Contest at Amazon House

by Hungry Guy

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, DomSub, FemaleDom, Oral Sex, Water Sports, Exhibitionism, School, .

Desc: Sex Story: And you thought Animal House was wild?

Foreword: This is a work of fiction. None of the people in this story are real. None of these events ever happened. This story is nothing more than words that came from my imagination. Any similarity to any real people, places, or events is purely coincidental.

This story is a sequel to CO-ED TANDEM BEER PISSING CONTEST.

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It was early in the evening, but Greg could still hear the mixture of Eminem, Rammstein, Pearl Jam, Linkin Park, and others echoing through the quad from his fourth floor dorm room. Greg, had just returned alone from the cafeteria and was considering what to do. He could power up his PC to do some Web surfing, or do his laundry having discovered that Friday night was the best time to do the laundry as the laundry room was almost always empty, or take a walk downtown and waste another night trying his luck in the many bars that occupy the small college town. Or perhaps he'd crank up his own stereo in an effort to escalate the stereo war. Let's see, he pondered -- maybe Weird Al, or perhaps some Loudon Wainright.

As he was sitting on his bed wearing his baggy jeans and Tech TV tee shirt, the door flew open. His roommate rushed in followed by Eric's girlfriend, Susan, and another girl he didn't recognize.

"Hi Greg! What's happening?" Eric asked.

As Greg was formulating an answer in his mind as to what is happening, Eric added. "Hey girls, this is the guy that won our beer chugging contest last semester."

As Greg was switching thoughts to formulate an answer to the new comment, Eric dropped his books on his own bed, grabbed his car keys out of his desk drawer and rushed out of the room with Susan in tow, leaving the comment "See ya' downtown? C'mon Karen!"

Greg turned around to sit back down on his bed as the others scrambled out of the room. But as he turned to sit on the bed, he noticed that the girl called Karen was still standing in the doorway. This tall lithe vixen was dressed so sultry -- wearing ultra tight jeans with full length zippers up the outside of each leg, a fluorescent orange halter top, bra-less and one size too small and showing her bare golden midriff, a studded black leather jacket, black mascara around sensuous brown eyes on a face framed in long frizzy black hair, shiny black lipstick on long thin lips, and a large gold ring dangling from each earlobe. She hardly seemed the type to be uncertain about something, or at least letting it show that she was. Yet, as she stood in the doorway, she looked like she was pondering about what to say, but then said in a throaty feminine voice, "You really won a beer chugging contest?"

Again, as was Greg's downfall with women, he struggled to come up with a reply before she either said something else, forcing him to start his reply thought process over again, or she may just walk away thinking he wasn't interested in speaking to her.

He hated that he seemed unable to live that stupid contest down. His roommate talked him into it last year and, not being a beer guzzler, he still doesn't understand how he ever managed to win. Everybody kids him about it and he wished everyone would just forget it ever happened.

"It was no big deal," Greg finally answered. "It was only between a couple of guys here on the floor. Eric makes it sound like I went against a whole crowd like they do it downtown."

Karen seemed to pause in thought for another moment and said, "That's okay. Come with me!" She started backing out of the room watching Greg. Greg stood and walked toward the door. "Huh? Where? Where do you want me to go with you?"

"You'll see!" She glanced at her watch. "C'mon! We don't have much time!"

Greg could hardly turn down an invitation to go somewhere with such an erotic looking woman, even if he didn't have a clue why someone like her would be interested in the penultimate nerd he knew himself to be. As he walked up to the door and hesitated, she grabbed his wrist and began to pull him out of the room. "Hey! Let me lock my door, okay?"

"Then lock your fucking door! C'mon!"

