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Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Blackmail, Cheating, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, .

Desc: Sex Story: A married women is mistaken for a prositute. She is used, then blackmaild and forced to put out again.

Jenny was excited. She and her husband Ted Kidd were enjoying a free, all expense paid weekend in Las Vegas, curtsey of the company Ted worked for. Ted had to attend a five-day convention that would start next Monday and end Friday, but the company booked the rooms for the full week. They had arranged a golf outing for key employees on the Saturday before the conference leaving that evening and Sunday for the couple to enjoy a mini vacation. Jenny and Ted arrived late Friday night and Ted had to be on the course early Saturday morning.

Jenny had breakfast alone, then put on her bikini and enjoyed the pool. Her bright yellow bathing suit accented her shape. She had firm breast and long legs for a thirty-three-year-old woman due to the fact that she exorcized regularly. She was proud of her body. After the birth of her children her breast had grown to be a full c-cup and she lost all of the extra weight she had gained during pregnancy. Now a pert 36c, five foot six with a 24 inch waist. They had two daughters, twelve and ten and their grandmother was watching them so they could enjoy this vacation. She noticed quite a few men checking her out when she entered the pool area and again when she entered the pool. Her blond hair was neck length and it glistened when wet. The water rolled down her neck, across her cleavage. She knew that she looked hot.

After sunning herself, enjoying the pool, and the looks the men were giving her, she returned to her room for an afternoon nap. When she awoke, she enjoyed a leisure shower then put on a new, black tight, mini dress, matching shoes and of course black panties. She didn't need to wear a bra with this dress. As soon as she finished dressing her husband Ted stumbled into the room. He was drunk and very sunburned. Immediately she knew that the evening was shot! After helping him into the shower and then she put a salve on his burn, she put him to bed. Within minutes he was snoring and it was obvious that he was out for the night. She was disappointed. She wanted to try gambling and see the sights of Vegas. Jenny decided that since she was dressed, she would have dinner and visit the hotel casino by herself.

Jenny tried Black Jack first, then Roulette and then finally the one arm bandits. She lost at all three. In fact she lost much more than she could afford to lose. Sitting at a bar in the casino drinking her last drink, she thought about the money she lost. She knew shouldn't have gambled and lost so much money. She couldn't even afford dinner Then the man sitting next to her at the bar started a conversation. After the normal pickup routine he boldly asked her how much money did she want?

" I don't know what you mean?" replied Jenny.

He replied, "How much do you get for the night, three hundred?"

Then she understood what he was asking her. He was propositioning her thinking she was a prostitute. She wasn't angry at this proposition, in fact she found it to be flattering and exciting. If anything, she was mad at her husband for practically abandoning her.

Jenny thought that because it was still early in the evening, she would flirt with this man for a while, but not really considered his offer. She would tell him that she appreciated the attention after a while, but that she was a married woman, not a prostitute. She started to flirt but decided that she should tell him the truth. Before she could, he raised his offer to five hundred dollars. This amount astonished Jenny. Earlier, when the price was three hundred dollars, Jenny gave thought of how it would replace some of the money she had just lost. The offer of five hundred0 was hard to refuse but she knew she had to. He didn't give her a chance. He rose from his bar stool, took her firmly by the hand, then lead her out of the bar. She did not resist, she followed, actually was almost dragged by him.

Nothing was said as she was lead to the elevator and then to his room. Jenny knew that this was wrong but didn't stop it. She wasn't a prostitute, (although her husband has accused her of acting like a whore a few times in bed.) She wasn't, in fact the only man she had ever been to bed with was her husband. This is wrong, wrong, Jenny thought, but she still didn't stop herself. The excitement of being a whore for this stranger had turn her on. Her bikini panties were wet.

Tom removed five one-hundred dollar bills from his wallet, placing them on the dresser in front of her. He told her that she could take the money when she left the room. He smiled at her, wrapping his arms around her, pulling her to him. Kissing her mouth, then his kisses moved to her cheek, her ear, and then her neck. He again kissed her mouth, inserted his tongue which Jenny gladly accepted. She sucked his tongue into her mouth then twirled it with her own tongue. While they were kissing, Tom's hands roamed her body, first her ass then her waist and finally to her breast. He massaged them with one hand while he unzipped her mini dress in the back. Stepping back from her he let the dress drop to the floor where she stepped out of it.

