Brother Of The Bride

by Jessy19

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Cheating, Slut Wife, Incest, Brother, Sister, Oral Sex, Petting, Fisting, Sex Toys, Food, .

Desc: Incest Sex Story: Originally titled "Bride-To-Be" A young girl about to get married, gets seduced by her brother.

Chapter 1

I was 22 at the time I was getting married. Yes 22 is young to get married, but I was truly in love. I'd been dating Nick since I was 16. We were highschool sweethearts and now he'd already graduated college and wanted to marry me since he'd gotten a rad job with his father in the car industry. My parents were crazy about Nick. He was a very gorgeous man. He was only a year older than me and stood about 5'11" with short dark hair and honey colored hazel eyes. He was always a wonderful boyfriend. Hard to believe, but he'd been my first and only sex.

Well the week before my wedding my sweet older brother, Eric, called me and said he'd be arriving a few days before the wedding to get his tuxedo ready. He was going to be one of the ushers at the wedding. Eric was my only sibling and he was such an awesome guy. He was 27 and I still remember so many of my girlfriends having a major crush on him because he was one hell of a looker. He was a bit taller than Nick and he liked to wear his jet black hair a little bit long but his hypnotizing gray eyes were what made a girl want to fall to her knees for him. I was incredibly excited to see him.

It'd been at least a year since I'd last seen Eric. He lived in another state and he worked long hours, barly having any time for any relationship in his life.

It was a Wednesday when Eric arrived to the house. I was in the middle of looking at some bridal magazines for hairdo ideas and all of a sudden I felt him rush to me.

"Hey! Fiona!" I heard Eric yell.

"Ah! Eric so good to see you!" I said with joy as I hugged him tightly.

He felt so strong and warm against me. I found my breath sip from my lips by his fierce hold. I just kept thinking how wonderful it was to see my brother but then another part of me loved the way he felt.

"So my little sister if finally getting married huh?" He asked nudging me on my arm.

I laughed nervously. "Yeah I am. I guess I beat you didn't I? Mom and dad always thought you'd be the one to get married first."

He just shook his head, "NO way marriage isn't for me just yet. It's hard to find a nice girl out there you know. And you know how picky I am."

I rolled my eyes listening to his poor excuses like always. "Whatever, I'm just glad you could make it to my wedding. I figured you'd be to busy working and you'd miss my wedding."

He cupped my chin in his hand looking at me with his honest eyes. "Come on, I wouldn't miss that! Besides, I'm here to make sure Nick treats you good. I dont' want some loser marrying my sister."

His caring touched my heart. He'd always been so overprotective of me. He never really got to know Nick and I don't think he'd ever wanted to know him. We stayed up most of the night talking and catching up on our lives. I had to go to bed early since the next day was another day of hectic running around. I still had to do some last minute arrangements for the wedding. Nick said he'd come over the next day after work and be with me. I hadn't been able to get much sleep or see much of Nick since the whole wedding thing started. Nick was always busy working to help me out so it'd just been me and my mother doing all the work. At moments I felt so excited and at others I felt like something was missing. Next day Thursday, was so strange. Nick had stopped by early in the morning. My father was already at work and my mother was still asleep. I of course was wide awake because of my wedding day jitters. I let nick in the front door quietly. He looked so sexy in his car salesman suit with his hair slicked back and his colonge left a soft scent as he passed by me.

I softly kissed his lucious lips. "Hi honey, what brings you here so early?"

He looked a bit disappointed. "Well I'm not going to be able to see you tonight. I have to work really late tonight. I'm sorry babe."

I felt my eyes begin to water. "B-b-but you said we'd spend time together. Oh sweetie I miss you so much." I said putting my arms around him.

He held me tight stroking my hair. " I know babe but you know I have to keep this job. I promise I'll make it up to you on our honeymoon that's for sure."

He looked down at me wiping a tear from my eyes. His eyes were so sincere. I knew he ment well. I had to stop being such a spoiled brat and accept the fact the he had to work. I knew he was just doing this for us. He leaned down to kiss me again. His mouth felt so sweet. He slid his tongue in my mouth very quickly and our kiss broke as we heard a noise in the room. Startled I looked and saw Eric standing there. Had he been watching?

