What They Don't Teach You in School About Marketing

by Evil Bjorn

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Consensual, Coercion, Cheating, Gang Bang, Interracial, Black Male, White Female, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Pregnancy, .

Desc: Sex Story: A story about one womans struggle for success and how she learned how to sell herself and her product, and women, this is not serious, but if I was a client...

Let me start by introducing myself. My name is Erica Neimann. I am 39 years old and married, although not happily so like everyone else pretends to be, to my third husband. I am also a mother five beautiful girls, Julia, Shantel, Monique, Raquell, and April who are ages 15, 10, 9, 7, and 1 respectively. My current job is the regional head of marketing for the West Coast for a major blue chip business but I wasn't always so successful.

When I graduated from college with a marketing degree and I have always had a job in my own field, which isn't all too common these days, but at the tender age of 22, I had nothing but failure. My first job was in sales and I went, more or less, door-to-door trying to sell people cutlery. It wasn't something I planned to do for the rest of my life and it wasn't something that I would be forced to do. I worked there for about six months before my manager told me he had to let me go. I was way behind the average in sales and I couldn't quite understand why.

I was always popular, even if not madly popular like the head cheerleader in high school or anything like that but I was with a comfortable group of friends, many of which I have to this day. The same is true for college, but that's only because to be a popular girl in college you have to dress like a slut, bisexual, be a constant tease, and put out. I wasn't too interested in doing any of those things. Don't get me wrong I'm no prude. I lost my virginity when I was 17 and had sex with my boyfriends but I was never too interested in sharing him with another woman or letting any of my boyfriends and their buddies double up on me. Anyway, my point is that I have good social skills, but somehow I just couldn't "make the sell."

My second and third jobs out of college were no less catastrophes, though each one gave me less and less of a chance to hit my sales quota. I was really beginning to question if I had chosen the right field at that point in my life. Money was less and less and my student loan officer became more and more persistent that I should pay off my loans, or at least the minimums. My relationship with my boyfriend was strained because I had mooched off of him so much and I was probably moody and constantly, well, abnormal because I was such a failure at work.

Then what seemed like a miracle happened. I got a job selling cars and trucks to corporations. The kind of sales that really brought in the big dough if you managed to sell 20 trucks to a construction firm or something like that. Really I got the job more out of pity, as I had known the daughter of the man who would become my boss from high school. He said that he would, "Give me a shot."

I gave it my all on that job. I dressed in my very best the first time I went to meet a client. I was confident, agreeable and had read every last bit of literature dealing with the company, the company I would be selling to, and the products, in this case automobiles, I was going to try to sell. My technique, as far as I could tell, was perfect and all of my answers were quick and direct but somehow success alluded me again. I was devastated. My second attempt was just as perfectly executed and these people really NEEDED what I had to offer, but they still weren't convinced.

At this point my boss, "Jake," but who I as more comfortable calling Mr. Tumbleton from years of being his daughter's friend, came to me. "Erica," he said, "I hear your last client didn't work out either. That's ok really, but I thought we had a sure shot lined up there. I know you're trying your best and I can see that. I really appreciate the dedication really I do but we've got to have sales."

By this point in the conversation I was already crying. The world was conspiring against me. Despite all of the training and the effort and the research I had done and my immeasurable social skills, I was about to lose my 4th job. This time I'd end up in the poor house I'm sure. No one would hire a stupid girl who couldn't sell knives, appliances, cars, or anything to people who desperately needed it.

"Erica, Erica," he said moving towards me, "Its alright, I'm going to give you one more shot. I just didn't want to give you a surprise if I had to let you go later. I've never had anyone so dedicated as you and Hillary," who was his daughter, by the way, " would never forgive me if I was so short with you. Besides, I really don't want to fire that cute little girl who ate so many odd dinners with us."

It took some time for me to compose myself. He had me in his arms at that point and when I was all together I looked up at him and managed to put on a smile. "Thanks Mr. Tumbleton. I'll do my absolute best to make this sale. I really appreciate all you've done for me, even if I haven't deserved it all." When that was said he laughed, I gave him a peck on the cheek and went to go find out whom my next client would be.

