Short Sighted

by JAX

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Reluctant, Heterosexual, School, .

Desc: Sex Story: Trouble is when I take my glasses off I can't see who's fucking me

There he was again, drinking coffee in a crowd on the other side of the refectory. God he was so good looking, but off course he didn't know I existed. Nor that I was ugly, I had a decent body all right, it was I was so short sighted and the thick lenses in my glasses didn't help any. What wouldn't I do to get him to notice me. Just as soon as I could afford it I was getting contacts, but as yet that was a distant dream.

It was tipping it down and it was a long walk to the bus station, shit I was getting soaked.

"Can I offer you a lift?" the driver said.

My first reaction was to say no, but then I looked up a saw it was him.

"Oh yes please," I just managed to get out and sat down beside him.

"Saw you and knew you must be one of us students," he commented, "you're wearing the scarf."

"Yeah thanks," I croaked, "I'm soaked through."

"Yeah I can see that," he smiled, "seen you around haven't I?"

Oh my God, he's actually noticed me, probably noticed my goofy glasses.

"Yeah, my name's Tony," he said.

"Hi I'm Alice," I said.

I could see him looking down at my legs for my skirt had ridden up when I had got into his car. Part of me wanted to pull it back down a bit but a bigger part wanted to either leave it alone or make it pull up a bit more. I move on the seat and looked over my shoulder that should do it and sure enough another inch of leg was showing.

"Where can I drop you?" he asked looking at my legs again.

"Bus station will be fine," I replied.

I thanked him again and he drove off. Oh my, he had actually spoke to me and even told me his name. After that I would try and catch his eye but I never did, I could see him laughing and joking with his cronies. Trouble was that some of his party were very pretty girls, why would he prefer me to them. I had almost given up when I literary bumped into him one afternoon.

"Hi, you'll do," he said grabbing my arm, "I'm short of a partner."

"What?" I said.

"Come on or we'll be late," he said dragging me along.

It turned out that his regular bowling partner was off sick and he needed me to fill in, not that I had any idea how to bowl. He bought me a few drink and we played for a couple of hours, we lost of course but he seemed ok about it. He took me home and stopped out side my door.

"Thanks for filling in," he said, and he leaned over and kissed me.

God it was almost like all my Christmas's coming at once, I kissed him back. When we broke for air I took off my glasses and kissed him again. This time his hand came up and squeezed my breast.

"Nice tits," he commented once our lips had parted again, "and you sure look better without your glasses too."

"Thanks," I mumbled and we kissed again.

"Do you want to go out one night?" he asked.

I mentally counted to five so as not to appear to eager then I said yes.

He picked me up the following night after I spent two hours getting ready. God what was I going to wear? I wanted something sexy but not sluttish, a very thin line. In the end I chose a short black shirt under a white blouse and sexy bra. I left one more button undone that was normal just to add a bit of spice. After a nice meal and a dance in a club he took me home, this time he parked around the corner from my house and pulled me across, took my glasses off and kissed me.

"I had a nice time," he said.

"Mmm so did I," I confessed.

He kissed me again and his hand came up and squeezed my breast, it felt so nice. Then he put his hand on my leg and ran it up under my skirt and squeezed the top of my thigh. I knew I should stop him but I just couldn't, I had been dreaming about him doing this to me from the first time I set eyes on him. Later in bed I could still feel his hand on my body and I ran my own over my curves bringing me closer and closer until I stifled my cries as I made myself come.

Then he did it again, he ignored me, probably ashamed to be seen with me in front of his cronies, it made me so mad. It was Friday and the long weekend stretched before me.

"Hi do you want to go out tomorrow night?" he asked.

My first thought was to tell him where to go, but when I turned and looked at his handsome smiling face, I just said yes. He took me to a club where we had cocktails and danced until late. I had told my parents not to wait up so I wasn't worried about the time. This time he took me to his place for a coffee, part of me was wary about going to his place but part of me was intrigued. He had a nice but small flat, which he shared with one other guy who luckily for me was still out. The first thing he did was to take my glasses off.

"Please I can't see without them," I cried.

"What's to see," he chuckled and pulled me down onto the sofa.

