Cum Sponge

by Hungry Guy

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, DomSub, MaleDom, Oral Sex, Water Sports, .

Desc: Sex Story: What the f-- is a cum sponge????

Christine often went to Edge Play after work on Friday nights. Her job as a legal secretary for a law firm on Wall Street didn't leave much room for self-expression.

The cab let her out on 14th street. After a short walk down the block, she stood before a pair of glass doors in a stainless steel frame on an, otherwise, featureless gray stucco building, the entrance to Edge Play.

She walked down a short hallway, past a BDSM bookstore on the left and a novelty store on the right, around a corner and down a short hallway. She stopped to show her ID to the bouncer then proceeded into a waiting elevator.

She exited the elevator on the main floor of the club into another short hallway. She passed a political poster that said:

Vote Libertarian--we're pro-choice on EVERYTHING!

Christine considered silently, "Damn Libertarians want to eliminate all malum prohibitum laws and put me out of a job! There'd be almost no need for lawyers if the only crimes were malum in se." She sighed and continued until she found a list of scheduled events:

Misanthrope live tonight
Big Boob Parade in Blue Dungeon at 8:00
Branding Demonstration in Orange Dungeon at 8:00
All Your Base Are Belong To Us in Black Dungeon at 8:30
Co Ed Tandem Beer Pissing Contest in Red Dungeon at 9:00
Comedy King in Yellow Dungeon at 9:00
Hot Male Revue in White Dungeon at 10:00
Master of Illusion in Green Dungeon at 10:00
Slave Auction in Blue Dungeon at 11:00
Torture Demonstration in Violet Dungeon at 11:00

She'd seen all these events; there was nothing new to see tonight. She continued into the main room, walked up to the bar, ordered a Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster, and found a seat at an empty table.

Misanthrope was wailing out their latest death-metal hit, Rest In Pieces, in a satanic devil voice, "I am crazy! Don't fuck with me baby! Chop you up into bits! While you hang from your tits!"

She thought that Jamie, the guitarist, was cute as she finished her drink. That thought made her feel horny, and she also had to take a leak, so she stood and headed toward the alternate ladies' room, the one with the live human toilet slaves, to piss and get her clit sucked on at the same time.

She stopped for a moment at the corkboard plastered with personal ads. Most were for masters seeking slaves, or slaves seeking masters. Others were selling BDSM paraphernalia--collars, shackles, suspension harnesses, fellatio harnesses, spreader bars, etc. A few were for more mundane items such as cars for sale, apartments for rent, and roommates wanted. Then one caught her eye.

Female CUM-SPONGE wanted: Using a two-part harness joined at a cock ring, I will wear one part on my hips with the cock ring held tightly in place at the base of my cock, and you will wear the other part over your head with that same cock ring pressed tightly against your mouth. Thus connected, you will be my cum-sponge for a 24-hour period. I will wear you around the house throughout the day--while cooking, while eating at the table, while watching TV, while working at the computer, even while sleeping in bed. You, of course, would be expected to consume whatever secretions are deposited in your mouth. You will be disconnected only for brief moments during the day so you can change your adult diaper. I imagine I would be able to watch an entire football game while drinking a six-pack or two without once getting up once to take a whiz.

Christine's heart was pounding and her pussy was wet by the time she finished reading the long-winded ad. She jotted down the phone number on the back of an envelope and shoved the envelope back in her purse.

Forgetting all about using a toilet slave, she left the club and hurried home.

She arrived home shortly after 8:00 PM. Her panties were soaked from thinking about being used as a cum-sponge all the way home. She dropped her purse on the sofa and picked up the phone.

Then she set it down. Could she really call a total stranger to offer herself up to him as his sex toy for a weekend? While she had sold herself at the club's slave auctions a few times, calling a total stranger cold was a little scary. But this was too good to pass up. She picked up the phone again and dialed the number.

A man answered the phone, "Hello?"

"Uhm, hi!"

"'Hi, ' to you too! Who's this?"

"I, er, saw your ad at Edge Play."

"My ad?"

"Yeah, for a cum-sponge?"

"Oh! That ad! I posted that months ago; I figured it got taken down by now."

"It's still there. You never got any answers?"

"A couple of gay guys called me a few times. Not that there's anything wrong with being gay, but I'm straight. You're the first woman to call about it."

"Yeah, I'm a woman. I'm Christine. And you are?"

"I'm Brian. So you think you might want to be my cum-sponge?"

He didn't sound so dominant, and Christine was feeling hesitant again. "I guess so," she answered.

"Well, okay. When do you want to do it?"

"I don't know. Any time I guess. Whenever is good for you, I suppose."

"How about now?" he asked.

"Now? I don't know. It's kind of late, and I don't know if I want to go back into the city."

"I see. Well, some other time then..."

"Wait!" Christine blurted. "Do you live in the city? Maybe I could come over tomorrow?"

"Er, I live in Jersey, up in Bergen County. You?"

"I'm out on Long Island. I can take the PATH to Hoboken if you can pick me up at the station."

They agreed on a time and where to meet.