"Oh Nick, this is my brother Eric. Eric this is my fiance Nick." I said letting them exchange handshakes.

"Well it's finally nice to meet you, said Eric in a mischevious tone.

Nick turned a bit silent. I could tell he was a bit frightned of Eric. "Yes, nice to meet you too."

It was an awkward silence for a minute. I felt for some strange reason jealousy in the room. It was crazy but very erotic. I found myself feeling a bit mesmerized by Eric. He was already dressed and looked like he was ready to go out. He wore a nice plaid button up shirt and his black slacks and black shoes.

I heard Nick clear his throat which drew my thoughts away from Eric. "Well babe I will call you tonight after work ok?"

"Yes sweetie call me. Love you." I said softly as Nick was already nervously walking out.

Nick didn't respond to me loving him but he hardly ever did. He was one of them guys who never expressed his feelings much. I could learn to live with that. I loved making love to him. He always was so gentle with me, so sweet. He'd only been with one other girl in his life and that was a little bit before he'd met me. So we were sort of "new" to this love making deal.

"I think I scared him." Eric said laughing hysterically.

I playfully hit him on the arm. "Dont be mean to him. He's your future brother-in-law."

"Yeah, yeah, yeah. Quit reminding me will ya." Eric said frustrated.

"So why you so dress up? I asked looking him up and down.

"I have to go to the tuxedo store to try on the hideous tux you chose for me." He said complaining.

"Really? Well would you like me to come with you? I want to make sure it's perfect." I said sarcastically.

"Yes! Please come with me. I hate going to these places alone."

A few minutes later I was ready to go. I wore my black hair that matched Eric's in a ponytail and put on my pale blue summer dress that was a bit short but it was summer and so hot I couldn't stand to wear anything else.

Once we were at the tuxedo store that's when my whole life changed. The whole store seemed to have so many people there. It was summer of course, so many weddings. We first spent about an hour taking the correct measurements for Eric's tux. I was getting tired and falling asleep on a leather couch that was there. I heard Eric go into the dressing room.

"Psst!" I heard Eric whisper to me. He woke me from my light sleep.

"what?" I asked impatiently. I saw how he peeped his his head out the door.

"come in here. I want you to see how I look first and then we can have the sales guy fix this. I think it's kinda long from the pants."

I walked over to him. He let me in the dressing room which was pretty big. It even had another leather couch there. I looked at Eric in his tux. God he looked handsome! Our gazes locked for a moment there. I stood in silence as he waited for me to say something.

"Close the door Fiona." Eric said in a serious tone.

I did as he said and we were only inches apart from each other now. I could feel the sexual tension in the room which seemed to be filled with the Eric's male scent. My heart was racing and my mind was just filling with incredible sexual fantasies of my brother.

I felt his hand slightly touch my arm. His touch sent little shocks of electricty all over my body. I felt weak and breathless for a moment. I couldn't even move. I just felt him get closer breathing softly on me. His mouth was now by my neck. I voluntarily tossed my head back to let him do anything he wanted with me.

I felt Eric begin to kiss my neck softy as my legs began to feel like jell-o. His lightest touch was driving me insane. His full lips were softly kissing my neck. I put my arms around him as he held on to my waist. With my eyes closed, I kept enjoying every minute of this. I'd never been with any other guy other than Nick and now here I was messing around with my brother.

His hands were tightly grabbing on to my waist and suddenly I felt him slide a hand to my back slowly unzipping my dress a little. I felt the dress slowly slip down my shoulders as he moved his kisses from my neck to my upper chest. His tongue began to trail down lower until he got up to my breasts. I felt one of his hands touch my left breast and the other hand was still on the small of my back.

"Eric kiss me." I pleaded softly.

He slowly came back up to my neck with his tongue never leaving my skin. Finally I felt his lips on mine. He was incredible. He kissed me so tenderly and no tongue just soft light kisses. I felt him begin to suck on my lower lip as his hand was still on my breast playing with my now hard nipple. I felt so hot so slutty. But god I wanted him. I wanted my brother so bad. More than I'd ever wanted any other man. He kept kissing me with small kisses as his hand that was on my breast was now between my thighs. I felt his strong hand touch my pussy over my panties. Eric's touch was totally irresitable.

