My Angels

by Stosh79_00

Copyright© 2003 by Stosh79_00

Sex Story: I inherit a fortune and three very beautiful "Relaxation" Girls.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Group Sex   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Petting   Size   Slow   .

The day started out like any other, boring and seemingly endless, I got to the office late, received a dirty look from my boss and felt tired from a late night with too little sleep. The coffee in the office was terrible but I helped myself freely to it anyway hoping the caffeine would revive at least a tenth of my energy and get me through another long day. To make matters worse it was a Monday. Ugh!

I was busy with reports, but was so bored by them and had such a backlog that I was tempted to shove them into the trash bin all morning. I was forced to listen to Rush Limbaugh yelling from the guy's radio in the cube next to me. From the other side I heard Larry King talking to a radio guest, compliments of my other cube neighbor. I didn't like either Rush or Larry, but this was cube life at its most humiliating and I had few choices and no power.

Then after the morning was halfway finished I heard the office sweetheart/slut talking with one of the managers in the hall outside my cube. She was trying to get in with the boss and finagle another promotion. Good for her, I thought, certain that with a body like hers she would make it. I had been in the de-humanizing world of corporate America for over three years and far from ever being promoted I had just barely managed not to get demoted.

During the last hour of the morning we had a team meeting. Oh god how I hated these! The one hour drug and drug and drug by, my back was hurting by the time I rose up out of the chair, and my right leg had gone to sleep. The meeting was aimed at being a morale booster but I was always amazed at how demoralized the team was when we trudged out of one of these meetings.

When I got back to my cubicle the red light was blinking on my phone telling me I had a message. The growing ulcer in my stomach burned at the sight. This was no doubt another message left by one of my unsatisfied customers wanting to know where their flipping reports were. I could have told them what to do with their reports, but then of course I wouldn't have had a job any longer. I was fairly low on my savings and my debt was mounting because of the new car I had purchased the year before, so I couldn't afford to be with out the job. As I picked up the phone to listen to the message I just hoped that the irate customer had not copied my boss on the message.

The message was not from an irate customer. Instead my first impression was that it was worse. The stern voice of an older man informed me that he was an attorney with a big firm downtown and wanted me to call him ASAP. What kind of trouble had I gotten myself into this time I wondered?

I wrote down the number the stern voiced attorney had left and quickly dialed it. A receptionist answered the line and I told her who I was and gave the name of the attorney who had called me. She was polite and told me to hold. I did as I was instructed and felt my palms grow sweaty as I held the phone to my ear.

My boss walked by my cube and I tried to give her my best smile. She frowned back at me and passed. Then the attorney came on the line.

"Mr. Jones?" asked the attorney. "Mr. Jimmy Jones?"

"Yes. That's me."

"My name is Max Strickland. I'm a partner with Hart, Hadley, and Strickland. I need to see you in my office as soon as possible Mr. Jones."

"What is this about?"

"It concerns your Uncle Richard. I'd prefer not to go into any more detail on the phone. I have some time this afternoon at one. Plan on staying for at least an hour, my receptionist will give you directions over to the office. I'll see you then."

I stayed on the line long enough to get the directions. I already knew where it was. I worked downtown and could walk about three blocks and be at the front door of the skyscraper the law firm was a tenant of.

I sent my boss an email saying I would be taking lunch from one to two that afternoon. I never got a response back, but my boss never responded to my emails unless I was in trouble, so I assumed it was all right to take the late lunch hour and waited impatiently for the time to arrive. I still had no clue as to what this was all about, but he had mentioned my Uncle Dick so I was not too worried. Uncle Dick was my favorite uncle, and was a cool guy. If he was involved in this somehow it might be all right, and would definitely be interesting.

I got caught on the phone with one of my worst clients five minutes before I was to leave. The client call lasted ten minutes and so this made me late. Nothing was accomplished by the call, the client just got to ball me out. They probably felt better after the call. I felt worse and not too much like going to a law office to spend my whole lunch hour.

