed cripple

Bran continued stoking her fire
Giving no hint he ever would tire
Jill thought she was done
But he just had begun
Her climaxes grew higher and higher!

Her body he played like a master
Orgasms came faster and faster
Now more than orgasms,
Pure pleasure spasms
Driving her on t'wards disaster

She hadn't a thought in her head
She was so overwhelmingly bred
No more exclamations
Of Bran's adulations
She gibbered and giggled instead

Bran now felt himself fully loaded
Jill was as high as she could be goaded
With one final thrust
And a groan quite robust
Into her cunt he exploded!

Jill slumped to the ground in a pool
Of their juices and then muttered "Cool"
She'd been so well plowed
She was lost in a cloud
She giggled and started to drool

It seemed like a dream but was all true
Bran said "It's been a pleasure to ball you"
"But now I'll be off"
"I've more bitches to boff"
"But hey, maybe someday I'll call you!"

And so he abandoned Miss Ennis
In search of more ladies to menace
And, glancing outside,
The courts he then eyed
And he queried "Now, who's up for tennis?"

He soon found the club tennis pro
A blondie they called Mary Jo
She practiced her sport,
'Gainst a wall on half-court
Dashing about to and fro

Bran admired her body and skill
Then decided to make her be still
He pulled out his watch
Then cranked it a notch
And proceeded to share his ill will.

"Ho-ho! Now you're still as a statue"
"And a slow-foot like me can now catch you"
"With a lassy so still"
"I can do what I will"
"And I'll start out by painting your snatch blue!"

Both her panties and skirt he obtained
Then produced a tin of azure stain
After dying her turf
Like the muff of a smurf
His attention he turned to her brain.

"Your blue cunt is a great source of pride"
"And something you never would hide"
"If any protest"
"You'll think it a jest"
"For you know that it's loved the world wide!"

Mary Jo then continued her play
Once Bran put his timepiece away
But she soon was aware
That her nethers were bare
And, looking down, shouted "Hooray!"

For it came as the nicest surprise
That her genitals now matched her eyes
A pussy so proud
It stood out from the crowd
It would be such a hit with the guys!

Looking up now, this blue-cunted fox
Saw a wee little man in knee socks
He was grinning too
And from that M.J. knew
That he also had noticed her box

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