by Tom Land

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Consensual, Incest, Mother, Daughter, Group Sex, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Petting, Sex Toys, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, .

Desc: Incest Sex Story: <i>Mother/Daughter Suck/Fuck Team</i><br> Carmen's 36 and her daughter Lauren is 18 but these two women discover that they have as much fun fucking a guy together as they do separately. The guys agree.

Chapter 1

They were mother and daughter, Carmen and Lauren, but you'd never have been able to tell there was any blood connection -- except that they did resemble each other very closely. One was 18 and the other was 36 years old but they werre both highly sexed and very attractive. They acted more like two horny girlfriends who loved experiencing sex with horny guys almost like a women's tag wrestling team than they did a mother/daughter pair.

The first time Carmen and Lauren actually shared the same lover was when Lauren had been going steady with a male classmate of hers from school and the boyfriend had come over to Lauren's house one afternoon only to find that the only person there at the time was her sexy mother, Carmen. The boyfriend, Sam, had a hard time concealing the hardon he started getting as he stood there talking to Lauren's mom. But then Carmen had noticed Sam's embarrassment and his efforts to keep his sexual arousal hidden and she'd determined to take advantage of this hot stud that she was sure had probably been fucking her daughter Lauren for several months. She'd aggressively walked over and placed her hand right over the large bulge of Sam's hardening cock and lured him in onto the living room couch where she'd managed to get his cock out, suck him to total hardness and then she'd pulled his jeans down to his ankles and climbed onto his lap so she could slide his big thick teenaged cock in her pussy and she fucked them both to orgasm. Carmen had felt a hot sexiness as she rode up and down on Sam's cock and thought to herself that she was literally fucking her own daughter's boyfriend right there in her living room. That didn't stop how good it felt and Carmen continued to stroke her pussy up and down on the horny young stud's cock until she creamed on his dick and he blew his cum load deep up inside her horny 36 year old cunt.

When Lauren did finally come home that night, Carmen broke the news to her that she'd enjoyed her boyfriend sexually that afternoon since Lauren wasn't home. Lauren found herself dealing with the fact that her own mother had seduced Sam, but then she started laughing and the mother/daughter team began to figure out how both of them could start enjoying and satisfying their mutually high sexual desires together.

Lauren actually found herself wishing she could have secretly come in the house while her mother Carmen and Sam had been fucking and watched the two of them getting it on. Lauren loved watching porn flicks with her girlfriends and she'd realized she had quite a voyeuristic streak in her that she knew would really turn her on if she was to get to watch another couple -- even if it was her own mother and Sam fucking each other.

With Carmen and Lauren agreeing that they'd like to experience some sexual situations together, Lauren asked her mom if she'd consider letting her fuck Carmen's boyfriend, Bill, sometime. Carmen broke down laughing at the poetic justice of Carmen not only suggesting that she get to fuck Bill, but that Lauren had been harboring secret sexual desires for Carmen's boyfriend for a long time.

"Sure, baby," Carmen agreed as she considered how they might go about setting up an evening where she and Lauren could both enjoy Bill's horny big hard dick and let him enjoy being with two of the sexiest women he'd ever laid eyes on. Carmen got it all set up by telling Bill that when he came over the next night he was going to get the daylights fucked out of him -- and that he was going to get a very special treat given to him for the first time. She didn't spell out to him that his "treat" would be her teenaged daughter, but she knew that Bill was very sexually adventurous and willing to experiment. He'd often asked Carmen if they could swap with other couples but she'd never been quite willing to go that far in sharing her man.

Carmen filled Lauren in on the plans and Lauren found herself lying awake in bed that night and then eventually fingering her pussy and bringing herself to orgasms three separate times before she finally fell off to sleep. The next afternoon after school was over, Lauren and Carmen both showered and then fixed themselves up so they'd be more than delicious looking to Bill when he arrived. First, they made him take both of them out for dinner and when they came back home, the fun evening began.

