Paradise Found

by Whiff

Copyright© 2003 by Whiff

Sex Story: A sensuous stripper becomes a sponsor and progenitor for a race of aliens in need of rebuilding itself.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   mt/Fa   Mult   Science Fiction   .

She woke slowly, conscious of the heat, hearing a bird chirping gaily outside. Her breakfast, two pieces of fruit and coconut milk, lay on a mat beside her. Idly, as the haze of sleep lifted, she wondered who would be first today. Her hand went down to her pussy, feeling the dried jism caked there, then around to her asshole, which was full as well. The memory of the double fuck that had ended yesterday leaped into her mind, and she smiled indolently. She was used to those big cocks now, and she concentrated to see if there was any residual pain. Lately, there wasn't much they could do that hurt her. The orgasms got better and better.

She stretched her brown body, feeling the taut muscles that had gotten in such good shape over the last months. How many? Three? Four? She couldn't even remember. She looked down at her flat stomach, the bushy brown thatch below, so different than the trimmed frill she had before this island without razors, and her full tits. They were much firmer than when she had washed ashore. Her sun streaked auburn hair fell all the way down to her navel now, it really grew fast in the heat. Better bathe before I eat, she thought, even though she hadn't had cramps since she had gotten here. She liked eating after her first swim of the day. Between fucking all the time and swimming, she was in the best shape of her life.

As Ellen Forward rose lithely and ducked her head going out the open doorway of her thatch hut, she felt the soft wind move her hair, blowing it to her back, and flinched as a couple of pubic hairs stuck to her thigh and pulled. Her hand rubbed the matted fur, freeing it from its nightime position. The movement caused a little tingle in her clit. Sometimes she wished they would come fuck her as she awoke, but they never intruded on the first hour or so of the day.

She faced the ocean, and stretched again, arching her body toward the breeze. Now she could hear the surf, a soft, rhythmic washing, beckoning her. She looked over her shoulder at the path to their little village, and saw two of the teens, and the elder, standing there watching her. The first ones always did that, just waiting patiently until she was finished her morning rituals. As she walked toward the water, swinging her hips to give them a show, she wondered again where they had come from. They had been here when she arrived.

It hadn't been that awful, once she had clamored aboard the lifeboat. It had been thrown clear when the yacht exploded, and had provisions, a light tarp with instructions for rigging either as a sail, or as a sunshade. She had been drifting aimlessly on the inflatable raft, tanning, wondering if the old man was ever going to get it up enough to fuck her, when the powerful roar threw her into the water. She had waited around for a day, thinking there might be someone coming, but once it became clear there wasn't, set the sail at sunset, and two days later washed up on this lovely beach.

Twenty thousand dollars for a week at sea with the old geezer. The money was sitting in her account in Miami, making the balance a hundred G's, what with the rest she had saved from stripping. He never even used her real name, preferring her stage name, Purge. He tried to get his money's worth from feeling her up, and she gave him one blow job before the explosion. He gave her small diamond studs for her pierced ears, which she still wore.

As she threw herself into the warm water, still cooler than the air, her body tingled and began to feel really good. She emptied her bladder into the ocean, enjoying the sexy feeling of it. She supposed she was conditioned now, anticipating her first fuck of the day once the swim was over. It filled her with excitement. That wasn't the way it had originally been, of course, when they met her boat as it bumped onto the white sand. All twenty of them. Handsome, really, polynesian she supposed, all wearing loinclothes, with little sticks and stuff in their black hair. She was from Alabama, and was inately prejudiced against them immediately.

She found out quickly that there would be no communication. As she climbed out of the boat, they gathered around her, jabbering at each other. She still couldn't understand a word. Her bikini was white, and they seemed excited by it. As she stood there, asking "Anyone speak english? Do you have any food?" they just stared at her. Then, the elder came up and examined the bra, and unhooked it. She squealed at that, which made three of them grab her, lifting her above their heads, and they carried her into the jungle about forty feet away. There was a little clearing, and they laid her down on her back there.