Jenny was standing there dressed only in her brief bikini panties with her hands attempting to cover her breast. She heard Tom say, You are beautiful. I have never seen a woman with a body as wonderful as yours, as he stepped forward and took her into his arms again. She tilted her head to accept his kiss feeling his hands cupping and massaging her breast. He kissed her lips, then her neck before moving down to her breast. He kissed the tops of the mounds of her full firm breasts and then lowered his mouth to her nipples. Each one was licked, sucked and nipped. This was sending thrills through Jenny and her panties were now soaked. As he sucked on a nipple, his hand ventured down to her crotch where he inserted his hand into her panties. She felt his finger pushing into her, and it felt good. She felt a second finger being put into her. His fingers were fucking her pussy. Those fingers caused her to moan in pleasure as her body rock gently on his hand.

She was about to cum when he stopped stroking her. He removed his hand from her pussy and offered his fingers to her mouth. She felt his hands pressing on her lips and she opened to allow them to enter.

"Suck them clean" he said, and she did. She tasted her own juices for the first time. He pushed his fingers in and out of her mouth till all of her pussy juice was cleaned from them. Placing his hands on her shoulders he applied pressure until she bent at her knees and knelled on the floor in front of him.

"Take it out. Take my dick out" he repeated.

Jenny reached up, loosened his belt and pants and pulled them down and off of him while still on her knees in front of him. His hard on stood at attention just inches from her face. She had often wanted to do this with her husband. She wanted to kiss and taste her husband Ted's cock but she was too shy to try it and never received encouragement from her husband. This beautiful cock stood inches from her mouth. She now had a chance to do more than kiss and taste this cock. The mushroom head was place on her lips ready to be inserted in her mouth. She felt his hands on the back of her head holding her in place.

Tom said, "Suck it, I want you to suck my cock, make me cum in your mouth."

His words excited her as she accepted his cock into her virgin mouth. She took as much of it as she could and sucked it. She removed it from her mouth and licked his shaft from its head to his balls like it was a candy stick. She sucked his sack into her mouth and gently massaged his balls with her tongue. She heard him moan. Removing her mouth from his balls, she returned to his cock. Three inches fit nicely into her mouth as she sucked it. She was rocking her head back and forth as she sucked his cock.

Then she felt Tom holding her head in place as he pushed his cock further into her mouth. She felt it entering her throat. He held her head firm as pushed his cock deeper and deeper into her throat. Jenny thought she was going to gag from this intrusion. Then she felt it being withdrawn, giving her an opportunity to breathe and adjust to the cock in her throat.

"Oh! It feels so good" he said as he fucked her mouth. "I'm going to cum!"

The way he talked and treated her, excited her. Her husband always treated her like a virgin queen. The abrasive talk, and treatment was exciting. He moaned and his body shutter as he shot his first load into her. She felt his balls contracting and his cock which was buried in her throat expanded and then vibrated with wave after wave of his chisim entering her.

When he had emptied his load into her, he withdrew his cock from her mouth and helped her up from her knees. He placed her on the bed and slid her soaked bikini panties down her legs and off of her. Jenny lifted her body to help him remove her panties. She felt his weight on the bed when he joined her, his mouth sucking on her tits. She was so hot, she was moaning when he inserted the tip of his cock into her cunt. Jenny felt her legs spread and her cunt lips open voluntarily, as if her cunt was sucking this cock into her. Her cunt grasping for it. He slid it back and forth along her slit. She arched her back to him trying to get his cock into her.

"No! Baby, you have to ask for it." Said Ted as he continued to playfully rub the tip at the door to her pussy.

Jenny moaned and reached her arms around his ass and tried to pull him into her.

"No! Ask." He said.

She wanted that strangers cock in her. She needed it. "Please" she said.

"Please what?"

"Please put it in. Please fuck me, please" she begged. She couldn't resist any longer, she was his sex slave and needed his cock and both of them knew it.

He pushed his cock all the way into her soaked cunt with one stroke and held it there. He pined her to the bed with his cock as she squirmed and bucked beneath him. Ted held that position for a while until her gyrations and pleadings caused him to start moving his cock in her. Slowly at first, then he increased the length and speed of his stokes. She came quickly. The burning started from deep within and spread thought out her body. She came again and he continued fucking her. Each time she came it was more intense than the time before until finally she felt him shoot his load into her.

