Going Fishing

by Jessy19

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Ma, Consensual, Gay, BiSexual, Incest, Brother, First, Petting, .

Desc: Incest Sex Story: Two brothers go fishing but end up catching more that what they bargained for.

It was early that Saturday morning when Patrick McAlester woke up anxiously. The whole family was excited that Jake, Patrick's older brother was coming home for the weekend. Jake was away at college and Patrick missed his brother terribly.

The boys' being only three years apart, were more like best friends. It was only them and they had a little sister, Karen, who was a mere 10 years old.

It had been a tough year for Patrick since he just started out junior college and really had no one to turn to for advice with college girls, or college work. He'd often get depressed and wished his big brother were home to talk to like he always did.

Patrick rolled out of bed and headed for the shower. The warm water hit his body not ever making his hard on go away. It'd been happening too many times now. Patrick had been waking up every single morning with a massive hard on. It must have been due to the lack of sex he'd been going through.

Patrick's dark brown hair was drenched now as he tilted his head back while his strong hand grabbed his cock. He slowly began to stroke it as he thought about some girls at school he'd like to date.

He first thought about Laura, a raven-haired beauty with thick full lips. He kept thinking what those lips would feel like wrapped around her pouty lips. Then he thought about Joann, a gorgeous blonde with big blue eyes who had breasts that were big and firm. His thoughts ran wilder as the thought about Laura and Joann together with him in a nice sex sandwich.

Patrick looked down to realize he'd just cum all over his hand. He hadn't even felt his own warm man liquid on himself being so lost in his fantasy.

"Oh fuck!" Patrick gasped after his erotic masturbation.

He smiled to himself and finished his shower. He walked out with the blue terry cloth towel wrapped around his waist. He was walking out the door when he saw little Karen standing there waiting for him to finish. She wore her cute little cotton nightgown and her long auburn hair was a total mess.

Patrick patted her little head. He loved his little sister. Too bad she wasn't old enough for him to talk to about serious stuff. Karen looked up to Patrick like a hero. She admired how smart he was since he was going for Prelaw at school and he always helped her with her homework. She'd been a lot closer to Patrick, than Jake.

"Hey Kary! The restroom is all yours now. Don't stink it up!" Patrick teased.

She giggled with a snort. "Shut up dork!" She playfully punched him in the stomach almost causing the towel to fall off his waist.

"Hey! Watch out little girl!" He yelled out.

Karen just rolled her eyes and walked in the restroom slamming the door behind her. Patrick just sighed thinking and worried at the same time about how bad of a girl Karen was going to grow up to be.

Patrick dressed in his favorite brown long cargo shorts and his green T-shirt that brought out his gorgeous honey hazel eyes. He ran his fingers through his short hair and wondered if he'd ever be able to find true love. Being only 18 he wasn't in any hurry but did wish he could have a steady girlfriend. His schoolwork kept him busy most of the time though.

He'd often be jealous of Jake, who managed to have his share of beautiful girls and nice steady relationships. Jake was always smooth with the ladies, but he just never got to show Patrick his tricks.

It was late afternoon when Jake arrived to the house. The first thing that Patrick heard was his mother squealing over her son's arrival.

Patrick ran downstairs eager to see his big brother who he hadn't seen in over five months. When Patrick got downstairs, he saw his parents surrounding Jake with hugs and warm welcomes. Even Karen was there wrapping her little arms around big brother.

"God I've missed you all!" Jake said outloud.

Patrick smiled at his loving family and saw Jake's eyes wonder over to where he stood. Patrick could see Jake hadn't changed much, except for getting his left eyebrow pierced and his hair spiky. Jake's smile grew more and he basically pushed everyone aside and walked over to Patrick.

"Oh shit! Patrick!" Jake shouted out.

"Jake!" Patrick screamed.

The boys tackled each other as if they were on a football field. They growled like a bunch of barbarians as they were pleased to finally reunite as brother and brother.

"Now, now boys!" Mrs. McAlester said laughing as she tried to separate the boys.

"Oh honey it's ok. The boys are just glad to be together again." Mr. McAlester replied.

Little Karen just stood back and enjoyed this glorious family moment. She hadn't have such a nice moment like this with her family for a while now. Everyone was mostly busy with school or work.

The family ate dinner together that night for the first time in a long time as they boys just kept going on and on about college life. It was noisy at the dinner table and everyone but the boys were getting tired of talking and just wanted to wind down a bit and go watch some TV. Their laughs were heard as they sat and watched The funniest Home Videos.

"Hey I was thinking we could go fishing." Jake said to Patrick.

Patrick was delighted. He watched as his brother spoke and noticed the small shinky metal object in his tongue. "Yeah! Tonight? I think it's awesome weather outside and we could do it. It was so cool the way dad used to take us fishing remember?"

The boys had fond memories of when their father used to take them fishing. He'd let them drink beer and they snack all night long while they talked about girls and sports.

"Hey dad! Want to go fishing with us?" Jake called out loudly to his father who was in the living room.

Mr. McAlester felt tired as hell and just wanted to stay home with his wife and daughter to relax. As much as he loved fishing, tonight he was in no mood.

"No Jake. Why don't you and your brother go? I'm beat tonight."

"Aww Dad come on!" Patrick pleaded.