The elder knelt between her legs, pulled off the string bottom, and plunged a finger into her cunt. It was dry and salty, and she yelped. He put his finger in his mouth, then said some thing to the others. Five minutes later, they came back carrying a big bag of water, and the elder began rubbing her body, head to toe, with a plant that seemed soapy. Then he rinsed her off. Again, he pushed his finger inside her. She yelped again.

He stared at her, then leaned over and began to eat her pussy. He was good at it, she remembered with a smile. Her mind had been buzzing, thinking about the old adage that urged when rape is inevitable, relax and enjoy it. It wasn't as though she hadn't been around. But very quickly, his mouth and tongue made her forget the idea of rape. He kept going until her hips began undulating, although she tried not to moan. But her cream started flowing, and she heard him start to gulp it. Then he looked up, smiled at her, and pulled his loincloth off. It was the biggest prick she had ever seen.

They all had those monster dongs. Uncut, thick, and they got hard at the drop of a hat. His had already been stiff, even though he was as old as the geezer. He muttered something, and she felt hands begin to caress her tits, as he leaned over and eased that huge cock into her. He went slow, an inch at a time, and when he eventually got it all inside her, she was smiling, and meeting his thrusts. She ended up feeling him shoot into her, even though she didn't cum. Then a younger one took his place, and he laid down on her, supporting himself with his elbows, and after a few humps, she groaned with a world class orgasm.

They got her off twice more that first day, but even though most of them didn't get a shot at her, the elder stopped them. She was dry and near passing out, with hunger and euphoria, which he seemed to realize. They left her some fruit, some dried meat, and coconut milk. She ate it, fell asleep, and awoke the next morning to find more fruit and milk, a couple of shells full of water, and her bikini beside her. She was a little sore, but not too bad.

She thought about getting away, back to sea, that second day. But the boat was gone, and there was a lean-to built at the edge of the beach. As she took a morning swim, then washed off the salt residue with fresh water, two of the younger ones came up. The bigger one pulled off her bikini, and started eating her pussy like the elder had. Almost as skillfully. The smaller one pulled off the bra, and began to suck on her tits. As she felt her nipples begin to stiffen, he whispered something to the other one, who seemed to nod.

They flipped her over on top of the bigger one, and she felt his cock slowly enter her, though it was easier and quicker than the day before. She felt licking around her asshole, and then the pressure of hard flesh. It wasn't her first ass fuck, but it still hurt for a moment. But like always, they were considerate, not hurrying. Finally the thrills got to be too much for her, and she leaned down and kissed the guy under her, using her tongue. He was surprised, as though he wasn't used to lips making love, but got into it quickly. She came along with both of them, and her life since had been one big orgy. Thank god for the IUD that kept her from getting pregnant.

What was amazing was how much she liked it. She had wondered about AIDS, herpes, all that, but they seemed very primitive, as though they had never seen civilization. They must have come from somewhere else, she thought, because there wasn't a trace of any culture in them. She had explored most of the island, not finding a boat or anything. In any case, she hadn't been sick a moment. Even her periods had been short and mild. They left her alone during the first couple of days of bleeding, but that was all. She introduced them to blow jobs, which they really liked. She didn't even know where the bikini was.

At first, as in the first few days she found herself fucking four or five times a day, not often with less than two of them at a time, she would be sore at the end of the day. Particularly her asshole. But gradually, as her body began to feel in constant heat, she was luxuriating in their passion for her, their avid desire. She felt more like a woman than she ever had, thinking of herself gradually as an instrument for giving them orgasmic pleasure, and wallowing in the fantastic climaxes she got better and better at embracing.

In truth, it was never rape, and finally became shared orgiastic enjoyment, of which she realized, about a week after she arrived, she had the better half. Her body, her mind, and her sexuality blossomed to a height she had never imagined. She began to revel in her nakedness, her ability to stimulate them, and took her pleasure with greedy joy.

She finished her morning swim, then rinsed off under the shower she had rigged up just outside the door to her hut. She rarely used the soapy plant, except when the gunk got particularly thick on her body. Some of them loved covering her with it, while others preferred shooting inside her. As she rubbed her body, paying attention to her bottom and her tits, as well as the hair that was tufted under her arms, she watched the two teenagers. They only came once a week, and she knew they had been virgins. Somehow, it turned her on particularly when they came.