As it turned out my client would be a construction agency. They were interested in buying as many as 6 trucks to be used for a variety of heavy towing and hauling purposes. I felt pretty confident. I wasn't a huge sell by our company's standards. Even though I already knew everything I needed to know about the trucks I would be selling, I read up on them. I found everything I could on exactly the kind of work the company did so that I could best tailor my presentation to their needs.

When finally the day came I was excited beyond words and certainly more than any girl should be about doing work! My boyfriend, Dan, was excited too. He probably knew that if I did well he wouldn't have to support me anymore and of course he'd probably look forward to some wild, wet, hard and steamy celebratory sex later that day. I was dressed my very best in a blouse and power-suit. Under the skirt I had some dark panty-hose and, of course, a thong and just so no one's imagination runs off with them, I also wore a bra to keep in place my very average B cup breasts. Dan gave me a kiss, I grabbed my things, and it was off to work. There was no way that I would fail today!

At the client's office, which happened to be a trailer next to a construction site where they were building an 8 story rise, I gave my presentation concerning trucks with a level of perfection that only Jesus or God Himself could hope to surpass, but alas the man I was presenting to still seemed skeptical. As he came to me and began going over some of the paperwork I brought, mostly of the informational kind. He was still far from buying anything I could tell. I was panicking inside as he asked me this and that about trucks certain trucks, offers, prices, and tax considerations.

I sat down to get out some documentation as he went to take a seat next to mine. "Well as you see the trucks you're considering are over the Federal weight limit so you'll be able to get them both tax free as a company expense," I said as he seemed to lean in to look but when I looked at him I found his eyes were not centered on ME. This wasn't the first time a client had come on to me but this time was different. I had a whole lot more riding on this than usual. Usually I tried to politely back away but this time I was desperate not to turn him off of the deal.

"This looks good," he said. I knew he was coming on to me and I didn't stop him. I like these he said pointing to the document but inching even closer towards me. "Do they come with anything extra?" he continued. I knew he was propositioning me for something, something no automotive, something sexual.

"What would you like?" I timidly responded as my whole career and relationship with Dan came flashing through my eyes.

He looked me over and kissed me on the lips. I didn't move a muscle until his hands where resting on my shoulders. They guided me out of my seat and down onto the floor in front of him. I was right in front of his bulging pants. Blowjobs were really not my thing and in those days it wasn't every girl who gave them. I had given a one or two to a few of my boyfriends but never really got into the habit of sucking dick. I was faced with the prospect of cheating on my boyfriend, cheating for the very first time on anyone I'd ever been with, and making the sale.

When I weighed the two in my head, somehow the job won and I leaned forward and took out his cock. My head descended into his lap and I started giving him the best blowjob I could. My head bobbed and bobbed and I got a sense I wasn't doing a very good job. He pulled me off of him and soon I was leaning back on his desk.

The buttons of my power-suit were quickly made undone by his sure and steady hands. My blouse too was also quickly opened. "You've got great tits babe," he said confidently as his callus hands met with them and he pulled them from the snug confines of my bra. Cursed with very sensitive breasts, I couldn't stop myself from moaning when he pinched my dime-sized nipples. "Oh yeah, a lot better than the average little prudes who come down here trying to sell shit."

He started sucking on my nipples, which only made my moaning worse. I was getting wet for him too, for whatever reason. I was nearly cumming from him just sucking on my breasts when he stopped.

"You bring the rubber babe?" he said, to which I had no response but my continual moaning. I was so worked up that I didn't stop him when his hands pulled down my pantyhose. I remember trying not to think about Dan as he took down my panties. "Such a pretty pink pussy too," he said. He didn't do much in the way of foreplay. His fingers slid inside me and poked around with the kind of anatomical ineptitude I was used to from my previous boyfriends. When he had had enough fun prodding my sex, he directed my legs back against my chest. I was completely exposed to him, nearly a complete stranger, a person who I was supposed to only do business with, and all I wanted was for him to put it in me. I was too lost to think of how unprofessional it was. I just wanted some cock.

I was quickly satisfied as something long and hard slid into my wetness. I closed my eyes and focused on the orgasm I knew was coming. His insistent thrusts, each one, sent tingles up my spine until finally fireworks went off throughout my body.