"No boys it's OK. Just go on without me. You all are free to use my fishing poles. Even my lucky one."

The boys high-fived each other and howled like savages in their happiness. They later on left to the gas station to buy beer and snacks for the fishing night out.

"Do we have everything we need?" Patrick asked Jake as they stood outside packing their gear in their dad's old truck.

"Yeah pretty much. Let me just change. Do you got some shorts I can borrow?" Jake asked looking down at his old jeans.

"Yeah I got a pair of khaki cargo shorts if you wanna wear them? I've got plenty of T-shirts too so have your pick.

"Alright I'll be back. Go ahead and get the truck started." Jake said as he hurried to go change.

Patrick started went ahead and started the truck and waited for Jake. He knew his clothes would fit his brother since they were both about the same size except that Jake was just about two inches taller.

A few minutes later, Patrick heard his brother come out the house wearing Patrick's khaki shorts and a white t-shirt. It all looked like it fit pretty well. A little too well. Jake got in the truck tugging on his shirt.

"I hope this shirt doesn't make me look gay. I feel it's too tight." Jake scoffed.

"Nah it doesn't look tight. " Patrick said with his eyes wondering on his brother?s muscular arms.

"Al right whatever, let's go!" Jake demanded as he turned up the radio.

They rode down to the lake arriving about 9 that night. The boys unloaded their things and found a nice cozy spot on a small grassland that was far away from the noisy regular fishermen.

"Do you want a beer?" Jake asked Patrick as Patrick was putting the bait on the hooks.

"Um yeah sure why not."

Jake came over to sit next to Patrick setting the cold beer next to him. The night was just perfect and the nice brisk air made it even better to be out fishing.

"I just hope we get to catch something." Patrick said looking out into the water.

"Well if we don't catch anything it's cool. I just needed to get away from home. I mean I love Mom, Dad, and Karen, but I needed some room to breathe." Jake responded as he sipped his beer.

"Yeah it's so good that you decided to come down this weekend. You hadn't visited in a long time."

"I know. I'm sorry. It's just that school's been hectic this year and plus my last girlfriend was a real leach."

Patrick raised his eyebrow. "What last girlfriend? Janice?"

Jake laughed. "No. Her name was Caroline. I dumped Janice a long time ago little brother!"

Patrick felt dumb for a moment. He couldn't believe that he, himself, could not keep up with his big brothers girlfriends.

"Well shit Jake, your a real male slut, I can't keep up with you!" Patrick said teasing his brother.

Jake just laughed off the comment and they boys sat on the quiet grass and started their fishing. They sat in silence for a few minutes and could faintly hear the loud laughs and screams of the other fishermen. They continued to catch up on what was new in their lives. It'd been already two hours and they hadn't caught anything. Patrick didn't seem to have his mind on fishing though.

"Did that hurt?" Patrick asked Jake.

"Did what hurt?"

"That tongue ring. I've always wanted one but I was too chicken to get one."

Jake shrugged. "I don't know, some say it hurts and some say it doesn't so I'm gonna be honest with you, it did hurt but not to the point where I was crying or anything."

"What about the eyebrow one. Did that one hurt?"

"I have to admit that one hurt more than the tongue one believe it or not."

"Really? That's weird. I figured the tongue one would hurt mo-"

"Wooh! I think I got something here!" Jake exclaimed as he felt a bite.

"Alright then bring it out!" Patrick cheered.

Jake pulled out a 12 inch bass fish and looked as if he was so proud of himself. Patrick smiled as his brother got excited over his first catch in a long time. They watched the fish viciously squirm around for air as Patrick pulled out the pliers to cut the fish loose.

"Here just put it in the cooler here. Hopefully we can catch at least two more like these." Jake said.

The boys put the fish in the cooler and continued their business. Patrick couldn't get the image of Jake in his tongue ring out of his mind. He wondered if that's why girls liked him so much. He'd heard that a tongue ring drove many women wild specially in oral sex.

"Why so quiet?" Jake asked.

"Uh no reason. Just wondering about the piercings still that's all."

"Why you so curious? I mean if your that curious why not go out and get one yourself?"

Patrick chuckled. "No way! You know I'm not into all piercings and stuff.

Jake gave him a devilish smirk. "Yeah right. I know you can be wild little brother."

Patrick just remained silent as they fished. The night was starting to get chilly and Patrick started to sit Indian style. Jake looked at ease as he caught yet another big fish.

"Man your the one having all the luck tonight." Patrick said in a jealous tone.

"Aww come on now. You know you used to catch all the fish when we were growing up." Jake added.

"Yeah I know, but it doesn't seem like I'm catching any tonight."

"It's ok I'm sure you'll get one. Here you can used Dad's fish pole for good luck if you want."

Patrick burst out laughing. "No Jake that aint gonna help me. I need a miracle! Besides I'm getting tired. Maybe we should be heading home?"

"Yeah I guess so. I'm tired and who knows when I'll catch another fish. Here can I have the bottle there. I need to clean my hands."

Patrick handed Jake the clean water bottle as Jake washed his hands from the fish smell. The boys gathered their things and were ready to head back home. Jake was carrying the cooler and the fishing poles and Patrick was still gathering the junk food and beer they didn't even get to finish.

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