Paradise Found

by Whiff

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, mt/Fa, Mult, Science Fiction, .

Desc: Sex Story: A sensuous stripper becomes a sponsor and progenitor for a race of aliens in need of rebuilding itself.

She woke slowly, conscious of the heat, hearing a bird chirping gaily outside. Her breakfast, two pieces of fruit and coconut milk, lay on a mat beside her. Idly, as the haze of sleep lifted, she wondered who would be first today. Her hand went down to her pussy, feeling the dried jism caked there, then around to her asshole, which was full as well. The memory of the double fuck that had ended yesterday leaped into her mind, and she smiled indolently. She was used to those big cocks now, and she concentrated to see if there was any residual pain. Lately, there wasn't much they could do that hurt her. The orgasms got better and better.

She stretched her brown body, feeling the taut muscles that had gotten in such good shape over the last months. How many? Three? Four? She couldn't even remember. She looked down at her flat stomach, the bushy brown thatch below, so different than the trimmed frill she had before this island without razors, and her full tits. They were much firmer than when she had washed ashore. Her sun streaked auburn hair fell all the way down to her navel now, it really grew fast in the heat. Better bathe before I eat, she thought, even though she hadn't had cramps since she had gotten here. She liked eating after her first swim of the day. Between fucking all the time and swimming, she was in the best shape of her life.

As Ellen Forward rose lithely and ducked her head going out the open doorway of her thatch hut, she felt the soft wind move her hair, blowing it to her back, and flinched as a couple of pubic hairs stuck to her thigh and pulled. Her hand rubbed the matted fur, freeing it from its nightime position. The movement caused a little tingle in her clit. Sometimes she wished they would come fuck her as she awoke, but they never intruded on the first hour or so of the day.

She faced the ocean, and stretched again, arching her body toward the breeze. Now she could hear the surf, a soft, rhythmic washing, beckoning her. She looked over her shoulder at the path to their little village, and saw two of the teens, and the elder, standing there watching her. The first ones always did that, just waiting patiently until she was finished her morning rituals. As she walked toward the water, swinging her hips to give them a show, she wondered again where they had come from. They had been here when she arrived.

It hadn't been that awful, once she had clamored aboard the lifeboat. It had been thrown clear when the yacht exploded, and had provisions, a light tarp with instructions for rigging either as a sail, or as a sunshade. She had been drifting aimlessly on the inflatable raft, tanning, wondering if the old man was ever going to get it up enough to fuck her, when the powerful roar threw her into the water. She had waited around for a day, thinking there might be someone coming, but once it became clear there wasn't, set the sail at sunset, and two days later washed up on this lovely beach.

Twenty thousand dollars for a week at sea with the old geezer. The money was sitting in her account in Miami, making the balance a hundred G's, what with the rest she had saved from stripping. He never even used her real name, preferring her stage name, Purge. He tried to get his money's worth from feeling her up, and she gave him one blow job before the explosion. He gave her small diamond studs for her pierced ears, which she still wore.

As she threw herself into the warm water, still cooler than the air, her body tingled and began to feel really good. She emptied her bladder into the ocean, enjoying the sexy feeling of it. She supposed she was conditioned now, anticipating her first fuck of the day once the swim was over. It filled her with excitement. That wasn't the way it had originally been, of course, when they met her boat as it bumped onto the white sand. All twenty of them. Handsome, really, polynesian she supposed, all wearing loinclothes, with little sticks and stuff in their black hair. She was from Alabama, and was inately prejudiced against them immediately.

She found out quickly that there would be no communication. As she climbed out of the boat, they gathered around her, jabbering at each other. She still couldn't understand a word. Her bikini was white, and they seemed excited by it. As she stood there, asking "Anyone speak english? Do you have any food?" they just stared at her. Then, the elder came up and examined the bra, and unhooked it. She squealed at that, which made three of them grab her, lifting her above their heads, and they carried her into the jungle about forty feet away. There was a little clearing, and they laid her down on her back there.

