Jane's Time at the Cougar Ranch

by Arthur Kay

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Oral Sex, .

Desc: Sex Story: Jane Hanover, 18, and luscious, is down on her luck and out of work. She takes a job as a waitress at the infamous Cougar Ranch. Paid hanky-panky goes on there, but it's Jane's choice whether to get in on the action or not

In the rearmost booth of an empty diner, Jane Hanover just sat there and, with her head in her hands, sobbed her heart out. She was almost broke once more, down to her last ten dollars, with no prospect of a job in sight.

She had travelled over three hundred miles on a wild goose chase. The new job she had been hired for, she quickly learned, was not as a personal secretary to a rich old man, but as his personal mistress. He was quite clear on the point. Upon hearing his salacious offer, she had fled his office, half in tears, and had wandered blindly from street to street, finally entering the lonely, deserted diner.

How could I have been so stupid, she thought, so naive? God, I must have been born yesterday and not eighteen years ago! She sobbed some more, hoping the counter guy way down the other end couldn't hear her. Or the lone customer nursing his coffee. She carried on sobbing this way for quite some time, the self-pity just too much for her to bear otherwise.

"Whoa, little lady, you're too young and pretty to be carrying on like that!"

Jane looked up and saw a nicely dressed man in his mid-forties standing there. She hadn't even heard him come up to the booth. He was now smiling at her, an even set of white teeth on display. She tried to compose herself as he, without asking for her permission, sat down across from her.

"I'm Jake, Jake Clay, and you... " He flashed the perfect teeth again.

To Jane, the man seemed nice, harmless even, and somewhat fatherly in his manner and tone of voice. "I'm Jane, Jane Hanover. I'm pleased to meet you, uh, Jake, and I hope you'll forgive my red eyes. It's been a rough day." She sniffled and fished a tissue out of her purse.

"Well, hello there, Jane. I'm pleased to make your acquaintance, too. Tell me, just how rough a day have you had?" He seemed truly concerned.

She blew her nose and told him her tale of woe. Jake nodded here and there as if he fully understood and had, at an especially painful part of her story, reached out and patted her hand. His hand felt warm and friendly to her. Comforting even.

When her tale had been told, Jake took his wallet out and thumbed through it. For a moment, Jane had the feeling of deja vu, a feeling he was about to offer her some money, if she would only do...

"Here, Jane, read this." He unfolded a piece of paper and handed it to her. It was a small full-color flyer with a picture of a beautiful woman holding a tray with drinks on it. The woman was nicely dressed, classy almost, in a black and white waitresses' costume. The beautiful woman's blouse had a picture of a cougar, crouched to spring, on the left breast. Jane also saw it was an advertisement for The Cougar Ranch, an exclusive and very private club for the discerning gentleman. She read:

THE COUGAR RANCH! Where great service is always at a gentleman's beck and call! Where fine dining is more than an art! Where a gentleman can relax and unwind after a hard day! Where only the finest in all things is constantly provided! Call 555-1122 to make a reservation. Ask for Cindy. See our ad on our Website: CougarRanch.com.

Now hiring new hostesses. Great pay! Great hours! Great benefits! Some experience required. Call for details. Wanda Sykes, General Manager.

Jane re-read it quickly and handed it back to Jake. "You telling me, Jake, that I should apply for a job at this place?" Jake nodded. Jane shook her head from side to side.

"Why not, Jane? Just applying can't hurt. And your ten buck ain't gonna go too far, now is it? Even if you don't get desperate enough to give in to some sex pervert's propositioning, the cops will probably bust you for vagrancy. Cops are tough in this town, believe me, especially on outsiders. Think it over. Oh, and you'll like Wanda, too. She's the salt of the earth, that gal is." He showed the nice teeth to her once more.

"I don't know, Jake. What would I be expected to do? If it's more than just serving drinks, well, I don't... I won't... "

"That's all it is, Jane, hostessing. Oh, there's paid hanky-panky going on there, for sure, it being legal in this state and all, but that choice is yours. Old Wanda treats every one of her ladies with the utmost respect. If all you want to do is waitress, well, you'll only waitress. But, by the same token, if you ever change your mind about the, uh, hanky-panky, Wanda will be only too happy to show you the... uh... many ins and outs of the game." He laughed, a nice hearty laugh. "Many ins and outs, get it?" He chuckled.

Jane giggled. "I get it, Jake. Cute. You're a regualar card, you know that?"