I walked the few blocks down from my modest office building, and to the giant skyscraper where Hart, Hadley, and Strickland were located. Entering the building lobby I read the directory and found the firms name listed on the twenty-first through twenty-third floors, and a part of the twenty-fourth floor. The reception area was on the twenty-second floor, and so that's where I took the elevator.

The reception area was fancy and spoke of money right from your first step off the elevator. Oak wood panels covered the walls, and even the pretty young receptionist had a big desk and a leather chair. She was friendly to me, but only in a polite sort of way. I got the feeling she thought I was an important client. Maybe she wasn't too smart.

I only had about two minutes to wait. I flipped through a magazine in the reception area and sat in one of the over stuffed chairs. Then the attorney I had spoke with on the phone, Mr. Strickland came out and introduced himself.

"Come right this way Mr. Jones," he said as he led me back through the firms' offices. Soon we reached a huge conference room with a spectacular view of the city, and I was invited to have a seat at a long formal table. There were about half a dozen people in the room. All wearing expensive suits, and all attorneys, I felt out of place immediately.

An uncomfortable few minutes of silence ensued and there was the rustling of papers across the table as a couple of the attorneys opened brief cases. I realized all eyes were upon me and I looked nervously at the unblemished varnish of the tabletop.

"Can you give us a picture ID, Mr. Jones?" Strickland asked, and I fumbled in my wallet for my driver's license. I handed it over to one of the lesser attorneys and he hustled out of the office with it to get a photocopy.

"I need you to sign here," Strickland said handing me a serious looking document. "I also need a signature on the third page from the last, and initial everywhere I've placed a red circle."

He handed me his personal pen, embossed with his initials. I bent over the pages to start to sign, but then thought better of it. What in the hell was all of this?

"Could I get an explanation as to what this is all about?" I asked.

"Sorry, Mr. Jones," Strickland said, and I was surprised how deferential he was to me. "Of course, let me start at the beginning."

"You said this is about my Uncle Richard?"

"It is," Strickland, answered directly. "Your Uncle Richard died last Friday night."

"I'm sorry to hear that."

"This matter concerns his Last Will and Testament."

"Uncle Dick remembered me in his Will?"

"Yes. He did. In fact he has left you everything in his Will. You are his sole benefactor."

The importance of these words, or how they were about to change my life didn't sink in right away. I sat there and still felt out of place in the elegant conference room surrounded by attorneys.

"We are notarizing your signature now. There are quite a few more papers that I am going to need you to sign. That's why I told you on the phone this could take an hour or longer."

You see, my Uncle Dick had been rich. He had started off his own business when he was a young man, and sold it a few years later at a sizable profit. Then in his middle years he had opened a string of mid sized companies. Those were a success as well, and he sold them for a huge profit. Then in his later years he had opened a couple of gigantic international corporations. After selling those when he was a very old man he had become a billionaire.

My family had been proud of all Uncle Richard's success, but at the same time held him up as the black sheep of the family. He had lived a non-conventional life, and there were conservative elements in my family who despised him. My dad had not talked to him in a number of years.

I had always been very close to Uncle Dick growing up as a boy. He was my favorite relative by far, and not because of his money, because he never shared any of that with the rest of us. He was just a personable guy. Very low key, he never let anything get to him or upset him, and he seemed to have a kind of innate wisdom about him that made you look up to him regardless of his financial standing. I actually respected Uncle Dick, and I have respected few people in my whole life. I was sorry he was dead. I had not seen him since I graduated from college three years before.

The paper signing took over an hour. Actually it took over two hours. My arm was tired, and my right hand had a cramp in it by the time I had initialed the last document. I don't know exactly what all I had been signing, or why I was required to sign so many different papers. I was just in a daze. While I sat there signing documents I felt genuinely bad that Uncle Dick was dead, and the money aspect of things had not occurred to me yet.