"Oh fuck babe," the man yelled. His cock rammed into me, much harder than before. I felt a gooey warmth fill my body.

When I returned to the office my boss was delighted to see I had scored big on the truck deal, selling the construction firm 7 of varying types. I wondered what he would think if he knew I had accidentally thrown myself in as the icing on the cake. It was really then that I felt a bit guilty. Of course, I was always a career minded woman, though I never guessed I would be that career minded and on the way home I reasoned it away, since it was much better to have my job and have cheated on my boyfriend than to have lost my job. I mean I probably wasn't going to marry Dan right?

The unfortunate fact is that would not turn out to be true. I began drinking as soon as I got home to calm my nerves. A strong vodka and lemonade or two took my mind off of all of the bad feelings I had towards the day, but it also made me act irresponsibly.

I was sure to take a bath before Dan got home and while washing the cum out of me it dawned on me that I was right in the middle of my cycle and about as fertile as black soil and with buckets of Miracle Grow thrown on top. When Dan got home I was in tears, though I managed to convince him that it was because I was so happy to have done well today and because I was a little too emotional because of the alcohol I'd already drank.

He was particularly male about my feelings, that are he brushed them off pretty easily, and the two of us went out and had some drinks at a club, only making me more intoxicated than I already was. Somewhere in this stupor I guess I decided it would be a good idea to get Dan to fuck me too, but this time without a condom so he would think if I got pregnant it was his child, or at least could have been. In fact it would have had to be. After all, I was a good girl as far as he knew.

I do not recall much of the night that night, but I know I was successful. My boyfriend of four years ended up planting his seed inside me where only hours before a man who's name I cannot remember had placed his.

A few weeks passed and my sales were spotty at best. Twice in that time, when I felt my employment threatened, I'd ended up giving clients sexual favors, even letting one fuck me, to make sure I kept my job. I was smarter this time and started carrying condoms in my purse, which was fairly uncommon in those days. A few weeks later, my worst fears had come true. I was going to be a mother to a child who's father I could only hope was Dan's. It was a 50/50 shot, but Dan took the news as impetus to propose. A few months later, my belly swelling with a bastard child inside, I walked down the isle and became Erica Schmitt.

I had Julia shortly after that and settled down to become a housewife for a while. As I look at Julia, I'm almost certain she is the progeny of Dan and me and not the offspring of that construction manager I had met one sunny summer day. There is an irony there I suppose, but I am glad it was Dans. I loved him a lot and I would be very saddened when the two of us did get a divorce. It would be three years before I tried to find a job again and in that entire time I was completely faithful to my husband, never once touching another man.

We had been married for about four years when I decided I wanted to try to get a job again. I suppose you could say, being as career minded as I was, I was not fully content tending to the house and raising a child.

My second venture would turn out to be little different than the first. I immediately got a job, but lost it within 6 months just like the very first job I had. I repeated this with another job and finally another. It was finally dawning on me that if I wanted to be out in the business world I was going to have to put out. I gave it some more thought. I was going stir crazy in the middle of the 1990's sexually charged southern California. I decided that if cheating was the only way to get out of the house, that's just how I was going to have to do it.

The job I ended up taking was as a sales representative for a major paper distributor. I figured this job had to be boring and probably the least likely to require me to make a lot of sexual favors in order to sell anything. I turned out to be pretty wrong about that. My working philosophy was that if the order appeared important enough, I wasn't going to refuse the advances of any client. Even selling paper that meant I ended up giving sexual favors of one kind or another to three different clients in my first week at the company.

Dan was of course happy to see that I was doing so well in my new business. I felt a little bit sorry for him, though I wouldn't call any feeling I had "guilt," perhaps a little, so much as pity for him. I loved Dan honestly and knew he probably deserved better.

My first marriage wouldn't last all that much longer though. The reason for our breakup would be job related. A few months later, and believe me many, many acts of infidelity later too, I received a particularly important client, the kind I had vowed to do anything to please. The nature of their business, lets just say, was as the distributor of a series of adult themed magazines. I was not at all surprised that sex would be somehow involved with these people, but I fully ready for what was in store for me that day.

The day started like any other really. I got dressed well in a power suit, bra, panties, stockings, and pumps. I headed to the office to get things together and when the time came, I made my way over to the client's office, which was an hour or two from our headquarters. I had all of my material, paper samples, and of course a purse full of condoms.