The next morning, Christine packed a change of clothes in a small satchel and boarded the LIRR into Penn Station in Manhattan. From there she boarded a PATH train to New Jersey and rode it to the end of the line at Hoboken.

She came up out of the portal onto the sidewalk and looked around.

Her heart was pounding again at what she was about to do, and she nearly jumped out of her skin when someone said, "Christine?"

She spun around to see a tall guy with brown hair and glasses. He was wearing a bright yellow tee shirt that said, "I came on Eileen" in dark red letters.

"Hi! Brian?" she asked.

"Yeah. So, uhm, you ready?"

They walked around the corner and stopped in front of an old 1950's era Ford Thunderbird. The glossy paint was dark green with a narrow yellow stripe running up along the front door seam across the hood and back down the other door seam. It also had the number "2" panted in white on the back fenders, and had the strangest looking rear spoiler that looked a lot like a row of square jet engines.

Christine commented, "Ford Thunderbird, huh?"

"Yeah! You can say I'm a Thunderbird fan." He opened the door for her and she got in.

She tossed her satchel into the back seat and sat in the car. He got in the driver's side, popped a tape into the stereo, and drove off to the sound of Cass Carnaby Five playing their hit single, Dangerous Game.

Traffic was light as he drove cross streets and got on Route 78 to the Pulaski Skyway through Jersey City. Then he got on the Garden State Parkway and headed north.

"How far is your house from here?" she asked.

"We're almost to the danger zone," he answered.

"Almost there, you mean?"

"F.A.B." he answered.

A few minutes later, he got off the Parkway into a residential area. He turned into a development of small houses and after a bit of meandering, turned into a driveway and pulled into a garage next to another old Ford Thunderbird, numbered "1." Thunderbird 1 was painted silver, and had a small rocket-like nose cone welded to the hood.

Christine followed Brian into his house and into the living room.

"Well," he said. "Here we are."

"Yeah, here we are. So what do you want me to do."

"Wait here a sec," he said and went off down a hallway. He returned a few minutes later with a larger Tupperware box. Opening it revealed a box of adult diapers and a leather harness with all kinds of straps, buckles, and rings.

"This is it," he said as he lifted the harness from the box.

"Yeah," she answered, getting impatient with his bashful demeanor, "now what?"

"Do you need to use the bathroom or anything first?"

"I'm fine," she said, wishing he would get on with it already.

"Then, uhm, I guess you should take off your clothes."

She swallowed and did as told. She leaned over and pulled her shoes off. Next, she pulled her blouse over her head. Then she unbelted her jeans and let them drop. She pulled her socks off next, leaving herself standing there in just a bra and panties.

She turned around and said, "Can you unfasten my bra?"

"Sure," he answered as he fumbled with the hooks on the back of her bra. She pulled her bra off her shoulders and faced him again. "You want my panties off too, right?"

"Yeah," he answered picking up the box of adult diapers. She leaned down, and pulled her panties down her legs and kicked them to one side as he opened the box and handed her a diaper.

Standing before him completely nude, she asked him, "Do I really have to wear that?"

"Yeah. I'll be wearing you non-stop. You'll be able to go to the bathroom without breaking us apart. I'll only have to remove you once or twice a day so you can change your diaper."

Christine wasn't too happy about wearing the diaper. She knew that she could hold her pee until he let her use the toilet, but she knew that being a sub requires obedience, so she put the diaper on. She hoped that he would also want to fuck her, and this diaper would just get in the way of that.

"And you're going to restrain my hands and arms so I can't move or get away, right?"

"I wasn't planning to restrain your hands, but I guess I can if you want me to."

"I think you should want to," she told him.

"Okay," he answered. He reached into the box and pulled out two sets of leather wrist and ankle cuffs. "Put your arms behind your back."

She did so, and he buckled the cuffs to her wrists. Then he kneeled and placed another set of cuffs on her ankles.

"Now get on your knees," he told her.

She suddenly realized that it would be nearly impossible to get down on her knees without falling with her wrists and ankles shackled. With a bit of gyrating, she managed to get on her knees without falling.

She looked up at him and asked with a grin, "What next?"

"Hold your horses, cum-sponge. I'll be right back." He took the harness and went back down the hallway for several minutes. Her heart was pounding even harder than ever, and she could already feel her diaper getting wet as her pussy gushed moisture.

When he returned, he was naked except for half the harness around his hips and the cock ring held snugly at the base of his dick, just as promised. The head half of the harness hung loosely from the ring.

He stepped up to her, facing her with his cock throbbing just inches from her face.

"Now open your mouth," he said.

She opened her mouth and he stepped forward sliding his cock into it. Staring into his pubic hair, she felt him grabbing the straps and buckling them around the back of her head. Each time he buckled a strap, it forced his cock ever deeper into her mouth. He continued to buckle straps, forcing his cock all the way to the back of her mouth, making her gag. He buckled the last few straps forcing his cock down her throat, at which she started bucking involuntarily.

"Calm down, bitch!" he scolded her. "You'll get used to it."