"Now on this last one - we're going to have to have some discussion before you sign off here," Strickland told me as I rose up my head from the table and felt the start of a headache. "This concerns a personal matter of you uncle's. He gave specific instruction of how he wanted you to handle it, but as I informed him before he passed away his instructions on this matter have no legal bearing. You are free to make your own decision."

"No. That's all right," I said. "Whatever instructions my uncle left for me I want to follow through on all of them."

"That's commendable of you, Mr. Jones, but don't you think you should hear what the matter is before committing yourself?"

"All right, what are we talking about here?"

"Firstly, your uncle's penthouse condo overlooking Central Park, he owns - owned the building. Now you own the building. He has requested that you take up residence there. Of course you are under no legal obligation to do so."

"Well the apartment I have now is shit," I replied. "So I think I'll do as my uncle wished."

"Very good," Strickland continued, overlooking my language. "There are three current occupants of your uncle's penthouse."

"Three occupants?"

"Yes. They all are under contract to your uncle's estate and it will continue to pay them for the next year. At the end of that time you are of course free to discontinue their services."

"What services did these three people perform for my uncle?" I asked.

Strickland cleared his throat. I was amazed to see the hardened old attorney almost blush. "They were personal relaxation consultants to your uncle."

"What does that mean?" I was intrigued because I knew my uncles reputation.

"A part of the girl's contract is that they get to live in the condo free of expense," Strickland continued, blowing by my question.

"Girls?" I asked and I'm sure my eyes were a little wider as I said this.

"Yes," he looked rather annoyed with my interruption. "The three girls will be living in the condo for the duration of their contracts. For that reason I thought that perhaps you might want to take up residence at one of your late uncles other properties."

"I'll think about it."

"Now second, your uncle has requested that you keep the girls on in their contracts past the expiration dates. In effect, he would have wanted you to renew their contracts, and he even gave specifics on bonus and the sum of the contract extensions. Again, since these contracts will be expiring shortly, you are under no obligation to follow through with this."

"I still don't know what a personal relaxation consultant does," I said confused.

"Frankly Mr. Jones, I don't either," Strickland said, getting up from the table to wrap things up. "But I suspect you will be finding out shortly. The girls, Jill, Sabrina, and Kelly are all waiting for you in the penthouse as we speak. They expressed quite a lot of interest in meeting you."

I walked back to the lot where my car was parked. The law office had given me a large folder of legal papers to carry and I hung onto them for dear life since they were worth several hundred million dollars to me. When I got in my new car and realized the twenty thousand I owed on it had been killing me for the last year, the money side of things began to hit me. That's when I started to feel good. Real good!

I phoned up my boss from my apartment as soon as I got home. She began to yell at me and ask me where I had been all afternoon and why I had not returned to work, and informed me I was in a lot of trouble and would be written up for this infraction. I told her simple and quietly. "I quit," and I hung up the phone.

Next I opened up a couple of over due notices from my creditors that had come in the mail that day. A few hundred dollars here and there, what difference did that make to me anymore? I tore them up and threw them in the trash.

Then I looked around my little bachelors pad and thought about what I wanted to take with me to my new Central Park penthouse. I use to think this was a pretty happening place, but not now. The whole thing looked rather pathetic to me.

Nothing! I would take nothing with me, I decided then, and walked out of my old apartment for the last time, leaving everything behind and taking only the clothes I wore. Oh and of course the thick legal folder that said I was worth millions.

Getting stuck in rush hour traffic on the way over to my new penthouse gave me a chance to think. What was I going to do with my new life? I was twenty-five-years-old. I had a college degree and a fledgling career as a computer systems engineer, and a job I had just quit. I had no girlfriend, and in fact other than a few times when I had got lucky at college I had never really had a girlfriend. Definitely I had never had a permanent girlfriend. And now here I was worth millions!