You could never tell what they might want. Sometimes, just one would come, and take her asshole. Since they had discovered blowjobs, she often did three at once. The big one, who she thought was the elder's son, usually took her alone, in the missionary position. He always took a long time, getting her off twice, sometimes three times before filling her cunt with his juice. He always lingered, caressing her, and liked to carry her down to the surf and bathe with her. She felt very tender about him. She had no idea how they determined who would come, it seemed random to her, but there was never any conflict.

She went inside and ate the fruit. Just as she finished, she heard giggles outside. A grinning young face peeked around the corner, and she smiled at him. Then both teens came tumbling in, sitting down beside her. They couldn't have been more than fifteen and sixteen, but their cocks were no more than an inch short of the adults'. They were both hard already.

She relaxed her mind into the lazy, excited state of anticipation she had come to love, and leaned down to suck those lovely, thick organs, feeling her pussy tingling already. She went from one to the other, when suddenly the youngest humped frantically, and shot down her throat. He yelped as he did it. She looked up and smiled after a moment, letting him see the spunk in her mouth. She heard the elder say something from outside the hut, and the boy slipped out. She rolled over on her back, and pulled the slightly older boy on top of her. He instinctively grabbed his cock and located it at her twat's entrance. She held his eyes as he sunk into her.

She was careful to push her clit against his tool as he fucked her wildly. She heard the elder say something, and he slowed down, but she could tell he was near his climax. She helped him with it, lifting her hips in time to his spasmodic thrusts, until she felt her orgasm coming. "Yes, yes, yes."she murmured, and felt him freeze. She gasped with the pleasure of her vibrant completion as she felt the fluid fill her hole. She held his eyes as they both smiled.

After a few minutes, the elder came in. She smiled at him, thinking he was going to take her. But he pulled her into a sitting position, and began to make signs. First there was a wagging finger, she thought it meant "No" or something like that. Then he made a ring with one hand, and moved a finger back and forth through it. "No fucking". What the hell was this, she thought. Next he pointed at the sun's vague outline through the thatched roof, and signaled it moving to the other horizon. "Night" she thought. Then he pointed at her, then in the direction of their little village. Oh. "Come to the town tonight". She nodded. Big party, she guessed.

Ellen was edgy by the time evening came, walking down the path toward the village. She had almost masturbated for the lack of the sex she was used to, but decided they must want her horny for tonight. She had thought it might be a dinner party, but they had brought her meal as usual. As she neared their huts, she heard the rhythmic beating of a drum.

The clearing in the center of their ragtag dwellings had a big fire going, and reed mats all around it. There was a sweet, acrid smell hanging heavy in the air, coming from the leaves that were smoking in the fire. It reminded her of pot, though it was a little different. She took a deep breath, conscious of the way it sucked in her tummy and arched her boobs. Almost immediately, she felt a trifle light headed, and realized the smoke must be some sort of drug. The elder's son took her hand and led her onto a mat that was in the center of their ring, and offered her a small jug. She took a swig from it, tasting the tart liquor. They had never given her booze before, but this tasted pretty good. She stood there a moment, letting the effects of both substances begin to glow, enjoying the high. Then, feeling a nice orgy coming, she raised her arms over her head lazily, slowly rotating, wiggling sinuously, displaying herself for all of them. She was smiling, heavy lidded from anticipation. Oh boy, am I ready to fuck, she thought.

The elder's son spread his arms to the side, and began dancing to the drum beat, bumping and grinding like a stripper. Okay, she thought, let's do it. She began her own dance, holding his eyes, her hips writhing, shaking her shoulders so her tits jiggled. She still had the jug in her hand, and took another drink even as the pace of the drum quickened slightly. The big brown cock was sticking out at her, and she aimed her hips' movements at it. Uh huh, uh huh, this is fun, she thought as she tried to become sexier and sexier.

They all rose and joined the dance lazily, grinning, watching her movements. They had natural rhythm, but she knew some tricks from her show biz past, and did a couple of stretches that pulled her pussy lips apart. She could feel her clitty sticking out from its fold, just the way it used to when she performed. She got more energetic, bumping toward the elder's son, working her gaping twat toward his cock. But he kept backing away from her. She realized they wanted her in the space they were creating in the middle, near the heat of the fire.