As he locked the door, she almost yanked the key out his hand while it was still in the lock as she pulled him down the hallway by the wrist. Greg didn't try to say anything else as she jogged down the stairs, past the RA's office, through the lobby, and out the doors into the quad. When they got outside, she was nearly running down the walkway almost dragging Greg behind her. They left the campus grounds and began walking briskly down the sidewalk. In a rare urge of bravado, Greg said. "Uh, Karen, if you're going to hold my wrist the whole way, at least hold my hand?"

Karen released Greg's wrist and took his proffered hand as she continued to rush down the street. A sparkle caught his eye. He held up her hand in his and examined her long slender fingers with shiny black fingernails dotted with silver speckles. He looked back up at her. "Where are you taking me, anyway?"

"My sorority is having a contest. You're going to be my partner!"

"I am?"

"Yes, you are. But we only have," she glanced down to check her watch, "about fifteen minutes to get there!"

"What sort of contest?"

"You'll see."

"What sorority?"

"Eta Pi."

Greg let that sink in for a minute, and then remembered that was the sorority more commonly known as the Amazon House. They were known to be the wildest of all the houses between the guys' and girls' combined. They even made "Animal House" look tame in comparison. They were known to have thrown some of the wildest parties around, often with really kinky sexy games. He knew a lot of guys would do just about anything to get an invitation to a party at Amazon House. Perhaps this'll be fun, he thought.

After rushing down several streets together, they came to amazon house. By the time they arrived, it had become night and a party was in full swing. Pink was serenading the entire neighborhood from stereo speakers in nearly every window. One guy and one girl were making out up on the roof between the dormer windows. Others were doing the same on the back steps as they entered through the rear door. They were almost knocked down by a group of streakers, both men and women, entering the house just behind them.

Karen pulled Greg through the crowded house over a trail of clothes and underwear strewn over the floor, as Pink wailed out her ballad to an unhappy childhood, and the odor of beer, pot smoke, and other unidentified scents attacked his senses. They had to squeeze their way through couples, in various stages of undress, necking in the rooms and hallways. More than a couple of times he heard unidentifiable voices, male and female, call out through the din, "Karen! Ooh! Ooh!" and other variations of same.

They made their way down a flight of stairs to a finished basement. Karen knocked on a door at the foot of the stairs. A window in the door opened up and a blonde woman looked out, "Hi Karen. Gonna' try again, huh?"

"Yeah, Cindy. Lemme' in!"

The door opened and Karen pulled Greg into the room. Cindy had a tag hooked to her blouse labeled, "judge."

"Who's this?" Cindy asked Karen.

Karen let go of Greg's hand. "He's Susan's cock's roommate. Everyone says he won a beer chugging contest last semester, so maybe he's up to it. I gotta' beat that bitch, Joline, this year! I just gotta!"

Greg looked around the room. A row of narrow table-high vinyl-padded benches were arranged in a row. Each bench had a case of beer and a small open pitcher under it. There were a few other contestants also. One couple, both completely naked, was sitting on one of the benches talking privately to themselves. A few other couples, in bathrobes, were milling about.

Cindy called out, "Dan!" A guy entered from a rear door wearing a similar tag as Cindy that also read, "judge."

Dan shouted out, "Get everybody ready out here. Karen made it! I'm going to help her get set up."

Cindy walked into the back room, followed by Karen. As Greg waited in the outer room, Cindy leaned from the doorway looking at Greg, "Hey! You too!"

At that, Greg followed Cindy into the room.

Cindy said to Karen, "Here's a bathrobe and a couple of towels, you know what to do," And left.

Karen began to undress right in front of Greg. After she had stripped to just her jeans, she looked up at Greg, "Well! What's your problem? Get naked! C'mon!"

Greg had never been in the presence of a topless woman before. He couldn't resist staring for a moment at her bulbous breasts, her erect nipples surrounded by large pink circles, pointed straight at him.

