by Tom Land

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Slut Wife, Pregnancy, Exhibitionism, .

Desc: Sex Story: Amanda loves to be pregnant and she loves to have babies. And when she's pregnant, she loves to fuck. In fact, she's nearly insatiable when she's "with child". Tom finds out the HARD way.

Redhead and Sexual Fireball -- Barely Under Control

Amanda was a big girl. She was definitely "a woman" -- there was no question about that. She was no anorexic, high fashion model -- but she was certainly a beauty in her own special way. Her lustrous thick red hair fell below her shoulders and she had a very pretty face, one that caught your attention when you first saw her. Probably the most striking part about Amanda was her large round DD-cup breasts. They definitely filled out any top or dress she Amanda wore and the cleavage she showed when she bent over or her top was loose was breath-taking.

Whether it's true of all female redheads or not, one thing was very true of Amanda -- she was highly sexed and she loved to fuck. She LOVED to fuck. She was only 24 years old, but she already had two children and she was hungry to be pregnant and have more babies. It was obvious from being around Amanda for only a short time that she loved the "process" of getting pregnant and she loved the experience of being pregnant for nine months. And Amanda couldn't get pregnant enough to suit her.

Tom found Amanda extremely sexy from early on in this experiences together. He found her sensual full rounded body to be very sexy and most of the times he was around her, he couldn't keep his eyes off of her and he continually found himself licking his lips. In her most recent pregnancy, Tom noticed that Amanda seemed to be enjoying her "gravid state" even more than she had in the past. She dressed more smartly and she had upgraded her "pregnancy bra" collection to some that were really showing off her assets in the chest department.

But, gettting pregnant was one goal for Amanda that she seemed to make a reality without any problem. Tom noticed that Amanda seemed to be able to turn up "expectant" as soon as she started thinking of having another baby. Then, Amanda's problem was getting enough hard horny cock to fuck her to keep her sexually satisfied. That was a challenge and probably one that no single man could ever hope to satisfy by himself. It seemed as though Amanda was insatiable sexually. She could never get enough cock and when she was hot to trot to have her pussy full of hard dick, she was fucking hungry to suck dicks. She was a redheaded sex machine.

Just a week ago, Amanda was probably at least six months along in her most recent pregnancy. I hadn't seen her in quite awhile and I was a bit surprised (but not totally) when someone told me that Amanda sure enough was expecting again. Boy, look out, I thought to myself. And I was right. I no sooner saw Amanda at work and saw how foxy and hot she was looking in her advanced state of "expectant mommy" and I saw that she was looking as fine as ever. Ahhh, there's nothing like the swollen breasts and big pregnant belly sticking out there for all to see. I don't know about anyone else, but that is "erotic, sexy, hot, arousing" all rolled up into the form of one woman.

I'd only been around Amanda a few hours that day when I happened to be in the break area at the same time she was. We immediately touched on the topic of her being knocked up and it wasn't 30 minutes later that she told me I could come around to her place that night after work if I didn't have anything else to do. In Amanda's language, "Tom, I'm fucking six months pregnant, I'm hornier than you can imagine, and I need you to come around and give me that big hard 8 inches of cock that you fucked me with the last time I was like this.' She didn't have to say anymore. Believe me, no normal red-blooded man would turn down a chance to fuck Amanda. You know what the immediate result of Amanda's invitation was -- I moved around the office the rest of that day with a semi-hard cock that sometimes moved right into totally fucking hard when I thought about what was awaiting me when I got off work.

After I'd clocked out, I made a couple of stops in town to give Amanda time to get back home. I knew from earlier fucks we'd shared that she liked to have just a few minutes to sort herself out at home. And then it was OK for me to show up with my horny hard cock in hand.

I knocked on the door at Amanda's after I'd parked my car and she was there in only a few seconds to open it for me. I stepped inside and just stood there for a few seconds taking in Amanda's sexy pregnant condition. She was dressed quite differently than she had been just 45 minutes earlier when I'd seen her at work. Earlier she'd had on a maternity top and pants. Now Amanda was actually wearing only a very sexy, very see-through sheer nighty that left nothing to my already very erotic and very fertile imagination. I could have drawn her from memory by just closing my eyes, but I didn't need to. Amanda's pregnant belly and her sexy large mature DD-titties were right there for me to visually enjoy and drink in before I got my hands and the rest of me on her.

I knew how Amanda was and I knew that we wouldn't be spending any unnecessary time sitting around just talking. She was a veyr passionate and very lusty woman and I knew from her having invited me to drop by that Amanda was basically interested in one thing -- getting fucked. She was a very "out front" woman in more ways than one and I knew what Amanda expected and wanted from me. My hands, lips, and what was sticking up hard already in between my legs.

I let Amanda take me by the hand and she passed by her living room couch where we'd fucked more than one time before, straight down the main hallway of her house to her bedroom. She walked right through the doorway with me following impatiently behind her and when we got to her bed, Amanda turned into my arms and we got busy. My hands immediately went straight to Amanda's full pregnancy-swollen breasts as our lips met in a hot lusty kiss that only two very horny and very sexually needy people are capable of. Amanda smelled so good and so sexy and my cock was pushing out firmly against the material of my pants. I was only going to make out with her this way for a short time before I promised myself I'd get my cock free and ready to do its business with Amanda.

As we both began to moan and let our hands run wild over each others' bodies, I hugged Amanda close to my body, feeling the large fullness of her sexy tits pressing firmly and sexily against my chest. She has some of the finest breasts I've ever seen on any woman I've ever made love to. My hand slid down over her left asscheek, and I cupped the firm roundedness of her ass, pulling her groin closely against my body. I wanted Amanda to already feel and know how horny I was for her. She pressed back just as hard, and I could feel the mound of Amanda's hot pussy against the fullness of my erect dick.

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