He started to kiss and fondle me as he had before and I didn't want him to stop. His hand was under my skirt and working their way towards my wet pussy. I knew I should stop him but my body craved release. Then it was there, stoking me between my legs making the fires of my lust burn brightly.

"That's my baby," he cooed, "come for me."

"Oh no please stop," my voice said, but I didn't mean it, I was close now, very close, a few more seconds and I was there. My hips bucked under his hand as I my orgasm rolled over me.

"Oh my God," I sighed when I had regained my breath.

"Liked that didn't you?" he chuckled.

This time I just nodded. His hands now became busy with my top and soon my blouse and bra were on the floor and his hands were working on my naked flesh.

"Great tits," he commented.

Oh my, that felt so good, I couldn't believe I was letting him do this to me, no other guy had touch my naked breast before.

"Lets lose these shall we," he said, "lift up your bum."

As if in a daze I did and my small knickers were rolled down my thighs. God what am I doing, I'm nearly naked with him. Before I could think his fingers found my naked and exposed pussy and I was lost.

"My, what a body," he said, his hands freely roaming over me. My fires had re-ignited and I was begging for release.

"Please," I begged.

"What does my baby want?" he chuckled.

"Please I want to come," I humiliated myself before him.

I felt his weight on top of me and I knew he was going to fuck me. My mind screamed no but my virgin body opened itself and invited him inside. The pain made me gasp then it pushed me over the top and I came again.

I lay there spread-eagled not caring that I was exposing my intimate parts to him, after all he had broken me in so to speak. At last he brought me the promised coffee and I reached for my clothes.

"Stop that," he said sharply, "stay as you are."

"Please let me dress," I whined, "your flat mate may come in."

"Yeah he might," he chuckled, "but believe me you have nothing to be ashamed off."

Despite my moaning he wouldn't relent and I drank my coffee with my breast bare. It was now very late and at last he let me dress and then he took me home.

"See you tomorrow," he called out and drove off.

I had a quick shower to wash off his gunge from my body, luckily he pulled out before he splattered inside of my unprotected body. Then I went to bed and dreamed of him all night.

What to wear today, God I don't know, in the end I pulled on some tight Jeans and I thin knitted top over my braless breasts. I could see him notice my braless state as we drove away. He took me for lunch in a quite pub and then it was back to his place. His flatmate was there and I was introduced to him; his name was Paul. I thought Tony would drag me off to his room but he seemed in no hurry. Just being with him was making my pussy gush and I wanted to be alone with him. There was football on the telly and Paul passed around cans of beer. Now I'm not a great football lover but being with Tony I could put up with it. By the end of the game we had all consumed three of four cans of beer and I was feeling a little woozy. Tony team had won and he was all over me kissing and hugging me.

"Time to lose these," he said taking my glasses.

"Please I can't see," I protested.

Now he was kissing me I forgotten all about Paul. I just assumed that he had left but I found out later that he moved to the other chair and watched as Tony stripped me naked.

"Going to fuck you properly today," he said, "got some condoms."

I didn't care one way or another, I just wanted him to fuck me and quickly.

"Great tits," he commented, his hands moving over my breasts.

At last his cock entered me and I let out a low moan.

"God yes," I said, "fuck me hard."

His hard cock pushed in and out of my sopping pussy slowly at first, but building up speed and power until I was crying out. My first orgasm washed over me, making my hips buck wildly under his onslaught.

"Oh God yes," I cried out.

"She seemed to like that," I heard Paul voice say.

"Oh no," I cried out.

"Its only Paul," said Tony trying to comfort me.

"Oh no please," I said grabbing for my clothes.

"Stop that," Tony said sharply, "you've got a great body and Paul likes to look.

"Oh please Tony," I begged.

Now I became aware of Tony's hands back on me again.

"Great body hasn't she mate," Tony said.

I thought my shame was complete, but worse was yet to come. It was bad enough to be naked before another man, but my body started to react to Tony touch and despite or perhaps because of Paul being there I was on the way to my second and much bigger orgasm. Tony's newly hard cock re-entered me and thrust into me hard.

"Come on my little cum slut," he whispered into my ear, "come for both of us."

"Oh no please," I begged.

But my body was reacting under it's own and now bucking against Tony's body.

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