Prof. Pinwoody's New-Fangled Homemade Lady

by Arthur Kay

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Heterosexual, Humor, .

Desc: Sex Story: PInwoody and Alice's female creation would not only eliminate a man's loneliness, it would give him the sex ride of his life. And, once she was perfected, the women of the world could expect the male version, a lover pär excellence. However, they first had to work the kinks out. And one kink in particular was a real doozy. Let's join them in their lab, shall we? Follow me . . .

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WARNING: This story is an act of fiction that contains graphic sexual descriptions and language. If you are a minor (under 21) or if you are offended by this kind of material then you should stop reading now. Any resemblance between this story and a real event is coincidental. The participants are imaginary; their actions have no negative consequences other than those portrayed in the story. The story is intended for entertainment and should not be emulated in the real world.

MAY 15, 2020, in a laboratory, whose location is known to only but a few, and only on a need-to-know basis:

"Looks like we've truly done it, Alice!" said Prof. Hapland "Pin" Pinwoody, Ph.D. "Respy has just executed her tenth perfect computerized movement." He turned toward his associate, Prof. Alice Hames, Ph.D, and couldn't miss the grin on her face. It was almost ear-to-ear.

"You're right, Pinny, and just wait until the investors get a gander. Shit, pardon my French, but they'll be just throwin' money at us!" She laughed. Pinwoody nodded.

"That's for sure." Pinwoody pressed another button on the remote control prototype. Respy reacted in nanoseconds. "You see that! She threw her legs around his back just as if she'd been doing it all her life!" Respy was on a bed, her legs now locked at the ankles across a crash-test dummy's back. Pinwoody hit another button and the legs, still locked, crawled further up the dummy's back as far as they could manage. "Look at that!"

Alice laughed, then said, "She has, prof, been doin' it all her life! This is technically her birthday!" Pinwoody turned toward her, a smile on his face.

Alice lifted her hand and shaped it as if it was holding an invisible glass. Making a pantomime toast, she said, "Many more, Respy! Many more." She chuckled. Pinwoody "clinked" his own finger-shaped imaginary glass holder with Alice's and said, "To Respy, may she earn us millions!"

Pinwoody then said, out loud, "Sip, sip!" Alice followed suit, "Sip, sip!" This was their usual mock celebration ritual. They did it every time the occasion called for it, like it did now.

Hap and Alice have something to celebrate, all right. They had worked on Pinwoody's dream, some called it "Pinwoody's Pipe Dream," for almost ten years now, five of which were concerned with nothing more than Respy's computer calibrated movements. The very movements Pinwoody was now putting Respy through.

RESPY. An acronym, but slightly altered when speaking about it, for Robot for Every Sexual Pleasure Imaginable. The term had been Alice's idea. Said it came to her in a flash, right after those two longs years of getting its respiring chest to look and heave naturally, as if breathing or, if called for by the remote, gasping and panting. No easy feat, that.

The skin, a project sub-contracted to a large firm, one Dermacom, Inc., that specialized in mannequins for big-time movie usage, came on board less than six months from the initial start date. Using a plasticized rubber formula, one they actually had to invent, the skin not only looked human, it felt like it.

To give the skin some human feeling heat, or warmth, which Pinwoody felt was absolutely necessary and he was adamant on the point, fine wires were embedded throughout the upper dermal layer. In the year 2010, if you remember, Dermacom launched this skin and wire combo to the mass market as DermaTouch and one could find it in everything from lady's handbags and panties to men's wallets and undershorts.

DermaTouch sold, as they always say, like hotcakes, only not as hot to the touch.

Alice said it reminded her of an electric blanket. Except this particular electric blanket had a top heat setting of 99.7 degrees. At the time, Pinwoody had quipped to Alice, "No point in having a guy screwing a lady with a fever of 104, now is there?" Is there?

99.7 would feel quite hot enough to a guy holding steady at 98.6. Especially when you consider that the only thermometer he'd be sticking into Respy had no clear red markings on it to discern her actual temp, anyhow.

The artificial intelligence, A.I., had been a piece of cake.

The incredible breakthrough, in 2006, by the well-renowned pioneering A.I.-ist, Benjamin Gentz, Ph.D, on speech and word recognition is well documented. Suffice it to say, Respy, the off-the-shelf version, could respond and react to 1,000 spoken questions or commands. One's personal tastes, likes and dislikes, could easily be programmed for her to follow.