Suddenly the drum stopped, and they all froze. She stumbled a little, and noticed they were looking upwards. The little jug lay on the ground where she had dropped it, so she bent, picked it up, took a swig, and realized she had emptied it. Her head was buzzing, when she realized the buzzing was coming from a spot nearer the fire, right in front of her. A brown woman began to materialize.

She didn't look like the same race as the men, more like a light skinned, mulatto negro. Kinky black hair, in an afro. Small nose, wide mouth, huge eyes, making a lovely, model's face. Her body was slim, with modest size, very firm tits, slim waist, full hips, and legs that went on forever. As she became clear, she seemed to hop down from an invisible step, gave a signal with her hand, and the drum started again. She humped toward Ellen, who felt her presence in her mind.

It felt as though she searched for something, then began to talk without moving her lips, the words in her head rather than her ears, in the southern patois of a black girl Ellen had performed with. "Yo bitch, you sure are some fox. Ah see why da boys dig ya so. Dey don't unnerstand about dat ting in your pussy, doh. Dey afraid dey can't reproduce on dis planet. Computer say it otta work. Course, fuckin' computer forgot to load females in da ship, too. We talk about dat later. Lets us get it on, honey. Ah been in space five months. Ya kin call me Aleeya."

By now the woman was bent backwards, body arched and head back, and Ellen felt herself drawn to crouch with her hips above the dusky face. She felt the head rise to bring her cunt in contact with the lush full lips of the negress, and passion began to jangle wildly in her groin. She felt a tongue inside her, then up to her clit, then back. She began to hump at the pressure of Aleeya's mouth. Through slitted eyes, she could see the dark hips writhing, seeming to invite her to return the lovely favor building up in her groin.

She bent over and sniffed the strange odor of the coal black, wiry pubic patch that seemed to draw her mouth to it like a magnet, then licked it. It was musky, but had almost a citrus taste. Deciding she liked it, Ellen Forward fell to the ground in her first ever sixty nine with a woman, sprawled on top of this truly out of this world creature, abandoning herself to the sensual drum beat, the soft night breeze, the lovely eating mouth in her twat, and the softly resonating voice in her head that whispered "Yeah, yeah, hot fuckin' honky pussy. Mmmmmmm."

She worked her arms around the lithe thighs to the wiggling ass cheeks, pulling to increase the force of her sucking mouth in the gaping hole oozing juice onto her tongue, flicking at the rather large clit, feeling her body approach a climax. The strange voice whispered "Go ahead, baby, let it hit, you are some hot shit, me too, yeah cunt, oh wow, me toooo."

With all the practice, she was good at getting off with a partner, but their sinuous bodies writhing together in orgasm sent her into a wild, climbing euphoria. The citrus taste got stronger from the twat she was eating so slavishly, feeling its contractions around her tongue, while her own spasms overtook her completely, making her hum into the negresses' fuckhole. She never even wondered why a lesbian act so foreign to her had seemed so natural.

As they both came down, hands all over her registered, and she realized the men were gathered around them, caressing, fondling. It felt lovely, and she rolled over langorously, wondering what would be next. "Neat, huh babe. Ah likes a little cunt lickin' every now and again. Mah pussy just digs a female tongue. Lets have anudder drink, den we get down to some serious fuckin. Mah boys is horny all da time, I don' haf to tell ya. Wish ah'd a known about blowjobs on the way here, den I coulda done five at once 'stead of four." Ellen saw a picture of the brown skinned men fucking her in both holes while she gave two others handjobs. Out loud, she said "Happy to have been of help."

The two women awoke the next morning, actually early afternoon, in her lean to. Ellen felt wonderful, no hangover, her body satiated. Aleeya was curled up in a ball next to her, still asleep. There wasn't anyone waiting at the path as she ran happily into the ocean, so she stayed in longer than usual, swimming after she had cleaned herself, thinking about what she had learned. Without the woman's presence in her mind, it all seemed incredible.