By the time I got to the exclusive address of the condo my head was spinning with possibilities. I had almost, but not quite, forgotten about Jill, Sabrina and Kelly, my uncle's personal relaxation consultants. They would be waiting at the penthouse when I got there. What would they be like? My uncle had always been a man of fine taste. Hum, very interesting.

I parked my car next to a Porsche convertible in the underground lot of the building and took an elevator up to the front lobby. Music was piped into the large and thickly carpeted elevator with me as I took a smooth ride up. A huge mirror behind me allowed me to ensure the part in my hair was good since I was the elevators only occupant.

When I stepped into the big lobby I was overwhelmed with the atmosphere at once. This place was really rich. The lobby itself was about fifty feet high with huge chandeliers hanging from the ornately carved ceiling. Uniformed attendants stood at attention about the art deco lobby, hundred thousand dollar wall pictures hanging behind them.

"Pardon me sir," I was approached by one of the uniforms, an older man that had a European accent. "I'm the head bellman here. May I be of assistance?"

"Hello," I tried to be friendly. "My name is Jimmy Jones. My uncle was Dick Jones."

Immediately the demeanor of the guy changed. He was no longer looking down at me. Now he was treating me almost like I use to treat one of the executives at the job I had just quit that afternoon. I've never been too sure what groveling looks like but I'd say he did a pretty good job of it right then.

"So sorry, sir," he said, cracking a smile for the first time. "Allow me to be the first to welcome you to the Fountain Ritz.My name is Cecil. Anything you want, anything at all, and either my staff or I will most gladly assist you."

"Thank you, Cecil," I said and shook hands with him. A moment ago he had seemed like such an asshole, and now he seemed like my best friend. Yes, I definitely liked to be rich. "Mr. Strickland told me my uncle wanted me to move into his penthouse here. I thought I would just come over and move in tonight if that's all right?"

"Why certainly, sir! May I carry your bags up for you?"

"Actually, Cecil, I don't have any bags. I just would like to get a good look at the penthouse and see what it's like before I do anything else."

"Go right on up, sir," Cecil said leading me across the lobby area to another bank of well-appointed elevators. He punched a button and an elevator door at the head of the hall slid open. "This is the private elevator to the penthouse. It will take you non stop to the fiftieth floor."

"Floor fifty?" I asked, and was certainly impressed.

Cecil held the door for me and I stepped inside. This elevator had a large window behind instead of a wall and gave me a nice display of the Park beyond the condo.

"Good evening, Mr. Jones," Cecil said. He was not coming up with me. "Remember don't hesitate to give me a call for anything."

The doors swung shut and my ears began to pop as I was lifted up over five hundred feet into the air and toward my new home. I suddenly felt tense and expectant. I don't know why. I guess the environment, one that I was definitely unused to, was starting to have its effect on me.

Soon I was lifted up to the penthouse and my ears stopped popping. The doors slid open in front of me. I stood with my eyes agape.

A gorgeous woman with long, curly red hair and a snow white complexion of twenty-four years of age, wearing a tight fitting pant suit that probably cost more than I use to make in a month stood before me. She had a beautiful smile of greeting on her face, and did not seem at all surprised to see me. I unconsciously began to run my eyes up and down her tall and tight body gripped so snugly in the pant outfit, with just a whiff of her white stomach showing under the shirt and above the pant waistline.

"You must be Jimmy?"

"Yes," I answered still staring at this beautiful creature.

"HI, I'm Kelly," she said. I stuck out my hand to greet her, but she moved fully up to me and gave me a kiss full on the lips. She smelled good, and all though I didn't really get a chance to feel her at that point I could tell by her press against my body how soft she was. The kiss was not long, but gave me a hint of what was to come.

She hooked her arm under mine and led me into my new home. The elevator closed behind me and was gone for the night. Ahead of me was a huge single space on multiple layers with a tinted window from floor to ceiling surrounding the entire space.

I think the condo was over three thousand square feet. This was enormous! It was arranged like a modern day loft, all one single room, but with little stairs that led up to different levels. There were a total of four different levels. And all of it was out in the open. No walls were in the apartment to afford privacy.

