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Sex Story: A young wife is left at home while her husband is on a business trip. His friends stop by, and decide to keep her company.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Mult   Drunk/Drugged   Cheating   Gang Bang   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   .

Judy Marks had just returned home from work. She had removed her dress and was removing the rest of her business clothing. A nice hot shower and a restful, but lonely night were ahead of her. Her husband, Steve was on one of his many business trips. He wouldn't be home for at least another week. Judy had lost count on how many business trips he has taken during their three years of marriage. She knew when she married him that he would be on the road often but she didn't realize how lonely it would be.

The hot water cascaded down her body, across her firm breast, down her flat stomach and down her legs. After washing her hair she soaped herself, gently caressing her breast and thinking about how long it has been since the last time she had sex with husband. Her hand moved down to her lower lips, her fingers caressed her gently, then entered her as the water continued flowing over her. Touching herself felt good, but she wanted to wait. She stopped. Later in bed she would caress herself and finish what she started. It was getting late and she hadn't had dinner yet.

Stepping out of the shower after drying her hair, she stood in her bedroom looking at herself in the full length mirror. At twenty-four she was in the prim of her life. She thought that she was in great condition, as she checked out her legs and rump in the mirror. Her most appealing asset actually is her 34, almost 35, C-cup breast. Oh, the sagging will come but she was determined to put it off as long as she could with daily workouts, including weights and running. She found herself again gently cupping and fondling her breast.

While she was blow drying her hair, she recalled her childhood. She had been on the plump side and didn't lose her baby fat until she was almost finished with high school. She didn't date much, between her weight and braces on her teeth, not many offers for dates came along. After high school the braces came off and so did the baby fat. She had grown into quite a beautiful woman. A year in secretary school got her a good job at a local company, where she met her future husband. After two years of dating they married and she gave Steve something special for his wedding gift. Her virginity.

Judy was about to put on a robe, make herself a light dinner and then probably watch tv for a while. Steve called earlier and she knew he was on a plane now, flying to another west coast city to meet another customer. Lately she wasn't sure if she just missed him, or if it was the sex that she missed.

The ringing of the door bell snapped her out of her daze. Wondering who it could be she grabbed the robe, putting it on as she rushed to answer the door. It wasn't a robe that one would wear with strangers, but she wasn't expecting anyone. It was a white terry cloth robe that just covered her butt. Judy opened the door sightly standing behind it, to see who had run the bell. It was Glenn Mathers, her husband's friend, and a second man. It took a second for her to recognize the other man, he was one of the card players that Steve played with each month.

Then she remembered that she was supposed to call Glenn to tell him that Steve was out of town and that their monthly card game that was scheduled at their house had to be postponed. Judy stood there explaining to Glenn that she was supposed to call and cancel the game, but had forgotten to.

Glenn was disappointed but understood. "Can we come in and wait for Tom and Jim, the other players? When they get here, we will probably just go to a bar for a drink or two, but we need to wait for them. They should be here in a couple minutes" He asked.

Judy couldn't refuse, so she stood aside to allow them to enter her house. Both men were presently surprised when the saw how she was dressed. Judy was embarrassed when she saw how they were looking at her but also felt tinge of excitement.

"Please have a seat while I change." She told them and rushed into her bedroom.

She quickly pulled panties, a pair of shorts, and a T-top and returned to the waiting men. The three of them sat and talked for a few minutes when the door bell rang and the other two expected men arrived. They were invited in, and the five of them, the four men and Judy were either sitting or standing in her living room discussing what they could to do that night now that the card game was canceled. One of the new men said he was really looking forward to playing cards tonight. He seemed really disappointed. None of the men really wanted to go to a bar, nor did the want to go to a movie.

Judy could see the look of disappointment in their faces and finally suggested that even though her husband wasn't there they could use her house for the game anyway.

"That would be great" Replied Glenn.

The men moved to the dinning room table, while she got the cards and chips for them men. It won't be too bad she thought to herself, the game usually breaks up at midnight and she could watch TV while they played.

They asked if there was any beer to drink and Judy said she forgot to get it while shopping but there was a couple bottles of rye whisky that they could have.

"No problem. Whisky and water chasers and a good card game. Great way to spend a Friday night." Said Tom

Just as they were shuffling the cards for the first hand, one of the men asked, "Hey Judy, how about joining us, it's a lot better playing poker with five then four."

