Forbidden Fruit

by Janice Kirtley

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, First, Oral Sex, Exhibitionism, .

Desc: Sex Story: Patrick and Deborah explore the 'fruits' of their age difference

Deborah got off work on saturday night, grateful that her shift was over. Although the hours were long, the job in itself was rewarding. Not financially, mind you. But it had its benefits. Her regular customers loved her. They wouldnt even come into the place when she wasnt working. Tonight though, had been unusually slow for a weekend. It made the time drag by slower, and she couldnt wait to lock the door and head out. Earlier, her friend Terry had poked her head in the door and said, "Dont forget to come up when ya get off. We'll be there waiting for you."

After locking up for the night, she walked on up the street, headed for the place Terry had told her to meet up. It was 'ladies' night, and there would be no cover charge. She didnt know if there was a band, or just a DJ. It didnt matter. Just to get there, get off her feet for awhile, have a few drinks, and listen to some music would do her a world of good. She hadnt been to Shaddy's since they had remodeled it, so she wondered what it would look like. It used to be only a small room, with a few tables and chairs, a pool table, the usual pinball machine in the corner, and bar stools that lined the bar.

A few minutes later, she arrived at the door, and heard loud music coming from inside. A man stood guard at the entrance, supposedly to take cover charges from the men, and to check ID's. He smiled at Deborah, and motioned her inside. A blast of music hit her in the face so fiercely, she almost recoiled backward. Inside, there must have been close to 200 people, either dancing, shooting pool, or milling around the bar chattering with one another.

She scanned the room, looking for Terry. She surmised that she would never find her in this crowd. Every table was occupied,and the dancefloor was packed with bodies gyrating together to the beat of the music coming from the DJ's boothe.

She thought Terry wouldnt be that difficult to spot. Long blonde hair, jeans, and a tee shirt. Well that just about described the entire female population of the room.

There she was, on the far side of the room, talking to a group of girls she didnt recoginize. Deb walked over to her, and tapped her on the arm. Terry turned, and hugged her tight. She yelled over the music to come over to their table. There was a group there she had came with, and Deb didnt know any of them. Terry introduced her to a few, then went to find an extra chair. Terry sat down next to Deborah, produced a glass, and poured her a beer from the pitcher on the table. Terry hugged her again. "Im so glad you could come," she said. Deb looked around at her surroundings. People were having a grand old time. She hadnt been in this 'scene' for a very long time. She immediately started to survey the men in the room, and Terry gave her a wink.

"So where's this special guy you wanted me to meet ?" Deborah asked Terry. Terry had recently broken up with her boyfriend Josh, and was now supposedly seeing someone a bit older than her 24 years. Terry looked around the room, and spotted Jason, a few tables away... talking to a dark haired beauty who was having a birthday party. He was obviously being quite friendly with this chick, and Terry's eyes seemed to overflow with jealousy. Even Deborah noticed his overtures to the woman, and placed her hand on Terry's shoulders to keep her friend in her chair. Jason suddenly took the woman's hand and pulled her toward the dance floor. It was a slow number, and he wrapped his arms around her and pulled her close. They moved in time to the music as Terry's eyes turned to enclosed slits. With every breath she seemed to get angrier and angrier.

Terry rose from her chair, grabbed the first guy that walked by and led him quickly out onto the floor. She placed her hands on his ass, and moved him within distance of Jason, so he'd be sure to see.

Deborah watched amused, glad she didnt play games like that. She took another sip of her beer, and looked around the room again. Coming toward her, was a tall, dark haired stranger, seemingly headed right FOR her. He leaned over and asked her if she'd like to dance. Before she could protest, he had her hand, and was leading her out to join the other couples swaying to the music. It was a slow number, by Kid Rock and Sheryl Crow, called ' the picture.' The stranger took her in his arms, and began to move her slowly back and forth. Deborah did the only thing she could do, and placed her arms around his shoulders. He began to sing to her softly, " I put your picture away, sat down and cried today... I cant look at you while Im lyin next to her."

Deborah had heard the song only once. She didnt care for Sheryl Crow; the song, ' Soak up the sun ' brought back bad memories for her with an ex boyfriend. But this song was nice. She relaxed and let the stranger hum the words in her ear. He didnt speak, but seemed to be lost in the atmosphere. " I thought about you for a long time... cant seem to get you off my mind. I cant stand while we're living life this way... I just called to say, I want you to come back home."

The song ended, and he released her. He smiled and walked away. Deborah returned to her table, and Terry was there waiting for her. " Who was THAT ?" Terry asked her, smiling from ear to ear. Deborah shrugged. " He didnt say," she chuckled.

Deborah was beginning to get a buzz. Terry was pouring beer from that bottomless pitcher faster than she could drink it. She didnt care much for Budweiser; it gave her a headache. But she took it anyway, for it was a happy night, and she felt like getting high.

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