My Stepdaughter Nicola

by geoffro1611

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Desc: Incest Sex Story: Nicola had a stalker and feared for her safety. Little was she to know that the person to violate her would be her own saviour.

My Stepdaughter Nicola had been worried for some time about a man that had been following her since she spoke to him at a party a few weeks ago. We decided it may be wise to inform the police but as usual they weren't interested because he hadn't actually done anything, so I decided to take on the responsibility myself. I followed close behind her everywhere she went for a few days and even confronted the guy that was following her...

"I'm not doing anything" he said "I just happen to be going in the same direction" a smug grin crossed his face and I was tempted to punch him out, but that would have made me the criminal and I'm sure he'd have had me arrested for assault. All I could do was to threaten him, again he grinned that smug grin and went on his way. After contacting the police again and getting no help... again... I decided to come up with a plan of action.

My Stepdaughter, my Wife and myself came to the conclusion that we would have to lure him into actually doing something... this was the plan...

After going to a party with some friends Nicola would take a shortcut home through the nearby forest and hopefully the stalker would make his move. I was to follow them while remaining out of view and armed with our trusty camcorder I would record his stalking and hopefully get on film any move he made on her. The time came to put our plan into action.

Nicola partied with her friends while I waited outside and when midnight came she left to walk home through the forest just as we planned. The forest was a magical place at night and bathed in the light of a full moon made it even more seductive. My Wife and I often walked there, and often we made spontaneous love having been hypnotised by the mystery of our surroundings, for that reason I always carried a pack of condoms in my pocket as she was not on the pill due to an allergy to it, if I wanted to cum inside her it had to be when it was a safe time of the month. As Nicola neared the center of the forest and I followed about a hundred yards behind our stalker appeared. He wasted no time falling into our trap and within seconds he grabbed Nicola and punched her on the jaw knocking her out cold. This had all happened too fast, I had filmed nothing and had no time to start now, I had to help Nicola. I grabbed a thick broken branch as I ran towards them, My footsteps could not be heard over the madman's perverted ranting, I watched in horror as he lay on top of her and forced himself into her helpless body.

"I'M GONNA FUCK YOU TO DEATH BITCH... LETS SEE WHAT DADDY DOES ABOUT THAT" he shouted as he continued to fuck her, his voice unheard by anyone but me in the depths of the forest. "I'M GONNA FILL YOU SO FULL OF MY COCK THAT YOU'LL SPLIT IN TWO... I'M GONNA..."

I hit him hard with the lump of wood that I held and he fell to the ground... lifeless. As I dragged his limp body away from my Stepdaughter I thought I'd killed him, but his breathing quickly reassured me that he was just out cold, I was relieved, but in a way disappointed as I dumped his carcass into the nearby undergrowth. In the time it had taken me to reach them he had ripped all of Nicola's clothes from her body and she lay before me unconscious and naked.

I looked at Nicola as she lay basked in the sensual light of the full moon and no longer saw my step-daughter, I saw a beautiful young naked woman and un-natural desires began to build inside me. I got on my knees and checked that she was still alive by putting my hand to her heart and was relieved to feel her heart beating normally. Now that the sense of urgency had subsided and I knew she was no longer in danger I began to see things differently, I saw an opportunity that should not have even entered my head, I saw the opportunity to fuck my step-daughter, and the opportunity to get away with it. My hand was still on her heart or to be specific, her left breast. At sixteen she was very firm and I gently squeezed to see if there were any response, there was none. An unknown force had taken me over as I began to run my hands down her firm silky body until my fingers entwined in her thick black pubic hair. It was dense but very neatly trimmed around her bikini line and I could see the swollen lips of her pussy glistening with moisture in the moonlight, she must have been unconsciously enjoying her ordeal for two fingers on my right hand slipped easily inside her. I continued to masturbate her for a few minutes and by now my cock was straining to be released, so I obliged. Noticing the camcorder lying on the ground another perverse thought crossed my mind... I decided to film what I was about to do and the thought of watching myself fucking my stepdaughter on TV made my cock even harder.

"I'll say I lost the tape in the struggle... someone must have came by afterwards and found it... that's why it wasn't there when the police searched for it..." I thought to myself... my god I was so turned on. I posited the camera on a nearby tree stump, checked the viewfinder, started the tape and began recording. Taking Nicola's hand and wrapping it around me engorged cock I began masturbating with it, I knew what I was going to do was wrong... but I had to have her. I took a condom from my jacket pocket and after lubricating my cock with my step daughter's juices I slipped it on and positioned myself between her open legs and slowly eased my aching member inside her until I was buried to the hilt in her tight, moist pussy. I was sure she was even wetter than before. I gently started to fuck her and just prayed she wouldn't come round for a while. I was afraid that if I just pounded at her I would wake her and that just didn't bear thinking about, so I fucked her slowly and I think that my pleasure was intensified by this as I could feel every gripping muscle of her deliciously moist teen cunt as I continued to slide in and out of her. After about five minutes I grabbed the camcorder for the close up and recorded my wet cock sliding in and out of Nicola's body. In the silence of the forest the noises emanating from our coupling seemed far louder than you would normally expect, the true sound of sex filled my ears and tipped me over the edge. I came harder than I can ever remember and my animal instincts forced me to thrust into her hard, jolting her unconscious body several times as I spilled my seed into the condom inside her, it was at this point she groaned. I do not know if this was unconscious pleasure or the fact that she had just started to come round, either way I knew it was time to remove my now wilting cock from her moist and receptive teenage pussy so I got up and removed the full condom, tied it in a knot and slipped it into my jacket pocket along with the video tape... I would safely conceal both later.

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