Being Bad

by JAX

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Consensual, Heterosexual, Fiction, Incest, Brother, Sister, .

Desc: Incest Sex Story: It's an art form being bad. you must maximize the pleasure with minimal risk

I found out early that being bad was more fun than being good. I also discovered that you kept your mouth shut about all the naughty things and shout from the rooftops about all the good things. A lot of my early naughtiness was, looking back on it, very silly; breaking windows, tying things to next door cat's tail. But I believe I have moved on since those days.

Being good was volunteering to do the washing up, mowing the lawn and such. Being bad would often involve some degree of sexual contact; the more taboo the better. I can remember catching my older brother coming out of the bathroom. He had a towel wrapped around his waist, his chest still damp and bare. Now considering he's twice as strong as me, and he could have pushed me away if he so desired, the fact that he just stood there while I wank him off, his eyes all wide from shock until he pumped his stuff all over my hand. After that I was a hoot to see the fear in his face whenever I caught him alone.

Being bad is an art form, to obtaining the maximum pleasure from the act, with the minimum risk of being found out. I check out my figure in the bathroom mirror, I know what I'm going to see, a slim body with small but nice shaped boobs, trim waist and long shapely legs; my face is young and innocent looking. In the lottery of life I've appeared to come up a winner.

On the way home from school, I usually stop at the deserted barn. There I like to lie down in the sweet smelling straw. Pretty tame stuff, that is until one day I was caught by the farm labourer. He was about thirty odd and it must be like a wet dream for him to find this nymph in front for him. When he first arrived, I felt like my heart would burst in my chest. I just stood there as he slowly approached me. His arm went around my waist and pulled me tight to him. He didn't say a word; his hard cock in his trousers said everything he wanted to say. Roughly he forced my legs open, pulled aside the gusset of my white school knickers and pushed his cock into my virgin pussy. After that we would meet most weekdays, his long hard cock filling me up nicely. Being older he would teach me things my schoolmates knew nothing about; he taught me how to suck him hard and how give him tit fucks. I learnt all the positions, but I still preferred being on my back, perversely I'll like the feeling of being dominated while I'm being fucked.

After a few months of taking his hard cock everyday, I became bored with it, I needed something more exciting. Briefly I dallied with the idea of fucking my brother, he was handy, good looking and it would be very naughty. I even waited for him a couple of times, but one look at my lustful face would cause him to scuttle quickly to his room. You have to smile, what man would pass up the opportunity to fuck a young teenage girl like me, well my brother would. Ok if he won't, his friends were a different story. My brother had two best friends, Matt and Toby, they would often come around and 'hang'. It was so easy, I waited in the kitchen until Matt came out for a new beer. I just put my arms around his neck and kissed him. At first he was somewhat taken aback, his hands full of beer, but he soon got the message. He put his glass down and he kissed me back, his hands ranging over my body. I had left off my underwear that evening so soon his hands found my naked bits. He mauled my tits hard, oh I do love that, the pain travels all through my body until it causes my pussy to gush. Then it was Toby's turn, he had probably been given the nod behind my brothers back, for he didn't waste time, his hands found their way under my short skirt, his probing fingers in my pussy caused me to come in record time. Of course my brother found out, impossible not to really as both Toby and Matt spent more time in the kitchen with me than in the lounge with him. He called me all sorts of names; I just smiled back at him and pulled my top up to expose my tits to him. Matt and Toby didn't mind, for they both invited me out for fun later. Having two guys fawn over you was the biggest turn on so far, once one had fired off his load inside me the other would take over, around and around we go until both were totally

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