I was up against the wall feeling his strong body up against mine. Using both of his hands now he pulled down my panties slowly. I felt my juices flowing so fast. My panties fell to the floor and Eric slid a finger in my pussy. I gasped and he put his mouth over mine. He kissed me harder this time with more passion more heat. I felt his tongue intertwine with mine. I moaned quietly as we kissed. His finger slid in and out so rapidly. I arched my back a little wanting more of him. Wanting all of him.

"How many fingers do you want me to put in you Fiona?" He asked breathlessly.

I couldn't help but get hotter as my brother asked me this. I looked at him anxiously. "Get as many was you can Eric. I'm so horny for you right now." I felt Eric slide a second finger in me and then a third. By this time I felt my pussy opening up. Stretching. Even more so with four fingers in me now. It was a bit tough but then with my pussy juices I got his fingers lubed for faster finger fucking. I couldn't believe how much my pussy could take. I wanted it all. I wanted my brother to get me loose.

"Eric, get your whole hand up my pussy. I want to see if I can take it."

That seemed to drive Eric wild! I felt his big hand begin to really tear my pussy. I closed my eyes in pain. Never had I felt such excruciating pain and then again never had i felt such pleasure either. A few moments later Erics whole hand was up my cunt. I couldn't believe I managed to take it all. I arched my back now as far as I could with my tits on Eric's face as he fucked my cunt with his hand. His mouth sucked my nipples as my pussy got what it needed.

"Oh fuck! I'm gonna cum!" I said with my voice shaking.

"Yes! cum for me Fiona. Let big brother know how much of a slut you can be."

I felt myself cumming, exploding on my brothers hand. With one leg on the floor and the other around his waist. My whole body shook madly as I came. Never had I felt anything so powerful, so erotic. Eric settled me down with a nice hard kiss. I held him close to me. His body felt hot and intense. It was unbelievable what we'd just done. I was loving it. I wanted more of Eric.

"I better get fitted for this tux." Eric whispred handing me my panties back.

I stayed silence feeling a bit in shock for what had just happened. I put myself back together and left Eric in the dressing room. How in the world was I going to face Nick with a straight face anymore?

Chapter 2

Eric went on to finish getting his tuxedo fitted just the perfect size. I just sat on the leather couch still shocked and silent. My legs felt so weak and my pussy ached now but yet I still felt so sexually aroused. My hands were shaking like crazy now. I was so nervous to face Eric alone on the way home.

I waited for Eric to finish paying for the tux as my eyes gazed through the room. It was odd how there was so many people there and yet no one had any idea what I'd just done with my brother.

It was time to go back home and Eric and I drove home in silence mostly. His eyes stayed on the road and my mind just drifted away. I wanted him to be the first one to speak. I couldn't since I was still so shook up.

"So already this Saturday huh?" Eric finally spoke.

I snapped out of my thoughts. "Huh? W-what?"

He laughed softly. "I said, so this Saturday huh? You know that's your wedding day. Are you nervous?"

Was I nervous? Was he kidding me? He'd just stuck his hand up my pussy and was asking me if I was nervous about my wedding? It was all so unreal. Then I just figured he was as scared as I was. He was just trying to make conversation.

"Well, yes I am a bit nervous still. It's such a big step in one's life." I responded quietly.

"yeah it is and I'm sure you'll make a wonderful wife." He smiled at me sweetly finally being able to look into my eyes.

He placed his hand softly over mine but kept his eyes on the road. I felt whole body begin to shiver at the touch of his hand. I found myself holding his hand now as our fingers intertwined. We just drove in silence that way the rest of the way home. As we arrived home, we let go of each others hands and nervously walked in the door. My mother was up by this time cooking lunch. He rushed to the kitchen to greet my mother and I just ran upstairs. I checked my voicemail and Nick had called me. He'd left me a message like he always did just letting me know how much he was thinking about me.

I laid on my bed for a moment just kept replaying the sexy event that had happened earlier. I could still feel Eric's touch and could still taste his kiss. He'd completely turned my whole world upside down.

Never had Nick stuck his whole hand up my pussy or kissed me the way Eric did. I had to quit thinking of my brother and focus on my lover. It was going to be tough but I had to do it.

Lost in my thoughts I almost didn't hear my mother call me down to eat lunch. I really had no appetite being so much in shock and so nervous about the wedding.