Add an updated, microbe driven, Enzymo AT-VIX-22 hard drive and the amount of new commands and responses one could teach her, well, they were truly unlimited. All you had to do was tell her and show her once and it was, monkey see, monkey do. A nuance or semantic problem? No problem. All you had to do was talk to Respy. In any language known to man, including Old Latin, if you were some kind of monk.

And if you want Respy to learn all about you, your work, your career, your personal this and that's, so she'd be more than just a sex toy, she'd be company, well, old chum, just talk to her. She's got a damn fine memory built into her.

What does Respy look like? More correctly would be, whom does she look like? But an even more correct question, at this time, would be, whom will she look like? Glad you asked. The first model to retail will be a carefully chosen composite of Mira Sorvino, Gillian Anderson, Rene Zellweger, and the beautiful French actress, Anouk Aim?e. The part, or parts, each will contribute, to be determined later.

Yes, Respy would be, as envisioned by Alice and Pinwoody, something else, indeed. And beyond. Because both Alice and Pinwoody could see the potential Respy had to eliminate human loneliness. At least among the folks who could afford it. And, as Pinwoody once put it, who knows? In time, the price would probably be within the reach of anyone with an average paying job. Just look at computers and their overall track record.

A male Respy version, for the ladies out there, and some men, would be next on the Alice and Pinwoody agenda, but the female Respy offered more challenges and thus had been worked on first. With the female, there were those infernal internal problems to work out: Realistic vaginal juices, warm, wet anal moistness, and, toughest of all, a naturally salivating tongue.

The male version, by comparison, was child's play once the female prototype was complete and up to snuff. There was already a very realistic penis on the market that not only went from flaccid to erect, it also ejaculated. The amount of pseudo-sperm was controllable, too. Recipe included.

Hell, this dang faux pecker thing even had hairy balls, whose eggs could be felt as they rolled around under its warm DermaTouch skin. All it lacked was a body to attach it to. A Respy body, if Pinwoody had any say in the matter...

RESPY, with Pinwoody's help on the remote, was now humping the test dummy to beat the band. Every button Pinwoody punched, from kiss him on the mouth to wiggle your ass in a clockwise direction, now the other way, was faithfully followed. With a passion so heated, so ardent, though programmed in, it now surprised the two experimenters.

"Holy Christ, Alice, to put it in plain english, she's fucking the dummy's ass off!" He laughed, a nervous laugh, one of glee mixed with shock.

'Yeah, Pin, I wish I could move like that. Then maybe you and I would go at it more often than we've have been lately." She lightly smacked him on the arm. "Dummy!"

"Hell, Alice, if you moved like that I'd... I better shut up!" He looked guilty.

"Damn! You've got a woody, Pin, a fucking woody just from watching her! And don't tell me you have on a pair of those new tent-filled trousers!" She gave him a hurt look, but he knew it was a sham one.

He knew he had been busted. He hit a few more buttons and said, "You going to tell me, woman, that you're not getting your stew stirred a bit from watching the way she moves, the way she fucks?" Respy was now moaning and grabbing the dummy's ass cheeks with both hands, squeezing them. And, all the while, her ass cheeks were smoothly going in a definite counterclockwise direction. Then, with a mere Pinwoody touch on a button, clockwise.

"Maybe so," Alice admitted. "But I don't need no stinkin' remote to do all of those things at the same time. So there, Mr. Smarty Pants Dummy!" Then she was back to business. "Of course, once I design those programs to incorporate multiple manoeuvrings, Respy won't need no stinkin' remote, either."

They watched, fascinated, as Respy fucked and moaned. "Mmmm... "

"I HAVE A GOOD IDEA, PIN, why don't we put that simple three-motion program I wrote into Respy? We can loop it and give it a small test. And, while we test, you can get a good fuck at the same time. OK, dummy with the tent in pants?" She chuckled and made a circle with her left hand's thumb and forefinger and pumped her right thumb in and out of it. He looked over at her and smirked.

"Good idea, Ali, a little business with pleasure mix. Only one small problem. Lacking a vagina, how can I fuck her while we test?" He laughed, throwing his head back. Alice reached out and smacked his arm again.

"You may be joshing, dummy, but that does bring up the question. When she's vagina laden, so to put it, are you gonna be the first to pop her cherry?" She stuck a thumb in her mouth and made a popping sound as she quickly pulled it back out.

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