Outer space? Another planet? Several, what, tribes? Samples of people? She supposed it only made sense that sexual inhibition would not exist in advanced cultures, that traveled in the universe, and that sort of explained the natives' (of where?) assumption she would fuck so casually. They were lucky she wasn't some up tight spinster. But she was now an intersteller whore, and found the idea of that made her giggle. But her body was tingling again. No sense in trying too hard to analyze this, it wasn't in her control anyway.

"Damn straight, bitch. Come on in here, ah can't go out 'dere. Most places ah bin ain't got water like dis." As Ellen stroked smoothly to the beach, her mind registered a deeper penetration, and suddenly the voice was no longer Fat Bess, but an englishwoman she had always thought was the smartest person she'd ever met. "Goodness, Ellen, you fuck like a bunny, but still harbor these strange prejudices. What a curious country this America must be." It seemed perfectly normal that Aleeya's voice would change, though the contrast with the sensual brown woman waiting for her at the water's edge made her giggle.

But as she waded to her, the dark lips pressed to hers, and a hand stole into her pussy, making her hunch into the fingers. "Mmmm, such a sensual woman, such a hot body, so willing. I have a surprise for you, my partner's coming in an hour or two. He was afraid you'd be scared if he came last night, but I don't think so. He'll like having you to himself. He loves fresh cunt. Let's eat something, my dear, then I want to enlist your aid in taking care of my charges."

They made love as the breakfast was consumed, feeding each other with one hand while diddling their hairy mounds with the other. Ellen didn't enjoy it as much as the night before, but let her first orgasm of the day wash over her gratefully. As they relaxed afterwards, Aleeya told her about the future. Ellen had no idea how she did it, but never for a moment doubted her.

"The son of the old man you call the geezer is coming, trying to find survivors. He found the yacht, but no bodies, and still harbors hope his father is alive. He also wants to prove you are dead, because you were left five million dollars by his father's most recent will. You must have made quite an impression, dear. It will be difficult for you to seduce him, since he is prepared to hate you. I can't be sure, but knowing you I suspect you can manage. Take the "Natives" as you call them back with you, and set them up with some of your friends so they can breed heirs. I'll be back in a couple of years. Ideally, each of them should have three progeny. That's sort of critical mass. I think I'll have a new home for them by then."

It never occurred to Ellen to ask why she should do what Aleeya asked. Her mind simply accepted the necessity of it. "When will he be here?" she asked. "Three weeks, dear. Do you want me to take out the IUD? You'd make a wonderful breeder." What the hell, thought the former stripper, thinking of herself as a sort of modern Eve. "Do it." Aleeya waved her hand, and there on the mat was the little curlicque of wire.

Then there was a chuckle. "Here comes my partner, darling. You're in for a treat." Through the door of the hut came a snake, half of its six foot body standing up like a huge cock, beady eyes on hers, crawling with sinuous movement toward her. A new voice spoke in her mind, this time a Physician who had been a regular with her at the club. "God, look at that body. My dear, you are made for sex. I promise you a unique and wonderful experience." Ellen gasped, but felt her pussy begin to heat up of it's own accord.

Ellen was resting on her elbows, legs spread, as the snake wiggled up close to her snatch. The Physician's voice said "Mmm, lovely, lovely, nice soft bush, plenty of room inside. What a nice smell. Call me Monty." Ellen shook her head, raised her eyebrows and glanced at Aleeya, who was grinning widely. As Monty entered her, the rest of his body squirming around to writhe on her belly, then around a breast, she had a vision of the animal's head in her vagina and his tail in her ass. He was only a tiny bit larger than the natives dicks, so the feeling of fullness that began, and seemed to grow slowly, was tolerable. After a while, it was terrific.

Bradley Saxton stood on the flying bridge, a little uncomfortable in his white pants and linen shirt, but determined to maintain his dignity with the crew. They were a happy go lucky bunch, cheerfully insolent, the best he had been able to do on short notice in the tourist season. They were good at what they had promised to do, he had to admit, though so far the results were not what he had hoped. He was resigned to his father's death, but they had still found no bodies, even in the couple of sharks the divers had insisted on spearing. "It was too long, is the trouble." mumbled the grizzled veteran diver after they had cut open the second one.