I still managed to go downstairs and I was trying to avoid Eric as much as I could. There were moments I couldn't help but look at him and lust after him. Our parents mostly carried on their own conversation while Eric and I kept exchanging passionate looks to one another.

Later on that day I decided to go visit Nick at work. I was so horny that day. Nick and I hadn't had sex for over two weeks since we'd decided to wait until the honeymoon to really get it on.

I got to the car dealership around five that evening. I was greeted by Nick's father who was already on the way out. He led me to Nick's office where Nick was busy inputting some information into the computer.

"Hey! Babe! What are you doing here?" Nick asked standing up to greet me.

I felt him put his arms around me. "Nothing I just wanted to see you tonight even for a few minutes if that's OK?"

He kissed my forehead softly. "Sure it is. I'm glad you stopped by. I wanted to take a little break anyway."

We began to kiss gradually. It felt so good to finally be able to be with him. To hold him. He was the only one who'd be able to take my mind of Eric.

We continued to kiss with intensity and love. Nick's hands began to lift up my dress and all of a sudden I'd remember what I had done that morning with Eric. I was scared Nick would feel my loose pussy and wonder what I'd done.

"No babe. I'm here to please you only. Now sit down while I get to work." I commanded him.

Nick gave me a devilish smile and reclined himself on the big leather chair. I got on my knees ready to begin to suck my lover's cock. I began to unzip Nick's pants. I was so ready to suck on his hard veiny cock. I pulled out his cock slowly as it crept out of his boxers. The tip was so wet with precum. I knew my babe was going to cum so hard.

I looked up at him as he lightly grabbed my hair. "I love you," I whispered to him as I began to take his cock in my mouth. He was sitting down relaxing as he got his cock sucked. I took in every inch of that cock savoring every flavor of it. I let his precum float in my mouth as I kept capturing his taste.

"Mmmmmm. Fiona, I love you. Oh baby suck me." Nick moaned as I deep throated him.

I began to pick up my speed as my lips were tight around Nick's cock. I could see he was beginning to sweat as his whole body felt this incredible pleasure.

"I'm g-gonna c-c-cum!" Nick cried out.

I felt all his jizz shoot in my mouth. The warm liquid flowed all down my throat so smoothly.

"Oh fuck yeah," he panted.

I stood up gracefully and sat on his lap as his cock was now semi-hard. He held me close to him breathing heavily. "I love you so much Fiona." I could sense his love towards me so deep that moment. Yet a part of me still thought about Eric.

I got home later on that night and called up the lead singer of the band that would be playing at our wedding. I was just checking to make sure they'd be no last minute cancellations. I made sure he'd play certain songs that Nick and I shared growing up.

I went on to take a hot shower to cool me down from what I'd done with Eric and then what I did to Nick. It was odd how these two men in my life had so much sexual control over me. Nick as my friend and my lover, and Eric was my brother and was more like a forbidden lover.

I felt so much better after my bath. I put on one of Nick's long T-shirts like I always did just to have some part of him close to me. I laid down on my bed as I listened to some relaxing music from Bjork.

I was beginning to doze off when I heard a soft knock on my door. I quickly woke up from my little daze and looked at the clock. It was already almost midnight. I figured it was my mother telling me to turn my music down a bit.

As I opened the door I saw Eric standing there looking at me. He gave me a mischievous smile.

"Are you trying to avoid me?" He asked letting himself in my room.

I felt my whole body begin to shake nervously. "N-n-no. W-why would I want to avoid you?"

He closed the door behind him. "You don't have to be afraid of me Fiona. I love you. I hope you know that."

I couldn't even look him in the eye. "I-I love you too."

All of a sudden I felt him lift me up in his arms and lay me on my bed. I gasped at his firm hold. He laid next to me stroking my hair and my face. His finger tips traced my lips.

"Mmmmm your so beautiful. I never thought my little sister would grow up to be such a beautiful woman."

His words were making my heart want to jump out of my chest. His rough hands were slowly pulling my shirt up exposing my lacey white panties.

"I figured you'd be sore after this morning so I wanna make you feel much better." Eric whispered as he began to pull my panties down.