Bill wondered why Lauren didn't wander off to her own room or leave for a date with Sam so he and Carmen could be alone in the living room or her master bedroom to have adult playtime and fuck each other. He'd noticed all evening that Lauren was looking especially hot with the tight bust-emphasizing T-shirt she was wearing and a pair of pants that allowed him to see that she had on a sexy dark colored thong underneath them. He could tell that she was wearing a bra that was obviously also intended to titillate and entice him. He caught himself wishing he could have the chance to fuck Lauren sometime, mauybe when her mother Carmen wasn't aware of what was going on.

When Carmen took Bill by the hand and let him straight into her bedroom and Lauren was right there with them, he began to think he had some inkling of what his special treat was to be. Bill also realized that his cock was well on its way to being totally erect and ready for a hot lusty fuck. Carmen had Bill sit on the edge of the bed, and then he readily saw that both Carmen and her gorgeous daughter Lauren were going to make love with him. At least that was how things appeared. Carmen leaned over and was kissing Bill's lips while Lauren was touching him on the chest and back, and then Lauren's hand slid down between his legs and she was hotly groping his hardon there in his pants.

Bill surrendered himself to these two gorgeous babes -- one his girlfriend/lover of several months and the other her 18-year old hottie daughter who he'd fantasized about fucking on more than one occasion. Bill couldn't believe his great luck and he wasn't sure why he was having such a delicious sexual experience. He didn't care at the moment. As Lauren took active measures to get Bill naked by unzipping his pants and beginning to pull them off his body, Carmen kept him occupied by putting it hands on her breasts and kissing him hotly like he'd never had her kiss him before. He felt his cock so hard and so thick in his pants that he was glad sexy Lauren was giving his hardon some relief by getting rid of his pants.

As Carmen realized that Lauren was removing Bill's pants, she stepped back to give her horny daughter some room to work. Carmen was much like her daughter and she knew she was going to love seeing Lauren in action with her boyfriend, Bill. No sooner had Carmen stopped kissing Bill, than Lauren had his pants and his briefs off and she dove into Bill's crotch, taking the large thick hardon she knew she'd find there and she wrapped her hand around his dick as she took the head of his cock into her mouth and started giving Bill a hot lusty blowjob.

"Ohhhhhhhhh, mannnnnnnnnnn, fuck yeah, baby," Bill exclaimed as he felt Lauren's wet tight lips encircling his swollen cockhead and he wanted to just lean back and let Lauren have her way with him. But he knew he needed to be an active part of this threesome since he had not one but two gorgeous horny women all to himself. Lauren stroked Bill's cock up and down, wanting to get his pre-cum flowing so she could taste the sexiness of his dick before she convinced her mother to let her fuck Bill first. Lauren's lusty sexy moans as she gave Bill's hard dick all her attentions were enough to make both her mother Carmen and Bill horny as they could be.

Carmen quickly slipped out of her clothes, her bra and thong panty while Lauren was working Bill's cock. She pulled Bill's shirt off and then she switched out with Lauren to allow her daughter to get rid of her clothes and get naked as well. Lauren could feel that her nipples were hard and perky in arousal when she pulled her bra off and the crotch of her bikini panty was soaked completely when she pulled them down off her legs.

As Carmen stroked and sucked her boyfriend's very hard dick, Lauren stood there beside Bill and her mother and served as a cheerleader for what was happening to Bill.

"Ohhhhhhhhhh, yeah, Mom, suck Bill's big horny dick and get it ready for me. Oh baby, yeah, Mom, you sure suck him good. Is she sucking you and jacking your cock better than I did, Bill?"

Bill just moaned and hoped that one of these women was going to either suck him off to orgasm or let him slide his hard cock inside one of their pussies and get rid of the huge amount of sexual pressure that was building in his nuts. He couldn't believe how fucking hot and horny these two babes had made him and he knew he needed some relief and soon.

"Lauren, I'm gonna be really nice to you, baby, and let you sample what I've been experiencing with Bill for all these months. You come on over here and let Bill fuck you with his big lusty hard cock he's got jutting up from his crotch," Carmen said as she took her mouth off Bill's dick and motioned for Lauren to take over. Lauren needed no encouragment; she asked Bill to move back on the bed and lie down so she could climb on top of him and give him the fuck of his life with her on top.