The Captain seemed convinced they were on the right track as they followed the heading that trade winds four months ago would have blown any survivors on a raft. He was the one who had to sign the certification of search, but Brad wasn't so sure. How the fuck could they know, he wondered. But he declined to challenge him. They should get to the island the radar had picked up in an hour or so, and they all admitted that if there was no trace there, they would have to give up.

Brad had all he needed anyway. Both the insurance company and the Trustee of the estate would be satisfied with this effort, and the woman's share would go back in for his ultimate pleasure. Fucking old man. Fell in love with every one of these whores he met in strip clubs and eventually kept for a while. Changed his will once a year because of it. Well, this latest one was deader'n hell, he figured, though confirming it was the last step. Five million smackers was worth the effort. Brad remembered meeting her, Purge was her stage name, but Ellen Forward had been the new beneficiary, put in just before they set sail. He had to admit the old man had good taste, she had been great looking, sexy, yet bright. He sometimes wished he had the balls to hook up with one of those good looking strippers, instead of settling for the girls in his social set, who thought just spreading their legs was the world's biggest favor.

The island was visible now, just on the horizon, and he focused his binoculars. Son of a bitch. He thought he saw movement on the beach. Ten minutes later, his heart sank as he realized a figure was waving, jumping around, and was damn near naked. Before long, he realized it had to be the stripper, and she wore a white bikini. "See that?" whispered the Captain. Fuck you, thought Brad. So you were right. Shit, shit, shit. He bolted down to his cabin, turned on the air conditioner, lay down and tried to calm himself.

After wildly thinking he might be able to kill her, then realizing the crew would never let him get away with it, he began to accept the fact that she would get the money. Stupid to get too upset, he thought, there's plenty. And the drilling company. A million and a half gallons of reserves. If they never sank another pipe. He had calmed down as he heard the anchor chain pay out. A voice outside yelled "Hey junior, wanna go ashore and see the pussy?" He could almost feel the hatred in the voice. "Fuckin A." he yelled back.

They almost had a fight about who would go, but the Captain finally ruled just Brad, the grizzled diver, and his first mate would make the first trip. "Take your gear, Jake. Just in case." There was a fair amount of mumbling, since they had been at sea five weeks, and everyone was horny. The closer they got to the girl, the more excited Brad got. She had on a white bikini, was brown as a nigger, and her tits wobbled delightfully as she waved and pranced at the water's edge. Hair down to her hips. The mate muttered "Jesus."

She ran out to help pull the rubber dinghy in the last twenty feet, starting to babble. "Where the fuck have you guys been? Shit. I thought I was gonna be here forever." They all talked at once. "Sorry Maam, we just started looking a few weeks ago, and it's a long way to where we found the wreck." "Calm down honey, you're lucky we came." "Look, Miss, I need to know how the explosion happened, where were you, anyone else survive."

She stared at them, then finally at Brad. "You're the son, right? We met once, I dunno if you remember." The mate snickered. "You'd be hard to forget, baby." She gave him a withering look, then grabbed Brad's arm. "Did you find anyone? I stayed around for a day or so, then left. I have no idea what caused the explosion, I was sunbathing on a raft. Did you find any of my things? I had a jewelry box. Your Dad had a lot of stuff." She was dragging him toward the jungle, leaving the other two standing there.

He was panicked. His mind roiled in lewd impulses, his cock hard, while she just tugged and her tits bumped against his arm. Maybe he could make it sound like he had control of the estate, so she'd fuck him. Maybe he could keep the rest of them away from her. Maybe he could pull her down right here. Let her sue him for rape, he had never felt so horny. Suddenly, they were in a clearing in the cooler jungle, as he noticed she had stopped talking, and was just staring at him.

He realized he was sweating like a pig, feeling the thin shirt plasterred under his arms. He had to say something. "Uh, Miss Forward, yes, we found your jewelry, and Dad's. If you weren't aboard, they're all dead, I'm afraid. You're going to be a very rich woman. Uhhhh..." She was grinning. And her hand was on his prick, squeezing gently. "Hmm, not bad for a rich kid. Dumb way to dress in this heat. I just wore the bikini so as not to shock you. Mostly I walk around bareass. You should too." He felt her hands unbuttoning the shirt, then peeling it off. "Pretty buffed, Brad. You need some tan though. How many of them are there on the boat? Six, seven? If I fuck you, I'll have to do them too, y'know. Don't worry, I don't mind. After all, I'm horny too."