I didn't even resist. I couldn't resist. I was so ready for Eric to take control of my body once again. My panties came off quickly as his finger began to play with my clit. I closed my eyes at that point loving my brothers touch.

"Don't go making too much noise now. You might wake Mom and Dad," He teased.

I was completely lost in his touch. He picked up my legs as he slid his head between them. He began to lick my pussy rapidly. I felt my whole body ignite with heat. He took turns sucking and licking my clit enticing me more each minute.

I tried my hardest to keep from moaning with pleasure. I felt his hands reach up to play with my nipples. My body was squirming all over my bed. Then surprisingly I felt Eric plung his tongue in my pussy. He slide his tongue in and out my pussy hole fucking me with his tongue. I felt my legs begin to weaken as I came on my brothers tongue.

I felt him cover my mouth as I moaned while my juices oozed out on his mouth. It was such an intense orgasm. One of the most intense of my entire life.

Eric kept his tongue in me as I recovered from my orgasm. I could still feel his tongue move all around in my pussy. He began to move it in circles sucking out every one of my juices.

"Oh fuck oh fuck yes!" I whispered gasping.

Eric came back up for a nice long wet kiss. I could taste myself in his mouth. He was now driving me closer to him.

"Well, I better let you get to bed. I hope you feel better." He said playfully as he patted my pussy lightly.

I couldn't even speak. I just watched as he closed the door. I just laid there once again wanting Eric more. It felt like a cruel game he was playing with me. I knew I had to make it stop before it was too late.

Chapter 3

I woke up the next morning very early. The sun was just coming out and I felt my whole body tingling with lust. I couldn't believe how hot Eric had gotten me the night before. I could still feel his tongue between my legs, licking me, sucking me and tasting me. I'd fallen fast asleep right after my brother performed his incredible oral sex act on me.

I was thinking of Eric and then of Nick and how much I loved them both. I kept craving both of them in my thoughts and in my heart. The more of thought about them, the more I wanted to touch myself. I felt my pussy aching for my brother. I knew what Nick was like in bed, but I had yet to only fantasize what Eric would be like.

I kept wondering how big my brothers cock was. My mind raced with different images of his cock and his nutsack. Oh God! I just kept thinking of what It would be like to suck on my brothers balls.

With those dirty thoughts in my mind I started to finger fuck my pussy. I could still feel my pussy loose, after the erotic damage my brother had done to it. I started to touch my tits with my other hand and was starting to just enjoy a moment of untamed masturbation when I heard a knock at my door.

"Fiona, We are taking Eric to visit some relatives that want to see him. Then we are going to get some breakfast. Honey you want us to bring you something back?" I heard my mother's faint voice.

"No Mom. Thanks anyway." I said trying to catch my breath.

I felt relieved knowing Eric would be gone for a while. At least I could have sometime to think straight. I headed for an early shower hoping to be able to see Nick that day.

After my shower I called up Nick to come visit me. He wouldn't be going to work that day but he'd be busy trying to get some last minute arrangements done. I called him and he was already up.

"Mmmm good morning baby." He said in a sexy deep voice.

"Hi sweetheart. It's so good to hear your voice." I felt my heart flutter with happiness.

"Did you sleep good last night?"

"Uh yes! I did!" I responded feeling incredibly guilty.

"Is it safe to come over to see you?"

"Yes! Babe, please do come over. I wanna see you so bad!"

About half an hour Nick was at my house. I was still in my blue satin robe with my hair just slightly damp. Nick wore some black basketball shorts and a white T-shirt. He had a glow in his face that made me realize how much I loved him.

"Oh hi babe!" I whispered as I held him tightly.

"Baby, you smell so sweet. Like apples." He smelled my hair and held me so close.

"I've missed you so much. Are you hungry? You want me to fix you something to eat?" My wife instincts were kicking in.

"No. I just want you. I wanna taste you Fiona." He kissed my forehead softly.

We began to kiss intensely. His tongue met with mine as we got lost in our kiss. His hands began to feel me all over. His touch today was exciting like never before. I didn't wear any panties under my robe giving Nick easy access to my craving pussy.

His hand slid between my legs feeling my shaved wet cunt. His index finger stroked my swollen clit. I tossed my head back letting my lover pleasure me.

"Mmmmm babe, that feels good! Keep touching me Nick."

