Father's Day

by Jessy19

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Incest, Brother, Sister, Oral Sex, Pregnancy, .

Desc: Incest Sex Story: A brother and sister mourn over their father's death but find comfort in one another.

It was father's day and the house seemed so empty with nothing but silence filling the rooms. Monica laid on her bed just thinking about her father. He was the sweetest and kindest man around.

She remembered when he used to take her and her brother Craig to the playgrounds when they were kids and they'd run around all day. Her mother worked long hours for a lawyer so Daddy was the one parent Monica and Craig were close to.

Craig and Monica both hated the month of June. June was their father's birthday as well as Father's Day. It was a sad month since their father had passed away over two years ago in a car accident.

Now Carla, the siblings Mom was in a serious relationship with another lawyer named Stephen. Monica was the only one living with Carla since Craig moved out and was on his own. Monica had temptations to move out withCraig, but felt sorry for her mother.

After a year though she regretted not moving out since all her mother would do is spend time with Stephen and forget about her own daughter. It's like her mother was a different person.

The worse news happened a month ago, when Carla told Monica that she was pregnant from Stephen. Stephen was a real slime. He'd tried to hit on Monica at least 3 times. She'd told her mother, but her mother never believed one word her daughter told her.

Monica was only 20, and so ready to move out. She hated living at home. She got up from her bed and took her daily morning shower. She had the whole house to herself that day since her mother and Stephen had gone out of town for the weekend. She didn't care. She was glad to be alone.

The morning time she spent just fixing up the house a bit and watching some television. She had been planning to go to the cemetery later on that afternoon to take flowers to her father's grave.

She decided to go ahead and get dressed to visit her late father. She was dressed in her dark blue Capri's and her white button up top. She decided to leave her long dark hair down. She was about to get ready to head for the flower shop when she heard a car outside.

She hoped to God it wouldn't be the asshole Stephen or her mother. She quickly ran to peep out the front room window. She smiled to herself, as it was someone friendly. Someone she loved.

"Craig!" She squealed as she opened the door delighted to see her big brother.

"Monica. So glad to see you!" He came rushing into her arms.

The siblings held each other tightly. Their bodies pressed together as they felt the love they'd been missing.

"Is Mom or that no good son-of-a-bitch Stephen here?" Craig asked looking in the house over Monica's shoulder.

Monica laughed. "No, it's just me. Come in."

Craig walked in looking around at the big house. It was so cold and dark. He felt strange walking into the house and not seeing his father there.

"I was gonna go down to the flower shop to buy some flowers for Dad and go visit the cemetery."

"Really? I wanna go to." Craig said, as he was about to sit on the big leather couch.

"OK then let's go." Monica said grabbing her keys back from the coffee table.

The siblings went off that sunny afternoon and found some beautiful flowers to put on their daddy's grave. They drove to the cemetery in silence. They stood around their father's grave as they held on to each other. They sobbed a little.

"I hope Dad knows just how much we miss him." Craig said as he held his sister.

"I'm sure he does." Monica sobbed.

Driving back home they Monica and Craig talked about what was new in their lives.

"I've just mainly been concentrating on school," Monica said as they drove back home.

"Well, as for me I've been trying to get a new roommate since my current roommate is such a slob and he don't even wanna pay half the rent!"

Monica giggled. "Well, I guess I should have moved in with you instead."

"Yeah tell me about it. You are so much responsible. I mean you expect that a 25 year old guy would be more responsible but I guess not."

"Well, your 25 Craig, and your pretty responsible." Monica complimented.

"Thanks. I try to be. Dad taught me how to be respectful and responsible."

"Yeah Dad was the best." Monica added.

"So you don't have a girlfriend yet?" Monica blurted out.

Craig nodded. "Nah, I'm too busy working. Don't have time for women right now."

Monica didn't believe Craig. She knew he never had problems getting a girlfriend. For some reason he dated very little and they were often short relationships. He got this way right after their father passed away.

They got home a few minutes later feeling satisfied after visiting their father's grave. They were about to go into the house and Craig hesitated.

"Um I'm gonna go back home Monica."

"What? You're not going to stay and visit with me for a while?" She asked with a blank look on her face.

Craig looked at his pretty sister as she looked so scared. "Monica is there something you're not telling me?"

Monica looked confused. "W-what do you mean?"

"I know you. I know when something is bothering you."

Monica looked up at his green eyes. "I don't know what you're talking about."

Craig cupped her pretty face. "Don't lie to me Monica."

She turned away and began to open the house door. Nervously she fumbled with the doorknob and walked inside the house leaving the door open for her brother to follow her.

Once inside, Craig grabbed Monica's arm. "Please tell me. I'm here for you."

Monica couldn't look him in the eye. She'd been keeping the fact that Stephen had hit on her a secret from Craig.

"Well, "She began, " I have to tell you something but please don't make a big deal out of it."

Craig made Monica look up at him. "What is it?"