The office was actually not quite as low class as I had expected a porn studio to be. Inside the receptionist actually seemed pretty well dressed and I guess my mental image of what one of these places would be like was pretty quickly destroyed. She buzzed Cole, the guy I was here to see, and in a few moments a fairly well dressed black man came out. He was wearing a silk shirt with a few buttons undone at the top to show he wasn't wearing anything under it except some gold and a pair of pants. It was a very relaxed but still professional look.

I was taken to his office. It could have passed for any office in any building if it weren't for all of the X rated magazines, videos, and posters. He sat down behind his desk and gave me the simple cue, "Show me what you've got, babe."

I gave him my whole prepared speech. My delivery wasn't as perfect as when I was younger, largely because I realized now how business was done while when I was just a college grad I was somewhat naïve. Cole wasn't too impressed I got the feeling.

"That's pretty impressive babe, but we're looking for a new paper that's a little more resistant to certain things, ya know," he said. I knew exactly what he meant but this isn't something I'd prepared for prior. "Do you have anything like that?"

"Well, I'm not sure," kind of stammering, "I guess we never ran those kinds of tests and I never did them myself before..."

He sat back in his chair and looked most displeased, but somehow it all seemed a little over-acted. I guess they were in the business of over-acting. "I don't see how I can buy paper from you if I don't know if it's going to do the job, babe, I'm sorry."

"Maybe we can work something out," I pleaded.

He smiled at that. "Maybe we can. What did you have in mind babe?" he said, leaning forward again in his chair.

I felt a little shy in this position. Usually it's the guys who came on to me but I was being played. He was making me the initiator, for whatever reason. I can only assume that he liked a girl to do that so I said "Well, you're a man, and I have samples..." to which he looked a little skeptical, "and since it really is my responsibility to come prepared for this kind of thing, I would feel obligated to I would help with the... well..."

He laughed at me, "Well that sounds good to me babe, but I don't think I'm too into spraying down some paper. Let me buzz an actor or two, if you don't mind."

His eyes fell on me. I was a little choked up by the idea and only nodded to show my approval. My voice probably would have wavered had I tried to talk.

"Good," he said and pressed a button on his desk. "Candy, if you could go fetch a couple of the guys, I'm going to need them in my office." Cole sat back in his chair when that was over and looked quite satisfied with himself. I was definitely getting played today, but this was an important contract for my company to get so I played along.

The room was filled with awkward silence until a minute or two later a few guys walked into the room. They were all black, something I could have guessed if I had really paid attention to the magazines and other adult material lying around the office. All of them were in various states of undress, one man being completely nude already, another in just a pair of boxers, and the most dressed guy in a pair of dress pants not unlike the ones my client was wearing.

I was really surprised to see the size of the naked man's, well, cock. I'd been with a few black guys before. It wasn't uncommon that they would need paper or a truck, which was ancient history, if you know what I mean. I hadn't really found that they were all that much bigger than white guys or Latinos really, but this was a porn factory, basically. It quickly made sense to me why these guys would have real nice equipment.

It still made me uncomfortable knowing that I'd be sucking all of these guys off probably. To be truthful, I was probably trembling like a leaf, but definitely aroused as well. Cole explained what he wanted pretty quickly and concisely, "Alright guys, we've got to see if this paper holds up to a little cum. You've got the spunk we need and this babe's going to help get it out of you."

My client gave me a look like 'well get to it' and I went over to the naked man with one of the samples in hand. I threw back my hair and got on my knees. It looked even bigger when I was this close to it. It really took a lot of effort just to reach out and touch it. It was so warm too. I bet it had fucked a lot of really happy ladies as my lips moved to take it into my mouth.

In the past few months I really had become pretty good at giving a blowjob. It really should have been part of the class curriculum back in college rather than just an extra-curricular activity performed by only the sluttiest of girls. Anyway, I was bobbing pretty well on his long rod and playing with his heavy balls too, but I wasn't really getting much of a response from him. He'd probably had a lot of better blowjobs by girls who's one skill in life was taking cock any which way they could get it.

"I don't think its working," his deep voice said.

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