His fingers continued to creep further on my pussy finally making their way to my opening. I felt Nick break out kiss off. His eyes wondered down to my pussy.

"Baby you feel a bit loose. What's going on? Are you cheating on me?" His eyes were losing that glow I saw earlier.

"U-uh what? Nick, what are you talking about?" I asked trying to sound surprised.

"I've felt your pussy before but it's never felt this... well this loose." His fingers were moving around easily in me.

I felt so awful. If only Nick knew that I had cheated on him. With my own brother! I felt guilty and dirty. I had to come up with an explanation. And a fast one too. Nick knew I had no vibrators or dildos and if I did say I had one he'd want to see me with it. I was running out of ideas. I felt Nick slip his fingers out of me and beginning to step away from me.

Just then, my eyes gazed the room and I saw a few cucumbers on the fruit basket my mother always had out. That's it! I could just tell Nick I got so hot for him that I did a cucumber. Oh it was brilliant!

"Well babe. Uh, this is kind of embarrassing. I didn't want to tell you." I said in a nervous voice.

"What? What is it Fiona? Are you OK?" His eyes showed nothing but concern.

"Well I've missed you so much these past few days that yesterday I got so hot for you after I visited you, and I grabbed a cucumber and I fucked it."

Nick's eyes widened in amazement. "Whoa! Fiona! Are you serious?"

"Y-yes. I'm so embarrassed." I responded feeling my face turn crimson.

I could see Nick's excitement in his eyes. He stepped now closer to me. His fingers began to stroke my hair as he kissed my neck. His hot breath was making my skin shiver with delight.

"Fiona you don't know how hot that got me. I wanna see you baby. I wanna see you fuck that cucumber for me." His voice was raspy now.

My heart was racing. How they hell was I going to do this? Now I'd gotten myself in a bigger mess. That's what I got for deceiving my lover. Now I had to pay the consequences.

"B-but Nick. I can't right now." I said nervously.

He held me closer to him. "Please? I gotta see this. I wanna see you get off on yourself." He continued to trail kisses down my neck.

Nick's kisses were overwhelming and his touch was so irresistible. I pulled myself away from him and walked over to grab a cucumber. I was trying to get the smallest one I could find, but that was almost impossible. The vegetables were all thick and long but I still managed to get the least monstrous one.

Nick stood there in awe. His eyes looked at me with eagerness and longing. I sat myself up on the dinner table letting my robe fall off me showing Nick my naked body. He stepped closer to me and sat on a chair ready to watch this thrilling display of masturbation.

I spread my legs slowly showing him my shaven cunt. He licked his lips as he saw my pink clit and pussy lips. I never kept my eyes off him. I loved looking at him and the way he always craved my pussy. I spread my pussy lips more showing him my loose little pussy hole. I heard him gasp as he began to slide his hand down his shorts.

"Show me baby. Show me how much you wanted me that night." He whispered.

I grabbed the cucumber and slipped it in my mouth sucking on it showing Nick how his bride to be sucks cock. His hand began to move faster underneath his shorts. I could hear his heavy breathing begin to increase.

I moved the cucumber from my wet lips down between my chest sliding it between my tits. I moved it down lower to my belly and then finally between my legs. I let it rub on my clit as I let out a soft moan.

Nick was already beginning his own masturbation. He pulled out his cock ready to explode. His hand was gripped tightly around his cock as he watched me get myself off.

I began to insert the cucumber in my pussy feeling it stretching my pussy as Eric's hand had. The feeling just brought back the dressing room incident I had with Eric. I only had the cucumber in half way and already I was hurting with pain and pleasure. I decided to only slip it in just a little bit more. I finally had gotten enough of the vegetable in me to get myself off.

I moved the cucumber in and out of my pussy fast as my legs spread wider. Nick continued to masturbate. His cock was so hard and precum was oozing out.

"Oh fuck yes! Baby show me how much you want my cock. Fuck yourself for me." Nick kept jerking his cock off.

I felt my pussy sucking up the cucumber as it went in and out of me. I felt my nipples harden as I watched Nick get himself off. We masturbated together never taken our eyes off each other's bodies.

"Oh Nick! Oooh babe I love you. I wanted you this bad." I said as I started to go faster with the cucumber.