"You are the best fuck that I have ever had." "Your pussy is still gripping and squezzing my cock and if you don't stop I'm going to fuck you again."

Just hearing him talk like that caused Jenny to continue to flex the muscles in her stomach and cunt. She continued gyrating her pussy, encouraging him to fuck her again.

"I want you to fuck me again"

He pulled his cock out of her, flipped her over onto her hands and knees and entered her doggie style. In this position she felt this cock deeper than her husbands cock had ever been. He fucked her long and hard then left another load deep within her while she climaxed another three times.

After he shot his load, Ted collapsed on the bed and quickly fell to sleep. Jenny laid next to him for a while then quietly got out of the bed, got dressed without wakening him. She opened the hotel room door and was about to leave when she spotted the five hundred dollars on the dresser. She grabbed the money, quietly closing the door then putting the money into her hand bag. She heard a noise and looked where the sound came from to see a man standing by the door of the next room. He was looking at her and smiled. She recognized him from the bar earlier. Jenny remembered that he had been sitting next to Ted.

Jenny returned to, and slipped into her own room without waking her husband. She slipped off her cloths, took a shower and got into bed with him. The next morning he took her to breakfast without either of them mentioning the night before. After breakfast she packed her clothes and he put her in a cab to the airport, where she got her flight back home. He had to return to the hotel to prepare for the meetings that were going to follow the next few days.

Part II

Jenny waited expectantly for the taxi that would be bringing Tom from the airport. She had put the kids to bed, took a nice warm shower and put on a sexy short, very short nightgown. After five days away from Tom and because of what she did while acting as a prostitute in Vegas, she was getting horny and still felt guilty about cheating on him. He didn't know that she performed as a whore for a stranger while he was in a drunken sleep, so tonight she was going to solidify their marriage by performing as a wife in bed for her husband.

The taxi was late. She made cocktails for them to share and as she waited she sipped her second then third drink. The taxi pulled into the driveway quite late. She heard her husband talking to the driver. He came into the house and she rushed to greet him, stumbling from the drinks. Tom dropped his luggage bag and grabbed her before she fell. He laughed to himself about her drunken state, stumbling and all. Tom held her in his arms pulling her to him and kissed her deeply. His hands quickly roamed her backside, rubbing her ass through her pajama bottoms. He kissed her breast as his hand pulled her top open allowing access.

"I missed you, lets go upstairs now" she said.

Tom lead his wife to their bedroom where he undressed her and himself. He mounted her quickly and although she reached a climax, it was not fulfilling. Something was missing for her. After fucking her, Tom put on a robe and went back down stairs. He made himself a drink, opened the mail that had accumulated during the past week, then sat in his easy chair and read the evening newspaper. Jenny stumbled into the shower and took another long hot shower. Her fingers tried but could not give her the fulfilling climax that she craved.

Two days later Jenny received a call from Tom telling her that he was bringing a fellow worker, his supervisor, home for dinner that night. They have been working on a project together. They planed to finish it tonight after dinner in his study. She didn't mind that he was bringing someone for dinner. She prepared a nice roast. She fed the kids early so that the adults could enjoy the dinner by themselves. When she heard Tom entering the front door with his supervisor, she went to greet them. Tom's supervisor was Ted. The same Ted that used her as a prostitute in Las Vegas the previous week. She was shocked.

Tom said "Jenny, I want you to meet Ted, and Ted this is my wife Jenny."

Ted was smiling, looking straight into her eyes he said. "Hello Jenny, I'm glad to meet you." "I've been looking at your picture on Tom's desk for the last six months and I glad that I'm finally getting to see you in person."

Unsure of what to say, she replied "Thank you, dinner will be ready in a moment" and rushed to the kitchen. He knew who I was that night in Vegas when he picked me up at the bar! He knew that I Tom's wife and not a prostitute all along! He tricked me.

Once during dinner Ted said to Jenny "I'm sure I saw you at the casino in Vegas, how did you do that night, did you make any money?" he said with a smile.

Jenny knew that he was testing and teasing her about that night. She replied "I broke even."

After dinner the two men went into the study and finished working on the project. After Ted left Tom told her that Ted's wife was visiting her mothers for the week. That gave them this chance to work late on the project and he thought it would be nice to have him for dinner.

She replied "That's ok, I had a nice time."

Tom said "I didn't know that you gambled in Vegas, when did you do that?"

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