What a sudden change in attitude! But she could hardly hear him as she gasped in pain struggling to breathe. She willed herself to clamp her throat muscles down on the head of his cock so she could stop the gagging. Still, she couldn't breathe and she struggled to resist panicking.

Then, gaaaaa! His cock was throbbing and she tasted that familiar gamy taste. He was moaning and coming down her throat, reactivating her gag reflex even worse than before. The pain was incredible and she felt like she would pass out any moment. He finally spent himself and said, "Move your ass, bitch, I want to sit down."

This time, she panicked. She couldn't breathe and the gag reflex was uncontrollable. She felt like she was about to puke from her gagging.

Hie dragged her by the head as he walked slowly backward, then he yanked her head down into his lap as he sat on the sofa.

She had managed to fight the gag reflex, but her lungs were screaming in pain and she was feeling so lightheaded from lack of oxygen.

"Okay, cunt," he said, "just relax and breathe."

The pain was subsiding and she was getting lightheaded, then she realized that his dick had shrunk after coming and found that she could now breathe through her nose. The lightheadedness went away after a couple of slow, measured breaths.

She took stock in her position then. He was sitting on the sofa and she was kneeling between his legs with her neck stretched out and her mouth glued to his cock. The TV was on but couldn't recognize the show. She heard someone say, "He's dead, Jim!" but didn't recognize the voice, and figured the he must be watching some crime drama.

Her breathing finally became regular and relaxed again, but she was having serious doubts about this. "Damn!" she thought, "I wish I have given him a safe-word or stop signal!"

After a couple of minutes, the phone rang. She heard him pick up the TV remote and then heard the VCR buzzing as it started taping the show. He turned off the TV and answered the phone, "Hello?"

"Oh, hi John."

"Yeah? The guys are going out for a bar crawl tonight?"

"Sorry, dude. I, sort of, have a date tonight. Where are you going?"

"Yeah? Eddies is cool!"

"Live band? Who?"

"Cool! Eternia Mortis rocks! Wish I could go with you guys!"

"Naw, I can't."

"Yeah, Kathy likes me? Who said?"

"Debbie told Gary, and he told you? Well, tell Kathy 'Hi!' for me. But don't tell her I know she likes me."

"Maybe I'll call her next week."

"Eh, she's okay looking, I guess."

"Yeah, I might fuck her or I might not. I don't know yet."

"Well, I'll tell you about her later. Say 'hi' to the guys for me."

"Yeah, bye."

He hung the phone up and then said, "I'm hungry. I'm going to stand and walk into the kitchen."

Christine got ready as he yanked her head up while he stood, pulling her up by the head and neck. He then walked slowly forward forcing her to crawl backward on her knees. She couldn't see anything other than his curly pubic hair heading up toward his stomach. Again she began to breathe faster with the exertion and she starts gagging on his cock.

Still, he walked and steered her head by turning his hips. Gradually, they made it to the kitchen. She couldn't tell what he was doing since she was staring into his muff, but she heard him rooting through the refrigerator. He walked a little more and heard him put something in a microwave. He went back to the fridge and took not one, but two beers out. Christ! she thought. I hope he doesn't piss in my mouth!

A minute later, the microwave chimed and he took out something that smelled like pizza.

Then he pushed her by the head back into the living room and sat back down on the sofa.

He turned the TV back on and started watching a footbowl game. He started eating the pizza and sipping his beer beer.

He lifted his legs up and rested them on her back, and squeezed her head between his thighs as crossed his ankles.

She started working her tongue around his shaft finally trying to enjoy the scene. Unfortunately, he was enjoying it too and he quickly got hard again. Christine started gagging on his dick again as it forced itself to the back of her mouth and past her throat. She started choking as he, once again, shot a wad of cum down her throat. Her body started bucking again and her eyes started watering as she was suffocating and choking on his cum. After what seemed like an eternity while her lungs screamed in pain for air, his dick started shrinking just before she felt that she was about to pass out. This time, she was able to catch her breath a little quicker and suck some air in through her nose a little easier than before.

Brian seemed to get excited about something at the game as he jerked her head and yelled at the TV, "How could you miss that pass, you jerk!"

She heard him take another bite of pizza and another gulp of beer. A commercial came on the TV and then his limp dick started coming in her mouth again. But, ghaaa! It wasn't cum--he was pissing in her mouth! Oh God! Oh, gross!

Thank God his dick was limp; she tried to gulp his piss down as fast as she could.

"Hey!" he shouted. "You're dribbling piss onto my sofa you filthy bitch!"

Christine tried to say, "I'm sorry, Master."

He yelled "Oww! You fucking bit me, you damn whore!" as he slapped the back of her head with his hand.

Christine winced at the sudden sharp pain, but remained silent since she couldn't talk anyway.

He stood and dragged her into the bathroom, grabbed a couple of towels, wet one, and then dragged her back to the sofa. He wiped the sofa with the wet towel and then placed the dry towel on the sofa and sat back down dragging her head down as he sat.

"You make me miss any of the game, and I'm really going to hurt you bitch!"

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