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Desc: Sex Story: a young wife is used by her boss and learns that she likes it.

Erica just started the third week of her new job. Her first since dropping out of college. Just twenty-one, with only another year needed to finish college, her husband Rob lost his job. They had just purchased their first home when the company he worked for went out of business. He had been out of work for six weeks before finding a job at a much lower salary. When Erica saw the advertisement in the school paper for this job, she applied for it. She was interviewed and when the job was offered, she quit school and accepted it. She was happy to help out financially, and when they could afford it she would return to school to get her degree.

Erica was deeply in love with her husband. They dated in high school and fell in love. Rob, her husband was two years older than Erica. Upon completing high school, he joined the army. After three years he was discharged and started working for a local company in the town where they grew up. They were married during her junior year of college. From their first date in high school through college she did not date anyone else, waiting for Rob. She missed a lot of school activities like the 'Prom' because he was off serving his country. She just wouldn't date anyone else. Of course she was a virgin on her wedding night, although she was quite sure if Rob was. It didn't matter, for she loved him.

She had a good job working for Albert Sabrey, the President and owner of a advertising company with a good reputation. Erica was Mr. Sabrey's secretary and assistant. The pay was good, but more important the job was it was interesting and fun. Mr. Sabrey had meetings every day with his designers and planners and junior managers. Often Erica was asked to sit in on the meetings to take notes. After a couple of the meetings she was called into Mr. Sabrey office to discuss the meeting. Mr. Sabrey would asked her opinion about many of the topics that were discussed.

Albert, or Al as he liked to be called, was an older man, over fifty, probably closer to 60. Married with three grown children. His hair is dark, stands around 6'2" and weighs a little over 200 pounds. Often Erica would compare his size to that of her husband Rob, who was much smaller. Once she found herself fantasying about Mr. Sabrey making love to her. She often found herself horny because her husbands new job, was hard, and he worked long hours. He would often return from working a long day too tired to do very much. They did not make love lately as often as she would like. After the honeymoon she realized how much she had missed in high school and how much fun sex was. She couldn't get enough of her husband. But lately their love was happing only on weekends, when he had a chance to rest afer a long hard week at work.

Then one day, Mr. Sabrey called her into his office, just as everyone was preparing to leave for the day. "Can you stay for a little while and help me with this project?" He asked as she entered his office. "Yes, of course I can stay. I'd like to call home and leave a message that I'll be late in case my husband gets home before me. How long do you think it will be?"

" I think we can finish in about an hour or two. Use my phone and call him."

She left Rob a message on the answering machine, saying "I'll be a little late, not to worry about her and she'll see him when she got home."

Mr. Sabrey took out some papers and asked her to read them. He wanted her opinion. Erica read them quickly and was about to speak when he called her over to a table in the corner of his office. On the table were other papers and photos about the project. She was standing facing the table trying to read one of the papers when she sensed then felt Mr. Sabrey behind her. She felt him pressing against her. His crotch was pressed against her butt and his hands were holding her by her hips. "Mr. Sabrey, stop!" She said, but instead of stopping he continued to press up against her and rubbed his erect penis on her fully clothed butt. Without saying anything he took his arm and placed it on her back between her shoulder blades. He pressed her forward and downward until she was leaning on the table. Her chest was pressed against the table with her arms downward and to the side. Erica tried to struggle but he was too strong and too big. Holding her in place was almost effortless for him. He held her with one hand while taking his other and lifting her short skirt exposing her bikini panties. Then a slap. A sharp pain spread though her ass as he slapped again and again. She cried out with each slap but the office was deserted and there was no one to interrupt them. Al Sabrey then pulled her panties down off her butt. He grabbed them and with one quick pull, he ripped them from her body.

Erica was crying from the humiliation and the pain of the slaps. Her ass was exposed to another man other than her husband for the first time. "Stop Mr. Sabrey, let me go" She cried out, but to no avail. She felt Mr. Sabrey fingers on her exposed butt and her blond pussy. He rubbed his hand up and down her slot until he decided to insert a finger into her. She was so embarrassed to find that she was wet in anticipation. His fingers were sending pleasure through her as they stroked in and out of her. He spread her legs by using his own legs and continued playing with her pussy.

Then she felt him withdraw his fingers, only to be replaced quickly, by something bigger. She felt the soft head of his cock pressing against her pussy. "No! Don't' Mr. Sabrey, agh" She pleaded and cried as his cock pushed into her. She was still positioned flat on the desk with her head turned to the side. She was unable to look back at her boss but she felt his monster entering her. It felt much bigger than her husbands and she knew it would be longer too. Although she was well lubricated by the slapping and his fingers, it still hurt. "Oh, it's too big. Stop Mr. Sabrey, oh stop" She cried. Erica knew that he wasn't going to stop. Further and further it pressed into her. It was already deeper than her husbands cock had ever been. Although she couldn't see it in the position she was in, she knew that there was more cock to come.

Al Sabrey removed his hands from her back and was now holding her by her hips as he forced his cock deeper into her. The pain was excruciating and she cried out from it. Finally she felt his balls on her ass and then knew she had taken all of him. He held her still for a minute to allow her to become use to his size. The pain subsided until he started removing it slowly until only the head of his monster remained in her. Then in a slow penetrating motion he pressed it back into her. This time the pain was not so great but she continued to sob and moan from the humiliation of her position. His motions continued in and out of her, first filling her with his cock and then withdrawing it. The pain was replaced by a tingling feeling and then the pleasure seeped though her. She was starting to enjoy his cock fucking her. The speed of his strokes increased and her sobbing stop. Now she was just moaning, but not in pain but from the pleasure of his brutal fucking. She found herself trying to match his motions with her own. Each stroke of his cock brought her higher and higher toward a climax. She let out a louder moan when she reached her first climax, her first in weeks. His fucking didn't stop then and she continued to come as he fucked her deeply. Her climax seemed to get greater with each stroke till finally she felt him explode and inject her with his cum. Her pussy gripped his cock and pulsated with him as she also reached the most intense climax of her life.

He held her in that position while wave after wave of pleasure was squeezed from his cock by her pussy. It kept pulsating around his cock, gripping it, trying to squeeze more of his cum out of him. Her moans had stopped but her cunt hadn't.

He withdrew his cock from her, picked up her torn panties and cleaned the combination of her cum and his, from his cock. He pulled up his pants, buckled up and returned to his desk. "You can leave now. Don't forget your panties, we don't want the cleaning people to find them, do we?" He told her.

Not knowing if she really wanted to leave at that point, Erica did do as she was commanded. She placed her cum soaked panties into her pocket book and left Mr. Sabrey's office. When she got home that night, Rob had supper waiting. After dinner and a shower she joined her husband in bed only to find him already asleep. She lay on her back thinking about what had happened to her earlier today. She knew she couldn't report her boss to anyone, she would surly lose her job and they really needed the money. Her biggest problem was what would she do, the next time he wanted her.

The next day everything seamed normal, except Mr. Sabrey told her to bring him coffee. He didn't ask her to get it, he told her to get it. The morning meeting with the staff included her as before and her opinion was asked often during and after the meetings. Just before lunch Mr. Sabrey told her that they were going out for lunch and to bring a contract that he wanted to discuss with her. Again he didn't ask her to join him for lunch he told her. This pattern continued for the rest of the day and for the next few days. When other people were near, he would ask her to do things such as getting certain papers or charts or even coffee. But when they were alone he would not ask, but would order her to get or do things.

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