by Greendog

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Gang Bang, Interracial, White Female, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, .

Desc: Sex Story: A widow is taken by a black man at work, a plumber at home, then gets ganged.

Julie was asked to call a maintenance man because a fan in her boss's office wasn't working. She tried calling twice, then decided to go to the maintenance office on the way to lunch delivering the problem in person. She had been working at the job for less than two months but quickly found out that her boss wasn't a very nice person when things went wrong. When she told him that there wasn't an answer when she called maintenance, he gave her a look of annoyance and continued reading papers on his desk. Julie wanted to get the problem solved, so she decided to go down to the maintenance shop in person.

As she rode the elevator to the basement where the maintenance room was she thought about the last few months of her life. Her husband of nineteen years had been killed eight months ago in an auto accident and her daughter had left for college. She moved from the house that the three of them shared for what seamed like a lifetime, to a two-bedroom condo. She had to sell the house because the upkeep was too much for her, plus there were too many memories that usually ended with her in tears.

Julie met her husband in high school. They dated from their freshman year and married two years after graduation. Married life was tough in the beginning, without much of an income and her becoming pregnant almost immediately. At times John, her husband worked two jobs just to support them. They always had their love to see them through the hard times. Things were getting better financially when the awful accident occurred.

Life has to go on and the pain was eased when the good news that her daughter had been awarded a scholarship at the state college. The tuition and books, and room and board was included but Julie had to get a job to pay extra expenses some extra spending money her daughter would need. Julie found this job that didn't pay that much but offered her health benefits and security. So when she found her boss in a fowl mood, which seemed to be often, she knew that it would be better to get the problem solved as fast as she could.

Julie was approaching forty but had kept herself in good shape. She never could afford to join a workout club so she used to lift her husband's weights and jog whenever she could. She hadn't brought the weights with her to the condo but she still ran as often as she could. Blond hair, green eyes, five four and still only 120 lbs. She supported her breast in a 36, C cup bra and still had a 24-inch waist. The length of her hair was down to her shoulders and she was considering letting it grow long.

It was amazing how much one could think about in a short elevator ride, from the fourth floor to the basement. She realized that she missed her husband and her daughters' companionship, his security and the sex. She was still a passionate woman, finding the loneliness to be the hard. Lately her fingers roamed her body like they often did as a teenager. She masturbating to relieve the loneliness and the tensions. At first the pleasure her fingers and hands were enough, but lately she was considering stopping at an adult shop for a vibrator. She just didn't have the nerve to go into the shop.

When the elevator door opened in the basement, she found herself in an empty hallway. Leaving the elevator she turned to the right and started down the hall till she found a door mark "Maintenance." The door was partly open so she pushed it completely open and entered the room. There was a desk, a couple chairs, and shelves filled with parts and janitorial supplies. Looking around the room, she saw a man's magazine opened on the desk. Coincidently the book was opened to a page that showed different types of dildos. Picking up the book, she read the captions under the pictures that explained the textures and sizes and colors available for each.

She turned the pages and found pictures of men and women in different stages of sex. On one page she found a picture of a black man with a penis that was at least seven inches long in its soft state. Then there was a picture of a woman holding the same man's semi hard penis in her hand and licking the tip of it. A third picture show her mouth around the tip of his penis and the fourth picture showed that she had swallowed the entire length of his penis.

As she glanced through the book, she found herself getting sexually excited. So engrossed in the book that she did not hear anyone entering the room, but someone did. She felt hands going around her body and grasping her breast from behind. They were black hands and the softly massaged her tits and she felt him press up against her.

"Be quiet." She heard him say as he placed his black hands under her blouse. He swiftly raised her blouse over her head and off of her before she could protest. She felt him nibbing on her neck, placing kisses as his hands returned to her breast.

It happened so quickly that she didn't have a chance to protest. Her nipples were stiff inside her bra, which he quickly removed. She still didn't know who it was behind her and whenever she turned to look at who it was he stopped her.

"No, don't look" was all he said. He pushed her forward till she was press against the desk and then pushed her down across the desk. She felt him lifting her skirt and then a quick ripping of her panties. They were removed from her in a second. Her legs were spread apart from behind by his knees. She felt a probing of a penis trying to find the entrance to her wet, warm, pussy.

The probing cock found what it was looking for and she felt it entering her body. It had been a long eight months since she felt a cock in her. This was only the second cock that had ever entered her.

It felt so good! It reached deep into her in one stroke bringing her pleasure that she had missed. It was strange being fucked by this unknown man but she needed and now wanted it. She didn't care if it was the maintenance man, a black maintenance man. She moaned with each stroke of his cock, the pleasure reaching higher and higher until she finally came. She climaxed, but he kept fucking her and she came again.

Then she heard him moan, then felt his hot come being injected into her. Again, she came, as she lifted her ass to meet his pounding cock. He bucked and jerked as he shot load after load into her. As his cock shot his cum, her pussy squeezed and milked his cock trying to get every pleasure it could from it.

She felt him quickly remove his cock from her as she laid across the desk. Julie heard him as he was zipping up his pants and she turned to see who it was that just fucked her. All she could see was the back of him as he left the office. She did not know who it was that had just fucked her.

Julie skipped her lunch that day and for the rest of the week she kept looking for the black maintenance men, trying to decide which of them was the one that fucked her. Her investigations discovered that there were three black maintenance men working the building during the day and she wanted to find out which one it had been.

During the evening, lying in her bed alone, she thought about the incident. Did she allow that man, a black man to take her, or did he rape her? She didn't tell anyone about the incident but she stayed out of the basement in fear that she may allow it to happen again.

