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Desc: Sex Story: A young wife is stood up at a lunchon date by her husband, so other men use her.

Sandy looked around the bar for her husband. She was supposed to meet him for lunch but she was a little early. Rather than standing at the restaurant entrance, she sat at the bar to wait for him. It was her idea to meet for a quick lunch, then the two of them would speed off to a motel for an afternoon of getting reacquainted. Tom, her husband is fifteen years older then her twenty- six, and lately has been spending a lot of time away from home. Either on business trips, working late at night, or spending time at sporting events with their five-year-old son.

Sandy planed this afternoon for over a week. Checking with Tom's secretary to make sure his schedule was free, and shipping their son to his grandmothers for the day. Tom promised that nothing was going to keep him from their rendevous this afternoon. She hoped it would last into the evening also. It has been a long time since the two of them held each other and caressed. She wanted, and missed the loving, and the sex that they once gave to each other before his busy schedule kept them apart. She found herself in the morning, after Tom had left for work, touching and stroking herself. But the young wife wanted her husband, not her fingers.

The Mexican restaurant was on the first floor on a new motel/hotel with hats hung on the walls and pictures of bull fights. A cute restaurant with a good reputation for the food it served. The pretty blond house wife ordered a Margaretta to stay with the Mexican theme while waiting for her husband. As she sipped her drink she checked out the bar and restaurant, admiring the atmosphere. There were three business men sitting at the bar drinking, but one in particular drew her attention. He looked to be a little older then her husband, but seem in much better shape. He was about 6'2, 220 lbs. with graying temples. The other two were about her age.

Before Sandy knew it, she had finished her drink and the bartender asked her if she wanted another. She decided, what the heck, and said yes. Usually one drink was her limit, but this afternoon she planned to spend the afternoon with her husband in the motel room that she had already reserved. Her second drink was delivered at the same time that her cell phone rang. She fumbled with her pocket book getting the phone out. It was her husband Tom. "I'm sorry, something came up and I have to go to Baltimore immediately. I don't have time to go home to pack." She heard him say.

"But Tom, we planed this time together, can't someone else go?" Sandy pleaded

"I wish someone could, I wanted to be with you today, but I must go. I'll be home sometime tomorrow. Good-by." She heard him say before he hung up.

Putting her phone back into her pocket book, she returned her attention the drink that had just been served her. She thought she had better eat something before driving home.

As she was getting ready to take her drink with her and look for a table in the restaurant, the older gentleman she observed earlier approached her with a smile. "Hi." His smile and his eyes stunned her for a second. She thought he was very handsome. "We are waiting for a table for lunch and you look like you are waiting for one also. Won't you join us and we can all wait together? My name is Ray and I understand that the food here is very good."

Just as she was going to refuse the invitation a waiter approached telling them that a table was ready. She should have refuse, but instead she told him "I've just been stood up by my husband so if you don't mind I would love to join you for lunch! Hi Ray, I'm Sandy." As she slipped from her bar seat. With his hand on her elbow he guided her toward an empty table in the back of the restaurant.

"Nice to meet you Sandy" said one of the other two men. "My name is Ed and this is Sam" pointing to the third man.

"Hi Ed, Hi Sam." She said as they sat at the table. They soon ordered their meals and another round of drinks. They talked, they laughed and they enjoyed themselves. She told them about her husband, the business he was in and she also talked about her son. When the conversation got around to them, she found out that they were salesmen from out of town, attending a monthly sales meeting here at the company's home office.

When the finished their lunch she found that she was havinga little trouble walking due to the drinks. Ray told her that she shouldn't drive in her condition. "Don't worry, I rented a room here that my husband and I were going to use before he stood me up. I'll just go and rest for a while before driving home." She found herself really slurring as she said goodby to Ed and Sam. Ray held her by her arm and guided her from the restaurant. He asked her for the room key which she gave to him, then he escorted her to the room.

As she walked to the room, she knew that Ray was going to want to come into the room with her. She was sure that he would try to have sex with her. Although things with her husband weren't going to well lately, especially in the sex department, she never considered cheating on him. He was the only lover she had ever had. She had thought about cheating on the long nights alone when he was busy working. Now she had a chance to see what she was missing, but it would be against everything she believed in.

When they got to the room, he opened the door entered and waited for her. He didn't say anything. Now was her last chance to say no. But instead when he held out his hand to her she took it and let him guide her into the room.

Upon entering the room, she almost fell and Ray had to grab her and hold her up. The door closed behind them as he held her in his arms. He looked into her eyes for what seamed like forever when she raised her head up to his, and kissed him. She closed her eyes as she snaked her tongue into his mouth. She could feel him getting stiff, pressing against her. His hands had wandered to her breast. He was cupping and squeezing them sending thrills of excitement through her. In her drunken stupor she thought 'He is old enough to be my father'. But did not resist when he lowered her to the bed. The bed that she had planed to used with her husband.