Judy thought about it for a minute. She always liked playing poker and her husband told her that he usually won or lost $100 at the games. She knew she could afford to lose $100 so she said "OK, but I'm not too good a player so take it easy on me"

The game started and Judy started winning right away. Within a half hour she had won four of six hands and was up over $75. The men were drinking straight shots of her whisky and after she won the fourth hand they passed her a shot. She didn't like straight whiskey so she sipped it and chased it with water. As the night went on, she continued winning and she shots kept coming. Instead of sipping she was downing them along with the men. She looked at the pile of chips in front of her and knew she must be winning over $400.

Between hands, Glenn lit up a joint. He took a puff and passed it to Tom sitting between himself and Judy. Tom puffed and passed it to Judy. Judy who hadn't touched weed since high school was a little hesitant at first, but the emporia caused by winning, and the shots she had drunk, made her throw caution to the wind. Her first puff did nothing, so she followed it up with a second before passing the roach on. Another hand of cards which she won, then a second joint was lit. A couple puffs and this time she was flying. Judy was stoned. She heard the men talking, talking to her but couldn't understand what they were saying. Glenn had left his chair, he was standing next to her helping her from her chair. Judy felt herself being lead toward her bedroom.

They must think that I need to go to bed and sleep this high off, she thought. She knew she was stoned and she allowed Glenn to lead her to the bed room. While they both stood by her bed, with Glenn standing behind her, she felt him lifting the T-top from her. She lifted her arms to help and felt the cool air caressing her bare breast. This isn't right she though, but she couldn't resist or stop him. He placed her on her back in the center of the bed, reached in and unbuttoned her shorts. He drew them down and she lifted her butt from the bed allowing them to come off.

Laying on her back she felt Glenn's weight as he got on the bed with her. He was at the bottom of the bed on his knees between her legs. She watched as he bent forward, his month coming closer and closer to her breast. His hot breath could be felt just before his tong reached out and licked her nipple.

"You have the most beautiful tits that I've ever seen." She heard Glenn say. His mouth soon enclosed around as much of her tit as he could get into his mouth. She felt the pumping of his mouth as he sucked her whole tit. Meanwhile his hands had gripped her breast and were massaging them as his mouth suck first the right one then the left one. The drugged wife could hear moaning then realized it was her that was moaning. Her head was resting on the pillow, her eyes closed when she heard another sound. She opened her eyes and saw the bedroom door was open and the other three card players were sitting at the card table, some playing cards and some watching what she and Glenn were doing.

Nobody but her husband had ever seen her nude before, and nobody had ever watch her make love, now the card playing friends of her husbands were watching and there was nothing she could or wanted to do about it. Her body reacted from that thought. It was more exciting knowing she was being watched.

Glenn's mouth moved from her nipples to licking the underside of her breast, then her stomach, her belly button and then downward. After teasing her by licking the insides of her legs, he placed his mouth on her slit and licked, sending waves of excitement and pleasure through her. For all the times she wanted her husband to do this but wouldn't, now she was having it done by one of his friends. The pleasure was too great and brought her to a quick orgasm. As she came, she shouted in pleasure and the men playing cards all stopped and watched her ass bucking off the bed, her knees locked around Glenn's head.

The feeling of Glenn's tongue fucking her pussy, then his lips sucking her clit, kept sending thrills of pleasure though her. She couldn't count how many times she climaxed because it was becoming one continuous cum. As her juice flowed down her leg, Glenn would lick it up then return to her pussy with his tongue, while one hand massaged a tit and the other massaged and threatened her brown hole.

She didn't know when Glenn had move up her body and was kissing her. His tongue tasting of her fluids was inserted into her mouth and she was involuntary sucking it in, matching the movement of his tongue with her own. His body was lowered on top of her with his cock pressing at the folds of her cunt. The head of his cock spread her lips, but he advanced it no further. She wanted his cock in her.

The head felt good but she wanted more needed more. She needed his whole cock in her, fucking her. It wasn't the booze or the drugs now, it was her body, needing sex. She thought about her husband, about committing adultery for the first time, how no other cock but her husbands had ever been in her. With these thoughts in her mind she reached up, placing her hands on the cheeks of Glenn's ass and pulled him into her as she bucked upward.

His cock slid all the way into her, as deeply as her husbands ever did. It was no bigger nor any fatter, but it felt good. When he lay on top of her, immobile, she pleaded, "Please."

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