Kelley - My Dream Babe

by Tom Land

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Cheating, Slut Wife, .

Desc: Sex Story: Tom has been secretly lusting after his sexy co-worker, Kelley, since the first day they met. One day, events occur which allow both of them to follow their personal secret lusts with each other.

Kelley -- what a babe you are. You know that now after all that we've shared and experienced together, but I know for several years there, you had no idea what you did to me each and every day that we worked together. I will never forget the first time we met and I was "in lust" from the moment my eyes first saw you. Well, you know you're attractive. You won't admit it, Kelley, but you know it. And I wish you'd take more credit for how sexy and attractive and yes, how hot you are. But, I also love the fact that you are so attractive and yet you have never let that go to your head.

I'll never forget how sexy you looked that first day as you were finishing the process of interviewing for a job in our office. I don't care what anybody says, Kelley -- you fill out a nice dress as sexily and as hotly as any woman I've ever known. Man, where do I start -- your entire body looked deliciously awesome in that gorgeous dress you'd worn to come for your interview. Let me be more specific -- your breasts are totally hot, Kelley. They caught my eye the instant I saw you and I've been hot after your tits ever since. Hot, hot, fucking hot, baby.

Well, as I said, you didn't know for the longest time how sexy and how hot you were to me. And I can tell you that you had that same effect on a lot of the men who you worked around. I can name them if you'd like. Your tits were awesome, Keleyi, and of course since you'd just had a baby, your breasts were larger than normal and they were so fine. I will never forget one time when you had a bra size tag that was itching you and you somehow (you tell me) managed to rip it out of your bra and had left it lying there on the desk. Well, I found it and I checked your bra size to convince myself how really fine your tits were. Super gorgeous C-cups!!! Wahoo!!! My lady, you have great sexy rounded C-cup breasts.

I found it totally erotic that you'd just had your first baby. Your figure wasn't one slight bit worse off for having just gotten over being pregnant. In fact, you're the sexiest new mother that I've ever seen, Kelley. And you've just gotten better in the years since. You've definitely learned how to dress and fix yourself up so your innate beauty shines through whenever I've been around you.

Of course, the one major obstacle to my immediate lusty desires for you was the fact that you were married. I normally don't venture into another man's pasture unless he's given me reason to know that his woman isn't getting her needs met and isn't at all happy with the way he's treating her. And whenever I have fucked a married woman, it's been because the man she was married to was acting like a total prick and not meeting his own wife's sexual and emotional needs. Then, if I get some encouragement from the woman in question, I'm more than likely going to test the waters. And that has happened with several different women that I've worked around and been with over the years.

I just worked with you, lusted for you, and enjoyed being around you every single day. We guys don't often tell you ladies what we see and think about and want when we're around a sexy woman like you, Kelley, but I can tell you that I mentally and visually undressed you and ate your pussy and fucked you royally more times than you could ever possibly imagine. If you'd been fucked as many times as I've envisoned, you'd have a brood of babies beyond counting by now.

Well, enough about how I first saw you and lusted for you long before you ever knew it. I'll never forget the day you came to work and began spilling your guts about how your husband was ignoring you and not even coming close to meeting your sexual needs. I was so sad for you, Kelley, but once I got over my disappointment in your husband, I began to formulate my own plans and ideas on how I could meet your physical needs. I knew you found me sexy. That was NO secret. I just never had made any efforts to capitalize on all the sexual innuendos and hints you'd so boldly dropped over the many months we'd been working closely together. My question to you is, had you been more than just playing with me all that time?? Had you been lusting after me as much as I had after you and actually wanting to see if I found you as sexy as you were to me??

The day I'll never remember was when you came to work that morning and you were obviously very sad and very down from what had gone on in your home the night before. You were obviously very sad and yet in a strange way you struck me as being as sexy looking as I'd ever seen you. You hadn't spent a great deal of time getting ready for work that day, but you looked hot to me, Kelley.

I asked you what had happened and you took my show of concern and care for you as an invitation to share with me the hurt and pain you were feeling from your husband's mistreatment of you. We sat there for nearly an hour with you just talking and me listening. I didn't feel like I was doing anything to help, but it seemed cathartic for you to share with someone, even another man, how your man had been treating you.

That was when events took an interesting turn. I was actually sitting there fighting a huge hardon that had grown in my pants while you were sitting there crying and sharing your heart with me. I don't know what about that experience was turning me on but I could barely conceal the hugeness of the hard cock just being near you had given me.

"Tom," you said as you obviously wanted to ask me something but you were very reluctant to come right out and ask me. "Would you make love to me -- right now?"

I could have fallen out of my chair, Kelley. Here we'd been friends for quite a long time and I'd been actively lusting for you every since the first time we met. And after an hour of your pouring your heart out and me feeling totally helpless, you came right out and asked me if I'd fuck you -- right there in our work office.

I waited for a minute to ensure I hadn't just imagined that; that I wasn't dreaming and when I convinced myself that you'd really asked me to make love to you, I jumped up, locked the office door, put the telephones on hold, and moved over to take you by the hand. I must admit I'd spent plenty of time in that very office imagining fuck you, Kelley, but WHERE I'd do it had never been in my thoughts. I'd always envisioned coming to your home or taking you to a nearby hotel or motel for an illicit little sexual rendezvous. I'd never thought about your asking me to do you right there in our workplace.

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