Almost of it's own accord, his hand covered her breast, feeling the firm yet yielding flesh through the thin cotton of her bra. The nipple was hard. All he could think of as she pushed his pants down was she was going to let him do it to her. She was whispering in his ear "I'm easy baby, I like fucking, you get first taste, okay. Just keep calm. I need your help, honey. How long to a port? Four, five days, right? Well, look, if you're a good boy you can have me whenever you want. I'll sleep in your bed, whatever. As long as you don't get jealous. Here, take a look at the goods." At that moment, all he could think of was getting off.

She stepped back, holding his eyes, and with a quick movement, the bra was gone. His eyes widened as he ogled the beautiful, full, red tipped globes that jiggled just slightly. They were as tanned as the rest of her. His gaze darted down to her thong, and she chuckled. "Brown all over, baby. Look." She pulled down the small panty, revealing a triangular bush of light brown, thick pubic hair, without a trace of a tan line. The hair went all the way under her. She reached for his hand, then pulled it against the big cunt. His cock was sticking up above the hem of his jockey's, and he came right there. When she saw the first spurt, she fell to her knees and pulled his meat into her mouth deftly. He felt himself spurting again and again as her mouth surrounded him, and he humped reflexively. She let it go down her throat, swallowing, the muscles putting pressure on the head of his dong, making him fire another couple of bursts.

He felt a little embarassed about losing control so fast, as she knelt there sucking, looking up at him. She opened her mouth to show him the white slop on her tongue, then swallowed. He gasped "Shit, sorry Purge. I guess I've been at sea too long." She was holding on, sucking still, waiting for it to go down, but it stayed stiff. He had always been that way, sometimes popping the moment he fucked a girl, but able to keep his hard so he could get her off, and the second nut was always the best. Something about this seductive woman made him want to be certain she respected his prowess.

He saw the question in her eyes as she fondled his thick dong. "It'll stay hard, honey. Let me eat your pussy." He'd show her. She smiled up at him, letting his cock slip slowly over her tongue until it quivered just at her mouth. As she leaned back seductively, spreading both her arms and legs, she breathed "Why darling, I thought you'd never ask." He leered at the little tufts of hair under her arms, the pink, wet vertical smile of her inner pussylips peeking through the brown bush, her tits floating saucily on her chest. She leered back.

He would come to believe that moment was what did it. The wanton lust for him in the way she ogled him. He had never seen such blatant sexuality, such sensuous desire in a woman. As he stripped off his briefs, knelt between her long legs and sunk his head toward her beckoning cunt, sniffing the musky scent, there was an unconscious surrender to her. He tasted her juice first, then began to lick feverishly at the puffy, wrinkled edges of the inside of her. When he flicked at her stiff clitty, exposed as her hands pulled the hood upwards, he felt a spasm in his cock, and almost started to cum again.

She crooned instructions as he sucked in her crotch. "Stick your tongue inside, babe. Yeah, yeah, like that. Wiggle it. Now up, feel that, get it, yeah boy. Mmmmmmm, uh huh, uh huh, I like it, it's good, ummm baby." Her clit had a head on it, like a small cock, almost an inch of twitching nerves. Each time he flicked it, her hips humped. He heard her muttering "Oh fuck, fuck." He felt her heels on his back, pulling him into her. Then he felt contractions around his tongue, as she breathed "Oooooooooh yeah, goood, gooood." She arched into him and froze.

He looked up at her grimacing face, eyes closed, a small smile playing those puffy lips. What a hot cunt, he thought. He felt her twat relax, and her hips settled back to the ground. He had calmed down, but his dong was hard as he could ever remember. Dimly, over the ringing in his ears, her heard her gurgle "C'mon stud, fuck my sweet pussy. How 'bout kissing me too."