Sandy just lay on the bed while Ray undressed her. She raised herself when needed to help remove an article of clothing, then flopped back down on the bed. Soon she felt him kissing her, starting at her lips and face, then her neck, her breast and then down. His kisses lingered at her stomach then marched lower. She knew what he was going to do. Her husband wouldn't do it to her. He was going to kiss her there, between her legs. He was going to eat her. Sandy moaned in anticipation and spread her legs, lifting her knees till her feet were flat on the bed. Ray was kissing the insides of her legs, marching up toward her vee.

Her hands gripped the covers of the sheets, her head rotating back in forth as his wet kisses covered her legs on the way up. She couldn't resist begging him, "Please, yes, please!"

He moved to her cunt, licking her from the bottom to the top of her slit. Ray inserted his tongue between her lips as a cock would. When he found her clit, he sucked it into his mouth, using his tongue and sucking at the same time. The pleasure was spreading as white hot heat through her. She released her grip on the bed covers placing her hands on the back of his head, holding him to her. She screamed in ecstacy as she came, and came and came as he continued to lick and suck.

She laid there in a relaxed state, for a short time, with Ray still between her legs. Then she felt him climbing up the bed until her breasts were positioned between his knees. He leaned forward allowing his cock to brush up against her mouth. He wants me to suck it, she thought. How many times did her husband try and get her to do it for him? She always refused saying it was dirty, but today she opened her mouth, allowing it to slide in. She used her tongue on the head. Formed an O with her lips and sucked it. He pushed it in and out of her mouth, with each stroke going deeper and deeper. First two inches, then three, then she felt it at the entrance of her throat. He pushed another inch into her as she swallowed. Before she knew it, all seven inches were buried in her throat and mouth. She loved it. Sucking and licking and using her tongue. Sandy felt his cock vibrate and expand and knew he was going to shoot his load into her mouth. He pressed forward and held his cock buried in her as he came. Wave after wave, deep into her, he shot his load. His cumming in her mouth caused her to have another orgasm herself. She couldn't believe that she could reach a climax by sucking on a man's cock.

When his pulsating cock stopped shooting his jism down her throat and into her stomach, he withdrew all but the head of the softening shaft from her. He allowed her to continue sucking on the head as he spoke. "That's it, suck it, I want you to clean my cock with your mouth. Suck it." He told her. She did as he commanded, sucking it and licking it till it again started to grow hard and stiff.

"That was good, but now I'm going to ride you. I'm going to fuck your brains out." His gross talk turned her on even more. He withdrew from her mouth and slid down her until his cock was standing erect at the lips of her cunt. He said to her "Hold it and put it in now." She felt humiliated but did not disobey him. She took his cock in her hand and guided it to her cunt. She was soaking wet in anticipation. He entered her quickly and the first thought she had was that this was the second man ever. Sandy couldn't think about it for long because he immediately started stroking his rod in and out of her. His balls bouncing off her ass as he fucked her. She felt herself coming again, and road the sensations as he fucked her. She matched him, bouncing her ass up to meet each of his stokes and soon she was moaning, then shouting as she came. Sandy lost count on how many times she came before he ejected another load into her. This time it was her cunt instead of her mouth. She wondered if this load would impregnate her, for neither of them had taken any precautions. She didn't care, because it felt too good. When he finally withdrew from her, she got up to use the bathroom. When she returned, he was sitting on the bed waiting for her. Sandy got back onto the bed thinking that he wanted to make love to her again. Just then there was a knock at the door. Ray answered the knock and admitted Ed to the room. She was dazed, trying to cover herself with her hands as Ed stood by the bed and admired her. She watched him, embarrassed by her nudity but too confused to move, as Ed started to undress in front of her. She also noticed Ray getting dressed. Before she could say anything, Ed was on the bed mounting her. His cock quickly entered her and she was again engulfed in pleasure as his cock stroked in and out of her. She moaned, and ground her hips back in unison. She felt that this new cock was longer and penetrated deeper than Ray's. Her legs wrapped around his as she fucked back. How many more times was she going to come, she thought. Then he shot his load into her causing her to climax again.

As they both laid there, Ed said. "Ray told me that you are a great cock sucker. How about you sucking on my pole for a while to get it hard again?" She hesitated, shocked that Ray had revealed such personal information about their sex acts. She felt Ed's hand slid to the back of her head. He lifted her head up off the bed, then bent her down toward his semi rigid penis. He pushed until her mouth was inches from his cock. "Go ahead Sandy, suck on it for me. Give me a blowjob like you did for Ray." Ed commanded as he pushed her head downward.

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