Girl Next Door

by Sweet Candi

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When Greg and Shelia bought their home in the suburbs of Southern California five years ago, they were delighted with their purchase. Their neighborhood was quiet, and when they eventually had kids, it would be a perfect place to bring them up.

They had great neighbors, with the exception of the dysfunctional family to their right, the Samsons. Nobody in the neighborhood liked the Samsons. The kids were always running around in dirty clothes and the parents didn't seem to give a shit what was going on. At any given time, you could either hear music blaring from the house, or shouting of some kind. When they put their house up for sale last fall, Greg and Shelia celebrated with a bottle of wine they had been saving for such an occasion. Greg bet that they weren't the only ones celebrating the fact that the Samsons would be leaving.

Fall and winter came and went, with still no sign of the house being sold. How long were they going to have to wait to get rid of their unwanted neighbors? Greg thought it couldn't happen too soon.

One morning in June, Greg pulled into his driveway in the early morning hours. He'd been working night shifts for months now, but last night was absolutely exhausting and he couldn't wait to get inside his house and make himself more comfortable. Greg hated wearing clothes and usually, the minute he entered his house, the first thing he did was shed his apparel.

He turned off the car and gathered a few things that needed to be brought into the house. He just happened to glance over at the neighbors house and immediately noticed the "Sold" sticker on the "For Sale" sign next door. Great! They were finally going to get rid of their neighbors for good!

With a much lighter step, he unlocked the door to the house and went inside. While putting his keys on the table near the front door, he picked up the cordless phone and dialed his wife's number at work. She had recently been promoted at the local bank where she had been working for 4 years, and her new V.P. position often had her working 12 to 14 hours a day.

He hated the fact that she worked days and he worked nights. It was bad enough that she didn't want sex nearly as often as he did, but now that they worked different shifts, he seemed to hardly get it at all! He often resorted to masturbation, using anything from internet porn, to his own private video collection as aids. It definitely wasn't as good as fucking for real, but its better than nothing.

Greg got undressed and made himself a drink. It was a warm day, so he took his drink outside onto the patio to let his skin soak in some sun. The second summer after buying the house, they had an in ground pool installed, and built a patio. The 10 feet tall cedar hedges on all sides of their yard, afforded them the luxury of sunbathing and swimming in the nude, something that Greg absolutely adored doing. He hated wearing clothes, and only wore them when necessary. Shelia, on the other hand, didn't share her husband's love for nudism, but DID enjoy sunbathing in very tiny bikinis. She had a perfect body and was secretly admired by men wherever she went, but she was too modest to walk around outside nude, even if the cedars gave them enough privacy to do it with little chance of being seen.

Greg leaned back in his patio chair and closed his eyes. The warmth of the sun heated his skin and gave him a warm feeling all over. He loved the summertime and took advantage of sunny days whenever he could. He hated the idea of having to eventually go to bed and sleep, while the sun was still bright and warming up the world.

He put his wine glass down on the patio table, and let himself drift off to sleep. While asleep, he found himself thinking about what their new neighbors might be like. He SO hoped that they wouldn't be like the last bunch. He finally decided that as long as they were quiet and kept their yard looking half decent, he would be happy.

About an hour later, he awoke to find himself slightly sun burned and apparently, quite horny as well as he glanced down to see his erection that seemed almost glued to his stomach. Then he smiled and remembered why he woke in such a state. He had dreamed about Anna again. Anna Kornikova. She was the single most hottest woman he had ever seen and he often had erotic dreams about her. He usually woke up in the same state when he did. Just the thought of that pretty face and gorgeous curvy body made his cock twitch and harden. He couldn't imagine what it would be like to actually fuck her for real. He didn't think he could stand that.

He closed his eyes again and his hand went down to touch his stiff cock. God how he wished he could fuck her for real. He was realistic enough to know that the probability of that ever happening was like 1 billion to 1, but hey, a guy can dream, right? Once he started stroking his cock, stopping only to rub the head now and then and massage his balls, it didn't take long before he was ready to shoot his load. Once again, Anna didn't let him down. With his eyes closed, it was ANNA who was stroking his cock, teasing the slit with her tongue. God, she was so good, he came in a matter of only a few minutes.

Looking down at his cum soaked chest, he decided that he'd grab a quick, cool shower before heading off to bed.

That following weekend, a big moving van pulled up into the neighbor's driveway, and the next several hours were filled with the noises of furniture being carried, things dropping, kids excitedly screaming as they ran about the yard, continuously getting in the way of the movers. Shit, he couldn't WAIT for them to be gone. He was sure that the entire neighborhood would be glad to be rid of them. Greg walked over and offered a friendly gesture of wishing them luck in their new home. As the truck finally pulled away, with the family van following behind, Greg waved at them one last time and walked back into the house. He called Shelia and told her that they were finally gone. She was thrilled.

It took only about 2 weeks for the new neighbors to move in. When Greg first noticed the truck, his curiosity got the better of him and once the moving van had gone, he made his way over to their house, with a box full of pastries from his favorite bakery, and a small gift basket of exotic coffees. He thought it might be nice to start out on the right foot this time, and really hoped that these new neighbors would be better than the last. Most of his neighbors kept to themselves, perhaps waving hello or nodding as they past, but he and his wife longed to have neighbors that they could consider "friends".

Just as he was about to ring the doorbell, a beautiful blond goddess opened the door. Greg's jaw dropped immediately to the ground, as he stood there staring at Anna Kornikova's double. He didn't think it was possible for someone to look THAT much like her, and not be her twin. She had beautiful shoulder length blond hair, and green eyes that could make any man melt. Her long slender legs seemed to go on forever and her delicious, perky tits screamed "touch me". This was a woman who took good care of herself and with a quick glance at her hand, he noticed her wedding band. Stupid man, he said to himself. Of course a woman that looks this good is already snatched up.

Once he finally picked up his jaw, his face reddened when he realized how long he must have been staring at her. She giggled and extended her hand. "Hello, my name is Mary and you are?"

"Greg", he answered, a little too quickly. "I thought I would come over and personally welcome you to our neighborhood.", he said with a stupid grin that made the Cheshire cat look like he was frowning. He took her hand and shook it for a little longer than necessary, not wanting to let it go so soon.

"Here", Greg offered as he passed her the basket and pastries. "Just a little something in case you get hungry. I know what its like on moving day, so much to do that you end up neglecting necessary things like sleeping and eating."

Then, he got a brilliant idea. "My wife works during the daytime at a local bank, and I work nights cleaning offices, but we are both home over the weekend and enjoy entertaining. We would love to have you and your husband over on Saturday for supper. It would be a great way for us to get to know our new neighbors" he said with a curious grin.

Mary smiled and said "That would be wonderful! My husband Steve, who is an airline pilot, has this coming weekend off. All we had to look forward to was unpacking, but getting out for an evening would be delightful and it would be great to have a home cooked meal again. I've been living off of fast food for the past week or so and at this rate, I'm not going to be able to wear my bikini this year. We would love to take you and your wife up on your generous offer."

He desperately hoped that she didn't notice the bulge inside his jeans and shifted his weight around uneasily. "Great then, its settled. If you could be over at around 5:00 pm, it will give us time for cocktails before we eat. Shelia is a great cook and loves cooking for company. The weather is supposed to be gorgeous for the weekend, so you can bring over your swim suit if you'd like and we can take a dip before supper."

"Wonderful", Mary replied, and then mumbled as she looked around at the stacks of boxes still to be unpacked, "now if I can just find my suit" she said with a giggle. He couldn't help but notice how nicely her breasts bounced when she laughed. He hoped she hadn't noticed him staring.

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