He seemed to fall into her, to be consumed by her lithe, moist body, feeling her arms and legs wrap around him, her box envelop his cock, her mouth swallow his, her tongue lighting fires as it plunged and searched. His mind soared into a euphoria, all time standing still, their writhing bodies all he could focus on. Even though he was on top, she seemed to be fucking him, her hips surging, twisting, heaving, while he felt rhythmic squeezing by the inside of her hole. His cum was so powerful he had no idea whether she got off or not, and he collapsed to the side, comatose. He had never had a fuck that intense in his whole life.

When he re-surfaced, she wasn't there. He heard giggling, and looked down at the water's edge. The old diver was on his back in the gently rolling surf, she was on her back on top of him, his cock in her grinding ass, and the mate was pumping into her pussy from above. Brad was surprised that his feeling was of excitement, as his cock twitched. No jealousy. It didn't seem important to possess this woman, only to be near her, to serve her. To see her naked body.

She posed in the full length mirror of her expensive, lavish bedroom, turning first a quarter turn right, then left, making sure the strange leather bustierre that started below her tits and stopped so her pussy showed stayed in place. It was probably Brad's favorite, though she had a large selection of dominatrix style things. His dog collar, black with diamonds, attached to a leash, stood right beside the door. The minute he came home, he put it on.

She chuckled at the memory of her wedding, fairly small, in the chapel of his father's house, mostly friends his own age, and the natives with the small harem she had managed to pull together so soon after getting back to civilization. She had worn a lovely white dress, and as soon as the minister had pronounced them, he had helped her quickly out of it, revealing a pair of black silk crotchles panties, and a black demi-bra that supported her tits, with their rouged nipples. He had pretended to be shocked as she posed in naked splendor before the guests, arms out, beckoning the largest of the natives to her.

He had a photographer there, and she occasionally liked looking at the pictures of the natives taking the new bride, five at once, her slightly puffy, pregnant tummy carefully featured. Brad whacking off in his tux. The guests gaping. He had claimed later, between gasping sucks in her jism soaked pussy, that it was the best nut he had ever had.

He would give up his slave role occasionally when she stayed home with him, in the big double bed. "My psychiatrist says it has to do with feelings about Dad, and having to be stronger than is natural at work, Ellen. Letting you humiliate me, knowing you don't love me, having you whip me, watching you with them, being the last guy to fuck you, tasting their jism. Jesus, I've never been so happy." Just saying those words, his cock got hard, and he jumped on top of her, giving her a nice little fuck.

He liked to hear her put him down during his lovemaking. "Puny little dong likes my cunt, huh asshole. He's standing up pretty good tonight, not like usual. Go ahead, get off, it isn't big enough for me, you know. Now those cocks on the natives, now those are cocks. Yeah, go ahead numbnuts. Shoot it in there, inside my pregnant belly, where that brown alien came out, uh huh, pretty good tonight, um, um oh Brad. Aaaaaagh." She got tired of the role, wishing he would get his fill of it, but he was getting worse. He wanted her to start handcuffing him, and had bought some torture shit. It wasn't that she wanted a normal existence, just that the whole thing about putting her husband down constantly got boring.

As usual, she had spent the day in the large rambling estate outside of town, enjoying the constant orgy. There were about fifteen girls who lived there now, but she was accorded special status. The process of bearing their children was very easy compared to normal nine month childbearing. It only lasted six months, the babies were about two pounds, hardly a strain on their bodies, and the natives took care of them in a sort of group nursery. She knew her first one, naturally, because he was the oldest. She thought he looked like her.

They grew fast. Her son, only a little over a year old, was almost five feet tall, and starting to ogle the girls. The elder's son was the only one who could speak english, and told her he would want to fuck soon. "In our society, the mother usually is first, Ellen. We make it a ritual." She had felt a surge of unexpected heat when the idea had hit her.

It had been surprisingly easy to put together a bunch of pretty girls who liked the whole scene. Particularly the easy pregancies. There was a bonus for each kid, more for a girl. She had started with friends from the club, who liked the free room and board along with the salary. But the kind of sexy women the natives liked eventually came to love the big cocks, the casual swapping, and the almost idyllic life on the large grounds. She stayed there some nights, but more often came home to Brad, letting him play with her sweaty, spunk filled body.

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