The elevator had come up into the penthouse from the middle of the room. This allowed a full-length floor to ceiling window to surround the loft-like single room. Beyond this gigantic room was what appeared to be a very large outdoor patio. The entire space of the penthouse was filled with soft, romantic rock music. Each of the many sections seemed to have a different theme of furnishings. I even saw what I thought must have been an open shower stall, but the stall itself was larger than my entire apartment use to be in my old life. Come on over here Jimmy and I'll introduce you to the other girls. They have been just dying to see you," Kelly said as she took me on a walk through all of that open space.

We came to a sunken area with several big comfortable looking couches - well these almost looked like beds to me, and a giant screen television set that was on and playing some old classic movie. Two girls were lying on top of these bed-like structures. They were both equally as beautiful as Kelly.

Sabrina was Chinese, with flowing black hair down to her waist. She was twenty-six-years-old and dressed in tiny short pants with sequins on them. The shorts accentuated her tight little bottom. Her shirt was a Hard Rock Café shirt from Shanghai, and it fit her tight little chest just right, showing the impression of two pert nipples sticking out proudly beneath the fabric.

Jill was a California blonde. She was short, but with a large C cup and twenty-two, wearing a mid rift top, and a mini skirt that hugged her hips and ass delicately. Her tan was really tantalizing against her long blonde hair, and her perfect smile when she met me got a boner started in my pants. This had to be love at first sight.

"We're so happy to finally meet you, Jimmy," Sabrina said, and she kissed me on the lips just as Kelly had. A little bolder by this time, I let my arm wrap half way around her before she giggled and backed off.

"You're uncle told us everything about you, Jimmy," Jill said as she came up to kiss my lips as well. I felt her smooth skin as I reached around her back to hug her and felt the tight curve leading beneath her mini skirt.

"You're uncle didn't tell us just how handsome you are, Jimmy," Kelly said, teasing me.

All three girls surrounded me and took turns giving me hugs and kisses. They all felt so good, and smelled so nice, and were so sweet to me. This was a dream I thought. I was afraid someone was going to wake me up before the evening had a chance to run its course.

"It's very good to meet all three of you girls," I said as they led me over to one of the big couches. I fell back into the cushions, one of them, Sabrina I think, took my shoes off my feet. Jill followed up by taking off my socks. I lay all the way back on the pillows as the girls gathered around, one on each side of me.

"I'm a little confused by all of this, girls," I told them, and found that I was actually shaking a little at that moment.

"Oh sure, you must be," Jill said, massaging my feet for me. It felt damned good I can tell you that.

"We'll tell you anything you want to know, Jimmy," Kelly said. "How much did Strickland tell you about our arrangement with your uncle?"

"Well not very much," I said. "He told me you had contracts with my uncle as personal relaxation consultants."

"That's right we do," Sabrina said. "All our contracts are a little different. They all run out at different times. But we all get to live here, and we all worked for your uncle."

"But Sabrina," Jill interjected. "Jimmy is probably wondering what in the hell is a personal relaxation consultant anyway. What do we do?"

"That's right," I said leaning back and enjoying. "I was wondering something like that."

"Well?" All three girls said at once and looked at each other, "How do we explain it to him girls?"

Then they spent the next couple of hours telling me their stories. All the while Jill kept rubbing my feet, and Sabrina climbed behind me on the bed and started giving me a back rub. Kelly played little kisses along my face and into my hair. I was content to lie back and listen.

Kelly was from the Ukraine. She had been heavily involved with the Russian Mafia while she lived there and they had helped her to immigrate to America. Her boyfriend had been one of the dons, but he was abusive and soon got her involved with drugs and forced her into prostitution. She had been working for my uncle for the past two years. She spoke of him as if she loved him, and there were tears in her eyes when she spoke of his recent death.