The sensation was incredible. I don't know if it was because I knew Nick was watching me or because I was imagining it was Eric watching me get off to this piece of vegetable. I felt my body begin to feel exhausted. I was about to cum. To let all my juices ooze out of my aching pussy.

"Nick! I'm g-gonna cum!" I moaned loudly as I came hard letting the cucumber satisfy me.

"Yes! Baby oh fuck yes! Cum for me." Nick was now beating his meat faster as his body began to shake.

I watched as he came on his hand. Hot strands of cum squirted out of his cock and fell onto his stomach. We both just remained frozen at the moment trying to catch our breathe. I continued to feel my juices escape from my pussy. Nick just sat slouched on the chair with his eyes piercing at me.

I began to slide the cucumber out of my pussy inch by inch. I heard a "pop" sound as the tip came out of me. I dragged myself off the table and crawled over to Nick. His hands were full of sticky cum. I licked his fingers letting the full taste of his salty cum penetrate in my mouth.

"Nick I love you. I can't wait to marry you." I moved up to sit on his lap. He held me tightly and so loving.

"Let's go up to your bedroom to be together. I just wanna hold you Fiona."

I put my robe back on and decided to cut up the cucumber so Nick and I could eat upstairs in my room. It would be sort of a "dessert" for him.

Moments later we were up in my room laying naked on my bed. Nick held me against him as he laid behind me. It felt so good to have my future husband there with me. We fed each other slices of cucumbers and talked about the wedding.

We must have had fallen asleep since the only way I woke up was the knock at my bedroom door. It sounded like my mother.

"Fiona? We're back now." My mothers voice was heard.

"OK Mom. I'll be down in a few minutes."

Nick got up and began to kiss my back softly with tender kisses.

"Hi there. Sleep well?" I asked holding his hand to my chest.

He slid on of his hands down between my legs. "Oh yes I slept quite well."

"Well you better get going. My parents are here. I guess I won't see you until later on tonight?

He continued to rub my pussy softly. "Yeah. The rehearsal is at seven and then later I go to my bachelor party."

"Ah yes the famous bachelor party. Well just don't have too much fun!" I teased.

He held me tight. "You know I'll be thinking about you the whole time. Don't you go checking out other guys when you go out with your girlfriends tonight."

I smiled and turned over to kiss him. "No don't worry. I won't. I love you."

A few moments later we got dressed and headed downstairs. My parents and Eric were in the living room watching some movie. I saw Eric quickly give Nick a look of envy. Nick went on to greet my parents and I tried to fix my messy hair. I could tell that Eric sensed something had happened between Nick and I.

"Hey, how's it going?" Nick said in a nervous tone to Eric.

Eric just presented an evil smirk. "What's up?"

There was tension in the room once again and I couldn't even look at either one of them. My Mom, who adored Nick continued to ask about his family and so on. I wanted Nick to hurry up and leave. I was starting to feel so uncomfortable having him there while Eric shot him evil looks.

Finally Nick decided to go ahead and leave and I felt relief. I kissed him good-bye and walked him out to his car. I was terrified of what Eric was going to say to me.

I walked back in the house and quickly went up to my room. My parents remained downstairs watching old western movies. I got in my room and closed the door. I was just about to call all my bridesmaids, when I saw Eric sitting on my bed.

He had a devious smile and was looking at me with lustful eyes. I looked down and realized I was wearing the same summer dress I'd worn when Eric and I had that sexy encounter in the dressing room.

"W-what are you doing here?" I asked alarmed.

"Did you just finish having sex with Nick?" His voice was stern.

"That's none of your business." I snapped back.

"The hell it aint." He stood up and grabbed me close to him.

"What the hell are you doing? Please leave me alone." I said panicking.

"Shhhh. Just tell me did you and Nick have sex? Or did you suck his cock?"

"Eric leave me alone please!" I kept trying to loosen myself from his firm hold.

"I bet you sucked on his cock. Does my beautiful little sister like the taste of cock cream?" His lips were beginning to run down my neck.

I gasped at his phenomenal kisses down my neck. I felt my knees begin to weaken and my pussy begin to long for Eric. We began to kiss harshly. Our tongues were madly locking in each others mouth.