On Saturday morning, Julie had just finished showering when she heard knocking at the front door. She hadn't a chance to dress, just toweled off when she went to the door in the nude. Asking who it was without opening the door she discovered it was the building superintendent. He told her that he was there to repair the leaky faucet that she had previously reported. He sounded disturbed because he was kept waiting at the door.

"Just one minute." She said as she rushed to the bedroom for a robe. The first one she grabbed was quite short that didn't reach her knees. She was half way back to the front door when she discovered how short the robe was but didn't want to keep the super waiting any longer for fear he would leave. Not only was it short but it was really quite sheer. She had nothing on under the robe and didn't realize that her body could easily be seen through it.

Upon opening the door the supper, a man of about fifty or fifty-five, bald with a beer gut, went to the kitchen without saying anything to her. She closed the door following him to the kitchen. By the time she got to the kitchen he was on his knees, with the cabinet door under the sink, open and his head inside the cabinet looking up at the plumbing fixtures.

He grumbled something that she made out to be "Hold the faucet while I tighten it." She had to stand next to him and reach across him to do as he said. She heard him grunting something, tools banging and squeaking.

Her arms were getting sore, being stretched out for so long, she realized that she was practically standing on her toes to reach the faucet. She didn't know that her robe had opened, giving him a clear look at her pussy, that was eye level to his face. The noise stopped and she felt his breath blowing on her exposed legs. She heard him command to her to keep a tight hold of the faucet for another minute or two. Because of the way he talked, she was scared to let go of the faucet after the stern manor that she had been instructed not to. His breath on legs, near her pussy was confusing her though. Suddenly she felt something other than his breath on her pussy. His tongue. He was licking her cunt as she held the faucet. Letting go of the faucet she grabbed for his head to push him back, but by this time he had inserted his tongue into her parted cunt lips and was licking her pussy.

This was something that her husband used to enjoy doing to her. He would suck and lick her till she came and came again. He would nip on her clit, lick her lips and insert his tongue into her, probing around and around until she screamed with pleasure. He would make her promise him anything he wanted while he was eating her. Usually she would have to promise to suck him off, letting him come into her mouth and swallow it. He used to enjoy coming in her mouth almost as much as fucking her. The suppers' tongue was probing deep into her cunt as she grabbed his head and tried to stop him.

"What are you doing? Stop! Stop!" She heard herself say.

He paid no attention to her but placed his hands on each of the checks of her ass, pulling her pussy into his face. She let out a moan as he worked his tongue. She found herself spreading her legs allowing him better access to her mound and moaned as the first wave of pleasure passed through her. Her hands were no longer pushing his head away but were now holding him to her.

It didn't take long for her to her cum on his face and tongue. Her climax almost made her fall to the floor and she thought for sure that if this old supper hadn't held her up she would have. He licked every drop of her cum from her pussy and what had escaped and rolled down her legs. He licked her legs, her cunt and then up her stomach till he reached her tits. He took one nipple into his mouth and nip sucked it.

The pleasure and thrills again started. It had been so long since someone sucked her tits. It felt so good. She moaned and he moved from one tit to the other, sucking and licking. She moaned again and her hands massaged the back of his head as he paid homage to her beautiful tits.

She felt herself being turned around and pressed forward till she was standing next to her kitchen table. The supper pushed her so that she was face down on the table with her legs spread. She could feel his cock probing at her pussy from behind, just as the unknown stranger did in the maintenance room earlier during the week. She wondered why everyone wanted to fuck her in this position.

She stopped thinking about it when she felt his cock enter her. Once he had found the hole he had no problem inserting his cock into her. Julie felt the pleasure oft his fat cock. He left his whole cock buried to the hilt in her cunt.

She wanted him to fuck her and said softly. "Please."

He still didn't move his cock, leaving it buried in her. Julie couldn't take it anymore, She again pleaded.


She then felt him removing his cock till only the head was in her and she tried to buck back on his cock. She wanted his cock fucking her more than anything at this time.

She cried "Oh Please, Please fuck me!"

That was what the Super wanted. He wanted this beautiful upity bitch to beg, and she did. He rammed his cock all the way into her. He fucked her with great force until she cried out as she came. She felt his cock unload his seamen into her. As he shot, he rammed his cock deep into her and held it there as he shot wave after wave of jism into her. She climaxed again and again, while the walls of her cunt grabbed his cock milking it, to get every pleasure she could from it.

When he finally pulled his cock from her, she slipped into a kitchen chair by the table. She was too exhausted to hold up her head as it rested on her arms on the table. She was still coming down from what had just happened when she heard him say, "I'll be back with a new faucet as soon as I can order one." She watched as he zippered his pants, picked up his tools and left her there at the table. It was like nothing had happened.

She sat there for a while then went back to her bed room and got back into bed. She laid there for a few minutes thinking about what had just happened. She went over every detail in her mind. She found herself again getting turned on and fought the temptation of using her fingers on herself. She realized that she didn't even know the supers' name. He hadn't spoken at all during the sex. Not utile after he had finished with her, did he speak. Julie wondered if it was more satisfying because of his silence, or if she was it because she was just horny. After a nap, Julie got out of bed, and went about the rest of the day, cleaning the apartment and then food shopping.

Rising early on Sunday morning, Julie dressed in her running shorts and halter and ran five miles through the park behind her apartment building. After her run, she returned to the apartment, showered, sitting at her kitchen table drinking a cup of coffee, considering what she would do for the rest of the day. She finally decided that she was going to go to the beach and soak up some sun. She was going to make herself a sandwich and pack a cooler to take with her when she heard a knock at her door.

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