"Jake of hearts, my dear, the Jake of hearts. Ha ha! That's me all right!"

While Jane had some reservations about the whole iffy afffair, she had to admit to herself that she was in a box. Up the old creek without a paddle. Between a rock and a hard place. And, being in jail, even for one night, for being a vagrant, well, ugh to that shit. Thus, she accompanied Jake out to his black Mercedes and, in less than twenty minutes later, she was seated in the office of Wanda Sykes, General Manager of The Cougar Ranch. Waiting for Wanda to make her appearance...

WELL, to make a long story short, Jane was hired by Wanda on the spot. And, after four months of just waitressing, with the money from the tips being fabulous, Jane found herself toying with the idea of the hanky-panky side of the business. Just mulling it over, if you will.

Wanda had found her an inexpensive little apartment, less than five minutes from the ranch, and had advanced her enough money to buy a used, but quite decent little car. Jane could have lived at the ranch, saving money in the bargain, but the idea of living where all that hanky-panky was going on, well, no thank you ma'am was her attitude.

However, and if truth be told, Jane found herself a little envious of the hanky-panky ladies. They seemed to be just rolling in dough. Great clothes, brand new cars, you name it, they had it. And more.

True, Jane's take home pay wasn't exactly chump change, but after paying her rent, phone, electric, gas, and cable bill, not to mention the fifty dollars a week going to Wanda for the car, she wasn't exactly rolling in dough.

But it was a woman named Tammy that had gotten Jane thinking along these hanky-panky lines. Tammy, constantly and often, not only bragged about all the money she was making, but how great all the sex was.

"Janie, you shouldda been there!" Tammy excitedly told her one day, right after servicing her latest man. "This guy had a cock on him as wide and as long as a Genoa salami!" She put her hands out as if to estimate the width of this particular deli meat. "And, I'll tell ya, sweetie, he knew how to serve up the meat! Hard and long, just the way I like it! Christ, I musta cum twelve times, if I came once!" She grinned at Jane. "Oooweee! He done fucked me silly! I swear!" She laughed and Jane found herself laughing right along with Tammy.

Well, after oodles of such stories from Tammy, Jane started to rethink the whole thing. She was seeing it in a new light. Shit, she said to herself one night as she sat all alone in her apartment eating a microwaved TV dinner, I haven't had a good fucking in a dog's age!

Yeah, my fingers still work, but it ain't like the real thing. She thought now of Tammy's latest tale, an especially hot one about having two well-hung men at the same time, one in her mouth and one in her pussy, fucking her, as Tammy always said, absolutely silly.

Ooowee! She thought, that Tammy! She's one hot pistol! With Tammy's story burning in her brain, she went and found her 12-speed vibrator...

IT WAS A NEW WORK DAY and Janes's mind was made up. She'd do the hanky-panky. But only with one man to start. Oh, she knew full well, deep down, that she could probably handle it all, even the weird sexual things she knew would be expected of her, but she wanted to be sure it didn't totally freak her out and give her the jeeberjabbers, if you will.

With that in mind, she went to see Wanda. The General Manager listened carefully and when Jane had completely spun her little tale, Wanda said she'd set it all up. Jane was to go to room 12 and wait. A man would be forthcoming. She gave Jane some quick tips about relaxing and just enjoying herself.

"Do as some of the first time girls do, Jane. Pretend he's your boyfriend and you haven't seen him in months. This will help you get up a head of steam and you'll be able to perform with a little more passion than you might ordinarily feel you have in you at the time. Remember the first timer's mantra: The hotter you are with him, the faster he comes, if you find yourself just wanting to get it over with, that is.

"Of course, it goes without saying, Jane, if you should find it's enjoyable, well, girl... let 'er rip! And don't by shy about it, either. All my private rooms are totally soundproofed, so only you and the guy fucking you will hear you." She laughed. "If, that is, you're a banshee screamer as I am!" Wanda laughed again. Jane followed suit.

Wanda then told Jane to go wait for the man, strip down and put on the see-thru nightie she'd find hanging on the back of the room's door. A while later found Jane suitably attired and waiting for a strange man to enter the room and have sex with her. For some strange reason, she found herself less nervous than she thought she would be. And a tad excited by it all.

She thought of her boyfriend, Tim Waitt. He had taken her virginity less than two years ago now and if he hadn't moved to Europe with his folks, well, who knows? Tim had not only been her first, to date he was the only.

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