Bill scooted back up onto the bed and lay his head on the large pillow there as he reached down to his cock and stroked it up and down smoothly in invitation for Lauren to come and get her some of it. Bill loved to fuck Carmen, and they'd enjoyed a very active and very imagination sexual relationship. He could only imagine what a fuck with her 18-year old daughter was going to be like. He noticed the sexy full roundedness of Lauren's breasts as she climbed on the bed to join him and he noticed that her tits were a definite B/C-cup in size but not quite as full and mature as her mother Carmen's were. He was sure that would come with maturity and possibly with having a baby sooner or later. He loved the darkness of her sexy nipples on the peaks of her bare tits, and as Lauren settled over Bill's prone body, he reached up, cupping both globes and flicking his finger across the erect nipples. Then he felt Lauren's hand slide down into his groin, and she held his cock upright so she could mount him and take his cock into her young horny pussy.

"Ohhhhhhhh, baby, don't tease me, Lauren, climb on me and take a ride, baby," Bill moaned as he became impatient for Lauren to let him feel the tight wetness of her young cunt sliding down over his large engorged cock.

"Don't worry, Bill, I'm taking you in my cunt right now," Lauren said as she positioned the head of Bill's dick in the swollen lips of her pussy and let her body settle downward onto him, his thick fully hard cock spreading her wet tight pussy lips and he moaned as he loved the sensation of the incredible heat and wetness of Lauren's pussy completely swallowing his dick up. Bill knew Lauren was much less sexually experienced than her mother but he knew this was a young woman who had been fucked more than just a few times. She obviously knew what she liked and she knew what she was doing.

Lauren knew exactly what she was doing. She'd started fucked at 15 years old and in the three years since she'd had sex with more guys -- her own age and older -- than she could remember. She loved to fuck and suck and she was about to give her own mother's boyfriend the benefits of her four years of sexual adventures.

Lauren settled onto Bill's cock and loved the feel of his firm large hands on her tits. She loved having her breasts played with and especially when she was turned on and in the middle of being fucked. She no sooner felt Bill's cock hit the top of her cunt than she began moving back up on his hard dick with the muscles in her legs and thighs. Her pussy was tightly squeezing his hard cock and Lauren leaned over to give Bill better access to her full breasts as she began to slowly ride him up and down. Bill loved the feel of having his cock buried inside a tight teenage pussy. He loved fucking Lauren's mother but he was especially relishing the feel of having her own daughter now on top of him and in control of their fuck together.

"Mmmmmmmmm, fuck yeah, Lauren, oh yeah, ride me, girl, ride my cock and bring us both off, girl," Bill moaned and Carmen climbed up on the bed beside her horny young daughter and her sexy boyfriend as they copulated together. She was really enjoying watching Bill getting his dick well fucked by her sexy young daughter, and Carmen made her mind up then that this would not be their last mother/daughter sexual experiences together.

"Bill, you've got one fine hard cock, you sexy hunk," Lauren said as she began to pick up the rhythm of her movements up and down on Bill's manmeat. She loved to fuck; she loved feeling her pussy full of a man's horny dick, and she loved not only being naked and in the middle of sex but she found that she was really loving that her mother was there watching her in action -- and with her boyfriend which made it that much hotter.

As Lauren thought about how sexy this whole situation was, she began to move and writhe on top of Bill's cock harder and faster. Bill couldn't believe how horny and lusty Lauren was making him feel and then in about 20 minutes after she first mounted him, Bill moaned that he was getting ready to cum. Lauren knew she could bring herself off within a few minutes of knowing her lover was going to shoot and when Bill said that, she began squeezing and clinching her pussy on Bill's dick and in about 90 seconds, she started to climax on top of Bill's cock as his nuts cut loose and his strong thick spurts of cum began shooting up the tube of his hard dick and straight for the mouth of Lauren's womb.

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