The elder knelt between her legs, pulled off the string bottom, and plunged a finger into her cunt. It was dry and salty, and she yelped. He put his finger in his mouth, then said some thing to the others. Five minutes later, they came back carrying a big bag of water, and the elder began rubbing her body, head to toe, with a plant that seemed soapy. Then he rinsed her off. Again, he pushed his finger inside her. She yelped again.

He stared at her, then leaned over and began to eat her pussy. He was good at it, she remembered with a smile. Her mind had been buzzing, thinking about the old adage that urged when rape is inevitable, relax and enjoy it. It wasn't as though she hadn't been around. But very quickly, his mouth and tongue made her forget the idea of rape. He kept going until her hips began undulating, although she tried not to moan. But her cream started flowing, and she heard him start to gulp it. Then he looked up, smiled at her, and pulled his loincloth off. It was the biggest prick she had ever seen.

They all had those monster dongs. Uncut, thick, and they got hard at the drop of a hat. His had already been stiff, even though he was as old as the geezer. He muttered something, and she felt hands begin to caress her tits, as he leaned over and eased that huge cock into her. He went slow, an inch at a time, and when he eventually got it all inside her, she was smiling, and meeting his thrusts. She ended up feeling him shoot into her, even though she didn't cum. Then a younger one took his place, and he laid down on her, supporting himself with his elbows, and after a few humps, she groaned with a world class orgasm.

They got her off twice more that first day, but even though most of them didn't get a shot at her, the elder stopped them. She was dry and near passing out, with hunger and euphoria, which he seemed to realize. They left her some fruit, some dried meat, and coconut milk. She ate it, fell asleep, and awoke the next morning to find more fruit and milk, a couple of shells full of water, and her bikini beside her. She was a little sore, but not too bad.

She thought about getting away, back to sea, that second day. But the boat was gone, and there was a lean-to built at the edge of the beach. As she took a morning swim, then washed off the salt residue with fresh water, two of the younger ones came up. The bigger one pulled off her bikini, and started eating her pussy like the elder had. Almost as skillfully. The smaller one pulled off the bra, and began to suck on her tits. As she felt her nipples begin to stiffen, he whispered something to the other one, who seemed to nod.

They flipped her over on top of the bigger one, and she felt his cock slowly enter her, though it was easier and quicker than the day before. She felt licking around her asshole, and then the pressure of hard flesh. It wasn't her first ass fuck, but it still hurt for a moment. But like always, they were considerate, not hurrying. Finally the thrills got to be too much for her, and she leaned down and kissed the guy under her, using her tongue. He was surprised, as though he wasn't used to lips making love, but got into it quickly. She came along with both of them, and her life since had been one big orgy. Thank god for the IUD that kept her from getting pregnant.

What was amazing was how much she liked it. She had wondered about AIDS, herpes, all that, but they seemed very primitive, as though they had never seen civilization. They must have come from somewhere else, she thought, because there wasn't a trace of any culture in them. She had explored most of the island, not finding a boat or anything. In any case, she hadn't been sick a moment. Even her periods had been short and mild. They left her alone during the first couple of days of bleeding, but that was all. She introduced them to blow jobs, which they really liked. She didn't even know where the bikini was.

At first, as in the first few days she found herself fucking four or five times a day, not often with less than two of them at a time, she would be sore at the end of the day. Particularly her asshole. But gradually, as her body began to feel in constant heat, she was luxuriating in their passion for her, their avid desire. She felt more like a woman than she ever had, thinking of herself gradually as an instrument for giving them orgasmic pleasure, and wallowing in the fantastic climaxes she got better and better at embracing.

In truth, it was never rape, and finally became shared orgiastic enjoyment, of which she realized, about a week after she arrived, she had the better half. Her body, her mind, and her sexuality blossomed to a height she had never imagined. She began to revel in her nakedness, her ability to stimulate them, and took her pleasure with greedy joy.

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