"Uh, sure." Greg couldn't imagine why they needed to get naked for a beer chugging contest, but after all, this was Amazon House. Karen finished getting naked before Greg did. When Greg had completely stripped, Karen was standing facing him with her feet slightly apart and hands on her hips. Oooh, her body was lean and firm and tight! He couldn't help but notice the twin mounds of her labia hanging between the gap of her legs! Luxurious thick black hair rose from her labia forming a small inverted triangle that covered her crotch. He also noticed that her toenails were polished in the exact same design as her fingernails. Greg suddenly realized that he was exposing himself right back to her, and he slowly approached Karen shaking all over.

"Whoa, lover boy!" Said Karen. "You'll get your reward if we win this contest!" She reached down and threw him a towel.

"What do I do with this?" Asked Greg.

"Wear it! Or don't wear it for all I care." She put on her robe and walked back into to the outer room. Greg hurriedly wrapped the towel around his waist and followed her.

As Greg followed Karen, he saw Cindy point her to one of the benches. Karen sat on the bench while Greg stood there fidgeting with his hands, behind his back, then clenching his elbows, then down at his sides, then behind his back again. He glanced at Karen a couple of times, but she was ignoring him.

Then after a little time, Cindy and Dan came to them. Dan said to Greg, "Lie down on the bench."

Karen stood and Greg sat on the bench and lied down. "No, your head at this end. Yeah. That's right."

He laid down on the bench with Dan on one side and Cindy on the other. They then placed each of his wrists in two wooden arches and strapped them down with Velcro straps. They did the same to both of his ankles.

"Why do I have to be strapped down?" Asked Greg.

Cindy answered. "So Karen won't fall off as easy."

As Greg was pondering the meaning of that, Cindy reached down and took an odd-shaped section of PVC pipe out of the pitcher. One end had a 45-degree joint piece attached, which she slid over his dick, leaving the long end dangling into the pitcher. Then she clipped a plastic clip onto one of his fingers.

"What's that for?" he asked.

"That's a blood oxygen sensor, like they use in hospitals during surgery. We used to have the guys hold marbles in their fists, but we were able to get hold of a bunch of these cheap from the surgical supply store downtown."

Greg was about to ask, "What for?" but Cindy and Dan rushed over to the next couple before he could.

"What's this contest all about, Karen?" asked Greg again.

"Don't worry about it, lover." She replied.

As he was lying there wondering what sort of beer chugging contest this could be, Cindy made an announcement, "Attention please! The beer pissing contest is about to begin."

Beer pissing contest? thought Greg.

Cindy continued, "The rules are simple. Whoever fills their pitcher first is the winner. Now I'll give you some advice, girls. Don't go only when you feel the urge. Empty yourselves as often as you can in little squirts so your guys can keep up with you. The contest will begin one minute from now. Ladies, mount your men!"

The purpose of this contest finally hit Greg. "Karen," Greg whispered desperately to Karen as she started to swing a leg over his head. Karen stopped and knelt down to Greg. "What?"

"Karen, I don't think I want to do this!"

"Shit! I'm not poisonous! I told you I'll make it worth your while!"

"I don't know, Karen."

Cindy came over and said to Karen, "What's the problem, Karen? You gotta' be mounted when the contest starts or be disqualified."

"Yeah. I'll be mounted, Cindy! Tough shit, guy!"

She pressed her palms on his chest and jumped up swinging one leg over Greg's head facing his torso. He gasped as he clamped his mouth tight as he saw her hairy ass and cunt came crashing down on his face from above. She landed with a smack, with her labia pressing down on his face under the full weight of her body. Her legs hung down on each side, clamping his head tightly between her legs.

She told him, "Open your mouth," and then reached between her thighs to pinch his jaw open as she rocked back and forth swinging her legs, riding his face to set herself on target. "That's a good boy."

As she squirmed, her pubic hair tickled his chin.

Greg struggled against his bonds under her weight. It felt as though his head were being slowly crushed. He tried to look at the view, but her buns were pressed against his eyelids. And what's that scent? She must have sprayed perfume onto her crotch some time earlier.

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