Sabrina had been with my uncle the longest at just under five years. She was from Mainland China and her father had been a dignitary in the party over there. This gave her the status of a very privileged girl as she grew up under the repressive regime. However, her dream had always been to live in America, and when she met my uncle he had arranged for her to get a work visa to come over and work for him. She also seemed to have loved my uncle very much, and was still emotional about his death.

Then there was Jill; she had been a valley girl from southern California. Her dad was an executive in a computer firm out there. She had run away from home while still in high school and gotten pregnant by some no good boyfriend. After she had the abortion her family had refused to take her back and she was eighteen and on her own. That's when my uncle had come into her life and saved her. She had worked for Uncle Richard for almost four years now and said they had been the happiest of her life. She also had loved my uncle.

"So now tell me, what kind of work did you three do for my uncle?" I asked after I was feeling really good with the three gorgeous young bodies surrounding me on top of that couch.

The girls just looked at each other. After a second they all started to giggle and slap each other. I guess they perceived my question as a bit naive at this point in our acquaintanceship.

"We made him feel good," Jill said as she took my big toe into her mouth and sucked.

"He could be a man with all of us, Jimmy," Sabrina told me.

"We loved him, Jimmy," Kelly said. "But we also loved him, if you know what I mean."

Sabrina had unbuttoned the top two buttons of my shirt with out me even realizing, and was rubbing down my chest, playing with my left nipple. Kelly kissed me on the mouth. She parted her lips and I let her slide her tongue inside my mouth and our tongues tickled together.

Ok! I now understood what a personal relaxation consultant was for my Uncle Dick.

"What will our relationship be like girls?" I asked and held my breath for the answer I was hoping for.

"It can be whatever you want it to be, Jimmy," Jill said in-between long slurps along my toe.

"Whatever you want it to be," Sabrina reiterated, nibbling on my right ear lobe, her voice soothing.

"Your uncle told us we should work for you just like we worked for him," Kelly said, looking me in the eye. "He told us you were the only one of his family that he could trust to enjoy us and to take care of us as he use to do."

"All three of us talked it over after your uncle died, Jimmy," Jill said from her position at my feet. "We all are best friends, kind of like sisters. And we all agree that we should become yours just as we were your uncles."

"That's right," Sabrina put in. "We like it here and want you to keep us on after the contracts expire. We are more than happy to be with you just like we were with your uncle."

"We've grown accustomed to this life here at the top of the city, and we want you to keep taking care of us, Jimmy," Kelly said and our tongues met again.

"You know, Jimmy," Jill said with a sly smile on her face. "We loved your uncle and everything we did with him, but he was over seventy years old. He told us you are twenty-five, built and hung like a rhino."

All the girls laughed and cooed into my body at the same time. They were all touching me now. I felt my cock rise up inside my pants. Oh god all of the possibilities!

"Is it true, Jimmy?" Sabrina asked me, kissing down the back of my neck.

"Is what true?" I was moaning now.

"Your uncle was a... very well endowed man. Are you, too?" Kelly asked, her mouth covering my own.

"I think we're about to find out if I stack up to Uncle Richard or not," I said, taking Kelly full into my arms and French kissing her.

Jill had moved up from my feet now. She had kissed along my inner thighs and arrived at my groin, giving my hard on a light kiss through my pants. "Oh god this is gonna feel so good, Jimmy," she said as she ran down my zipper.

Soon Jill had reached inside my pants and was bringing out my cock for all the girls to see. They all stopped their administrations to me and moved onto my groin. Each got a hand on it. All three were holding it at once. There was plenty of meat for them to hold and at that moment it was throbbing wildly.

Jill took the tip of my penis inside her mouth and sucked on me lovingly. Sabrina kissed down the underside of the engorged shaft. Kelly was helping to get me out of my pants all together, unsnapping them and pulling my pants and underwear around my waist.

Then all three girls were pulling down my pants. I lifted up my butt and let them get their way. Soon they were brought past my knees and bunched at my ankles, my cock sticking more than a foot straight into the air.

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