"Mmm so my little sister sucks cock? So fuckin' sexy!" He whispered in my ear as he began to nibble on my earlobe.

I felt my heart beating rapidly as Eric began to unzip my dress. Knowing my parents were right downstairs was making me paranoid though.

"Eric Mom and Dad are just downstairs. You have to stop please." I said breathlessly.

Eric didn't listen and continued to unzip my dress. I didn't even have any more strength to ask him to stop. His touch was just too hot.

He exposed my tits and began to suck on them totally driven with appetite for them. I whined quietly loving the feel of my brothers lips on my breasts. I was starting to toss my head back with pleasure and I felt Eric grab my long hair pulling on it.

"How about sucking on big brothers cock?" His eyes were full of raging desire.

"Oh yes! I want to suck you Eric. God I love you!" I found myself bewitched by my brother.

I quickly fell to my knees with my dress draping down my shoulders. I wanted to see Eric's cock so bad! He held my head close to his crotch and pushed it all over his hard cock over his pants. I felt the hardness of my brothers cock slide all over my face.

"Fuck yes! Are you ready for my cock Fiona?" Eric asked unzipping his pants.

"Mmmm yes I'm so fuckin' ready!" I exclaimed.

Eric pulled out a thick seven inch cock out of his pants. I let out a huge sigh at the sight of my brothers size. His thick mushroom head was already dripping with precum.

I launched my mouth to his cock savoring his masculine taste. I sucked on the head of his cock gliding my tongue all over it. Eric tossed his head back trying to keep from moaning. My mouth as taking in more of his cock feeling the thick veins rubbing back and forth on my lips. I tightened my suction harder making him pant harder.

My head was bobbing like crazy now on my brothers cock. I pulled his cock out of my mouth and hungrily began to suck his cum filled balls. I could feel the heat of his balls on my lips. I licked them slowly up and down while I jerked his cock off with my hand.

"Oh suck my balls. Yes! You dirty little slut! My slutty little sister! Mmmmm!" His breath was winded.

I sucked on his balls tasting them and feeling them tighten. Eric grabbed my hair again and made me look up at him. He slapped his cock on my lips and shoved it back in my mouth.

"Arrrgh! I'm gonna cum!" He growled silently.

I felt the hot gooey cum shoot out in my mouth. The brackish taste drove me wild! I looked up at him as he came in my mouth as our eyes met.

"Hmmmm yes! Swallow big brothers cum." He rasped.

I saw how he watched me swallow all his cum. I was already starting to finger fuck myself as he came in my mouth when we heard at knock at the door. He quickly put his cock back in his pants and I hurried to zip my dress back up.

"Fiona? Eric? Lunch time." My mother called out.

I was so wrapped up in these sexual adventures with my lover and then my brother, that I almost forgot I hadn't even really eaten. Eric and I quickly got ourselves together.

"I love you Fiona," Eric said as we walked out together.

"I love you too." I found myself admitting.

I walked downstairs filled with guilt. Yet I still secretly loved the game my brother was playing with me. I knew there was more for me to discover and I was so ready for it.

Chapter 4

For the rest of that long day, I tried to keep away from Eric. It'd be hard though since eventually I'd have to see him at rehearsal later on that night. I had butterflies in my stomach the whole day.

Here I was going to marry the most wonderful guy on this planet and yet I was messing around with my own brother! I had to get my shit together immediately.

By the time I knew it, the evening had came around. I drove to the church with embroidery. my parents and Eric of course. I just sat in silence as my parents just talked about meeting with Nick's parents for dinner that night. I just kept my eyes out towards the window and I felt Eric's gaze heavy on me.

Once we arrived to the church, I felt more calm as I saw Nick there waiting for me beaming. I rushed over to him to hold him as everyone else was scattered around trying to listen for directions. I stood very close to Nick as Eric narrowed his eyes at me. We went through the directions as they were given. Eric was standing up with one of my old friends Rose from high school.

I saw them talking and Eric seemed to be flirting with her madly. I felt a twinge of jealousy all through me. Eric looked at me for a moment and just smiled wickedly. I knew he was just trying to piss me off. I had to keep my mind on Nick.

After rehearsal my parents and Nick's parents were going out for dinner. Nick was going home to get ready for his bachelor party and I had to get home to ready myself for the girls night out.

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