"Well, Stephen has hit on me a few times."

Craig's eyes went into a rage. "What? That motherfucker!"

"Craig calm down. Look he didn't touch me or anything, but made vulgar remarks and asked if I could give him a chance."

"I'm sorry Monica. You have to get out of this house soon. There is no telling what else this asshole is capable of doing to you. He might even rape you once him and our wench of mother get married." Craig was still holding on tightly to Monica's slender arm.

"I know but where do I go? With you?" She asked with her emerald eyes filling with tears.

Craig put his arms around his sister. He slid his arms around her tiny waist feeling the beauty of her body.

"Yes. You can come live with me." He kissed her forehead softly sending shivers all through her body.

Monica held her brother close loving the way he made her feel. "I would love to live with you. I feel that you're the only family I have."

Craig held her tighter and ran his fingers through her silky hair. His breathing increased as he felt himself somewhat excited about holding this gorgeous girl. His own beautiful little sister.

"Ok, look up upstairs and pack your things. Just pack mostly clothes or whatever you can take. Your leaving this house today." Craig ordered sternly.

Monica agreed and quickly headed upstairs. Craig watched her dark hair bounce up and down and her little body sway as she hurried. He couldn't believe just how attractive his sister had gotten. He really hadn't seen her since their father's death. He felt bad for not having visited her more often, but he couldn't stand the sight of his mother around. How could she choose that asshole over her own children? It didn't matter now. Craig was ready to take Monica away from all this mess. It was true what Monica said. They were each other's family.

Craig decided to go upstairs to help Monica pack. He rushed up and saw that his mother had made what used to be his room into a gym so she and that prick Stephen could work out. He cringed at the sight but continued to go to Monica's room. He found his sister busy packing her clothes.

"Need any help?" He asked as he watched her pace back and fourth nervously.

"N-no I'm OK."

"Your not OK. Are you feeling guilty for leaving Mom?"

Monica stopped pacing and sat on the bed next to her brother. "In a way I am. I mean she was a good mother to us before daddy's death. I just don't know what happened to her."

Craig let her lean against his shoulder. Comforting his sister. "I know, but if she really loved us she would care about us still. I know you told me she's been really mean to you. I think that also had to do with Stephen hitting on you. She was probably deep down a little bit jealous that her boyfriend was hitting on her own daughter."

Monica felt her eyes swell up with tears again. "Craig I love Mom, but like I said she doesn't treat me like a daughter anymore. I feel like you are the only one who cares about me."

Craig looked down at his sister. "I do care about you Monica. I love you so much. I hope you know that."

Monica felt Craig wipe her tears away. She looked up at him as he held her. "I love you too Craig."

Craig boldly found himself leaning down to place his lips on his little sister's precious mouth. Monica felt her heart want to jump out of her chest as her brother's kiss was exciting her. His kiss was so compelling and so fierce. His tongue quickly went in to explore her mouth as she invited him in. Their tongues interlocked tightly in each other's hungry mouths. They kissed with passion and longing.

Craig found his hand creeping down to feel his sister's breasts over her white button up shirt. Monica moaned very softly in pleasure of feeling her brother's hands on her breasts. Craig broke up the kiss looking at his sister with lust.

"Monica I want you right now. I know that's wrong of me, but I do."

Monica blinked fast not believing her ears! "I-I want you too Craig." She stated.

"Your so beautiful. I still remember Dad telling me to always take good care of you."

Monica blushed. "He'd be proud of you Craig. Now I want you to keep your promise to daddy and take care of me. I really need to be taken care of right now."

Craig saw his sister's eyes full of wanton. "I am. I'm going to take real good care of you. I love you."

His mouth went down to kissing Monica's neck. She tossed her head back feeling her brother brush his lips so seductively on her neck. Craig could smell her purity.

"Monica, have you done this with any other guy?" Craig hoped for the right answer.

"Honestly? Only once, but it was over three years ago. It was a total mistake Craig."

Craig frowned. The thought of having some other guy already have taken his sister's virginity pissed the hell out of him.

"Craig, please don't be upset. I promise you I didn't even enjoy it. It was the time that I wasrunning with the bad crowd at school. I only did it to fit in."

Craig sighed. "I know I'm sorry. I guess I just expected the first time to be with each other. I shouldn't be pissed."

Monica's eyes widened. "Really? You wanted to be my first?"

Craig felt himself shy away. "Well yes. I mean no guy on earth will ever love you as much as I do. I mean they couldn't. Your special to me. Besides being my sister, I know you better than any guy will ever know you. I know how wonderful you truly are and how beautiful you are."

Monica stood up and stood in front of her brother. She started to unbutton her white top slowly letting Craig's eyes sink in to every part of her body. Craig watched her reveal more of her tanned skin as she undid button by button. Finally her shirt was off letting him view her gorgeous chest that was covered by a white lacey bra. He looked at her flat belly that had a tiny belly button ring, which made her look even sexier.

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